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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 186


Chapter 186 ->A fierce battle in the rainy night

The moment that exorcist set out, Ye Feng and Long Wan'er immediately sensed his movement.

’’Get ready, you protect your Aunt, Nan Fang, you just play it by ear and let me deal with him.’’

Ye Feng promptly arrived in front of Long Wan'er and Shu Shu to shield them, then, while facing towards the balcony, said that holding a dignified expression.

’’I am with you.’’

Long Wan'er tenaciously leant on him by completely ignoring his order.

’’I can also help.’’

Nan Fang again picked up two beer bottles.

’’I can also.’’

Shu Shu also weakly raised a kitchen knife.


Neither Ye Feng could speak anything, nor had enough time to persuade. By now, that exorcist had already arrived at the courtyard outside the building, afterwards, he leapt gently and sprang up under the rainy night. Soon a figure wearing a black coat appeared on the balcony of the room where everyone was gathered!

Taking advantage of the weak candlelight, Shu Shu and Nan Fang immediately looked at him and finally saw his appearance. Since they didn't have Soul Search Technique, hence they could only helplessly listen to the description given by Long Wan'er and Ye Feng.

’’It's really him, Nigusi Ding.’’

Nan Fang's complexion sank as he confirmed the identity of the opposite party.

’’Sir, what brings you here?’’

Ye Feng stood in front of those three, then raised his head facing the balcony and asked from Nigusi Ding, the exorcist.

’’Gu la gua la?’’

He had a very large hat on his head which had completely covered his face, making people unable to see him clearly. Besides, the words he just spoke were a series of French words!

Ye Feng heard him and suddenly felt like a stupid, although he had taken Su Menghan's help before in his studies, because of which now he could somewhat understand English, but French, he certainly couldn't understand a bit! This was just excellent, now how could they communicate?

At this time, Long Wan'er opened her mouth and delicately spoke a series of fluent French words, which was as sweet and melodious as an oriole's song, indeed an extremely pleasant voice!

She could actually speak French!

All of a sudden, Ye Feng was dumbfounded at this sight, in addition, this also went against the heaven's will, how could a martial artist be like this?

’’Idiot, keeping pace with the times, understood?’’

Long Wan'er said that as she quietly pinched him and softly explained everything to him: ’’He is asking you that do you want to join Viper organisation? The person you have killed some time ago was the member of his organisation, so unless you join them, they will continuously keep trying to chase you down.’’

Join Viper?

Ye Feng heard this and abruptly burst out laughing, this really was a good idea, but unfortunately, he didn't have even the slightest bit of interest to be a killer. Obviously, he knew that in this kind of huge international killer organisation, there should have some extremely strict rules and regulations, hence once joined, it would become very difficult to come out of its clutch.

’’You tell him that I still like to live a bit freely.’’

Ye Feng said in a lower voice.

Such a straightforward refusal, so that meant the opposite party was probably about to launch his attack to obliterate him, right?

Very obviously Long Wan'er also thought so, therefore as she opened her mouth, simultaneously loosened Ye Feng's arm, since she didn't want to become a burden in this fight.

When Nigusi Ding heard her reply, then smiled in a very soft voice. His voice was very delicate which made it seem like he should be an under 30 years old young man. At this moment, he extended his white arm, immediately pressed his black hat and suddenly a cold wind rushed toward Ye Feng!

’’A hidden weapon?’’

Ye Feng was already alert all along, hence he immediately responded. He waved his hand and the golden sword light flashed, ’’Shua’’ and instantly blocked the hidden weapon thrown by him, simultaneously made it fly!

This was a similar bullet-like small-sized silver drill bit, which was actually hidden in his hat. If it was used to kill an ordinary person, then absolutely no one could escape it.

Unfortunately, the person he met was Ye Feng.


Nigusi Ding was slightly surprised, even he couldn't see it clearly, then, how Ye Feng could block his silver drill which had been projected by him!

That small silver drill bit was originally obscured, so seeing it under such a dark night should be even more difficult. Although there was a candle lit in the room, but still, how could an ordinary martial artist respond to it that fast?

In other words, did this boy have the accurate intuition of and judgment on the danger in advance?

Such a person, he hadn't encountered this kind of experience ever throughout his previous assassination tasks. However, he didn't know that the thing Ye Feng relied on was not intuitive prejudgment, but was the Soul Search Technique!


A burst of cold wind rushed in from outside the window and blew out the candle, suddenly turning the whole room pitch-dark to the extent where a person couldn't even see his five fingers.

In this utter darkness, both Nan Fang and Shu Shu were suddenly totally blinded. In such a terrorizing atmosphere, they didn't dare to leave, instead were just anxiously standing in-situ as if were glued to the spot.

’’You stay here to protect Aunt and Nan Fang.’’

Ye Feng leant close to Long Wan'er's ear and said softly. Immediately after, he displayed Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace and rushed towards Nigusi Ding with an extremely fast speed.

Long Wan'er couldn't dare to be negligent, hence she didn't urge to follow him, instead, she moved a bit and stood in front of Shu Shu and Nan Fang, in order to shield them.


Ye Feng instantaneously arrived in front of him and pounded a punch, but actually, his punch hit in the air because the speed of the exorcist was similarly extremely quick. Immediately that man jumped out of the balcony and stood above the front door of the building's courtyard, in the pouring rain.

’’His movement is really agile.’’

Ye Feng sneered secretly because had already noticed that his battle efficiency was totally dependent on something and that was .......


This fellow's entire body was covered with several high-tech equipment, including his foot shoes, the small crossbow behind, his black windproof coat as well as a black hat, all these products were being repeatedly used by him in this fight, indeed he was heavily armed!

His equipment was exquisite and if was compared with the NSA soldiers' weapons, then obviously his equipment was more elegant but relatively less destructive.

In order to kill his assigned target, his all heavy weapons were unnecessary, because he only used to use short silver needles which were hidden in his hat. Since he was also called the exorcist, so definitely had the strength to kill the demons and ghosts.

After wearing those boots, his jump was splendid! The silver drill which he had hidden in his hat, using that he had been able to kill his targets in one fell swoop and had solved his majority of cases like this.

In addition, he was also a killer, that small crossbow machine behind his back, that was a specifically designed exorcising arrow to deal with the martial artists as well as demons and ghosts!

Zi Zi!

The exorcist's arms stretched out, immediately two iron ropes fled from his cuff and advanced towards Ye Feng with an extremely fast speed as if wanted to strangle him tightly.

At this instant, all of a sudden Ye Feng was struck by a brainwave, making him drop the thought of dodging it, on the contrary, he jumped in the air and moved forward to welcome it!

Puff, suddenly two iron ropes entangled his both hands and feet. This scene was also sensed by Long Wan'er, who was at present in the building and this made her totally startled, could it be that Ye Feng did this deliberately?

’’Zi Zi.’’

Nigusi Ding smiled coldly as he firmly held Ye Feng under his control using his iron ropes, while the small crossbow machine had already been bitten in his mouth, all prepared to pull the trigger!

This small crossbow machine was certainly like a nightmare for the martial arts world. It must be very effective once it hit its target, besides, if compared with the NSA's precision guns, his equipment was way better, since it made Ye Feng's whole body extremely weak at once.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng was far quicker than him.

’’Immortal Technique, Red Inflammation!’’

Although his both hands and feet were tied up, but he didn't fluster, merely opened his mouth and spurted a fireball from his mouth, which swept across immediately!

The exorcist's complexion suddenly enormously changed, although he wanted to quickly jump aside, but actually, Ye Feng's both hands, which were tied with his iron ropes, pulled him back. Originally he wanted to tie Ye Feng with his iron ropes, however now, actually he was indirectly tied to them, making him see his own death approaching fast.


Instantaneously he became a fireball.


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