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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 155


Chapter 155 ->Ye Wentian sets out

After numerous rounds of war and trying out a number of different moves, the two people comfortably laid on the soft bed. Finally, Long Wan'er was defeated, her tender body softly fell on the bed, without a bit of intention to move anymore. After a long time, the rising wind inside the room finally stopped raining and they finally fell into the lap of rest.

Ye Feng lying on the side, still hugging her soft and smooth skin, really loved this lively and passionate girl.

’’Or else just now ...’’

He thought in his heart that whether he could really rely on his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring to also make her an Immortal Cultivator? However, he hesitated a bit and didn't begin the process.

It could be anticipated that quite soon the East China Sea would have a series of the reign of terror, therefore at this time, making her become an Immortal Cultivator didn't seem an appropriate decision at all. If by any chance they encountered Long Mo'ran or someone like him, then they would easily notice the change, which would never be a good option.

Literally speaking, the body of Immortal Arteries used to stockpile a plenty of spiritual energy to carry out the Open Hole Process, however, it had an incredibly massive and threatening force, therefore it couldn't be casually carried out anywhere and anytime. He should actually wait for the East China Sea's matter to end, then he should find a quiet place to do it slowly and properly.

At present, Long Wan'er had already softly melted in his arms, completely motionless, resembling an extremely lazy little leopard after eating its fill.

Ye Feng's hands were also still gently caressing her smooth back and feeling the warmth of her body. The fragrance of her body was also constantly greeting his nose. However, on seeing her beautiful white skin, arrogant front and well-defined buttock, his dishonest little friend once again stood upright.

But he was afraid that she would be unable to withstand, therefore he could only persist in enduring patiently ......

’’If this could always be this much good.’’

She twisted her body to turn over, then circled her arms around his neck, as her beautiful sparkling eyes like stars, got fixated on him, simultaneously his eyes also penetrated her eyes deeply.

’’That day won't be too far.’’

Ye Feng, while still hugging her tightly, thought that if this time he could find his master Su Feiying, then he would immediately follow after her. And when the master would be at his side, then what would be the status of Long Mo'ran in front of her? No matter what the rumours said about Long Clan's elder that he had a hundred years of Cultivation, still he couldn't stand any chance against Su Feiying.

In the World of the Immortals, Su Feiying was not only considered as an ultimate beauty, but was also a highly talented Immortal Cultivator, who had already mastered several Immortal Techniques of Star Tomb Tactics on her own. The story didn't end her, she had also long been aware of the third level. There was almost no one who had the ability to stand against her despite being at the same level as her.

When the two were entangled with each other in a tight embrace, continuously loving each other, then Ye Feng secretly swept his Soul Search Technique and suddenly found that four martial artists went inside a room downstairs, which in return made him a little anxious.

The people of God Fist Gate!

Still holding her in his tight embrace, he started secretly listening to their conversation who were downstairs, by using his Soul Search Technique.


When Ye Feng was getting warm together with Long Wan'er, at the same time, the night of Yanjing was being particularly lively.

In Yanjing, several dignitaries were enjoying together, eating and drinking while gossiping with each other. However, they had one thing in common, and that was their topic of discussion. Their discussion only had Lin Rentian all along, who was the presiding judge of the trial.

The defeated loses!

This phrase was used to describe that Lin Rentian's battle was not an exaggeration.

At this moment, Lin Rentian was in the military district hospital, listening to the doctor in- charge's report. After a number of diagnoses done by the doctor, he eventually came to know that the possibility of his son's recovery was less than 0.1 percent.

This information suddenly changed his facial expression and it turned extremely gloomy. Could it be said that from now onwards his son would remain foolish like this? As a member of Lin Clan, Lin Rentian took it as a huge humiliation.

As per what that girl Xiao Qi had said back then, Lin Xiuwen was under the control of an old man that night and wanted to enter the inner room to force himself on her. However, the corpse of that old man was actually found in artificial lake of the apartment community.

After passing by the repeated diagnosis and various treatments, the reason behind Lin Xiuwen's miserable condition was finally determined. As a result of thorough investigation, it could be said that a drug was involved in this case, which was generally used to stimulate one's desire. However, in his case, his desire couldn't get to give vent to his feelings, and was finally suppressed, which later on led to his this condition.

’’Well, Miss Xiao is indeed unable to tell good from bad!’’

At this moment, Lin Rentian's heart was raging with fury, wearing a very gloomy facial expression on his spectacled face he said : ’’If Xiuwen doesn't get cured, then over the time, we will go to Xiao Clan with a marriage proposal, making that little girl Xiao Qi obediently become Lin's daughter - in - law!

Since he badly failed to retaliate on Ye Feng and Su Menghan in the court, he really needed he let his anger out, therefore he vented his spleen at Xiao Qi. If this girl Xiao Qi hadn't let his son on, then his son wouldn't have turned into an idiot, right? So, let her bear the consequences of it.

In his opinion, if his son had developed a liking for anyone, or he wanted someone, that was considered as an honour for the other side. However, this Xiao Clan's girl actually didn't appreciate the kindness rendered by him, leading his son to turn into an idiot, therefore she should make compensation for that!

This kind of robbers' theory, it seemed that it was actually considered as quite natural, inevitable and right in the dictionary of Lin Rentian.

While on the other side, at this time, Xiao Qi together with Lin Shiqing, was occupied with her own world. They were constantly accessing the Internet as if trying to look for someone, frequently making telephone calls, checking data and so on. There was no mistake, indeed they were actually trying to find some information related to Ye Feng.

It was almost afternoon when Lin Shiqing suddenly discovered something.

’’Could it be that Ye Feng is Mo Jiuge and Mo Jiuge is Ye Feng?’’

Her eyebrows tightly wrinkled up as she was constantly pondering about this possibility that if what she had just guessed was true, then that explained everything, didn't it mean that her best friend had actually developed a liking for Ye Feng, who was her fiance?

No, this is absolutely impossible.

The truth was, although Lin Shiqing had never regarded Ye Feng as her fiance, but now literary speaking, Xiao Qi fancied him very much, which was not an important issue, but still why Lin Shiqing's heart had a contradiction for this, even she also didn't know about it.

Suddenly a train of thoughts hit her mind and reminded her of that day when she was trapped in the explosion which happened a few days back in that abandoned factory , where she was heavily pressed under his body on the scene. During then, she was really deeply touched.

If the masked man was really Ye Feng, which meant that ugly-looking appearance was also a false one. In this case, the marriage her Grandfather had arranged for her, it wasn't like it couldn't be accepted ever .........

While sailing through her thought process, suddenly Lin Shiqing's beautiful face was taken over by a bright red colour and soon a cute blush took birth on her face.

’’Hope that they aren't the same person.’’

She sighed slightly, shook her head and looked at the side where high-spirited Xiao Qi was. This girl, it seemed that she wanted to go through the materials of the National Security Agency whole night, to identify the identity of Mo Jiuge.

Xiao Qi was the only witness and litigant of Cai Shaohong's case presently, so naturally, she had all the right to examine the jurisdictions of these materials freely.

’’I'll surely find who you are.’’

Xiao Qi's heart was all firm!

In Qingfeng Park.

Unknowingly slept in the afternoon, Ye Wentian finally woke up, as he casually turned around. Immediately he raised his head to look outside and quickly noticed that it was already night and the moon had also already climbed up high on the tip of the branch. This scene all of a sudden alarmed him for a while.

So this was how he was, actually had fallen asleep?

’’Grandpa, are you hungry? Have supper.’’

Su Menghan had already cooked several side dishes beforehand. Seeing him finally awake, she started placing them on the table as she said beamingly.

’’You - where did that little brat go?’’

Ye Wentian asked rightaway.

’’He .......’’

Su Menghan hesitated a bit, she didn't want to tell this thing to Ye Wentian, but at the same time, didn't want to deceive him as well. For a while, she couldn't understand what she should say in this situation.

’’Did he go to the East China Sea? Little brat!’’

Ye Wentian suddenly got up!

’’Grandpa don't be anxious ah, he really has something important to take care of, he has to find his master ... ...’’

Su Menghan promptly took Ye Feng's side and explained everything.

’’Do you know how dangerous the East China Sea is now?’’

Ye Wentian, holding a firm expression like iron, said: ’’You are also helping him, don't you fear that your husband might not come back ever?’’

As soon as she heard these words, her face flushed and she haltingly said : ’’No ... ... not at all, he is so ferocious ... ...’’

’’Ferocious, nonsense!’’

He angrily continued : ’’You just call someone from that Heavenly Serpent Gang and ask him to drive and deliver us. Now run - wait, forget about it, after dinner, we'll think about it.


Su Menghan nodded her head!

Actually, at this moment, she was laughing secretly in her heart, because Ye Feng had already instructed her that when the time came, she would have to make a trusted person of Scar drive Hummer to send him to his desired place. And as for Hummer's fuel, travelling all the way from Yanjing to southern direction, they would have to stop from time to time to get it filled, which would definitely delay a lot of time ... ...

’’Oh, that's right, you can also come along with me, or else stay here in the fear of having danger.’’

In the process of eating, Ye Wentian said that without leaving any room to refuse.

Su Menghan heard that, and immediately her heart was hit by a feeling of surging warmth. It seemed that grandfather really used to consider her as his own people, didn't he?


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