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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 151


Chapter 151 ->Look at the God

Ye Feng left the hearing scene and soon arrived at the court's entrance.

But still, by proliferating his Soul Search Technique, he could feel the current situation inside the hearing room. When Xie Min and Xie Chengye took the initiative and acknowledged their charges on their own, immediately the entire trial room burst into a chaotic situation, even the old man, Lin Rentian couldn't keep his calm.

Originally an adequate arrangement was done beforehand for this kind of matter, however, these three people were truly morons, how foolishly they took the initiative to admit their guilt. This was not at all advantageous for them, by any chance did they want to be thrown behind bars?

Since the Procuratorate's people were still on the scene, naturally, Lin Rentian couldn't make any obvious action that would act as a noticeably biased move. Therefore, after the acknowledgement of guilt initiated by Xie Min and Xie Chengye, helplessly Lin Rentian made the record, and after interrogating a series of specific circumstances promptly passed the verdict.

As per the national law of China, there was no such charge like hiring a person to murder, therefore now that Xie Min and Xie Chengye had admitted their crime, so were convicted of ’’intentional homicide’’ and were sentenced to life imprisonment, besides stripping them of their political rights for the lifetime.

So far as Li Dagaou's intentional homicide, as well as Su Xinchang's judgement, was concerned, processing was postponed for another day retrial, because it wasn't the main case. Furthermore, certainly, Li Dagou would be sued and would at least suffer the fate of life imprisonment. However, since he had even made the perjury charge of the first class, so it might possible he would be sentenced to the death penalty now.

And as for Lin Rentian, he used this case entirely to retaliate Ye Feng and Su Menghan. If because of this case, his solemn and respectful image was defiled in front of the public, then not any gain could be able to make up for this huge loss.

Therefore, he was affirmative that he would carry out resolute and unbiased processing. On that basis, it was also fair if he didn't sentence death penalty to Xie siblings.

Once the statement of the verdict came out, Lin Rentian felt extremely unhappy as he thought that his son was still lying in the hospital, under totally ineffective treatment. This thought suddenly darkened his complexion and he became more and more unsightly ........

Seeing these two people Xie Min and Xie Chengye being arrested voluntarily, Su Menghan's tears rolled down her face. She couldn't repress the joy blooming in her heart, therefore she quickly ran out of the trial room and went straight to Ye Feng, so as to immediately report him the good news.

However, there were also countless people in the courtroom, whose facial expression had been clouded over listening to the final judgement.

Burning with fury, Xie Pinghui tightly clenched his fist and suddenly his blue veins stuck out and became clearly visible. The Xie people were already in blank dismay and were totally unable to digest this sudden incident. Xie Pinghui was also not in the condition to properly think through, how his children could be so stupid could actually admit their guilt on their own!

This, however, was an intentional homicide, was it a fun? Moreover, this case was also concealed for almost six years, therefore it became a more serious crime! The story didn't end here, although Xie siblings had acknowledged their guilt on their own, but no matter how good the relationship would be between Lin Rentian and Xie people, he was still unable to protect them. Besides it was also impossible to use his all means and strength to protect them.

It was simply crazy!

How did these two fools take birth in his Xie Clan? This time, Xie Pinghui wanted to do everything to get these two fools out of this case. Even though it was Xie Clan, still the money needed to set them free was quite a lot and still there was no guarantee that they would necessarily succeed.

Nearby standing Li Dagou also understood that the matter was far from good, therefore he was just searching the propitious opportunity to escape, however soon he was quickly controlled by the security guards, now there was no way he could escape. Deep inside his heart, he was constantly raining curses on Xie Min and Xie Chengye, two super fools, really the big suckers.

Moreover, Xie Chengye's subordinates, they were already in a perplexed state and were looking at each other in blank dismay, so the declared result was something which they hadn't expected at all. In their hearts, Xie Chengye was not only the senior official, but also a good buddy, with an extremely high sense of loyalty and responsibility. Then how could he get involved in this incitement to murder incident a few years ago?

Could it be that they had really misjudged Xie Chengye until now?

They thought how foolishly they helped him twice to look for Ye Feng and Su Menghan, which made them understand all of a sudden that they were really wrong, they were gravely mistaken. Originally they thought it was Xie Chengye who was being bullied, but now it clearly appeared that they really helped a tyrant in carrying out his evil deeds!

This boy Ye Feng, afterall what was his identity? Not only he was very strong, but it also seemed that everything was under his control. At such a critical moment he stood up and shouted, immediately making Su Xinchang and the other two people kneel down and acknowledge their crime ... ...

Su Menghan's relatives were no exception as well. Her maternal relatives, including Huang Ande, were similarly dumbfounded at the sight their eyes saw just now.

This incident really stood shocking for them, not only that two hundred thousand money got slipped away from Huang Ande's hands, but most likely he also committed a perjury charge. The current situation of Huang Ande was probably like he tried to gain an advantage, but ended up worse off!

’’That little lowly slut!’’

All of a sudden Huang Ande's wife flew into a rage and started acting hysterically, completely refused to see the facts, on top of that her hatred for Su Menghan also soared in the sky! In her opinion, Su Menghan was a clever seductress, who not only used to seduce men everywhere but also harmed their Clan miserably.

Must go to bring back some compensations from her hand before departing!

Actually, she hadn't thought that this matter would, later on, turn out like this and reach such a critical point, who was the main culprit ... ...

On the other hand, naturally, the sudden occurrence of this thing also piqued the mood of some people present on the scene, they were Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi, who were very much delighted with this judgement.

’’What's this all about, simply inconceivable ......’’

Xiao Qi saw Xie Min and Xie Chengye were taken away, which made her feel somewhat strange, it was really shocking and unbelievable.

’’Why don't you go and ask Ye Feng about this?’’

Lin Shiqing's mind was already clearly and confidently knew that although these three people acknowledged their guilt on the own, but actually it happened right after Ye Feng shouted on the scene. To say that Ye Feng and this strange phenomenon were totally irrelevant, Lin Shiqing absolutely couldn't accept this point.

Interestingly, this thought wasn't limited only to her mind, there were also several other people, like Xie Clan, Lin Clan, Xie Chengye's subordinates and so on, their minds were also hit by this thought. When Lin Rentian announced the end of the trial, one after another, each and every person walked out of the trial room, holding this thought to use any means to inquire about.


By this time, Ye Feng had arrived at the court's entrance.

Now that the trial result had been declared, he didn't have to waste any further second here, he was just waiting for Su Menghan to come out, so that they could return home together. Afterwards, he would try to figure out a way to get rid of Ye Wentian's tight supervision and his sharp eyes, so that he could rush to the East China Sea!

He just stood at the entrance of the court for a while, then proliferated his Soul Search Technique, swept around and suddenly felt something which made him immediately frown. Actually didn't it seem like in the parking lot, some strange situation was going on currently? The whole body of the car was shaking.

This was not the style of Ye Feng to pry into other people's privacy, but he must ensure his safety along with Su Menghan. Therefore to find any suspicious circumstances in his radar, he constantly used to sweep around using his Soul Search Technique, so as to set his mind at rest.

’’So actually who are those two individuals?’’

Ye Feng swept his Soul Search Technique and suddenly sensed some sort of embarrassing situation.

A red sedan with six passenger seat, inside of which there was a wretched fat man constantly shaking his obese body. And under his body, there was a se*y-dressed woman. They were the one Ye Feng had seen last time in Yanxi Villa District, Hu Meimei and Xie Min's second uncle!

Ye Feng sensed this and immediately lost the interest to dig into any further. After a little while, the shaking of the car finally stopped, apparently the things going on between that wretched fat man and Hu Meimei finally ended. So, after tidying up a bit, they walked out of the car and their eyes immediately got stuck on Ye Feng, who was standing at the entrance, and this suddenly brought a contemptuous look on their faces.

’’This time that young girl must have falsely accused them, he he.’’

The wretched fat man said that, simultaneously thought of the beautiful appearance of Su Menghan and his saliva almost flowed out.

’’Hmm, standing against Xie people and suing them, certainly she doesn't have the good end.’’

Hu Meimei, while holding the arm of that fat man, said that in a somewhat coaxing voice.

Ye Feng was certainly disinclined to pay attention to them.

They walked straight passing through Ye Feng, completely ignoring him, it seemed that they wanted to enter the court. However, right at this moment, a voice passed out from the courtroom's door.

’’Ye Feng! Ye Feng!’’

It was Su Menghan who ran out first hastily.

All of a sudden the beautiful image of Su Menghan appeared before their eyes and their eyes went wide open, as they remained staring at her for a while as if they saw something shocking.

’’Oh God! Quickly look at the God!

The fat man and Hu Meimei exclaimed aloud and hastily fell on their knees, facing towards Su Menghan!

Upon seeing this, Ye Feng's corners of the mouth slightly curled upwards, because he had already expected this situation. When he was in Yanxi Villa District, he had used hypnosis on these two people and implanted a thought, making them feel that seeing Su Menghan was similar to seeing the God!

The moment Su Menghan got outside the courtroom and froze to the spot seeing this strange scene.

What kind of situation was this! The former secretary of Su Xinchang, Hu Meimei and Xie Min's second uncle, both of them knelt down in front of her, while calling her the God?

Lin Shiqing, Xiao Qi and other groups of people, who were also leaving the courtroom, suddenly viewed this astonishing scene and their eyeballs almost jumped out of their sockets in amazement. Especially Xie Pinghui, his lungs almost got blew up.

Just now Xie Min and Xie Chengye pleaded guilty in the court, wasn't that humiliating enough for Xie Clan, that now one more Xie person knelt down on his eyes in front of Su Menghan, calling her the God?

This world is really crazy!

Just retired Xie Pinghui couldn't accept this fact and all of a sudden fainted on the spot!


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