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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 182


Chapter 182 ->Underwater speed

Although these martial artists originally wanted to snatch away the big Coral King from one another, but when the sudden accident occurred, they all united together. Now that the big Coral King was actually taken away by someone else, this group of people could no longer keep patience and in succession, switched on their searchlights.

He was the masked man!

Under the intense light of the searchlights, Ye Feng's translucent body form all of a sudden got exposed in front of people!

Because Ye Feng's shoulder was terribly crushed by the fist of an expert of God Fist Gate, so he was facing little problem in breathing. Besides, since his fresh blood was dripping from his crushed shoulder, hence his Invisibility Technique immediately expired, making his stature half exposed!

’’What's the matter with this guy, why does he look like a ghost?’’

’’He hasn't even worn a diving suit!’’

’’What's wrong with him, kill him! ’’

A group of people started talking in whispers, they didn't want to think much, simply advanced towards Ye Feng, all geared up since they wanted to finish him once and for all!

In the icy-cold seabed, all of a sudden a group of hungry tigers advanced towards Ye Feng to kill him, however, he didn't panic a bit, smoothly slipped the big Coral king into his coat together with the other 12 small corals.

Afterwards, just like a fish, he swung his both legs and along with the water current, slid more than ten meters away instantaneously.

His underwater speed was twice faster than other people!

But unfortunately, his shoulder had suffered a severe injury, that last blow had almost cut off his whole right arm, just remaining few muscles of his shoulder were connected together.

This injury greatly impaired his speed. In order to avoid being caught up, he started making distance as soon as possible between him and the others. But now, he was unable to endure any more, hence he waved his left hand and displayed Holy Cure Technique!

Just a moment ago, he had absorbed a small coral to refill his Zhenqi, which got almost exhausted quite soon, but his shoulder was finally fifty percent restored, now at least he could act freely.

Upon seeing that a golden light flashed and then the wound of Ye Feng's shoulder all of a sudden healed up, all the martial artists, who were chasing him, were totally stunned, this kid was too scary, wasn't he?

’’Romantic Sword Technique - Sweep away scattered clouds Sword qi!’’

Just then, a dull roar spread from behind the crowd, immediately followed by a Sword qi, which rushed splitting the turbulent sea current, directly towards Ye Feng, with an extremely fast speed!

It was Log Mo'ran, after getting protection from other two Long people, finally, he caught up with them. But the moment he saw Ye Feng, immediately launched his favourite Sword qi.

At this instant, Ye Feng swept his Soul Search and after getting the crystal clear picture of the surrounding situation, he decided that he shouldn't continue going towards another side to evade this attack. Hence he finally selected a direction, the deeper he would dive, the darker it would get simultaneously!

The direction that he chose was exactly that place in the sea where a large number of massive ice pieces were floating. In any case, there was the existence of Dragon Turtle Holding Breath Technique and if he again relied on his Soul Search, then passing such an abyssal environment would be much easier for him.

However, for Long Mo'ran, waiting for someone to reply was a totally different case.

’’Damn, doesn't that kid actually court his death?’’

The Sword qi of Long Mo'ran was cast aside by the turbulent current, which made his heart burn with anger. He thought that the masked man was a fool because neither had worn a diving suit, nor had any diving equipment, but still dared to come in such a deep-sea environment.

’’He is running towards the deeper place.’’

The facial expression of Long Clan's expert immediately sank.

’’He wants to die, we can't lose the big Coral King. Pursue!’’

Long Mo'ran issued an order without a bit of hesitation, at the same time, he coughed up two mouthfuls of blood, however, he still continued pursuing him.

He was gradually getting deeper from the sea surface, besides, the water current also started getting more and more turbulent, accompanied by a sharp decline in the temperature. Now the ice pieces also started showing up more and more, as if they were washed out from some central place.

But still, no one wanted to give up.

Although many of them had already obtained few small corals, but still, a small coral could only promote one's cultivation by two years, while this theory didn't go with the big Coral King.

Soon it seemed that they had actually underestimated the danger and risk of the present seabed. They didn't even go much deeper chasing him, but one unlucky fellow was suddenly drawn into the turbulent whirlpool. Even though he tried to escape but completely failed!

There were several broken ice pieces floating in that whirlpool, which were just like a sharp blade. Shortly after that fellow was curled up, he encountered the torture of being directly cut into pieces and very quickly, was torn into several pieces.

But for Ye Feng, depending upon his Soul Search Technique, he could effectively prevent himself from getting stuck in this turbulent whirlpool, but others couldn't. Even if there were underwater searchlights, but still a naked eye couldn't see an invisible turbulent flow of water!

Ye Feng smoothly submerged deep into the sea, where he passed through several perilous whirlpools one after another, simultaneously avoiding the floating sharp ice pieces, quite smoothly.

But for other martial artists, they were actually trembling with fear and were facing huge difficulty in proceeding further!

Soon, Ye Feng finally spread out from other martial artists.

At this moment, Long Mo'ran looked totally dissatisfied, hence he immediately ordered: ’’Turn on the jet propeller and pursue!’’

’’But Clan Head, in such a chaotic seabed using jet propeller, I am afraid, perhaps it's inappropriate ..........’’

Immediately, one of the experts of Long Clan replied with a bit of hesitation.

The jet propeller was country's one of the best example of science and technology. If it was used in the tranquil sea water, it could increase the speed of movement multiple times. However now in such a disordered seabed, if was used, then a little carelessness from their end occurred and this jet propeller would throw them to the place beyond redemption!

Such as, what if it rushed into a whirlpool and bumped into a sharp ice piece or so on, the risk would enormously increase.

’’There is nothing inappropriate. Turn on!’’

Long Mo'ran didn't want to think about it logically, immediately he pressed down a button present on his diving suit.

The diving suit which they were using was indeed a high-tech product. Once its button was pressed on, immediately two jets spurted out gas from its bottom and all of a sudden enhanced his speed several times!

On seeing this, the remaining two Long Clan's martial artists looked at each other helplessly, because now they had to do the same. Once they turned on their jet propeller, their speed also suddenly soared!

Following Ye Feng's route, these three people dashed towards his direction and soon arrived quite closer to him.

’’This kid dares to run towards this place, in that case, he must have an assurance. Since we are closely following his route, we shouldn't encounter any danger.’’

Long Mo'ran's train of thoughts started racing, undoubtedly Ye Feng couldn't be an idiot, just for the sake of this big Coral King, he would put his life on the line. As for Ye Feng's identity, he had now more and more doubts, at the same time, his abilities also somewhat aroused curiosity in Long Moran's heart. He had only ten years of Cultivation, but could still display Sword qi and on top of that, could still play with a group of martial arts experts so easily?

’’As long as we seize this masked man, must interrogate and torture him quite well.’’

He made up his mind, finally at this time, he was less than ten meters away from Ye Feng!

When other martial artists saw him turning on his jet propeller to pursue rapidly, they turned little disappointed, since they didn't have the courage to rush past him.

Eventually, some people started shrinking back, for them the most important thing was even if they pursued him, the big Coral King wouldn't necessarily fall in their hands, so why would they take the risk? Might as well, they should early retreat to ensure their safety, besides, they still had a few small corals, so it wouldn't be considered as a big loss.

Naturally, these small corals must be immediately absorbed once they returned, otherwise, once they were separated from their companion big Coral, their spiritual energy used to immediately start dissipating.


Ye Feng went much deeper and quite soon, was more than 10 kilometres away from the coastline.

At this point of time, finally Long Mo'ran was forced to smile, now he had to admit it after all! Ye Feng didn't just run away while absorbing the spiritual energy of a small coral, but in the meantime, he also treated his shoulder's injury which was now 70-80 percent recovered and then again supplemented his Zhenqi completely.

Any treasure could enhance one's Cultivation only during its first absorption and in the future, could only restore one's Zhenqi. In any case, Ye Feng had several small corals, hence he wasn't afraid of using it, after all, he must give priority to his life.

While Long Mo'ran was pursuing him, suddenly an idea hit his mind.


Ye Feng didn't think anything, immediately the golden sword emerged out in his hand as he turned around, at the same time, Beheading Dragon Sword qi surged up violently and suddenly, quite forcefully rushed towards Long Mo'ran!


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