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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 152


Chapter 152 ->To the East China Sea

All of a sudden Xie Pinghui lost his consciousness and fell down on the spot, which also added fuel to the fire and led to an even more chaotic condition in the crowd.

However, upon seeing this, Ye Feng quickly pulled Su Menghan's arm and asked Scar to leave here as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, on the other side, Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi also saw them departing hastily and they promptly advanced towards them since they wanted to catch up with them. However before they could get close to them, the silver BMW car, carrying them, already left the scene, leaving behind those two ladies with bitter face and angrily stamping on the ground.

’’This guy Ye Feng, I must investigate about him once properly.’’

Lin Shiqing bitterly said, that kid had never respected her, naturally she shouldn't be blamed for being impolite!

’’Together we will.’’

Xiao Qi promptly added one, this little girl was certainly very much concerned about the masked man all along. And the only clue she had now was Ye Feng, so naturally she would also stay nervous around him.

Lin Shiqing gazed at this lovable best friend of her and helplessly shook her head.


They finally returned to the villa, after finished eating lunch, Su Menghan took the initiative and put forward a proposal to help Ye Wentian in massaging his shoulders.

He also thought that his granddaughter-in-law was truly a sensible girl, hence accepted her proposal with great pleasure!

Following the method taught by Ye Feng, she started the circulation of her Zhenqi with her small hands. Shortly after, her comfortable massage made Ye Wentian fall asleep on the spot, his head got tilted and he started snoring right on the sofa.

Quietly, Ye Feng looked upstairs and gradually a mischievous smile took birth on his face, all settled!

Instantly his stature transformed into the invisible mode and the next moment, he sprang out of the villa and promptly moved towards the office building opposite Qingfeng Park, where Scar had already parked the silver BMW car, waiting for him for a long time. Hence, as soon as Ye Feng arrived there, he set out on his journey without further ado!

The two people's routes were already well decided, at first they would go to Shanghai city from Yanjing, then, from there they would advance towards the seashore County town which was located on the seashore of the East China Sea. According to the news, nowadays several public figures from the martial arts world were already assembled there in that seaside County, which was known as Xiangshan County town!

For safety reasons, obviously, Ye Feng couldn't let Su Menghan tag along with them. As the matter stood, one must know the place was already swarmed with the great martial artists, therefore, a little bit of carelessness could easily lead to a life threatening situation for anyone!

Although presently Su Menghan had already learnt Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace under the initial guidance of Ye Feng, but still going to that sort of place was extremely dangerous for her. In case she ran into some evil person like those 'Happily Married Couple of Swords', then obviously it would become impossible for her to escape.

The silver BMW car like a silver streamer, galloped all the way from Yanjing to the southern side, with the maximum speed.

’’Scar, how about your recent practice?’’

In the car, Ye Feng asked one directly.

’’Asura Tactics has already been revolved by me smoothly, however, last night I tried to comprehend Ghost Shadow Soul Step, however, unfortunately, my level of Cultivation is not that high, because of which my eruption speed is also not fast enough.’’

Scar replied while driving the car.

’’Hmm, good.’’

Ye Feng nodded his head, the period of half a month to comprehend Ghost Shadow Soul Step, and on top on that for that person who had never been in contact with such martial arts practice, was really remarkably good. However, truly speaking Su Menghan had such a talent that in just half a month of her initial training, she had already grasped Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace quite easily.

Obviously, Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace was way more difficult than Ghost Shadow Soul Step, which clearly proved that Su Menghan's talent must be somewhat higher than Scar's.

’’Moreover, I have carefully chosen eight confidants and have also made them practice together. They all are very trustworthy people, while the other people have been disbanded by me.’’

Scar continued to report the situation: ’’Currently, they have begun the revolution of Asura Tactics, however still not a single one of them has appropriately comprehended the style.’’

’’Well, no need to worry about it.’’

Ye Feng thought: ’’If they continue practising in Yanjing city, it may lead to unnecessary suspicion. So, let's do it like this, inform them to find some another place to be covert. In addition, must send one million to each one of them.

’’One million? Ye elder brother, this ... ...’’

Scar felt somewhat awkward, eight people, if one million was sent to everyone, wouldn't it be eight million altogether? Then their property wouldn't be actually eroded away!

’’Anyway, everyone has a family, isn't it? This way, they can be considered to be removed from their worries.

Ye Feng smiled: ’’As for the money, do not worry, soon we will have a large hit.

That legendary luminous pearl, Ye Feng had already handed over to Ou B, making his father estimate it's appropriate value. During the period of summer vacation, there would be a jewellery trade fair in Yanjing and Ou A had decided to sell it at this trade fair, where he could sell it absolutely at the high price.

As for that legendary luminous pearl of the ancient tomb, regardless of any perspective, Ye Feng could easily claim that the age of that superficial dragon was obviously old, and its ornamental value would certainly be of first-class! The rough estimation was, selling it at 5 or 6 million would absolutely not a big problem, and if the luck would be also at his side, then, it could be easily sold at ten million or even more.

’’Then it will be all right, let's do so.’’

Scar nodded his head and showed his agreement with Ye Feng's statement.

Just because of the help of Ye Feng, he finally got the opportunity to begin the practice of martial arts, which he had been desiring since ages, then in such case, how couldn't he obey Ye Feng? Moreover, the money was entirely an external thing, he had a belief that for Ye Feng money making ways were quite easy.

According to the massage technique taught by Ye Feng, Ye Wentian must remain asleep atleast for several hours.

During this period, Su Menghan made a phone call, her said words were brimmed with her unwillingness to let him go. But she actually also knew that for Ye Feng, looking for his master was certainly imperative, therefore all she could do rightnow was just stay in Yanjing, otherwise definitely she could get him into trouble.

Therefore, she could only get secretly worried for him.

In the evening, the silver BMW, passing through several provinces, finally entered the scope of Shanghai city. Because of the hurry, Ye Feng decided that they shouldn't stay in this city, until the Xiangshan County located at the seashore of the East China Sea arrived, in any case, not much distance left.

However, at this time, what he most afraid of was once Ye Wentian would wake up, he would certainly fly into a rage and would try to pursue him, which wouldn't be a fun .........

After entering the scope of Shanghai city, the silver BMW, with the extremely high-speed, galloped towards Shanghai city.

But right at this moment, suddenly Ye Feng's phone rang up, and as he looked down, he noticed that it was a strange landline number. His eyebrows slightly got wrinkled, as if a little doubt had suddenly hit his mind, could it be that Ye Wentian had already come all the way from Yanjing to here just to attack him?

Immediately he hung up the phone, then browsed through the Internet to search something, soon found that the number actually turned out to be the number of the East China Sea's side.

’’Who is it?’’

Ye Feng pondered for a second and then called the number back.

’’Hey, Ye Feng!’’

The phone rang and was soon picked up by the other side, a sweet female voice like the sound of an oriole passed on, it was actually Long Wan'er.

’’How are you? You scared me, how did you reach the East China Sea?’’

At first, Ye Feng felt a little relief, but immediately turned a little anxious on thinking that wasn't Long Wan'er confined to the four walls at her own house by Long Mo'ran? Then how did she run away to the East China Sea?

’’My sister-in-law helped me in getting out of there ... ... where are you rightnow? I missed you.’’

Long Wan'er's voice was really filled with joy, in addition, from her expression it was quite obvious that she had really missed him a lot, making Ye Feng's heart suddenly get hit by a feeling of warmth.

’’I also missed you, as soon as I reach the East China Sea, will meet you, just wait for me.’’

Ye Feng returned one.

’’Hmm, I am staying in a hotel near Xiangshan County's flyover, come quickly.’’

Long Wan'er said that but somewhat shyly, then hung up the phone.

On the other side, while driving the car, unavoidably Scar heard the contents that they talked over the phone and secretly praised Ye Feng in his heart. For him Elder brother Ye was the great Elder brother Ye, wherever he used to go, he always had a beauty accompanying him. Even in the Xiangshan County, already a beautiful woman was waiting for him with her room all open!

While he was busy thinking this, suddenly noticed that a red sports car in the front, quickly fled out, making him hurriedly step on the brake.

Unfortunately, as per the instruction of Ye Feng, the speed of the silver BMW was already incredibly fast, even presently with the extremely fast reaction speed of Scar, he didn't get enough time to fully stop it.

Zi Zi!

The two cars simultaneously hit the steering wheel and finally slightly brushed passed each other. Although they avoided the direct collision, but actually still friction occurred, making the red rear-view mirror of that red sports car hit to fly directly.

’’Just stop the car!’’

That red sports car immediately stopped, a delightful and interesting to listen female voice passed on, with a touch of indignation.


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