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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 245


Chapter 245

Although on the surface,Ye Feng can't see anything special about this so-called ’’Eight Lord’’.But for him to become an elite member of the National Security Bureau, he must definitely has some skills.

Long Wan'er also said that the elite members of the National Security Bureau were only a dozen people.

Ye Feng took a closer look at the man again,the grey shirt jeans, the short hair, the ordinary face,It is clearly the appearance of someone in his early 20s, but he has left a large beard and gives him a feeling of ancientness.

’’Young lady Lin, may i borrow your fiancéfor a day,there will be no problem?’’

Zhao Biao took a mouthful of morning tea, stretched his hands and gave a gentle smile.

’’I am afraid that there will be no one to borrow.’’

Lin Shiyi smiled and confronted him: ’’I am here, no way.’’

It's so straightforward!

Ye Feng is a bit puzzled. He didn't let Lin Shiqing help him. This little girl made a self-assertion? Even if he was caught by the National Security Bureau, there are ways to deal with it.

’’Young lady Lin, you are making this Lord feel awkward?’’

Zhao Bayi smiled bitterly.

’’It is hard on me. Anyway, I want to take Ye Feng, no negotiations,or are you going to report to your grandfather.’’

Lin Shiqing temper started to raise,he was pushing things to Lin Hongchuan.

’’Since Miss Lin has defended your fiancé, I will not take him away, but there is a problem.’’

Zhao Ba said, while he became serious, staring at Lin Shiqing's beautiful face: ’’Young lady Lin, the last time I wrote you a love letter, have you seen it? Your fiancéhas two girlfriends. You don't have a boyfriend yet,this Lord has been waiting for you...’’

As soon as this was said, Ye Feng's people were all sweating.

’’Go to hell you bastard.’’

Lin Shiqing's face were full of black lines, and she sweared at him.

’’Cough cough, let consider it done.’’

Zhao Ba coughed, his hands in his pocket, looked up and looked at Ye Feng, and smiled: ’’Ye Feng, there is Miss Lin's words, it seems that I have to go back and eat.can I have time to talk a few words with you?’’


Ye Feng nodded he had to talk with the National Security Bureau.

Looking at the appearance of Zhao Ba, it seems that he like Lin Shiqing very much.hewas obedient and seemed to have given up the idea of ​​taking him back. Of course, these are all superficial and cannot be trusted. Ye Feng still has the necessary vigilance in his heart.

Ye Feng thought so, and walked over.

Lin Shiqing knew that they had something to talk about, and she got up and started to leave. She turned back and smiled at Ye Feng and passed him by.

’’Why help me?’’

Ye Feng asked softly.

’’You saved me, I still owe you.’’

Lin Shiqing's footsteps slowed down, a little smile on her lips said in his ear: ’’Be Reassured, Zhao Ba listens to me.’’

The two intertwined, Ye Feng came to the corner table where Zhao Ba was sitting in three or two steps, but still remembered the faint woman fragrance on Lin Shiqing,the taste of Long Wan'er and Su Menghan were different.

The two women stared nervously at the side, and Ye Wentian was ready to make a move, carefully carefully observing Zhao Ba's every move.

This is why Ye Feng dared to go without knowing the details.

There is Ye Wentian on the side, this Zhao Ba can not go against heaven's will, it is impossible to take him away with violence, not to mention the fact that in Ye Feng's perception, this guy is just an ordinary person, and there is no high-tech equipment on his body.

’’Ye brother, long time, long time, come, this Lord will drink in your honor first.’’

Ye Feng blinked.

’’Oh, there is nothing to say, just a few words.’’

Zhao Ba is very casual, holding the beard on his chin: ’’Ye brother, I am a good person to talk with, not to care about you, but someone on the top is giving orders, they will definitely take you back. Even if I did not go back with you all I will be getting is some little punishment, there will be other people sent to come for you...’’

In this sentence, the voice he used is relatively light, which means that the two have already started a formal conversation.


Ye Feng smiled.

’’So, if you know anything, you will tell me this Lord.’’

Zhao Ba leaned back in the chair and smiled leisurely.

’’That's fine.’’

Ye Feng readily agrees, he knows that the opposite party want to know the matters that happened on the Eastern China Sea, for example Su Feiying and the Thousand Years Profound Ice, and how he destroyed the submarine and so on, but he will certainly not tell the opposite party these.

He has another trump card, enough for the National Security Bureau to stop looking for trouble.

’’After I go back, I back, I will personally go to the headquarters of the National Security Bureau there is something important to hand over to the country.’’

Ye Feng suppressed his voice, and said mysteriously.

’’What important thing?’’

Zhao Ba brows pricked.

’’You will know soon.’’

Ye Feng smiled: ’’It can only be said to be related to space transmission technology.’’

His plan was to throw the transmission array in Su Feiying's ring to the National Security Bureau. Anyway, it is already broken and can not be used.

In Eastern Sea, Su Feiying just regained consciousness, and she displayed Revolving Big Dipper Shifting Stars, and directly dropped the destroyed transmission array of the East China Sea into the storage ring.

In addition to the set of Changbai Mountain, there are two sets of destroyed transmission arrays. Of course, Ye Feng only needs to choose a more complete set to be sent to the National Security Bureau. Providing such an important research object, Ye Feng would have made a great achievement. At least for a short time, it will be impossible for the National Security Bureau to find trouble for him again.

The reason why Zhao Ba is so polite is not to give face to Ye Wentian and the Lin Clan ? Or his relationship with the two parties. The National Security Bureau is looking for Ye Feng, but they had to think about it clearly? If Ye Feng renders meritorious service, it is even more impossible to treat him badly.

’’Space transmission technology?’’

When Zhao Ba listened to these words, he immediately trembled and couldn't keep calm, and his face was shocked!

Now the senior officials of the National Security Bureau know that there was a flying fairy in flying fairy in the East China Sea, and that the fairy seems to have mastered the technology of instantaneous movement, which is undoubtedly a great temptation for the National Security Bureau.

Now that Ye Feng says that he wants to hand over the things related to the transmission technology to the country, he has to say that this is likely to make a qualitative leap in the technology of China.


Ye Feng nodded and solemnly confirmed.

In fact, the destroyed transmission array is not a technological product at all, but a product of cultivation. For national science and technology personnel, it is definitely difficult to study this thing...

However, Ye Feng did not care. The other party would not bother him. As for the research results, he did not care.

’’That thing is heavy, I have to think of a way to get it to Yanjing.’’

Ye Feng smiled: ’’You have to go back and talk about it, don't bother me, or I can't guarantee any problems.’’

’’If it's really something related to space transfer technology, then it's fine.’’

Zhao Ba smiled with satisfaction: ’’Give me a deadline, I will go back and report your accomplishments.’’

He is not afraid of Ye Feng running, not to mention other things. It is impossible for Ye Wentian to let Ye Feng leave the country. Otherwise, Ye Wentian will kill him personally. Live as a Chinese person, die and become a ghost of China,Ye Wentian has such a deep national complex.

’’In two months, I will explain it to Uncle Lin.’’

Ye Feng nodded.

Uncle Lin is Lin Detian, Zhao Ba nodded and he got up and waved his hand and said: ’’This Lord, I will go first.’’


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