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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 154


Chapter 154 ->Asura Tactics

Ye Feng was suddenly pulled into the room, immediately the fragrance the young girl's body was emitting, gently greeted his nostrils, followed by a warm and nice body which was all of a sudden threw into his arms.

Leaning against the door, Ye Feng also drew her close towards himself: ’’How long have you been here?

At this moment, like always, Long Wan'er was looking very adorable and lively. In addition, clad in a white short-sleeved shirt, embroidered with a pair of cute little white rabbits, making her look even more captivating.

’’Just arrived today.’’

Long Wan'er joyously said: ’’Originally my Aunt wanted to live with me in this room, but when you said on the phone that you would definitely come ......... she moved to the next door.

Aunt? Next door?

Subconsciously he proliferated his Soul Search Technique and sensed a woman taking a bath in the next room. A bit alarmed, he withdrew his Soul Search Technique hastily ..........

’’Then, does your Aunt also know my identity?’’

He took back his Soul Search Technique as he asked one.

’’She doesn't.’’

Long Wan'er shook her head: ’’I told her that Mo Jiuge is going to come today, however even if she knows your identity, still it doesn't matter, she has been always nice to me since my childhood.

’’Tell me about her?’’

Still wrapping his arms around her, Ye Feng left the door and walked towards the room, which was quite large, with double beds properly arranged. However, in his eyes, it was nothing but a complete waste.

Although Long Wan'er had a very large room, but did she still need two beds?

They met again, their hearts were already brimming with joyous feeling. However, at this moment, Ye Feng wanted to know that when Long Wan'er's mother was killed and beheaded by her own father, then after how she managed all these years. Apparently, it seemed that it would be definitely her Aunt, who would have contributed a lot towards her brought up, which couldn't go unnoticed.

’’Her name is Shu Shu, my mother's younger sister.

Long Wan'er, still leaning on his arms, while embracing his neck with her hands, finally spoke about her own matter : ’’Because of the magnetic charm, my mother got attracted towards Long Clan. Afterwards, just because she wanted to be a part of Long Clan, my mother got married to Long Mo'ran and my Aunt to my father's younger cousin. However that war which had taken place twenty years ago, during then not only my mother was bitterly killed by my father, but my father's cousin was also killed in that battle .............. ’’

Ye Feng heard her and somewhat understood the whole story, originally her mother and her sister Shu Shu didn't want to marry and get attached to Long Clan, rather they just developed a liking for it and then was forced to do so!

However considering the disposition of Long Mo'ran of now, could he have the so-called love for such a woman? Obviously not, so after the marriage, Long Wan'er's mother went through a huge hardship and also gave birth to her. Perhaps at this time, she might have bumped into Ye Yunfei, since Ye Yunfei had a strange kind of charm, which attracted her mother towards him... ...

And the later matter was quite logical.

And as for Shu Shu, since her sister and her husband, both were killed, she devoted her whole life to look after Long Wan'er, and there was nothing strange in it. However, the point was she couldn't get away from the cage of Long Clan till now.

’’So now, do you have any plan what you have to do next? If you are going to the sea to look for your master, then I'll also tag along with you.’’

She said so while being still very tightly squeezed by him into his arms.

’’Don't worry.’’

Ye Feng, with his both hands, lightly fondled her body as he said : ’’She vanished from there around half a month ago, until now there is no news. Even if I go to the sea now, it's not necessarily to find her. Actually, I'm not going there to look for her, rather because I have to obtain the Big Coral King first. ’’

’’What, the big Coral King .......’’

Her mouth remained a bit open in amazement while a pair of her beautiful eyes also exposed a hint of shock simultaneously.

Now the East China Sea also had the big Coral King, but plenty of martial artists were already there scattered everywhere, including her own Clan! If Ye Feng really wanted to take hold of the big Coral King, that possibility was already at an extremely lower side. In addition, if something went wrong and he didn't succeed in his goal, then he might as well lose his life!

’’In order to beat Long Mo'ran soon, I have to obtain this big Coral King at all cost.’’

Ye Feng said that with a firm face, then smiled : ’’But you can rest assured, in any case, I will definitely put my life in the first place. Otherwise, if I lose my life, then can't be with you .......’’

’’What do you want?’’

Long Wan'er softly smiled, just now she asked something, but she already knew the answer of it. Right at this moment, she quickly turned over and all of a sudden pressed him under her body as she sat on his waist: ’’Really very fast you are, your Cultivation already catches up with me ... ...’’

Obviously, she easily felt Ye Feng's ten years of Cultivation, when a fledgeling boy so quickly grew to her level, it was really sufficient enough to surprise anyone.

’’By chance, I obtained a stone in Yanjing ............’’

Then Ye Feng described the appearance of that rare heavenly stone bead.

’’A heavenly stone bead!’’

She heard it and was startled a bit : ’’Why was it in Yanjing?’’

’’Why, what's wrong, what origin does this stuff have?’’

Ye Feng's heart was set in movement and he directly asked one.

’’Hmm, a few days ago a rare heavenly stone bead was unearthed in the north-west desert, and now when a huge number of the great martial artist had already gathered around the East China Sea, unfortunately, that heavenly stone bead disappeared for no reason. I hadn't expected that it would be in Yanjing.’’

Although she uttered only a few words, but it was enough for Ye Feng to feel the heat, now he could easily feel that at this time, in the Northwest desert, just because of the disappearance of this heavenly stone bead, how many martial arts people would must have harboured a grudge against this desert? This stone bead was similar to the big Coral King, since it had the feature to promote one's Cultivation upto five years in a single blow. Naturally, the competition was extremely fierce!

Ye Feng could affirm that the stone bead he had absorbed a few days back was certainly the one from the north-west desert, after all, this kind of thing was definitely rarely seen in the world. So it turned out like this, there must be someone sent by Cai Shaohong to obtain this stone bead, who would have taken advantage of the prevailing disordered situation and succeeded in shipping it back to Yanjing.

The heavenly stone bead suddenly reminded him that it was kept together with Asura Tactics, those four rare martial arts books, so what would be their origin?

He thought that she might also know about them, therefore once again he asked a question.

’’The martial arts technique, Asura Tactics?!’’

As soon as she heard that, once again she was taken aback : ’’The person who had mastered Asura Tactics, had become a bloody good killer. Around thirty years ago, it was destroyed by the martial arts people in a crowd. How can you have their martial arts rare book?

Martial arts technique, Asura Tactics?

It seemed that this Asura Tactics was also one of the popular tactics back then. However now, after listening to Long Wan'er's words, everything was quite apparent, it had already been exterminated from this world, then how could that place have the rare martial book of this Asura Tactics?

Ye Feng pondered for a while, then he put forward a detailed description of the whole incident related to Cai Shaohong's case which happened that day, however, it was basically revolving around Lin Shiqing as a whole.

’’So that's how it is.’’

After finished listening to the whole incident, an evil smile infected with malicious feelings crawled across her face : ’’Weren't you tempted towards that girl, Miss Lin?’’

She said so, it wasn't because she harboured a feeling of jealousy in her heart, rather because when she heard him talking a lot about her, she couldn't help but think to tease him a bit. It wasn't easy to see a side of him when he might turn a bit embarrassed and could show his embarrassed-looking face. Hence for her, a little bullying was just fine.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng didn't have the slightest embarrassment-like performance to display!

’’Of course not, the person who can make my heart beat heavily is presently you, Wan'er.’’

He then spilt a soft smile as he stretched his hands and squeezed her soft and tender body into his bosom. It was easy to feel her embrace was brimming with intense affection.

’’It seems that I haven't seen you since ages, you missed me, didn't you?.’’

Ye Feng flirtingly said.

’’Screw yourself, a dog mouth can never spit out the ivory.’’

(Lastvoice : ’’A dog mouth can never spit out the ivory’’ - it's an idiom which means ’’no good words can be expected from a scoundrel's mouth.’’)

Still being tightly held by him in his bosom she said that as her cheeks slightly turned a bit red.

’’Shall we do something shameful now?’’

Ye Feng continued saying in a flirty tone.

’’You want to, ah, that's out of the question, you must pass through my consent before that.’’

Spontaneously a cute giggle piled up on her pretty face as she said that. Although her mouth said these words, but the fact was a pair of her soft arms had actually already taken initiative and had closely wrapped him up in her arms.

Immediately after, the two bodies slowly and comfortably tumbled down on the bed.


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