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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 250


Chapter 250

In the pink-coloured bedroom, there is a charming and gentle aura.

On the balcony outside the window, the moonlight was a little tulle, swayed through the snow-white curtains onto the light-colored carpet in the room,making the room elegant and dim.

There is a soft big bed in the middle of the bedroom, and a large closet on the side of the big bed. The clear full-length mirror reflects the scene on the bed, so that anyone can see it.

Under the fierce sprint of Ye Feng, Su Menghan was stunned, and her pair of soft and delicate jade arms tightly wrapped around Ye Feng's neck. Her long jade fingers almost broke his shoulder.

Her pair of slender white legs, wrapped around Ye Feng's powerful waist, but after Ye Feng's rapid sprint, it suddenly swelled up, her toes stretched straight out.

The girl was tight all over her body, and then she was soft and numb, and she was weak. A burst of joy, making her blushing, looks more fascinating.


Ye Feng kissed her fiery cheek and asked softly.

Su Menghan didn't talk, she was feeling a little weak, and her hair soaked in sweat was laid on the bedside in a messy way, with a sly charm on the mouth, the soft little mouth gently swayed, which made People who saw it couldn't help but want to kiss it.

Ye Feng did this, and it was natural to get together.

The deep kiss was after the passion, so Su Menghan is a little breathless, facing the enthusiasm of Ye Feng, the delicate girl is a bit overwhelmed.

She swayed softly, and accidentally touched Ye Feng's hard thing, and moved away in a hurry with some fear. She couldn't stand the fierceness of Ye Feng, she was soft all over after one time...

Ye Feng saw that she was a little tired, he came down from her delicate body, lying sideways, stroking her beautiful rounded buttocks with one hand, and holding her soft and slender waist with another hand, letting her whole body into his arms.

Su Menghan consciously shrank into his arms, her delicate appearance made Ye Feng feel more affectionate, she finally fell asleep after a few minutes.


Early the next morning, the sound of rustling waked up Ye Feng from his sleep.

When he blinked a little, he saw that Su Menghan was scratching her clothes, and she had just picked up the pink lace bra that was thrown at the bedside. Her whole body was out in the open, her white skin was shining under the bright sun. Deadly temptation.

’’Getting out of bed so early? Don't you want to go again...’’

Ye Feng suddenly said. He saw this fascinating scene early in the morning, even the gods could not help it.


Su Menghan was shocked, and her sneaky movement immediately speeded up and climbed out of the bed to avoid him.

However, how can Ye Feng make her escape.

’’Want to run?’’

Ye Feng laughed, got up and held her snowy and slender waist, and rushed straight up.

The jade buttocks of Su Menghan was held by him, her snow white waist curled upwards to aim at Ye Feng, Feng, making him climb her slender willow waist, he boldly thrust forward naturally to enter her red light district.


Su Menghan didn't imagine that Ye Feng was such beast, but he came when she was squatting. She couldn't help but scream and want to escape from Ye Feng's claws.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng held her slender waist like a pair of iron hoops, and with a strong impact, she softened her body and could no longer resist, and can only let Ye Feng act. Her thin eyebrows are all twisted into 八-shaped, which looks pitiful.



Long Wan'er next door has already woken up, and her pretty face is full of shame. She thought Ye Feng is too much of an animal, this morning he is still at it... and in that position...

This poor Sister Su Menghan was eaten by the fierce Ye Feng.

That guy, don't pay any attention to the impact!

Long Wan'er has actually not thought about the matter of her spying on the next door with her divine sense? This in Immortal Cultivator's World is quite not a polite behavior!

She got angry and got up, dressed and brushed her teeth, and Ye Feng was still not finished next door. She had to go downstairs first. Shu Shu got up earlier than anyone else, and had already made a delicious breakfast. Long Wan'er happened to feel a little hungry.

Nan Fang also ran from the next door. He came to eat rice. Shu Shu's cooking is a must, since Nan Fang has eaten in the East China Sea, he was addicted, he feel that feel that his life can no longer be separated from her food.

’’Shu Damei, come over, show me the palm of your hand I read it for you. I am very accurate. I can calculate your future.’’

After eating breakfast Nan Fang did not go back, but laughed and played with Shu Shu.

’’Really accurate?’’

Shu Shu's beautiful eyes were crafty, and she looks at him with a smile.

Since she married to the Long Clan, she has not had any good days. After the wedding night, her husband died, and her position in the Long Clan became awkward. She had to learn some medicinal skills and herbal medicine techniques. To have a foothold in the Long Clan.

She does not really want to know what will happen to her in the future,she wanted to watch Long Wan'er grow up that will be enough to make her happy.

However Nan Fang ask and she gave him face, they have shared a hardships in the Eastern Sea, they started cultivation at the same time.

’’Of course.’’

Nan Fang said and waved with a smile: ’’Come for me to have a look.’’

Shu Shu stretched out her jade hand and showed him the palm of her hand.

This made the South somewhat disappointed. He originally wanted to take advantage of it... but it was a good thing. He looked at it slightly and smiled at the time: ’’Shu Damei, your soul mate is in the horizon, close at hand.’’ ’’


Shu Shu smiled and laughed. This Nan Fang dog mouth can't stop spitting out nonsense. If what he said is true doesn't is true doesn't it mean that he was her soul mate?

’’In my opinion, you have to get far away from her...’’

Nan Fang was incessant, for Long Wan'er to get down at this time.

„You dare to se*ually harass Little Aunt, you want to court death?’’

Long Wan'er showed him her white eyes.

This kid, it is said that in the past he was a Yan Da high school student, Yan Da had so many beautiful women but he did not seduce any, and he wanted to suduce her little sister? Although she is very beautiful and se*y, but she is thirty, this is not appropriate at all.

’’I don't talk nonsense,it is according to the palm...’’

Nan Fang is serious and wants to explain something, but is interrupted by Shu Shu's wave.

’’Okay, Wan'er, Menghan and Ye Feng, they haven't gotten up yet?’’

Shu Shu asked, wondering if it was too intense last night, causing sleep late this morning?

’’Don't mention that guy.’’

Long Wan'er was unhappy: ’’He is a beast.’’

This made the two people surprised. Ye Feng is a beast?

Shu Shu smiled: ’’You, how can he be a beast? You are all his women? You will accept it, come and eat breakfast.’’

’’i have no appetite.’’

When Long Wan'er thought about the behavior of the beast Ye Feng, she had no idea what to do. The other things were making her heart sour.

When she and Ye Feng were together, Ye Feng didn't do that in the morning... Didn't he say that her temptation was as good as Su Menghan?

This can't be done!


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