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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 180


Chapter 180 ->Bloodstained East China Sea

When the light of several underwater searchlights fell on Ye Feng's fake body, Ye Feng immediately reacted and controlled the fake one, making it swim towards the opposite direction, with an extremely fast speed.

The two powerhouses of God Fist Gate along with Long Mo'ran wanted to pursue his fake body! Luo Feng was such a talented disciple of God Fist Gate but was indirectly killed by Ye Feng, besides, Long Mo'ran was also ridiculously defeated by him and lost his honour. The old grudge could be said as absolutely irreconcilable.

Ye Feng's fake body could move exactly like the real body and could also survey the surrounding small scope of the scene. However, it couldn't cast any Immortal Technique;after all, it was just a puppet which didn't have the existence of Zhenqi within his body.

In the seabed, his fake body quickly moved, leading Long Mo'ran along with the other two God Fist Gate's men, more and more away from their destination.

’’Paochui Fist!’’

However, right then, finally, the opposite party approached quickly and one of them assigned his inner qi away from his body, instantaneously making his two fists rush into the water and hit his fake body.


A circle of ripples suddenly proliferated from his fake body, simultaneously his speed also declined dramatically. It seemed that he was really seriously injured.

Immediately after, Long Mo'ran also kicked in the water and cast out Dragon Leg Technique! His overbearing inner qi, with an extreme force, suddenly penetrated the sea water and kicked his fake body heavily, making it burst into a blue smoke and then it swiftly dissipated with a sound ’’Thump’’.

Once hit by a fatal blow, Yin Soul Fake Body immediately disappeared without leaving any trace.

This scene, however, left Long Mo'ran and other two men totally stunned and their hearts sank, what was this stuff, just now, they obviously hit that guy, but how did he suddenly change into a blue smoke and disappeared in the water?

Quite Strange!

But the three people didn't dare to stay there for a long time because the other martial artists were already on their way to the big Coral King. They were already a little late, if they still stayed back, then, would almost lose the chance of snatching away the big Coral King.

Suddenly they turned around and switched on their searchlights, then rapidly advanced towards their destination. However, such a delay, they were already far behind the other people ........


As the fake body disappeared, Ye Feng's sensation finally returned to its normal state, now he could survey the surrounding 100 meters of range again. Although there was a big pile of corals, but he wasn't a bit impatient, instead he stepped forward and quietly picked up a small coral, then, hid in the side and immediately started absorbing it.

The big Coral King was in the process of fast maturation and this process would roughly take around half an hour. Hence, picking it in advance would surely, greatly reduce its effect, which Ye Feng didn't want to happen at any cost.

These martial artists should have a public agreement, according to which, after waiting for the big Coral King to mature, they must enter into a fair competition. This pile of corals also seemed to be associated with it, taking them early might not be a good idea. But now the big Coral King's maturity was closer, Ye Feng didn't need to control so much.

Since the big Coral King hadn't matured yet, so he could pick small corals to enhance his strength first!

Absorbing a small coral could enhance one's Cultivation by two years, this way, one could take advantage of it to compete for the big Coral King. Unfortunately, a small coral could only be absorbed once by the same person, otherwise, if these many small corals were put together, they would become much more precious than the big Coral King.

Ye Feng hid aside in a sea cave and began absorbing the spiritual energy of that small coral. He believed that if a small coral was taken out from such a huge coral group, then it would surely not catch people's attention.

Ten years and one month ......

Ten years and two months ...

Ye Feng's Cultivation once again began to grow up!

Also at this time, several martial artists finally began to show up in the scope of Ye Feng's perception. However the first person appeared was actually in an extremely difficult situation, his diving suit already had several blood stains all over, while one of his legs seemed to be cut by something, from where his fresh blood was dripping.

Ye Feng couldn't see that the opposite party belonged to any martial arts School or not. That fellow immediately arrived close to the coral group, observed them for a moment, then picked up three small corals and similarly hid aside.

Ye Feng noticed that this man's diving suit wasn't spacious enough, still if he would fill it with these three small corals, then how he would manage to keep the big one.

The second and third person also arrived there back to back and surprisingly they were also in a distressed condition. Obviously, the utter darkness together with icy-cold water had made the seabed quite perilous, which must have brought the enormous vexation to them.

Exactly like the first fellow, they also picked up three small corals respectively, then, found a place to hide separately.

Interestingly, no one could notice Ye Feng's presence, but Ye Feng was well aware of their movement. He didn't panic at all because the small corals were present in dozens and all of them couldn't be taken away by them ever, hence remaining would come under his clutch!

He didn't have any scruples, at the right time, he would use his jacket to collect all the corals and then would take them away. While others couldn't carry too many corals in such a perilous seabed, since it was an unpredictable life and death situation for them .........

Eleven years and eleven months!

Twelve years!

Quite soon, Ye Feng completed the absorption process and enhanced his Cultivation by two years. However, the remaining surplus spiritual energy of that coral couldn't enhance his Cultivation furthermore, but still, he absorbed it into his body to refill his Zhenqi, which he had lost so far, to make his strength again reach its highest peak.

’’If my Cultivation reaches fifteen years, then I can cast Star Tomb Faction's first inheritance Immortal Technique .......’’

Although he thought in his heart, but unfortunately, at present, his meridians could only withstand upto thirteen years of Cultivation. Even if he succeeded in snatching away the big Coral King, still couldn't immediately promote his Cultivation.

In such seabed, if he was caught in a fight, then could only cast Dragon sword qi. As for Red Inflammation, at his present level, definitely, he was unable to display it in the water, unless he comprehended its second layer ........

He didn't think much, simply swept his Soul Search Technique and felt that 12 martial arts experts had already arrived there and gathered around the big Coral King. They all belonged to various Sects and had more than fifty years of Cultivation!

As for the group of those Long Clan's people who had low Cultivation, no one reach there, it seemed that after stepping into the water, they were killed by other people. And the remaining person, Long Mo'ran was extremely late.

There were several small corals still left in dozens, if they were not grabbed by Ye Feng, then would be completely wasted.

Right at this time, the big Coral King suddenly exuded a strange ray of light and finally at this moment, it started becoming glittering and translucent, as if it was about to mature any moment!

Long Mo'ran waited for all the martial artists hiding aside, to turn off their underwater searchlights since they didn't want to expose their whereabouts. A foreseeable battle was on the verge of its arrival!

’’Such environment is favourable for me too!’’

Ye Feng thought that with the help of Soul Search Technique, he could see the movement of everyone around, however for other people, not only they had to guard against other people, but also needed to take precautions against the turbulent current and sharp ice pieces. Especially after switching off the searchlights, they couldn't see anything in this pitch dark seabed, except the light the big Coral King was emitting then.


Long Mo'ran launched his first shot;he had a very dense expression on his face at present. His sword jabbed into the chest of another person, making his blood dye the East China Sea instantly! For him, once someone hindered him, he would be eliminated right away!

Afterwards, suddenly he advanced towards the big Coral King.

However, just before him, another person of God Fist Gate also rushed towards it. Hastily, he picked it up and hid it into his diving suit to cover its glory.

All of a sudden, the entire sea turned pitch-black!

Ye Feng could feel that suddenly the surrounding smell of blood became more intense, it wasn't only the deed of Long Mo'ran, other people also similarly made their petty action. In such a dangerous seabed battle, the casualty was obviously extremely serious.

For Ye Feng, the present seabed had completely turned into his stage!


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