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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 195


Chapter 195 ->Suppressing Soul Sound Wave

Confronting Long Mo'ran was equal to courting death.

At least presently in the East China Sea, this was believed by almost everyone. Long Mo'ran had already mastered the third layer of Romantic Sword Technique, so those who had personally witnessed it, clearly knew how formidable he was!

However, Ye Feng was happy instead of being afraid of him.

Although he only had 12 years of Cultivation but was actually the so-called Immortal Cultivator who had all kinds of inconceivable supernatural powers, which the ordinary martial artists couldn't even imagine. A confrontation with Long Mo'ran was obviously something he couldn't completely handle by himself relying on his own strength. But, it wasn't also like he couldn't depend on various means to procrastinate time, so as to consume up the opposite party's inner qi.

Moreover, if compared with Long Wan'er, clearly his Cultivation was relatively low, however, the advantage he had over her was also very obvious and that was, he had the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring.

Besides, the methods of attack she knew were nothing but just two Immortal Techniques and they were Red Inflammation and Star Arrows. Once they were displayed out, then it would be very difficult to produce anything else to threaten the opponent while guarding oneself against any danger.

But Ye Feng was naturally different, he could congeal his Zhenqi out in the form of a sword and his each sword wield had the might to chop down anyone, in addition, his each Sword Qi was pretty deadly regardless of who the opponent was, Long Mo'ran was also not an exception!

So long as he could pose a threat, there was the possibility of defeating the opposite party.

Not to mention that Ye Feng's goal was not to defeat him, but to constrain him, so that when his strength got exhausted after a while, then, Long Wan'er and Nan Fang could seize the opportunity to begin. Although in the Immortal World, handing over the rest part of the battle to others and that also in a life and death situation was greatly hated, but Ye Feng wanted to believe that Long Wan'er and Nan Fang were enough reliable.

It was really not good, although Long Wan'er immediately turned into the invisible mode, but still by doing so, she had no means to take Shu Shu away from this dangerous place. But fortunately, Ye Feng had also no intention to abandon a single one of those who was on his side.

At this moment, he felt that finally, he was bubbling with boiling passion, because ever since his rebirth to this world, this was going to be his first bitter encounter which relatively had the challenging battle.

’’You stay back a little.’’

He blocked in front of Long Wan'er, then said in a light tone: ’’Camouflage is not a martial arts technique.’’

In the eyes of Long Mo'ran and others, Long Wan'er had already discarded her Dantian, so now was equal to an ordinary person without any fighting strength. So like this, let them be in a huge misunderstanding and at the critical moment, she could unexpectedly launch a fatal blow!

She clearly understood what he meant, but was still unavoidably a bit worried: ’’You must be careful.’’

’’Everything will be all right.’’

Ye Feng nodded firmly.

Facing such an expert martial artist, perhaps using Invisibility Technique wouldn't be that effective. In addition, Ye Feng naturally wouldn't dare expose the fact that he knew the technique of making himself invisible since from the beginning.

His Zhenqi all of a sudden surged out of his body and the next moment, the golden sword congealed out.

Long Mo'ran narrowed his eyes, at this moment his eyes were covered will a colour of greed. Since he had seen him using this golden sword plenty of times, but could never figure out from where it used to appear.

There was no doubt the ring which was there in the masked man's hand was the most precious treasure! Even there was a high possibility that the present abilities of the masked man were derived from that ring only ..........

Long Mo'ran's mind was constantly thinking about all these possibilities. Brimming with a greedy intention, now he, even more, wanted to kill him. At this instant, he wielded his sword and a bright white Sword Qi, while sweeping away as many things as possible, rushed towards Ye Feng in this rainstorm.

This was a probe.

Romantic Sword Technique, sweep away scattered clouds!

Even if it was only a probe, still Ye Feng could feel a murderous intention coupled with burning anger rushed towards him, creeping along with the Sword Qi. Now, he could neither dare to be negligent nor could dare to dodge it, because Long Wan'er was right behind him.

’’Beheading Dragon!’’

He also waved his golden sword, in a flash an icy-blue Sword Qi rushed out and collided with the approaching Sword Qi, immediately followed by a huge explosion, which led to a terrific surge in the air current!

The battle had finally started.

Ye Feng lightly moved and instantly the second layer of his Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace broke out, leaving behind several blurred afterimages all the way, bypassing half circle, he rushed quickly towards Long Mo'ran!


The surrounded martial artists' scream rose from all directions, this guy could actually burst into such a terrific speed, it was indeed surprising! If his current speed was compared with the people present on the scene, then perhaps there was the only person who could challenge him and that was obviously Long Mo'ran!

Long Zi and Long Qing's complexion suddenly dignified, this boy actually had so many capabilities and they didn't even know about them.

Seeing Ye Feng getting close to him, Long Mo'ran's pupil spontaneously contracted, while his hand elegantly pulled his sword and precisely, quite rapidly punctured towards Ye Feng's direction.

’’A good opportunity!’’

Ye Feng saw this and his heart moved, immediately thought of a move which had been an always useless move.

Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave!

An exquisite martial arts technique from Asura Sect had long been extinct from this world. If one could assign his inner qi away from his body, then was known as ’’a roar that can shake underground spring’’! Regardless of how effective it was, if could cause a good threat to Long Mo'ran, then it meant it was really effective. Besides, as long as there was an opportunity to defeat him, Ye Feng would certainly not dare to miss it.

Perhaps this could frighten the opposite party, then, Ye Feng's sword might have the fair chances of getting rid of him.

In the Immortal World, the fight never meant displaying as many techniques as possible by either side, even if two Immortal Cultivators had similar strength and Cultivation, but the fight was something which might decide in an instant who the winner was.

In the martial arts world, on seeing the use of martial arts techniques, one could undoubtedly say the more the martial artists used to comprehend techniques, the more flexibility they achieve in their use and the fighting became handier for them.

This was the reason why in the martial arts world of China, all major sects used to value their people even when they didn't have any worth. Because in case their techniques were stolen by their rivals and in return, their rivals used the same technique against them, wouldn't it be quite tragic?

Ye Feng erupted with a magnificent speed, which was followed by a series of blurred afterimages and then, he quickly reached the sword punctured by Long Mo'ran.

At this instant, in a split second, he gathered his whole body's Zhenqi in the meridians and acupuncture points of his throat, then in accordance with Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave Technique, his Zhenqi gushed out of his mouth at a stretch.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Consecutively three sounds similar to the ghost wail burst out from his mouth, the power and terror of which all of a sudden spread toward the surrounding, all the way rolling up leaves, mud and even the rain curtain, these three sound waves changed their shapes!

Without any prior indication, this technique directly caught Long Mo'ran off guard, making him bear the brunt of these sound waves, as well as, literally scared him.

Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave lived up to its reputation!

Watching numerous martial artists couldn't remain standing steady and were forced several steps back, even over fifty percent of the people fell to the grown by his roar and finally fainted with blurred vision.

As a conditioned reflex, Lin Shiqing quickly covered her ears. Although she was in the truck, but still felt very sick because of these three acoustic shocks and simply wanted to throw up.

Long Wan'er went two steps back, similarly covered her ears, this technique of Sound Wave was an indiscriminating attack, regardless of who the enemy was, its effect enveloped the surrounding all people without any discrimination.

Nan Fang, who was lying under the truck, barely survived the shock. Fortunately, the strength of his determination was outstanding, making him not to reveal his cloven foot until the very end.

Hiding behind a dark tree, both Xiao Yue and Shu Shu similarly covered their ears, but still these three consecutive ghostly roars made these two women feel sick and they also wanted to vomit.

A good opportunity!

While taking advantage of this moment, Ye Feng quickly displayed the Immortal Technique, Red Inflammation!

He opened his mouth and pounded a fireball directly aiming at Long Mo'ran.

This was called catching someone off guard!

Astonishing eruption speed! The sudden Suppressing Soul Sound Wave! Unfathomable and strange mouth which spat out a fireball!

A series of actions of Ye Feng hit Long Mo'ran directly when he was totally unprepared. However, the final fireball wasn't noticed by anyone around, because all of them were awestruck by the penetrating sound of the Suppressing Soul Sound Wave.

In a split second, Long Mo'ran's white robe was set on fire by the fireball!


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