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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 197


Chapter 197 ->Misses it just by a half inch

When a series of adversity fell back to back, it stunned the surrounding audience.

What was the matter, even though the masked man was chopped down into two by Log Mo'ran's sword, but actually he changed into a blue smoke and disappeared? How was this possible, it was totally unscientific, wasn't he a human?

Immediately after, from the truck, Miss Lin also unexpectedly operated the anaesthetic gun. She was also quite stupid, why did she blend in this kind of thing? Now she had really annoyed Long Mo'ran, even several hundreds of Miss Lin was insufficient for the homicide, ah!

And then, something happened which sprinkled salt on his burn. Actually, an arrow also shot him in the buttocks, making some people instantly know what the matter was and it sent a shiver down their spine, the broken magical Crossbow was considered as the exorcist's exclusive weapon! Who could have thought that today, even an exorcist was also present there, but was still hiding somewhere and waiting for an opportunity to attack Long Mo'ran. Could it be that the masked man had spent money to invite him?

However, these were still nothing.

Because, even if all these attacks were added together, still were unable to kill Long Mo'ran. Even the weapon just now used was the so-called Broken Magical Crossbow, but still, it couldn't do anything remarkable on him since his Cultivation was very profound.

Surprisingly, he still had the considerable fighting strength left as before!

But at this time, a figure similar to a ghostly form suddenly appeared behind him, immediately after, a golden light flashed, followed by a sword which stabbed him in his chest right from behind at one fell swoop!

In the rainstorm, this scene like a picture frame all of a sudden freeze in the eyes of the surrounding people. The elegant white and long robe of Long Mo'ran was completely dyed with fresh blood quite soon, which was bubbling out and running down on the ground mixing with the rain water.

The black dressed man with a face mask and the golden sword, he was exactly the same man 'Mo Jiuge' as the rumour spread.

How he floatingly went behind Long Mo'ran and thrust his sword into his chest?

Could it be that Long Mo'ran was such struck that now he wouldn't survive?

Was it going to be an inexplicable death at the hands of a young masked man?

Thunderstruck, Long Zi, Long Qing, hiding Shu Shu, as well as remaining other martial artists all at once opened their mouths widely in shock, it was a jaw-dropping situation for them as they were totally unable to believe that this scene genuinely occurred right before their eyes.

Extremely shocking!

However, in the field, only three people knew that the sword had missed its target.

It missed it only by a half inch.

This explained, how profound Long Mo'ran's Cultivation, accompanied with a rich fighting experience as well. Just relying on his intuition, his body happened to move aside a bit and avoided the deadly vital parts.

Ye Feng missed this superb chance just by a half-inch, or else he would have shaken up the entire martial arts world by know if he had really succeeded in killing him, but unfortunately nothing happened like he expected.

He was aware of it.

But interestingly, Long Mo'ran also knew about it.

Moreover, with the help of Soul Search Technique, Long Wan'er also noticed this thing, but in spite of being stunned, she began to get ready to launch a strike with her all strength .........

Although Long Mo'ran was stabbed by a sword, but still it couldn't stop him. Immediately his inner qi started condensing in his both legs and then with a lightning fast speed, he quickly turned around and forcefully kicked a foot aiming at him. Seemingly it was the legendary Dragon Tail Technique!

The three supreme feats of Long Clan, Romantic Sword, Dragon Leg and Gentle Palm Technique, each one of them had the wondrous use.

Actually along with this kick ’’Dragon Tail’’, Long Mo'ran condensed his whole body's inner qi in his legs and threw a solid kick towards Ye Feng, at the same time, opened his mouth, squeezed out some more qi from his Dantian and the next moment launched the great ’’Dragon Cry Realm’’, it was again a sound wave attack!

Employing two-pronged approaches simultaneously to achieve a goal, Ye Feng's spirit was jolted out by the fierce dragon roar. But just within an instant, he responded, quickly wanted to pull his sword back and escape. However, before he could do anything, was actually got kicked by the opposite party heavily in his waist.

The formidable force of the foot all of a sudden invaded thoroughly within his body and kicked him in mid-air!

The sudden outbreak of Long Mo'ran once again changed the complexion of the surrounding people.

What a pity, that sword really couldn't kill him ........

Fortunately, the head of the Clan didn't die, besides, one must know it wasn't that easy to dispose him off like this ..........

Now, the masked man would be screwed ..........

’’Coughs ...’’

Since a sword had pierced his chest just now and immediately after that, the golden Zhenqi sword was pulled back suddenly, causing even more severe injuries to him, making him unable to bear and he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood.

By this time, the effect of magic array finally gradually dissipated. Now in his eyes, that group of Long Wan'er finally resumed their original appearances, originally they were trees, other martial artists, even were large rocks .........

He raised his head and looked towards Ye Feng, who was just now severely kicked by him. Seeing him hadn't yet landed, his eyes once revealed the ominous light accompanied with a killing intention to kill him right here right now!

Just in a fraction of a second, he drew his right leg and immediately his left leg leapt as he wanted to kill Ye Feng right in midair.

However, right at this time, a dark blue arrow, carrying an infinite power, suddenly was shot towards him from behind the truck! Star arrow was quite bright just like stars in general, in addition, its appearance was not so common, actually, it was shot by Long Wan'er.

Although Long Mo'ran had received several serious injuries, but still he did everything to kick Ye Feng. While on the other side, ignoring other circumstances, Long Wan'er watched for quasi-opportunity and then, immediately congealed out a Star Arrow and projected it at one fell swoop.

Long Mo'ran saw that and suddenly his heart was aghast. He wanted to get away hurriedly, but since just now had been hit by an anaesthetic bullet as well as Broken Magical Crossbow, so finally they began to display their effect.

Suddenly his whole body turned stiff, making him feel all dizzy. The only thing he felt that the circulation of inner qi in his meridians had become incomparably slow, so now he was only able to slightly lean his head.


The Star Arrow suddenly stuck to his shoulder and ripped it apart from his shoulder. Actually, the powerful penetrating power directly shot his right arm with which he had held a sword!


Because of the tearing sort of pain, he couldn't bear but give out a blood-curdling screech, because this dark blue arrow, more than just penetration, had also shot his arm down!

The formidable force, carrying one of his arms along with it, fired towards the dark woods seaside and then quickly disappeared from the sight of the surrounding people. Now there was no trace of his right arm and searching in this kind of stormy weather was also extremely difficult.

Shockingly an arrow had ripped off Long Mo'ran's arm!

The surrounding all people quickly shifted their eyes towards the place from where the dark blue arrow was shot and were all surprised to see Long Wan'er was there behind the truck. It was just that, she had been preparing for a long time to launch this shot.

This sneak attack could actually produce such a terrible effect. That arrow really left everyone around with huge shock! Didn't Long Wan'er have already discarded her Dantian, then, just now, what was that technique all about?

Besides, neither that shot looked like a martial arts technique, nor she had held any weapon in her hand. In that case, how did she project that deep blue arrow?

Since Long Mo'ran had just now gone through such a heart-chilling experience and injuries, making his whole facial expression look completely abominable and hateful. He had never imagined that he, the God's favoured person and a renowned martial arts hero, would ever suffer such a big and humiliating loss and that also because of two young kids.

He started raging with fury.

Because of the boiling anger in his heart, he almost lost his intellect and rationality.

Now he just wanted to catch the masked man together with Long Wan'er and tear them into shreds while they were still alive!


Until this time, Ye Feng's body finally heavily fell to the ground, Long Mo'ran's foot was indeed too frightening, which had almost shattered his whole body's internal organs.

Seeing this, Long Mo'ran again made an effort under his foot to tread him upon. While totally ignoring his chest injury as well as his severed right arm, the whole person suddenly jumped high.

’’Dragon in the sky!’’

Descending Dragon Leg Technique was another move abruptly displayed by him. Taking his present Cultivation, the strength of such a foot was fully capable of crushing ten thousands of megaliths!

This was sufficient enough to crush Ye Feng under the foot.

If he was clouted by this foot, then considering his present Cultivation, he would absolutely die without any burial ground.

Did Long Mo'ran want to decide who bagged the victory?

Everyone's heart jumped to their throat while they were constantly gazing towards the field.


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