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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 241


Chapter 241

When Ye Feng and Long Wan'er returned to the bustling area of ​​Xiangshan County, they could obviously feel a depressing atmosphere.

The recent tsunami typhoon brought great economic losses to the people in the coastal zone. Fortunately, the evacuation took place earlier and the casualties were not serious. Only including the former fishing village, many people are homeless. It seems that the government has once again suffered a major bleeding.

Because there is Zhao Yibei and Ling Chen with him,Ye Feng quickly found where Ye Wentian lives. As for Su Feiying divine Yang Avatar Body, it was too lazy to see too many people, so it came ashore directly and went back with Long Zi and Long Qing.

She had to concentrate on dealing with the troubles of the National Security Bureau. Pretending to be Long Moran is intimidating, but there are also many problems.

Ye Feng recalls what she said before the incarnation of the divine Yang Avatar Body. ’’Try to improve your cultivation, if you can achieve 40 years of cultivation within a year, then you and I will be able to firmly defeat the Huo Yun demon lord ......’’

After dealing with the trivial matters, he should go to the northwestern desert to find the next transmission trail. For Su Feiying, her heart was still in the Immortal Cultivator's World because...

Ye Feng shook his head and didn't think much about it. The only thing that he should worry about would be to return to the Long Clan so that the identity of the divine Yang Avatar Body would not be exposed. After all, Su Feiying has little understanding of Long Moran's character.

In addition, he did not know where the Huo Yun demon lord was now hiding to heal his wounds. Once he is done healing and not stopped by anyone,it is very likely that the whole world will be turned upside down, unless he is killed as soon as possible...

Anyway, after a long period of time, it was finally time to relax.

Ye Feng and Long Wan'er together with Zhao Yibei and Ling Chen souls, arrived at the hotel that Ye Wentian and the others stayed.

„Ye Feng!’’

They just entered the door of the hotel, when a pleasant and lively female voice sounded from the inside.

They raised their heads to look, and discovered it is that small girl from the Xiao Clan. Xiao Qi, at this time she is wearing a pink T-shirt and denim skirt, and is inquiring about something at the reception. when she sees Ye Feng her face had a happy expression, she waved to greet.

Now she certainly knows that Ye Feng is the masked man who saved her twice. Her feelings for Ye Feng become very complicated.

But she took such a long time and decided to hide that feeling in her heart. Not to mention that now Ye Feng already has a loved one. Lin Shiqing's relationship with her is enough to not cross it. She can't do it to her good friend.

When friend.

When she see Ye Feng again, he will be like a friend!

Xiao Qi made this decision in her heart.


Ye Feng did not have any thoughts. He nodded slightly. ’’What about my grandfather?’’

’’Eating in the restaurant, I'll take you there.’’

Xiao Yu said while she walked over.

She glanced at Long Wan'er holding the arm of Ye Feng, and secretly praised in her heart, it really was a top country beauty, whether it is the appearance of the skin or body, all are first-rate, even if compared with Lin Shiqing, only their temperament style is the difference between them.

Long Wan'er's lovely young face makes Xiao Qi, who is also a woman, unbearable.

It was only at this time Long Wan'er looked a bit tired. She had a short rest in the cave last night and hadn't allowed her to rest enough.

After Xiao Qi's appearance, Long Yao's conditional reflexes became a little vigilant. She does not want to see more and more beautiful women around Ye Feng. Of course, she could not show it on the surface. She just smiled sweetly and it looked like an innocent little doll.

Soon the three people came to the restaurant.

The restaurant of the hotel is a hall. Many people in the hall are dining. One of the tables is Ye Wentian, Su Menghan

And the others.

Seeing Xiao Qi leading Ye Feng and Long Wan'er to come in, Ye Wentian suddenly stood up!

’’Bad boy, come here.’’

Ye Wentian said with a serious face.


Ye Feng suspected that mostly is the Long the Long Moran matter, making Ye Wentian so anxious, but the concrete fact, he will be definitely will not say how in this place.

The existence of Su Feiying, cannot spread absolutely not.

„Ye Feng.’’

When Su Menghan saw Ye Feng, she was the most happy and had a great deal of satisfaction. Her eyes were full of joy. She dropped half of her milk and welcomed him.

Although she saw Long Wan'er beside him, Su Menghan did throw a tantrum. After two days of thinking and Ye Wentian's ’’teaching her with patients and skills’’, she finally thought through the point. How can there be a woman like Long Wan'er in this world who is willing to fight against her father for a lover?

In any case, Ye Feng certainly will not give up the Long Wan'er, then won't she be unhappy?

Faintly, Su Menghan it herself. How similar she is to Long Wan'er , they both have fathers who are unreasonable ! Therefore, Su Menghan understood her feelings the most.

However, she heard that Long Moran was a narrow-minded deceitfully vicious person.How could it be reported in the morning that Ye Feng will be protected by him?

She knew that Ye Feng is his enemy!

For this question, all the people want to know, but Ye Feng just smiled, and did not explain.

’’Grandpa, how are you still here?’’

Ye Feng lovingly touched Su Menghan's small head and took her hand to sit on the opposite side of Ye Wentian.

Looking at Ye Feng's left and right-handed scene surrounded by beauties, some by beauties, some other people in the restaurant rushed to despise their eyes and thought that this was another rich family's misdeeds.

But how about the beauty at the table?

Of course, these passers-by will not know the identity of Ye Feng and others. Even if it is Lin Shiqing, few people will recognize her.

’’I was waiting for you.

Su Menghan blushed, trying to break Ye Feng's hand, but found it could not be done.

’’What about them?’’

Ye Feng looked to the table of Xiao Yue, Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi. Ye Wentian and Su Menghan and Shu Shu were waiting for him. The three women also stay here? He does not think there is any fun in the East China Sea.

’’Waiting for you.’’

Xiao Yue was eating and drinking, and she spoke with lisp, and soon she had a snot and she wiped her mouth with a paper towel. Even if the movements is not very pleasing, her rich, full breasts still attract the attention of many men in the restaurant.

It can be seen that this red dress is opean and generous and does not care about the eyes of others.

’’You saved us, if we just walked away like this, wouldn't it be rude?’’

Lin Shiqing smiles gracefully, her eyes looked to Ye Feng.

„As you like.’’

Ye Feng did not put his mind on it and asked Ye Wentian ’’should we go back?’’

He may have to go back early to study the Thousand Years Profound Ice . This is an incredible treasure.


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