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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 145


Chapter 145 ->Can you take the responsibility?

When a group of students noticed an old man suddenly appeared before them, aggressively kicked iphone from Xie Min's hand and crushed it under his foot, at that time, each and everyone gawked on the spot, while letting their eyes and mouth wide open, who was this old man?

The grey sturdy attire, straight eyebrows slanting upwards like a sword, swift and fierce vision like an eagle, was almost similar to a fierce tiger choosing a human to devour!

’’How did Grandpa arrive here?’’

As soon as Su Menghan's eyes fell on him, she immediately took her hand back, panic-stricken, she ran to the side of Ye Feng and pulled his arm tightly, while quietly watching Ye Wentian in the front.

’’I don't know either.’’

Ye Feng was in a stunned state by his sudden appearance, therefore he scowled and shook his head. The whereabouts of Ye Wentian had always been very elusive and unpredictable. Although the last night, the thief had told him that the old man wasn't in Yanjing currently, but only God knew where was he the last night ?


Ye Wentian removed his foot and lightly snorted, then after, without even pouring a glance at Xie Min, he crossed his hands behind his back, all calm and composed took a step and walked towards Ye Feng.

En route, he looked towards Xie Chengye and his several subordinates, then faintly said : ’’Being the soldier and show unity at all times is really a good thing, but like a promiscuous manner, helping a tyrant carrying out his evil deeds is actually not right, go back and reflect upon yourself.’’

Ye Wentian had a rich experience of life, therefore, naturally he knew the way the thought process of those subordinates used to act. Helping Xie Chengye everywhere to ’’bully’’ people and being the part of showing off his influence, as for this matter, nobody knew who was wrong! Literally speaking, their eyes were truly smeared, therefore, they didn't understand what they were doing was justifiable or not.

With that preaching, Ye Wentian arrived before Ye Feng and Su Menghan, and said something which was quite astonishing for them : ’’Brat, starting today, I, the old man will be personally guarding you ......’’

The moment Ye Feng and Su Menghan heard what was said, they remained stunned for a moment, a personal guard?

’’Now that the Old man Lin doesn't need me for his protection, naturally I have gotten my hands free now, so I'll be by your side to prevent this little brat from running around.’’

Afterwards, he looked at the gentle, smart and well-behaved Su Menghan, and nodded his head with satisfaction. The brat's speed was not slow, he was away from Yanjing just for a night and this little girl's body was already defiled by this brat.

Depending on her disposition, wouldn't she surely become Ye Feng's good wife from now on?

Currently, Ye Wentian's mind was whirling around this thought, the more he imagined this, the more satisfied he felt.

As an old and genius martial artist, certainly, he could easily see the subtle changes Su Menghan's body had.

’’Protecting Old man Lin?’’

Ye Feng asked one all of a sudden, Lin Hongchuan had been given protection all along by THIS mysterious dab hand, his Grandfather? No wonder their parents' relationship was so good!

’’Correct, he is now with your grandfather at the same place, in a good health, completely without any worry. Now, this old man just needs to keep a watch on you to ensure your safety and well-being.’’

He went on, meanwhile slightly knitted his eyebrows, so many students were around surrounding them, naturally, it was something he really was not accustomed to.

Last night, he had a very long and detailed discussion with Lin Hongchuan and Tang Xuefeng, finally they arrived at a decision, making Lin Hongchuan stay in Quyang County, together with Tang Xuefeng in the same place, and letting Ye Wentian free to come and keep watch on Ye Feng.

Presently Lin Hongchuan, although had a very grand influence in this country China, but he didn't need to handle any matter. Therefore, he was free to enjoy his later years of life, carefreely, regardless of what place it was.

’’Grandpa? Tang family?’’

Ye Feng heard and instantly his expression changed: ’’That's where my mother belong to, right? Where is she now?’’

On seeing him responding like this, Ye Wentian lightly said : ’’Your mother is suffering from amnesia, but she is living a very good life, you don't need to be concerned about her’’

The word went out, and Ye Feng and Su Menghan glanced at each other.

Did Tang Qingling really lose her memory?

As if in order to comfort Ye Feng, Su Menghan made an effort and clasped his hand firmly, leaning against him more tightly.

’’Well, you two go and attend your class now. And as for these people, this old man will solve this issue before leaving.’’

After finished saying, he waved his hand and turned around, facing Xie Min and Xie Chengye!

’’Let's go.’’

Ye Feng repressed the palpitation of his heart, and by pulling Su Menghan, he advanced to enter the classroom. However, on seeing that still a group of students were gathered around, he coughed and shouted loudly: ’’You guys haven't gone back to study? What so interesting is going on here?’’

A group of people saw him speaking, and all of a sudden they zipped their mouth and a pin drop silence spread in the classroom.

This guy Ye Feng could hit people and sent them flying so easily, now nobody could dare mess up with him!

Moreover, that old man probably was Ye Feng's grandfather, and seemingly was more dominant and arrogant, with huge strength, couldn't afford to stir him up as well! The little kids would study by themselves, the college entrance examination was already around the corner. In case they provoked this pair of grandfather and grandchild, they would also be thrashed by them and then they wouldn't have any way to enrol the college entrance examination. This way, it would become a matter for a lifetime regrets ......

Soon, in the corridor outside the classroom, Ye Wentian arrived with his hands still crossed behind his back, and then stood firmly.

By this time, Xie Min also finally reacted and noticed that her iPhone was badly trampled by this old man! She was already in a foul mood, but the condition of her phone triggered her anger even more. However on seeing her brother Xie Chengye sprawled on the floor, constantly whining, her heart shivered with a little fear.

Also, it was really scary, how could a high school student beat so forcefully?

’’You are completely useless, couldn't even cope up with a mere high school student.’’

Xie Min contemptuously looked at her brother, as she said that. However, right at this moment, her eyes got attracted towards the stairway and suddenly her face lit up with a delightful smile, the reinforcement had finally arrived!

’’What's the matter?’’

She saw that wearing the uniform, several policemen came all the way running towards them, and surprisingly they were actually headed by Miao Zhenqiang! However, seeing the scene in the hallway, Miao Zhenqiang couldn't help but scowl, this Xie Clan, was it still suffering so badly?

Very obviously, these policemen were not those who were called by someone, but had already arrived all prepared to appear at the right moment. In short, they had joined hands with Xie Min for this time. Otherwise, it was impossible for the department to send Miao Zhenqiang personally on this mission.

’’There is this high school student named Ye Feng, who had hit the people, in addition, this old man also stepped on my cell phone and trampled it. This kind of scum of society must be caught and given a severe punishment!’’

Xie Min pointed her finger at Ye Wentian and ferociously, a bit arrogantly said.

Following her finger, Miao Zhenjiang also looked towards the classroom's door, although he had already planned to seize Ye Feng right on the spot, but when Ye Wentian fell in his line of sight, he was suddenly taken aback.

It was him, wasn't it?

His plan was completely doomed, this old guy couldn't be trifled with!

Suddenly the heavy presence of Ye Wentian sent a shiver down Miao Zhenqiang's spine.

Seeing him all stunned, standing completely motionless with his eyes wide open, naturally the policemen, who were tagged along with him, also didn't dare to act. In addition several school leaders, who had also arrived at the scene after getting informed of this whole incident, they also didn't dare to act rashly. Miao Zhenqiang, the provincial and ministerial level senior official, if such a great personality couldn't dare to move, then could the rest of the people even think of moving an inch?

’’What are you looking at? My grandson and granddaughter-in-law are here to study, don't come to disturb them.’’

Ye Wentian continued saying faintly : ’’If because of you their college entrance examination is delayed, then can you take the responsibility?’’

As soon as Miao Zhenqiang listened to his words, he burst into a cold sweat straight down.

He hadn't thought that unexpectedly he would bump into this old man here. Wasn't it a rumour that this old man had been continuously protecting Old man Lin, how did he get the free time to show up here?

’’Officer Miao, he is just an old man, why are you still scared of him, just go and quickly seize this culprit!’’

Xie Min didn't understand the true situation, therefore she shouted from one side, her red swollen cheeks were looking very funny.

’’You shut up.’’

Miao Zhenjiang scolded her one and thought that this matter had already reached such a critical condtion, did this young married woman want to add fuel to the fire, didn't she have the brain?

’’Officer Miao, this?’’

The potbellied principal of the school also arrived at the scene and seeing an old man blocking the door of the classroom, he also started cold sweating. Even such a high ranking officer Miao didn't dare to crash one's way through? What was the identity of this old man? And how didn't he ever notice that his school had such a great deity?

The present group of policemen was all embarrassed, they didn't know whether to retreat or advance.

’’All step aside.’’

Right at this time, another very commanding voice passed on from the staircase. Soon, a group of ten fully-armed mysterious people, headed by a vigorous and resolute temperament man, around 35-36 years old, dashed in.

’’Now the National Security Agency will handle this matter, the loitering persons, all leave this place rightaway.’’

The man took out a credential, making the surrounding people glue to the spot.

NSA had arrived!

And the man was Thunder, evidently, he was also looking for the same target and that was undoubtedly Ye Feng as well as Ye Wentian.

Immediately the surrounding people turned their attention towards the old man, who was still standing and blocking the doorway, as they thought that this time how long could he continue blocking the door? The NSA had always refused to accept the tyranny!


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