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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 184


Chapter 184 ->Star Arrow

There was the legend in the World of the Immortals that there, towards the extreme north, there was the existence of a rare holy treasure, a thousand years old thick and mysterious ice.

That was genuinely the most precious treasure in the whole world, but it also had the sense of self-awareness! Whenever it used to suffer the invasion of an outsider Immortal Cultivator, it used to immediately take the initiative to release a layer of a very cold ice wall, to block the attack.

At present, Ye Feng encountered the similar situation, which implanted some doubts in his mind. The things which were the legend in the Immortals' World, why were they actually, continually appearing on the earth? Moreover, it also didn't appear in the extreme north.

A thousand years of mysterious ice, which contained the strength of inexhaustible mysterious ice and which gradually took this mighty form after going through a thousand years of a time period, was indeed incredible. The first time absorption of this thing could enhance one's Cultivation by at least ten years and then, it could also very rapidly self-restore its spiritual energy. If Ye Feng could recognise it as the thousand years of mysterious ice, then could also provide other people to absorb.

It was said that in the Immortals' World, towards the extreme north, there was a great martial arts sect, called Town Faction and the treasure they had was the same a thousand years old mysterious ice. Because of that, each of its elite disciples had ten years of Cultivation from the beginning!

This was very unfair there, but the same thing also happened on the earth. Looking at the family ground on the earth, it could be seen that handful of people were the children of extremely rich entrepreneurs and so on, while the maximum number of people had to start from the beginning, right from scratch. In case they didn't work hard, then were doomed to live in wretched poverty throughout their lives.

Two separate worlds had astonishing similarity, it was just that in the Immortals' World, there were abundant of plunders.

’’If it is really the thousand years of mysterious ice, then it must be extraordinary ......’’

Ye Feng's heart was in huge shock, this area certainly needed a thorough investigation!

Naturally, depending on his present strength, he could never break this ice wall, in addition, his meridians could only withstand maximum thirteen years of Cultivation. Although he had the big Coral King right now, but couldn't absorb it, otherwise, there was a great possibility that his meridians couldn't contain it and might burst. It was indeed a sad reminder for him.

’’I should return to make Wan'er absorb it and attain fifteen years of Cultivation. Then after, she can practice Star Arrow depending on the intelligence of her body of Immortal arteries, then I guess she should be able to break open this ice wall.’’

Star Arrow was one of the Immortal Techniques of Star Tomb Sect, which needed just fifteen years of Cultivation to begin practising it.

After the absorption of the strength of group stars, it used to condense and turn into the Starlight Arrow, the penetrating power of which was extremely vigorous! If the absorption was carried out for a longer period, then one could attain enormous power, even at 15 years of Cultivation, one could display techniques possessing strength equivalent to a hundred years of Cultivation's blow.

In the Immortals' World, this technique wouldn't have much use, because, in the battle, one could never give time to his opponent to gather power. Even in the case of sneak attack, one could get easily found by the opponent before he could complete his absorption process. And the most critical point was once this technique started to gather the strength, it couldn't change the direction of its emission.

’’It will save almost fifty percent of the time, breaking this ice wall shouldn't be a problem.

After making a perfect plan, Ye Feng turned around at once and rushed through the water to return.

The longest time needed by Star Arrow to gather the strength was just half an hour, within this period it could absorb enough power of the stars, allowing its might and penetrating power to reach their maximum limit. However, if it didn't execute the instant release of the gathered strength, then its power couldn't be compared with Beheading Dragon Sword qi.

To defeat this ice wall, which was a kind of a fixed target, Star Arrow was an excellent choice.

He swam all the way back to the shore, his stature was still nimble and resourceful and didn't meet any accident all along. Besides, in the seabed, he also coincidentally encountered a corpse and picked up two small corals from him. Perhaps after getting separated from the big Coral, the spiritual energy of these two small corals had already been very much depleted.

The big Coral King and small corals belonged to the associated relationship, if separated with each other, then couldn't preserve their spiritual energy after a certain time.

Ye Feng could feel that the spiritual energy of the big Coral King was also dissipating gradually, just like the previous half Lingshi in general.

’’Before in the World of the Immortals, I had never heard such a strange material treasure, it seems like, on this planet, there are really lots of treasure everywhere.’’

Ye Feng thought: ’’ Once this matter is settled, then probably I can walk everywhere, the harvest is certainly not small.’’

He relieved the effect of Dragon Turtle Holding Breath Technique, embarked on the shore and immediately displayed Invisibility once again. Soon he discovered that in the woods nearby shore, there were several martial artists in an ambush, on seeing their attires, it seemed that they belonged to a particular martial arts sect.

’’Hehe, you just wait, elder brother won't accompany you to play.’’

Ye Feng smiled, then noiselessly he passed through the woods without getting found by anyone!

He continued proceeding ahead and soon returned to the village where he had taken shelter along with his people before. At this moment, when he swept his Soul Search Technique around, then suddenly narrowed his eyes and thought that did this place actually had so many people around even before?



At this very moment, on the other side, Thunder was actually leading the NSA squad to enter the raging waves of the deadly sea.

Even their sophisticated speed boats were unable to pass through the intense mighty waves region, to at least get even a half step close to that iceberg island . As a matter of great importance, Thunder had already applied to the Navy to mobilise 052 missile cruisers to help them.

Now they could only wait for them near the shore.

Thunder tightly frowned because such strange weather had never occurred during his whole term of office, neither he knew what exactly happened after all.

Fortunately, the coastline wasn't affected by it, might be because the scope of that iceberg island would have stopped expanding, making Thunder feel a little relieved. After all, his primary goal was to ensure the safety of his country's people and property.

’’Captain Thunder, please receive the latest news.’’

At this time, a dignified voice suddenly spread from his intercom : ’’Not long ago the military base probed into the military port city of the US to check the movement, most likely they are interested in this strange and giant appearance, must be prepared in advance! ’’

’’Yes, understood.’’

Thunder's complexion suddenly turned solemn.

Sure enough, this sort of matter couldn't stay hidden from the military power across the Pacific Ocean.

The Iceberg Island was located within the scope of the territorial water of China, so opposite party definitely couldn't dare to blatantly break in. Nevertheless, he must be prepared ahead of time, so as to avoid being caught off guard at that time.


The seashore small village, in a multistoried building.

When Ye Feng left the village, Long Wan'er couldn't remain peaceful for so long, consequently displayed Soul Search Technique all around and discovered that several people were sneaking in the forest which was not far from the small hill.

At first, she did not care and thought that these people came over here accidentally.

However, quite soon, she found the goal of the opposite party!

Because of Soul Search Technique, she could now also hear the conversation of the opposite party even from quite a distance. When those bludgers were talking, they were frequently mentioning ’’mask’’ ’’a man and a woman’’ and some other related words, making her instantly understand what the goal of the opposite party was, it was she and Ye Feng!

All of a sudden she recalled that in the morning when they were departing from the hotel, at that time they had encountered a sumptuous youth, wearing a dog-shaped ancient jade.

When she heard them chatting, talking about what Wang Shaodong wanted them to do ’’Kill the masked man and throw him into the sea’’ she turned angry.

Wasn't he kicked in the hotel, then what was this killing and then throwing into the sea all about?

She wanted to teach them a good lesson right away!

But very quickly, she repressed her impulsion to run out alone.

Because when she swept her Soul Search in other directions, then found that there actually appeared another strange person not far away from their building! That person was a man, wearing a black windproof coat. On looking at his appearance, it seemed that he was a foreigner. In this dreary rustling wind, he stood alone on the hilltop, carrying a small-sized crossbow arrow behind his back, overall was looking extremely mystical.

Who was that?

Long Wan'er neither knew that person, nor wanted to take any risk, hence immediately called Shu Shu and Nan Fang and started discussing with them.

’’He is an exorcist!’’

Nan Fang went upstairs, heard the description given by Long Wan'er and suddenly his complexion changed. It was clear that he was indeed a mysterious foreigner who was simultaneously very dreadful!

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