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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 191


Chapter 191 ->A witty shark

Soon, the opposite party entered the perception range of Ye Feng's Soul Search Technique.

And as expected, they were Xiao Yue and Wang Shaodong. When Ye Feng proliferated his Soul Search, automatically his focus got stuck on the pretty girl, Xiao Yue. It must be said the stature of this gorgeous girl was indeed splendid. In such a stormy weather, although she had worn a raincoat, still was unable to cover up her mature and mesmerising figure.

But instantly Ye Feng's focus again got shifted towards Wang Shaodong.

Originally, it was Wang Shaodong who wanted to hire people in order to kill him, however now, he took the initiative to come on his own. This was too much, now Ye Feng didn't have any reason left to let him off! Besides, he didn't care about the opposite party's identity, even if he died in this barren hills and the edge of the tsunami, who would blame him?

Having grudge didn't mean he was not a gentleman.

Although Ye Feng didn't see himself as a gentleman, but his hatred must be reported and at present, it was an excellent opportunity. Relying on his and Long Wan'er's combined strength, killing him and then throwing his body into the sea would be quite easier for them, besides who would know about it?

This was originally Wang Shaodong's own idea to kill and throw, however now, it was going to be implemented on his own body.

’’Let me have a look first, will be right back.’’

Ye Feng immediately stood up.

In such a stormy weather, where the sea water had already inundated the whole village to the waist level, the motion of Shu Shu and Nan Fang was badly disrupted, causing a huge inconvenience to them. In addition, there was also a comatose youth of Taiji Palace along with them ..........

Once Ye Feng would get success in quietly dealing with Wang Shaodong, then would lead these people to leave here as fast as possible. The most critical thing was to ensure the safety of these three people, Nan Fang, Shu Shu and comatose youth and make them return safely. While he along with Long Wan'er would continue to go to the overseas, in order to break open the thick and cold ice wall.

He quickly left the village alone, then submerged into the waist-deep icy cold sea water and secretly advanced towards approaching Xiao Yue and Wang Shaodong.

Now he was the hunter!


Xiao Yue and Wang Shaodong, carrying some useful equipment, set out all the way from the central Xiangshan County, then passing through the police blockade line, finally arrived at this small mountain village.

Seeing the waist level cold sea water, she somewhat hesitated and a bit puzzled asked: ’’Are you sure the masked man is really here? Why don't you make a phone call to your subordinates to confirm this?

’’No need to, they were talking about this village only.’’

Wang Shaodong said, however, he turned his back while similarly somewhat despising the inundated sea water as he thought that this water was so filthy and he was such a grandly reputed person in Shanghai City, so how could he walk into this water and dirty his legs?

Though he didn't know why those five punks still hadn't updated him till now, but it was reasonable to say that they had already successfully arrived at their target location.

He had never thought that those five little punks were actually slaughtered and then thrown into the sea by that masked guy already and that also quite easily.

’’Or else, how about this Xiao Yue, before proceeding we just wait for a while.’’

Wang Shaodong switched on a flashlight since he felt that the village in front was gloomy and a little virtual.

’’There is a smell of blood.’’

Xiao Yue was more sensitive than him, although it was still pouring in torrents, but she was still quite sharp and quickly felt a faint smell of blood around the surrounding area. This smell didn't seem to be the smell of fishes, but what this smell was, regarding this she was totally unaware. However, a woman's intuition made her think that this place was pretty dangerous.

’’What, a smell of blood? Probably there is a little’’

Wang Shaodong filled his lungs with two deep breaths, then nodded as he felt gloomy in his heart, certainly, those five bludgers would have killed the masked boy with their iron bars. Now, as long as they would stay here, would wait for those five to come back and update them.

’’Be careful.’’

Suddenly, Xiao Yue felt that there was a strange form in the front waist-deep sea water, as if something was approaching fast.

’’What is that thing?’’

Wang Shaodong similarly sensed something and promptly focused his flashlight towards it. But what he saw was a shark in the shallow water which was rapidly swimming towards them.

This scene all of a sudden scared the hell out of him!

Almost like a conditioned reflex, Xiao Yue and Wang Shaodong simultaneously drew back rapidly. They hadn't thought that in such shallow water near the shore, which had been actually caused by the tidal wave, there would be actually a shark, this was totally unscientific!

Unfortunately, they had barely taken a small step back and by then, that shark had already approached the shore and had already taken a powerful leap towards them.

It was truly a shark!

The ferocious look in its eyes, accompanied with its sharp and incomparable canine had undoubtedly indicated that once they were nipped by it, absolutely would have the fate of death.

The shark jumped out of the water surface and while spreading a huge wide mouth, advanced towards Wang Shaodong to bit his head.


All of a sudden this action frightened Wang Shaodong and he started shouting: ’’Help, help!’’

Flurriedly he retreated, but unfortunately got tripped by the common vetch of ground. Panic-stricken, coupled with his extreme fear, he peed in his pants and also dropped his flashlight somewhere!

At this chaotic time, he didn't have enough time to think why this place actually had such a wild shark. He was badly regretting on the idea to accompany Xiao Yue to this ghastly place, obviously he was just waiting outside for those those bludgers to show up...........

But it seemed that something was wrong, why not a single one of those bludgers responded to him so far, were they also eaten up by the shark?

Wang Shaodong pupils contracted fiercely, while his brain started racing crazily. At this life and death moment, his survival instincts suddenly fired up and made him think of a way suddenly.

Abruptly he grabbed nearby standing Xiao Yue who was also similarly retreating and then pulled her in front of him!

Xiao Yue suddenly staggered as she was pulled, she hadn't ever thought that at a critical time, he would make such a move. Actually using a woman as a shield, wasn't this too shameless? Naturally, she didn't have time to ponder at such a shocking moment.

Confronting a giant size shark leaping towards her, but still, she immediately calmed her mind and became all prepared to show the strength of her karate black belt by launching a solid kick on the shark.

No matter who it was, under such a heart-chilling situation, anyone could turn extremely nervous seeing such a ferocious shark. However, she was actually capable enough to stabilize her mind, indirectly forcing that shark to have a feeling of little respect for her.

Of course, a shark couldn't feel anything or show respect for its prey, but it did and it was because of a reason. Actually, the truth was this shark was no one but Ye Feng, who, by using Camouflage Technique, had made them think that the thing appeared in their line of sight was not him but a mighty shark.

Ye Feng was in midair when he suddenly took a sharp turn and by passing Xiao Yue, grabbed Wang Shaodong who was shielded behind her.

For Xiao Yue this was a quite strange move, a shark leapt over her and bit Wang Shaodong's arm, which truly stunned her, while her eyes went wide open as she thought that could it be possible that a shark could take a turn? It was so quick-witted, wasn't it?

Or could it be that it didn't like nipping a woman?

The shark didn't wait for her response and right before her eyes, tightly bit Wang Shaodong, then while dragging him along, it immediately flung back again into the sea water.

’’Ah ’’

Wang Shaodong's blood-curdling screech reverberated for a while.

On the other side, thunderstruck, Xiao Yue subconsciously retreated several steps back and soon leant against a tree, while constantly breathing heavily. Her stature, wrapped in a raincoat, was looking extremely captivating in this rainstorm. But her palpitation had reached its maximum limit, which made it appear like this scene was indeed too big shock for her.

’’Not good, Wang Shao ........’’

After a while, suddenly a thought hit her mind and she thought that the person who was bitten up and got dragged away by the shark was Shanghai City's most popular guy, Wang Shaodong! Moreover, he came over here just because of her and now was ........

If this news reached Wang Clan's ear, then wouldn't she be considered as done for?

Frankly speaking, wasn't Wang Shaodong just now dragged away by a shark?

Devil's letter! Who would believe it!

She didn't dare to think much, just stepped forward and jumped into the water!


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