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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 146


Chapter 146 ->The Old man's aggression

Soon, along with the NSA's ten-man squad, Thunder arrived in front of Ye Wentian.

’’Old man Ye, I'm sorry but Ye Feng is concerned with a murder case, so I have to bring him back.’’

As the Captain of the National Security Agency, naturally, he knew the identity of this old man as the highly respected person in the martial arts world! After all, every day, the NSA had to deal with the human arena. If he hadn't known who Ye Wentian was, then he should have died with embarrassment.

’’Who died?’’

Ye Wentian eyes stared as he asked.

’’Cai Shahong, Yanjing University's first-year foreign student.’’

As for the truth, Thunder spoke out everything in front of Ye Wentian in a somewhat serious tone, while standing firmly, eyes all fixated at him, however still a bit caution at all times.

The human arena and the martial arts world, it could be said that they were the two polar opposite world. Although usually, they were on good terms, but every now and then, the conflict occurred between them usually always because of some martial artists, who couldn't control their anger and initiate a stormy situation.

However now, in the case of Ye Wentian's sudden appearance here, it had already piled up a lot of tension in Thunder's mind. Such a powerful old man was standing in front, of course, it wasn't at all easy to deal with him, even if he was there leading ten members, but probably they still had to plant there!

’’It's him?’’

Ye Wentian's eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

Regarding the identity of Cai Shahong, he had also heard before, but not because of his status, rather purely because of Lin Shiqing. Wasn't it a rumour that he was Lin Shiqing's beloved, who was actually now murdered. The old man was not in Yanjing just for a night, and so many things had already happened?

As for this student Cai Shahong, who had the United States origin, naturally, Ye Wentian didn't have a liking to, let alone the opposite party wanted to snatch away Lin Shiqing.

Dream on!

He was now in the heaven, indeed the old man loved to hear this news.

At present, Ye Wentian's heart was overwhelming with the feeling of self-satisfaction and proud. The story didn't end here, he was also feeling more and more satisfied with Ye Feng: This brat is really decisive enough, the first day he saw Lin Shiqing and decided at once to get rid of his love rival!

In his opinion, definitely, when Ye Feng would have met Lin Shiqing, would have fallen for her on the spot. However, when he would have heard that Cai Shaohong was her beloved, he would have taken a decision instantly to wipe him out of the scene! Enough ruthless! He truly deserved to be his grandson.

So many thoughts abruptly bubbled up and crossed his mind, but actually in a split second, he resumed his normal form like nothing affected him, and lightly said : ’’My grandson has entirely no connection with this case, Cai Shaohong died so what? What evidence you have to prove that my grandson is involved in this?’’

By putting on a calm and composed expression, he said leisurely, while his footsteps were still motionless like a pine, still steadily standing outside the classroom's entrance, with unwavering determination!

’’Old man Ye, don't embarrass us and make things difficult for us.’’

Thunder frowned.

’’Ha ha ha, a joke.’’

Ye Wentian laughed out loudly : ’’Currently, obviously you are embarrassing this old man. Want to grab my grandson? No way?!’’

’’Captain, this ......’’

A member of the National Security Agency could not stand to continue watching it, hence softly uttered a few words.

’’Wait, let me ask for instructions from the Chief.’’

Thunder didn't dare to make a decision without authorization, therefore he hastily ran up to the side and pulled a communication device out to contact with Lin Detian.

Just in a short while, he returned and waved his hand : ’’Retreat team!’’

Thunder had always been very vigorous and resolute, immediately after getting instructions from superiors, he no longer entangled there. He simply nodded his head to hint Ye Wentian and then led his team to leave the place.

Although the NSA people showed up there, but they left the place just within a period of five minutes.

This scene left everyone watching from a distance, like Miao Zhenqiang, Xie Min, school leaders and others, completely dumbstruck. This old man still had such a high pulse energy, that not even the NSA could dare to force a breakthrough and arrest the person? Moreover, Cai Shahong had actually died, this was a big news!

’’You people haven't gone yet?’’

Revealing an absolute aggression and domineering, while standing in front of the classroom's door, facing Miao Zhenqing, Xie Chengye and others, Ye Wentian roared in a high tone to scold them.

His words burst out and instantaneously shuddered the hearts of standing people. As a result, immediately, by clamping their tails between their legs, they vanished.

The school principal had been watching this all along, he wanted to come up and pull a conversation with Ye Wentian, but then he noticed that he was also being actually glared by him to retreat, making his heart indescribably dubious, so all he could do now was similarly slipping away in disgrace.

One after another, everyone left the spot after getting yelled by Ye Wentian.


On the other side, Ye Feng entered the classroom together with Su Menghan, then they divided and went towards their own seats, after all, their seats were not together.

Through Soul Search Technique's proliferation, he had been constantly paying attention to the situation outside the classroom, and noticed that Ye Wentian's aggression had already driven the NSA people away, which brought a delightful smile on his face, this old man had really an astonishing power.

Moreover, Ye Feng had already anticipated that Lin Detian would definitely send people to look for him, after all, the effect of Cai Shahong's death was too big. Even though he was not a murderer, still he would be grasped, so as to use his as the witness or so on.

Anyways, just now such a heart-chilling trouble had cropped up outside the classroom, but propitiously was instantly sorted out by a few words of Ye Wentian, and the reason was obvious enough, because of his grandfather's magical strength.

If Ye Feng also had that kind of strength, did he still need to hide his identity being a martial arts practitioner?

And the answer was certainly a big 'No'.

Hope this day wouldn't be too far, he thought in his heart, after all, nobody liked to wear a mask throughout one's life. Even the Skeleton masked man -Nanfang, reverted to his original form after solving Cai Shaohong's case.

This thing reminded him that also he didn't know who could be Nanfang's next personal enemy?

Although currently, his body was in the classroom, but his train of thought had already fluttering around the East China Sea. Now that Ye Wentian would be guarding him round the clock, so going to the East China Sea wouldn't be so easy ......

But the interesting point was, today's incident didn't explode widely in the school like a bomb, because people soon had a more shocking news which had already turned into a breaking news.

Yanxi Villa District area was set on fire, an outstanding foreign student - Cai Shahong died, not even his skeleton could be saved!

Lin clan's Sanshao turned into a retard!

The suburban area of Yanjing city went through a severe explosion last night, which later on unexpectedly turned out to be a genetic experiment base!

Although these three things seemed totally unrelated, but no matter how, still were extremely shocking news, which soon caused mighty waves in the entire Yanjing.

Furthermore, what so strange was, Cai Shahong died, but neither the United States nor Pei Keang Group showed any reaction, as if they didn't know about it yet, entirely leaving this matter for people with high aspirations to take note of it.

Almost simultaneously, a lot of smart people tried to link this thing together with the suburban explosion. This could force such a strong organisation Pei Keang Group never dare to disclose this matter. Thereafter, only one possibility left, and that was, in this matter Cai Shahong's death couldn't wipe out the crimes.

Was that suburban area's gene experiment base somehow related with Cai Shaohong and Pei Keang Group?

But regardless of what the truth was, in the eyes of the outside world, it could only be considered as a guess, the real inside information must not be spilt out, not even a little bit. This was an extremely confidential information which should be sealed off within the boundary of this country China, or else if leaked then it would certainly pave the way towards the international conflicts!

Henceforth, Yanjing University would be missing a bright and brilliant foreign student, making a lot of people sigh in regret. Besides, this incident turned countless young girls of the university feel all dispirited. But actually, no one knew what the true face of Cai Shaohong was and what he had tried to pull out secretly.

The time started to roll on.

Perhaps because of Ye Wentian, Lin Detian dropped the plan to pursue Ye Feng to trouble him, now Ye Feng's life had become very calm and smooth.

Under the strict supervision of his grandfather, he began to study round the clock. However, whether to talk about Ou B, other school student or the teachers, in the eyes of everyone, he didn't have any hope.

He had already scored the first rank from the bottom in his class, so now no matter how harder he try after buckling down, it was still impossible to make up the gap this time in the real entrance exam.

In addition, Su Menghan, who had also become an Immortal Cultivator, obviously felt a sudden memory enhancement, and for that, she thanked Ye Feng from the bottom of her heart. She was the only one person who had full confidence in Ye Feng and also believed that this time, he would certainly score well in this college entrance examination.

Therefore, she didn't give up the hope and started helping him every night in the room. She started giving him private tuition, which somewhat baffled Ye Feng in the beginning.

He wanted to take private tuition but not for the schoolwork, but he loved to do that......

Certainly, Su Menghan was firm determined to make him take tuition, and he was also not good to shirk, he had to from her.

On the other side, in order to fix things up, Ye Wentian made these two people live in two opposite rooms, and also strangled Ye Feng firmly so as to minimize the probability of his escape.

And for Ye Feng, ever since his rebirth in this modern city, this half month was going to be the most miserable two weeks for him!


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