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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 159


Chapter 159 ->Immortal Technique, Red Inflammation!

Gentle Palm Technique was considered as Long Clan's one of the most exquisite three sets of martial arts techniques, because this technique had some beautiful and wonderous moves, which made its user capable of defeating a huge force alone quite easily.

However if it was Long Mo'ran who had used this technique just now, then he just needed a single move, which would have been sufficient enough to make Luo Feng along with his three fellow apprentices fly to the dregs. It was quite natural that Long Wan'er couldn't reach this level so early.

Although she was a very talented girl, but still she couldn't comprehend the second layer of this technique. After all, she was still young and had merely 10 years of Cultivation. In case Luo Feng and the other God Fist Gate's disciples besieged her, certainly, she couldn't withstand them.

However Luo Feng, who had twenty-five years of Cultivation and had already comprehended the second layer of Paochui Boxing, naturally his talent was remarkably high! At present, he was just 27-28 years old, but had already made his position among his peers in this martial arts world and had stood in the pinnacle of his character.

And as for his three young fellow apprentices, they were not so highly talented like him and naturally they didn't have too many practice resources. Presently they were 27-28 years old and had only achieved ten years of preliminary Cultivation skill, but their individual fighting strength wasn't as good as Long Wan'er.

However, the three together were more than enough to capture Long Wan'er alive.

Ye Feng would certainly not let this thing happen.

The moment he transformed into the invisible form, he saw Long Wan'er rushed towards those four people, displaying Gentle Palm Technique to attract their attention. Right at this moment, Ye Feng quietly arrived behind Luo Feng's back, instantly his Zhenqi started condensing crazily and the next moment, a golden sword from his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring flashed out in his hand, with surging strength.

Immediately after, the golden sword light flashed and directly jabbed into Luo Feng's chest!

One shot succeeded!


The fresh blood splashed out, however, it somewhat startled Ye Feng, at such a crucial moment, this man Luo Feng had actually averted from the vital part heart, and as a result, the sword only pierced his shoulder.

’’Who is sneak attacking!’’

Luo Feng bellowed, then trod a step and suddenly turned around accompanied with his two fists!

The appearance of that guy was somewhat similar to Nanfang, however, his face had a hint of an intense insolent expression. Now that he was unexpectedly stabbed by Ye Feng's sword, he was in a little pain, which also affected his facial muscles and they had started slightly trembling.

Paochui Boxing!

’’God Fist Gate,’’ these three words were not as pure as it sounded like, just on the basis of his Boxing Technique, Ye Feng had clearly understood by now that in case he was smashed by those fists, even he couldn't do anything, except harbouring a grudge against him on the spot.

Indeed as expected, Luo Feng was an incredibly talented man, since he had the ability to comprehend the second layer of the martial arts technique, obviously, his intuition of danger would have been certainly stronger than any other ordinary warrior. As for the armed escort, Zhui Hun, although he had thirty years Cultivation, but still he couldn't sense Ye Feng's sneak attack. However surprisingly, Luo Feng actually evaded his sword which had the might to kill him then and there.

This was the first time for Ye Feng encountering such a formidable life and death fight!

’’This man Luo Feng, I don't think that I can be a suitable match for him!’’

Ye Feng's mind was fully alert, he quickly receded few steps back.

’’Can you really run away?’’

Luo Feng's corners of the mouth suddenly curled up, he roared loudly and pounded his both fists finally in the midair, immediately followed by two invisible fists, which a naked eye couldn't see!

However Ye Feng relying on his Soul Search Technique, quickly sensed that there were two strong fists, holding destructive power, were rapidly approaching him. So now it turned out like this, Luo Feng could also assign his inner qi away from his body surprisingly!

If Ye Feng had been an ordinary warrior with a decade of Cultivation, then these two fists would have been enough to kill him on the spot, but was Ye Feng an average person?

’’Dragon Claw Hand Technique!’’

He gloomily shouted one, instantaneously his both hands turned into claws and all of a sudden his Zhenqi sprang out from his body and grabbed the opposite party's approaching two destructive fists.

’’Bang’’ a loud noise reverberated, produced by a massive collision of inner qi and Zhenqi in the air, the violent hit erupted a circle of invisible airwaves. While at this time, on the other side, Nanfang, who was being protected by Ye Feng all along, was already too late to show any reaction, his clothes swirled in the air and the whole person was almost lifted and thrown down the cliff.

Shua! Shua!

Two powerful fists, with a terrifying speed and catastrophic might, were advancing towards Ye Feng as if they were going to completely engulf him. Afterall, Luo Feng had twenty-five years of Cultivation, which was obviously higher than Ye Feng,

Bagua Boxing!

On seeing the might of his two fists, Ye Feng couldn't dare to be negligent, similarly, he also waved his both fists at once.

Bang! Bang!

In a split second, the vigour of Luo Feng's two fists was totally nullified by Ye Feng's fists.

Ye Feng stood still, the pressure of the airwave caused by that terrific collision suddenly blew his hair. He then raised his head and firmly gazed at the opposite party, Luo Feng.

He didn't know that Luo Feng could also assign his inner qi away from his body, or else he would have been vigilant enough in advance to dodge it if needed. However, if Ye Feng had dodged Luo Feng's blow, then Nanfang, who was still standing on the edge of the cliff, would have been finished by now.

Keep aside what others said, but the fact was Ye Feng still appreciated Nanfang.

In this world, everyone wants to have enough strength to protect their loved one around and in order to achieve that, they need to set up their own forces, because only having the individual power alone is absolutely useless.

However, in order to set up own forces, what is most important?

Certainly, it's the talented person!

’’Mo brother.’’

Nanfang shouted one while still standing on the edge of the cliff, suddenly his black shirt was lifted to fly, the strong airwave, filled with flying pebbles and sand, was almost making him unable to open his eyes, but he still had the confidence that in this critical moment, Ye Feng would certainly come to rescue him.

Surprisingly right at this time, Ye Feng also launched a move equally powerful as Luo Feng's, how stronger he was afterall?

Even if he knew Ye Feng and Mo Jiuge were the same guy, it was still impossible for him to call out his name in public, naturally, he used ’’Mo brother’’ to call him.

’’Today, I'll help you in taking revenge.’’

Although neither Ye Feng knew nor he had ever asked Nanfang about the past events which would have happened between him and Luo Feng, but seeing Luo Feng chasing after him to track him down, he immediately understood that the two were definitely totally irreconcilable.

The golden sword which he had in his hand, he flung it away, accompanied by a strong sea wave from behind the proudly standing cliff!

’’Hmm, so what move you are going to use now, sneaking behind me?’’

A smile with a touch of arrogance immediately crept over Luo Feng's face, although fresh blood was constantly bubbling out from his shoulder, but still he didn't care a bit. It must be admitted that he was indeed a tough guy, or probably was one crazy man.

’’You don't have to know that.’’

Ye Feng snorted quickly, then glanced at the side where Long Wan'er was.

Because of the surprise attack launched by Ye Feng on Luo Feng a few seconds ago, his three fellow apprentices had already been drawn in a state of shock and had also stopped acting in astonishment. Although they had dragged Long Wan'er in the middle, but hadn't started to play with her yet. While on the other side, Long Wan'er was also somewhat startled by this sudden action, and was fixedly looking at those two people fighting with each other.

Although the names of these two people didn't have much difference and their talent was also equally terrifying, but still, Ye Feng had clearly more potential, he was just at ten years of Cultivation, still, could enter into a battle with Luo Feng on the same level ..........

Suddenly a surge of arrogance gushed out from Long Wan'er's heart as she thought that her man was definitely destined to be stronger than that man, Luo Feng!

Nowadays in the world of martial arts, there were a handful of people who had the ability to release their inner qi out of their body and Luo Feng was one of them. However, along with his three men, Not even Luo Feng was regarded as the martial arts genius.

But Ye Feng was the fourth one she knew.

’’Boy, you're too wild.’’

Luo Feng burst out laughing : ’’Since you insist on meddling in this matter, I, Luo Feng, won't let you down and will certainly make you suffer to death!

He flung his both fists in the air, immediately his inner qi started boiling up and got condensed, taking the form of his Boxing Technique.

Paochui Boxing, the first fist was the Left fist! And the second fist was the Right one! And these two fists were sufficient enough while fighting against the general opponent. But if he would put forth the third layer 'Core Fist' then his penetrating power would be greatly strengthened to the extent where he could be even able to fight with a wild bull, besides its speed was also extremely fast!

Luo Feng was the most proficient in the third layer of this Core Boxing Technique.

’’Brother Luo Feng must act seriously!’’

’’Hmm, let's say this boy has really a good luck, since he can experience the Boxing Technique of our senior apprentice, Luo Feng.’’

’’Brother Luo Feng, quickly take hold of him and smash him to a pulp!’’

Those three fellow apprentices of Luo Feng, while still holding Long Wan'er in the middle, began to mock and crack jokes.

’’Mo brother, be careful, run!’’

Once Nanfang noticed Luo Feng's attitude, his complexion immediately changed and he shouted one promptly.

’’Be careful!’’

Long Wan'er also shouted one softly, her beautiful eyes were all wide open, constantly staring at the boss of the group. However, she was very clear about God Fist Gate's Paochui Boxing as well as the might of the fist of the third layer of this Boxing Technique!

At this moment, among the people present on the scene, only Ye Feng was all calm and collected.

’’Immortal Technique, Red Inflammation!’’

As soon as he turned over his hand, a ball of fire immediately emerged out of his hand, then after by taking advantage of Luo Feng's startled and distracted mind, he flung it directly at him.


Luo Feng hadn't had enough time to move and the whole person all of a sudden turned into a fireball!


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