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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 143


Chapter 143 ->A slap on the face

Along with Su Menghan, Ye Feng barely entered the school gate and suddenly his eyebrows got all wrinkled up.

This kind of matter, how did it get unfurled in the public? Indubitably, there would be certainly someone in the dark who publicised this matter, and his purpose would be definitely to discredit Su Menghan, but who could it be?

’’Small Bee!’’

All the way running from the school gate, Ou B came pursuing him, however on seeing him and Su Menghan walking together and exhibiting an aura of intimacy, he shouted hastily.

Immediately Ye Feng turned back and saw a familiar white hair youth running towards them, it was Ou B whom he was actually looking for.

’’You really arrived at the right moment, there is something I want to ask.’’

Ye Feng grabbed and pulled him to the wayside, simultaneously, a bit cautiously, he swept all around and then whispered: ’’Why does this matter that Menghan has filed a case against Xie people, get spread among the people?’’

On listening this word ’’Menghan’’, which was an intimate form of addressing her, Ou B immediately shifted his glance towards the school beauty and couldn't control himself from wondering that these two people, hadn't their relationship probably become a lot closer than before?

Naturally, he wouldn't have any idea how many things had happened last night.

’’Neither I know where does this come from, but very early in the morning, someone had dropped a short message to several groups, making the whole school know about it.’’

Ou B said in a scolding manner : ’’You Bastard, in short, now the situation is very disadvantageous to you.’’

’’Relax, nothing will happen.’’

Ye Feng's eyes flashed with coldness : ’’I just don't know who that particular someone is, but if I catch him, will surely make him know my real power and ferociousness.’’

’’Well, Small Bee, I m already clear about your ability, but the crucial point is we don't know exactly who is involved in this propaganda ......’’

Ou B shook his head, and while changing the subject, said : ’’Oh, by the way, yesterday you were with that beautiful lady of Lin Clan ......’’

However after reaching half the way, suddenly he realised that Su Menghan was still there standing next to them, which made him zip his mouth instantly.

’’Keke, excuse me, oh that's right, literally speaking, she wanted to be my elder sister. So now the situation is like this, she is like my elder sister.’’

Ye Feng coughed and a bit embarrassedly said, then held Su Menghan's hand. Also, he said that just to make her feel at ease, let alone it was also the fact.

Su Menghan's fingers were now in his palm gently held, which all of a sudden gave birth to a sweet smile that gradually crept over her pure face, making him feel relieved that this small girl wasn't angry at all.

’’Oh boy, I, Ouge is with you, my friend.’’

(Lastvoice : Here Ouge stands for Ou elder brother.)

Ou B threw a mischievous smile, as he patted his shoulder and praised him loudly. Accepting Miss Lin as his elder sister? This was really good, this way not only he prevented Xiaohua, Su Menghan from getting sad, but also preserved a big powerful supporter, Lin Clan in his favour!

’’Oh, that's right, this thing, while getting back home, let your Dad have a look at it, so that he can determine its genuine value. Besides, also ask him to help me sell this thing.’’

Ye Feng said that, as he unwrapped the packet and made Ou B look inside it, where he had kept the legendary luminous pearl.

Ou B stretched forward to take a look and surprisingly the sight turned his eyes wide open at once, such a big legendary luminous pearl? To one's surprise, it was actually thrice bigger than a size of an adult's fist, besides, the picture of two dragons was also carved on its surface, apparently making it look like a very extraordinary stuff.

Even by his eyes, he could see that the value of this huge pearl would be at least more than five million. In case an auction was done, then extracting tens millions wouldn't be impossible!

’’There is still a good news, that good for nothing youth Lin Xiuwen turned into a retard yesterday evening suddenly.’’

Ye Feng smiled.


By this time, Ou B hadn't drawn himself out from the shock of this luminous pearl, and once again his mind was blown away by this news.

Lin Clan's Sanshao became a retard? He still remembered the incident which had taken place last time in Oushi Antique Store, when his father reluctantly suffered a triple compensation. Indubitably then, his personal attendant would have purposely crumbled the antique, and virtually trapped his father to compensate them, but why did he compensate?

Such a rampant, arrogant and despotic playboy turned into a retard, this news would absolutely turn anyone deleted. Actually, it was indeed an exciting matter, worth setting off firecrackers to celebrate!

’’How can he become a retard?’’

The only problem was, Ou B couldn't think through it, just guessed that could it be that this good and justifiable thing was done by Ye Feng?

’’Don't misunderstand.’’

Ye Feng looked at him incredulously and somewhat puzzled he wondered, although he always used his sword to strike and kill people right on the spot, but could it possible for him to descend to such a low level where he would like messing up with people's brains just to trouble them?

’’Perhaps it's true ’’a life of sin ends in sorrow sooner or later’’. He might have done lots of wicked things, that's why not even the God could stand to continue watching him.’’

Ye Feng waved: ’’This thing, we will discuss it later, I hope you won't mind, let's walk fast rightnow, we have classes to attend, you remember, right?’’

If he wanted to pass the entrance examination for Yanjing University, then on that ground, his current level was certainly considered as far from enough. Even in Yanjing senior high School, he awfully scored and got the first rank from the bottom in his class, therefore getting admission in Yanjing University was like a distant dream for him currently.

Naturally, for Ye Feng, there was nothing like pressure, because as per his current memory, he could pass the university entrance exam now in a tweak.

The short conversation among these three people ended soon and they walked together towards the classroom.

They left the stairs and advanced towards the classroom's door. However right at this time, they saw something at the end of the corridor, which simultaneously made these three people gawked at once, why so many people were gathered there? Moreover, a lot of people didn't look like students, could it be that some kind of troublesome situation had popped up there?

’’It's her?’’

Ye Feng proliferated his Soul Search Technique and sensed someone, making him frown rightaway.

Actually blocking the doorway of the classroom, those two Xie Clan's siblings Xie Min and Xie Chengye were there, although the others Xie people were also there casually dressed, but Ye Feng recognised them at a single glance. Besides them, those soldiers from the previous time, who had blocked him in Jingcheng restaurant, were also there, they were actually the subordinates of Xie Chengye.

Again asking for trouble?

Ye Feng snorted coldly and tightly clasped Su Menghan's hand, then strode to go over there.

’’Hey, hey Small Bee, don't go over there first, what if they will be actually seeking you for troubles? Let me go and have a look first what's the matter..........’’

Panic-stricken, Ou B outstretched his hand and tried to stop them by blocking their way.

’’Rest assured, nothing will happen.’’

Ye Feng could easily mark that his face was clouded over with genuine worry and concern, which really deeply touched his heart. However, in order to deal with these little vagrants, his friend Ye Feng was also not ready to flinch back.

Despite Ou B's all efforts and advises, Ye Feng along with Su Menghan, soon arrived at the classroom's door!

’’Look, Ye Feng and Su Menghan have arrived.’’

’’Really arrived, this time, everything will be done for, Xie people, hurry up and come to the door.’’

’’Should we inform the teacher about this?’’

’’Inform your ass, even if the principal arrives, can he really dare to touch these Xie people?’’

The students around the classroom's door were whispering about this matter, and their talks were easily heard by Ye Feng using his Soul Search Technique.

While at this moment, Xie Min and Xie Chengye simultaneously turned around and suddenly the sight of Ye Feng and Su Menghan appeared before their eyes, making their eyes all light up.

’’Oh, finally arrived, the college entrance examination is almost around the corner, Ye Feng you are still together with this slutty girl. Ain't you afraid that you might fail in the examination?’’

Xie Min immediately came out and by putting on a contemptuous look on her face, she directly set her face towards those two. Her whole body was bedecked with jewels and loaded with beautiful makeup. She had gotten such a powerful back supporter that not even Ye Feng could imagine, therefore, again she became all swaggered up.

’’Wasn't the last lesson enough for you?’’

Without further ado, Ye Feng also stepped ahead and engraved a slap on her face.


As for his movements, the people present on the scene, nobody could see anything, not even his movement, until Xie Chengye and his subordinates reacted. After being slapped, immediately Xie Min' cheek turned red and swelled up. But the interesting part didn't end here, a mere slap held such a huge power, which threw her several steps back and she heavily got crashed into the crowd.

Actually, a slap on her face could send her flying!


The surrounding students immediately burst into an uproar, this guy Ye Feng, barely got the support of Lin Clan and had really already turned so arrogant and blunt altogether!

’’You dare hit my elder sister! Now no one can appear to save you!’’

On seeing that, Xie Chengye clenched his teeth and without any hesitation, he pulled up his sleeves, directed his subordinates and a row of seven-eight well-trained soldiers, suddenly rushed towards Ye Feng!


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