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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 196


Chapter 196 ->A group of Long Wan'er

Although Ye Feng displayed Red Inflammation, still he didn't relax, immediately raised his sword and rushed towards Long Mo'ran, directly aiming at his chest to stab him.

While on the other side, the moment the flame touched Long Mo'ran's cloth, its blazing temperature suddenly shook him up from the state of being deterred and as a result, in an instant, he released his inner qi out of his body and completely enveloped himself by forming a protective shield around!

It seemed that he was pretty aware of Ye Feng's sword approaching him, hence right on the spot he rolled on the ground and evaded it, simultaneously, drew support from the humid ground and put off his flame really fast.

This proved that indeed his Cultivation was very profound. Besides, in this weather, the Immortal Technique - Red Inflammation obviously couldn't pose any threat to his life.

But Ye Feng was unrivalled, couldn't let his opponent slip away like this at any cost. Therefore, he again wielded his sword, immediately an icy-blue Beheading Dragon Sword qi gushed out and while sweeping away everything along its way, rushed towards Long Mo'ran with a lightning fast speed.


At this moment, Long Mo'ran promptly attached his inner qi to his sword and then brandished it, making his formidable inner qi firmly block the other Sword qi. There was indeed a big disparity between their Cultivation, no matter what Ye Feng did, really couldn't make up this gap.

’’Little bastard, you surely want to die today but I won't make it that easy for you!’’

Long Mo'ran was brimming with extreme anger, stuck in an extremely difficult situation, suddenly he jumped up.

Because of just now rolling on the ground, his white robe had been completely stained and moistened with mud and bits of grass. In addition, his elegant and long tied up hair had also been burnt by the fireball. All these things were collectively making him look very miserable just like a distress beggar in this torrential downpour.

For a moment, he completely failed to see through Ye Feng's attack and once again got caught into his ’’small tricks’’ and was thrown into such a distressed and embarrassing situation. So finally he decided that he wouldn't let him die so easily and happily.

And to do that, what could be the most painful thing for a person? It was naturally watching his loved ones being tormented right in front of his own eyes, while he couldn't do anything like a helpless person!

Long Mo'ran threw a glance at Long Wan'er and suddenly a dense look crawled on his face as he thought something: ’’Aren't you two deeply attached to each other? In that case, my sword will stab her to death right here in front of you!

He said and moved at once.

His elegant form flashed, his speed was visibly much faster than Ye Feng. Holding his sword, he dashed all the way towards Long Wan'er and suddenly jabbed his long sword directly into her thigh!

He wanted to use his sword to torment Long Wan'er, simultaneously torment the masked man!

Until this time, all the surrounding martial artists, who were wonderstruck by the effect of Suppressing Soul Sound Wave, one after another recovered and gradually opened their eyes, however, what they suddenly saw was a shocking scene where Long Mo'ran stabbed his own daughter.

Did he really want to kill his daughter?

A group of people suddenly raised their voice as they felt that he was really too vicious. However when they thought of that incident when this man had beheaded his own wife without the slightest bit of hesitation, then felt that the current situation was not at all strange.

Long Zi and Long Qing wanted to jump out and block him, but it was quite obvious that based on their speed, they couldn't stop him.

So in desperation, both of them closed their eyes as they couldn't bear to see again.


Although it seemed that Long Mo'ran's sword jabbed into her thigh, but surprisingly, his sword didn't cause any injury to her, not even a single drop of blood spilt out. Instead the entire person, just like a blue smoke in general, gradually dissipated right before them.

’’Not good, is it an illusion?’’

Long Mo'ran immediately reacted and quickly pulled his sword back, then looked around and suddenly saw dozens of Long Wan'er had appeared around him who looked exactly the same!

’’Camouflage, unleash!’’

Ye Feng wiped the rain water from the corners of his mouth, simultaneously, quietly faded his stature.

Just now he had displayed the second layer of Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, the eruption speed of which had already brought him quite closer to Long Mo'ran. He had already done a good preparation. At this moment, his Zhenqi dispersed in the forest all around and this way, he deployed the spell of Camouflage Technique.

He had already taken into consideration that the possibility of Long Mo'ran's surprise attack to kill Long Wan'er first was on higher side. That was the reason why he saw through his strategy and immediately, quite silently created a magic array.

All at once, the surrounding all sides became somewhat strange in the eyes of Long Mo'ran.

Long Wan'er.

Long Wan'er.

Long Wan'er.


He looked around and saw all the surrounding people had turned into her, sort of a group of Long Wan'er had surrounded him. But the point was, how the original masked man, Long Zi, Long Qing and other martial artists turned into her!

He all of sudden dignified, what was all this about?

Could it be that he was too tired, so had started hallucinating now?

No, it certainly was that little bastard who did this ghostly illusion, if that little bastard could actually spurt out fireballs from his mouth, then seemingly, whatever God Fist Gate's Luo Feng had said earlier was really the truth. In that case, it was certainly this fireball which had severely injured him back then!

Since he had seen all sorts of strange places, which made him realize that today's opponent was a little strange and scary, so he couldn't treat him similarly like confronting any ordinary martial artist.

His complexion turned gloomy because now he simply couldn't tell which one was real Long Wan'er and which was a dummy, just an illusion.

When Ye Feng saw him being all helpless, his heart finally felt huge relief, now he knew that the magic array was still efficiently playing its role.

Immortal Technique - Yin Soul Fake Body!

He made a fake body in a hidden place which was exactly the same as his main body. Then after, holding his golden sword, his fake body advanced towards Long Mo'ran so as to stab him right from the front.

And he himself, while being under the spell of Invisibility, gradually got close to Long Mo'ran and then quietly arrived behind him.

Apart from Long Wan'er, this cheap trick wasn't discovered by anyone present around and interestingly, the movement of his fake body made her think that he was simply insane!

Actually, holding a sword, he directly advanced towards Long Mo'ran and that also right from ahead in order to stab him. The flaw was too big! Even if Long Mo'ran might be a bit sluggish for some reason, but still if he would rely on his instinct alone, that was still sufficient enough to kill the masked man a hundred times!

At this moment, a trace of anxiety gradually crawled over Lin Shiqing's face, who was still on the truck.

In case the masked man was really Ye Feng and he died here, then what should she do?

From all kinds of information she had explored, based on that she had already made a conjecture that Ye Feng and the masked man, Mo Jiuge were the same person, but since she couldn't confirm that, therefore didn't yet tell anything to Xiao Qi.

But in case this was really the truth .........

Ye Feng was right here ........

If he was killed by Long Mo'ran .........

She immediately took out the anaesthetic gun in the bosom and quietly aimed at Long Mo'ran.

The intense scene was about to be staged any moment!

Ye Feng's fake body finally took a step to enter within the first five meters of Long Mo'ran, then waved his sword, aiming at his neck to sever it.

Seeing this action, surrounding martial artists sighed with regret as they thought that this young man, after all, was too young. This kind of action of paring his neck was a big step, which might not be chosen by several people of the martial arts world. However, he actually chose this to deal with Long Mo'ran.

Just as expected, although Long Mo'ran couldn't see anyone in front, but relying on his intuition he easily sensed a sword was waved towards him right from ahead. Therefore, he abruptly attached his inner qi to his sword, which was forceful enough to chop Ye Feng down into two sections.

However right at this time.


Lin Shiqing went a step ahead and pulled the trigger of her anaesthetic gun, which unexpectedly hit Long Mo'ran in his back, making his stature stagnate.


Right then, from under the truck, similarly, Nan Fang held the broken magical crossbow and pulled the trigger, aiming directly at Long Mo'ran's ass!

The sneak attacks back to back from two sides, made Long Mo'ran a little flurried for a moment, but for him, beheading Ye Feng right now was the matter of primary importance. Therefore, he didn't dodge to avoid these attacks, instead waved his sword to chop down Ye Feng into two parts!

’’Bang’’ sound echoed.

Again his fake body was hit and again he turned into a blue smoke and dissipated right away.


The arrow Nan Fang had hit, that had impartially hit Long Mo'ran in the buttocks, the demonic effect of which immediately began to spread in his entire body and simultaneously started suppressing his inner qi.

However, this was still not fatal.

Ye Feng's real body had long been hiding behind Long Mo'ran while being in an invisible mode. At this instant, he also moved and stabbed his sword right into his back along with Nan Fang's strike.


His sword suddenly pierced through his chest and immediately a flow of fresh blood gushed out from his body!


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