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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 252


Chapter 252

Lin Shiqing very naturally pulled up her elegant shawl long hair, her beautiful pupil has anticipation as she look at Ye Feng, the optional movement makes her add more charm.


Ye Feng heard this and stared.


Lin Shiqing smiled and nodded: ’’This jewellery fair is quite large. It will be hosted by our Lin family. I got news that at the trade fair. It is very likely that someone will come to trouble. I want to find someone that is reliable.’’ can rest assured that I won't let you suffer a loss.’’

’’You think I am very reliable.’’

Ye Feng smiles

’’Are you not’’

Lin Shiqing asked

’’No, no, I am weak right now, if I have to get involved in any battle, I am sure I can't handle it...’’

Ye Feng is not too eager to get involved in trouble. Who knows who will come to look for trouble at the fair? Who is it?


In Lin Shiqing profound elusive pupil there was a hint of laughter „Your big Luminescent Pearl will also appear at the exhibition. You did not fear that it will be robbed?’’


Ye Feng was startled, that big Luminescent Pearl wss entrusted to Ou B and his his family|home to sell, how did it manage to appear at the Lin Clan jewelry exhibition?

„Do not blame them.’’

Lin Shiqing beautiful pupil was full of happy expression: „You asked them to sell it at a high price, our exhibition is the most appropriate place to do that. So, still can't come?’’

She seems to have decided that Ye Feng will come and is not afraid that he will not go, she knows Ye Feng's ability to display various means in the East China Sea,it is definitely a good boost to get him to the fair


’’I will think about it’’

Ye Feng hesitated: ’’You get the message who is going to mess up’’

’’If i didn't guess wrong, it should be someone hired by the Perkone corperation.’’

Lin Shiqing's mouth dug and she slapped Ye Feng's shoulder: ’’What are you thinking about? Come, I was the one who helped you with the National Security Bureau or they've been looking for you hundreds of times...’’

The imperial elder sister acted like a spoiled brat, Ye Feng was unable to bear with it, just at this time Shu Shu made the tea, and brought it to them.

When she listened to Lin Shiqing's words, ’’Come,’’ Shu Shu's face reveals a trace of doubts. What was two of them are talking about that made them looked so awkward.

However, she was not a nosy person who minds other people business after bringing the tea over she said ’’Xiao Feng, I will upstairs so you can discuss your matters freely~’’

’’Little Aunt, you don't have to be so polite, this is also your home.’’

Ye Feng smiled and took a cup of tea and drank it. He thought about it and turned his head to cough and asked Lin Shiqing. ’’ Cough cough,if it it is a person from the Perkone corperation, why not report it to the National Security Bureau.’’

’’Do you think it is appropriate for the National Security Bureau to become a security at a trade fair?’’

Lin Shiqing is a bit puzzled by Ye Feng. This kid is so inky now.

’’Then is it appropriate for me to do it?’’

Ye Feng wondered

’’I can be rest assured if you are there.’’

Lin Shiqing snow white and tender slippery hands has extended, and took the hand of Ye Feng, looking at him she said „Come, Little Ye, so long as the exhibition is smoothly held, I will give you 3 million from the Lin Clan.’’

Ye Feng feels the warmth and softness of the Imperial elder sister hand. There is no doubt that this is a wonderful enjoyment. He also smelled a fascinating fragrance from her body. He almost changed his mind and wanted to agree.

Fortunately, Ye Feng is not an ordinary person, three million can not buy him, he must consider the trouble of this matter.

Lin Shiyue came over and asked him to be the security of the trade fair. If there were people from the Perkone corperation who came to course trouble, Ye Feng would definitely attract the attention of the people of the Perkone corperation.

The contradiction between the Perkone corperation and the Lin family,he did not want it to be shifted onto him...

Of course, even the Perkone corperation in the Chinese capital should not dare to go too far. If far. If it is only a small trouble, then Ye Feng will get three million which is very profitable.

The most important thing is Lin Shiqing. Her appearance makes it really difficult for him to refuse...

Ye Feng subconsciously lowered his head, he can see her pink color snow low-necked shirt, her snow white attractive enterprise line is partly visible, the se* appeal actually does not lose out. In addition she approached him with her fragrant breath, which let Ye Feng heartbeat accelerated a little unnaturally.

This is really uncontrollable.

No matter which man is facing this situation, it is impossible to maintain 100% calm, let alone Ye Feng a teenager full of vigor.

’’Help elder sister’’

Lin Shiqing is getting closer and closer, smiling like a flower


Ye Feng said that word anf suddenly became alert and pushed the fragrant body that leaned closer and closer to the sofa. His whole body suddenly pressed up.


Lin Shiqing exclaimed, she never thought that Ye Feng would suddenly become a beast.

Did she go too far?

There is some regret in Lin Shi's heart. This is the end of her world. She has never been molested by a man like this.but this is Ye Feng second time.

But soon she found herself misunderstanding Ye Feng.

Puff puff

The sound of a series of sharps broke into the ears of the two people. It was obvious that the back of the sofa has been shaken several times at the same time. The teacup and fruit plate on the table are the table are shot by dark weapon in a moment. The sound of the broken glass is endless.

’’Someone sneak attacked’’

Ye Feng pressed Lin Shiqing on the sofa, to avoid her misunderstanding he explained it in her ear.

’’Do not worry, I am not blind.’’

Lin Shiqing's fragrant body was somewhat uncomfortable. The incense was turned into a mess in front of the sofa in front of her sight. It was a series of flying knives that came in from the opened window.

If it is not Ye Feng,and the quality of the sofa being better. At this time, the two would have been shot into a sieve.

In a hurry, Ye Feng divine sense swept around,he actually cannot detect any suspicious person, it seems like that the person who sneak attacked was away from them by 150 meters.

Until the first wave of attacks stopped, Ye Feng's heart was slightly relaxed and suddenly found that his right hand was pressed on something. Something round, soft and bouncy...

Subconsciously, Ye Feng was rubbing the round thing, when he looked down he discovered Lin Shiqing was reddened all over her face. It was like an electric shock had passed through her whole body, making her whole body numb.

„Bastard, what are you doing?’’

Lin Shiqing is blushing, but she is afraid that people outside will continue to attack. So she did not dare to make any action. This kid managed to take advantage of this situation. No man has ever dared to do this to her.


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