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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 243


Chapter 243

’’I am Xiao Yue.’’

Xiao Yue got up and said lightly.

She is wearing a red long skirt today, has a combed braid, mild-mannered swung the full front from her shoulder, just to block her snow white gully, making a person wish hr could to put out a hand to move her braid out off the way.

The horse-faced policeman who is leading the others saw it and suddenly his eyes became straight.

This guy is about forty years old,he is in the rising period of his career, he also privately received a lot of money from others. Unfortunately, his family's old woman made him want to die every day. He wanted to leave and dream of a beautiful young woman.(when you meet young and beautiful women and you realise you are already married to an older version)

In front him were these beautiful women, who were all up to his standards!

Especially Xiao Yue who stood up, suddenly attracted his attention, a good beauty! No wonder she could enter the eyes of Young Master Wang. Unfortunately, this beauty is very suspicious. Maybe she cheated Young Master Wang into the wilderness and had him killed.

The horse-faced policeman made a straight face ’’Sorry, Miss Xiao Yue to ask this but could you make the trip with us.’’

Intentional killing is not a minor crime. When it comes to the bureau, how can it be threatened and intimidated? It is very likely that it will be a great bargain for this beautiful woman!

He couldn't help but expect something.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yue did not want to follow him at all: ’’You said that I was related to a homicide case. Where is the evidence? Motivation? Weapons?’’

After listening to her questions, the police officer thought,are you not having a pair of big weapons on your chest? Of course, as a police officer, this kind of speech is definitely not to be said under great publicity.

He was extremely serious on the surface: ’’A video shows that the victim Wang Shaodong was with you for the last time at a restaurant before he headed for the seaside. In this regard, the police have the right to investigate and collect evidence of you. No doubt you are One of the suspects.’’

Xiao Yue felt that the face of the policeman had become unbridled and lwed.

Wang Shaodong did not have any sense of honour. Since she had known it so long ago that he had been trying to get her into bed every day, it was now difficult for God to have her eyes dragged away by the sharks. This policemen actually counted the crime on her head!

As a person of Xiao Clan in Yanjing, she also knows that this world has power, but when she personally experiences it, she is still lost for words.

It is normal to take a person in for investigation, but it is too overbearing to call her a ’’crime suspect’’ directly.

She didn't think too much about it, staring at the horse-faced policeman she stepped over.

The horse-faced policeman was attracted by the majesticness of her chest and couldn't help swallowing. But before he could react. Xiao Yue slapped him in his face.


Xiao Yue had always been hot tempered, and it wasn't the first time that she has slapped others.

’’You dare to assault the police!’’

The horse-faced policeman covered his face with one hand and his eyes were full full of amazement. He held out his other hand to point to Xiao Yue, apparently not thinking Xiao Yue dared to do something like this.

His fingers were about to touch Xiao Yue chest, making her quickly step back two steps.Although she slaps him on his face, it is a shame that she has little strength and it did not hurt the police captain.

Ye Feng stepped forward and stepped in front of her. He smiled and said: ’’The girl shouldn't have done it. How hard is it?’’

’’Little boy, walk away, it's none of your business.’’

Xiao Yue saw Ye Feng stand in front of her, and her elegant face frowned, she did not want Ye Feng to help, this is her own business.

Little boy?

Ye Feng almost cried and laughed, and he thought he was right. He just graduated from high school and Xiao Yue had already graduated from college for two years.For Xiao Yue, he seems to be a kid.

He Heard that the Audi sports car took Xiao Yue two years of contribution money to buy, he does not know her occupation,but this earning power is really pretty good.

Naturally, even if Xiao Yue said that Ye Feng will not make step away from in front of her .

’’Uncle, about Wang Shaodong? I know a little bit about the issue.can you not make it difficult her?’’

Ye Feng patted the shoulder of the policeman and said with a smile.

’’and who are you?’’

The horse face police just wanted to order Xiao Yue to be arrested. When he saw Ye Feng coming out to speak, he couldn't help but be alerted.

He was not a blind man. He saw only so many top beauties beside Ye Feng. He knew that knew that his identity was absolutely not ordinary. Therefore, he did not dare to offend himself easily and faced him with caution.

And Wang Chengzong behind the horse-faced policeman listened to Ye Feng's words and his face changed. What did the boy know about his son?

„I called Ye Feng, Wang Shaodong was a scum right?’’

Ye Feng looked at that horse-faced police , hypnotism unknowingly took effect on him.

„Right, he simply was a bastard!’’

The horse-faced police complexion changed immediately, and could not help but scolded,he was clenching his jaws as if he has a bitter hatred for Wang Shaodong! As for unexpectedly being just hit by Xiao Yue palm on his face he has completely thrown out of his brain, he appeared as if it never happened.

This scene made everyone in the restaurant stunned.

When Wang Chengzong heard it, he suddenly turned green. This policeman did not want to live anymore, and publicly said that his son was a bastard. What's more, now is not the time to discuss Wang Shaodong's character, but to capture Xiao Yue!

Wang Chengzong is a person from Shanghai. He was unfamiliar with Xiangshan County. So he spent a little money looking for the public security bureau chief before he let this police officer take up this case.

He did not know what the horse faced police was called and he was not interested in knowing it. But he spent a lot of money to get him.did the opposite party know of this? When asked by him, he would in turn scold his son?

Simply absurd!

Xiao Yue looks at Ye Feng, and was a little inconceivable. She knows that Ye Feng is not an average person, but is he capable of making others of making others change their mindset completely, this is too going against heaven's will?

The natives of Xiangshan County in the dining room were all surprised, they had heard of the fact that the horse-faced police, was a scum himself,but he unexpectedly scolded others for being like him?

However, it is still not finished.

Ye Feng patted the horse-faced policeman on the shoulder once again and smiled. ’’So God can't stand it anymore. Not long ago, Wang Shaodong went to the beach and was dragged by the sharks, right?’’

’’Yes, that's it. Wang Shaodong is heartless and finally he became food for the sharks.’’

The Horse-faced face police nodded firmly!


Xiao Yue could not bear and spurt out a chuckle, held on Ye Feng shoulder,and her tender body shivered all over.

This Ye Feng is also amazing. It is OK? Originally, she also intended to use the Xiao clan to pressure them, and now that there is Ye Feng, it seems it is not needed.

Ye Feng felt the scent wafting from her body, and the smoothness and delicateness of her hand on his shoulders. It was a bit embarrassing. This Xiao Yue was so intimate, their relationship seem to have not reached this level yet?

What's more,his two girlfriends are still next to him...

Ye Feng's divine sense swept around, and indeed Long Wan'er and Su Menghan stood on the sidelines, and they all felt a bit uncomfortable.

’’Hey, what did you do to the police?’’

Wang Chengzong could not stand it and his face sank.

’’I believe in justice.’’

The face of the horse-faced police looked solemn, and a few police officers familiar with him all of a sudden were shocked, wrong, this is really abnormal!


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