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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 244


Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Eight Lord

When everyone was stunned,the horse-faced police officer waved and said: ’’Wang Shaodong was dragged away by sharks and died. There is no evidence that Miss Xiao Yue is involved in this matter.

When he was about to exit, several policemen behind him rushed at him and signaled him with their eyes. However, the horse-faced policemen did not look in their eyes. He turned and took the lead outside the restaurant!

’’What are you doing, let leave here!’’

The horse-faced police took a few steps and saw his teammates still standing there. He immediately returned to the front and shouted.

’’Yes Yes.’’

The several police officers can only listen to their captain of course.

The police officers rushed away. The remaining Wang Chengzong and several other Wang family members were stunned. This situation seemed to be a bit scary. What should I do now?

’’You are called Ye Feng?’’

Wang Chengzong face was not very good and asked, looking at the man in front of him in a black shirt. It was him who said a few words to that the horse-faced police and he suddenly became abnormal. Wang Chengzong felt that this man was very problematic!


Ye Feng smiled and nodded. ’’You are the father of Wang Shaodong? It's a pity that Wang Shaodong was tossed by the sharks.

Wang Chengzong is a hot tempered person when he hears the word ’’shark’’, the veins on his forehead uplifted: ’’Kid, you wait for me!’’

He wants to launch his forces in Shanghai and take this kid to be tortured. No matter how different this kid is he has to be tortured,otherwise wouldn't his son be gone?

He knows that these days on the East China Sea there was a tsunami. His son Wang Shaodong has only come to this side to disappear. But he have to give an account of it anyway?

Whether dead or alive,missing or not? He must be found. Even if he can't be found, Xiao Yue, the most suspicious figure, must be arrested. When the time comes to negotiate with the Xiao family, he may gain a lot of benefits.

’’You dare to threaten my grandson?’’

At the moment, Ye Wentian sat behind him, his brows were wrinkled, and he calmly said.

It was not until then that Wang Chengzong noticed this old man, but he could not help but wrinkle his brow. There is a bunch of people around this Ye Feng's kid.

An old man is sitting there calmly, and another handsome young man is using a toothpick to brush his teeth, while several other beautiful women looked at him with gloating eyes.

How can an ordinary person have so many beautiful women? No, we must go back and investigate what this ’’Ye Feng’’ is in the end.

Wang Chengzong was a bit hesitant, and he snorted and turned away. He just left the restaurant and immediately went to the Xiangshan Police Department on a telephone call.

Then he informed the forces in Shanghai and asked them to use various means to identify Ye Ye Feng's identity!

Soon the results came out. A pile of data was sent to Wang Chengzong's mobile phone. Only after two pages were read. The Shanghai tycoon's cold sweat immediately fell out like rain.

There is nothing terrible about Ye Feng, but the key is that this kid is the son-in-law of the Yanjing Lin family!

Yan Jinglin's family, that is the country's largest family, is enough for Wang Chengzong to look up. Lin's prospective son-in-law, no wonder he was so ’’arrogant’’, in the eyes of Wang Chengzong, Ye Feng can be given a ’’second ancestor ’’ label.

His son, Wang Shaodong, is already arrogant, but there is no doubt that this Ye Feng is more arrogant than his son...

And he also got a message, Yanjing Lin's niece Lin Shiqing, is now also in Xiangshan County, that is to say, one of the beautiful women in the restaurant is Lin Shiqing?

It wasn't until this time that he remembered that he saw sitting at the table a 20-year-old elegant elder sister. When the whole thing happened, she just smiled. Wasn't that Lin Shiqing? He didn't see it at the time!

When he left in a hurry, he had already dismissed the idea of ​​going back to look for trouble.

Even if it is related to his missing son, he cherishes everything he has, whether it is wealth or power. His son has already disappeared, and nothing can be done about it, but his wealth and power are still there, at most, he has to give birth give birth to another son?


’’Ye Feng, you are so handsome.’’

In the restaurant, Xiao Yue looked at the group of people who were driven away by Ye Feng. She suddenly smiled and gave him a kiss without any hesitation. She also waved at Long Wan'er and Su Menghan: ’’I really envy you. Your Boyfriend is amazing .’’


The two women were silent, even if the Long's are not so open, the modern women who have lived in Shanghai for a long time are different.

’’Elder sister.’’

Xiao Yu couldn't stand it anymore. Her face was red and she ran over and pulled Xiao Yue back. The red skirts in the middle of the day were brown up and down, and many men in the restaurant could not move their eyes.

’’Let's go.’’

Ye Feng turned his head and smiled at Menghan and Wan'er.


The two women did not care too much about Xiao Yue's kiss on Ye Feng, and they nodded. Shu Shu also stood aside and smiled.

Just when the four people wanted to leave, a faint young male voice suddenly came over: ’’Youth, why are you so eager to leave, why don't you have a chat with this Lord?’’


Ye Feng brow frowned slightly, and he looked back, looking at a young man sitting alone in a corner of the restaurant.

The man looked very ordinary, but it seems that he has not shaved for a long time, and his dress is very ordinary. The gray shirt and jeans are unremarkable in are unremarkable in the whole restaurant, but it was such a sentence that has made Ye Feng feel a threat. .

He scanned him with divine sense, but he did not find any suspiciousness in the man. Is he a madman?

Suddenly, Ye Feng found that when she heard the man's voice, Lin's face suddenly changed.

Does she know him?

Ye Feng went back and looked at Lin Shiqing at the table. Her fascinating figure under the plaid shirt was very tempting. At this time, her beautiful face was a little surprised.

Feeling the face of Ye Feng, Lin Shiqing finally stood up and walked all the way to the man in the corner.

’’Zhao Ba, what are you doing here?’’

Lin Shiqing elegantly opened the chair and sat next to the man.

’’He is Zhao Ba?’’

When Long Wan'er heard the name, she was shocked.

’’Zhao Ba? What kind of bird is this?’’

Ye Feng felt strange.

’’Zhao Ba, who is called the Eight Lord, is a member of the National Security Bureau...’’

When Long Wan'er saw that Ye Feng didn't know, she explained it patiently and whisperedly: ’’Before we met the ordinary squad of the National Security Bureau. But in addition to the ordinary squad, the National Security Bureau has an elite squad, everyone knows it. every single one in squad has the strength of martial arts master!’’

’’are these eight Lords all elites?’’

Ye Feng blinked.

The National Security Bureau, they really came, and this time they finally sent a difficult opponent to come over!


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