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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 141


Chapter 141 ->Agility skill comprehension

Lin Hongchuan was about to take a sip of his tea, but right at this moment, he heard those words and all of a sudden his mind was blown away.

Ye Feng could practice the martial arts?

This kid, wasn't he studying? Then, how could he come into the contact with the martial arts field?

He knew merely few details related to Ye Feng's life, such as he was just an ordinary high school student, he not only had made the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang help him occasionally in carrying out his several tasks, but had also surprisingly never displayed any fear while facing such a ferocious man like him, instead with a lofty temperament he used to deal with him. Interestingly, he had already started practicing the martial arts!

His complexion clouded over all at once.

He had seen before only one side of Ye Feng's life, but still hoped to make his granddaughter Lin Shiqing marry him, now what should be done? Ye Feng had started practicing martial arts, if this news anyhow spread in the world, then immediately various group of personal enemies' and their Clans would start seeking for him, then how should it be handled?

The round-faced old man, Old Tang similarly knitted his eyebrows : ’’If you are saying so, then do we old decrepit people need to come out of obscurity to take the lead? Old Ye, you handle this matter, absolutely don't let people stir any trouble for him, by the way, how did he get dragged into the world of martial arts?’’

’’I can't say that.’’

On the contrary, Ye Wentian was not at all worried, instead somewhat complacently said : ’’When did he start practicing martial arts, I don't know about that. But for me, he went through Ye Clan's Dragon Claw Hand Technique just once and immediately cast it out, such a great talent he has, unique in the world, unrivalled! ’’


Immediately the facial expression of both people, Old Tang and Lin Hongchuan simultaneously tremendously changed.

’’Are these words real?’’

Old Tang himself had been a great martial artist since ages, therefore compared to Lin Hongchuan, he had a clearer idea about the difficulty level of Dragon Claw Hand Technique. However, what was this? Ye Feng looked at it once and grabbed it instantly, what was this talent? Literally, in the martial arts world, it was such a talent which could hardly be seen in a hundred years of period!

’’Do you think that I, Ye Wentian can still lie?’’

Ye Wentian proudly said, since his grandson was flamboyant now, which naturally brightened up his grandfather's complexion.

’’If such being the case, then we old and decrepit people should really need to go into action.’’

After pondering over this issue for a moment, the round-faced old man lightly said that.

Old Tang, Tang Xuefeng was equally famous and formidable like Ye Wentian in the martial arts world because of his profound Cultivation. Although twenty years ago he had suffered a serious inflicted loss, but still his twenty years of training didn't go into vain, his strength hadn't receded a bit, instead he could still advance into the first-class master rank.

Even now, just a little age of people of the martial arts world knew that Ye Feng's mother Tang Qingling was the daughter of Tang Xuefeng. Twenty years ago, when Ye Clan was totally wiped out, this father and daughter then had lodged under another person's roof and had also developed a really good relationship with Zizhen Sword Faction.

’’Anyway, my grandson can't let people bully or humiliate him.’’

Tang Xuefeng eyes suddenly revealed a hint of coldness.

’’Hey, fortunately, only he has bullied people, not other people have bullied him so far.’’

Ye Wentian smiled : ’’However, if his identity as a martial arts practitioner is somehow exposed to the world, the trouble will start attacking him rightaway, for that you and I are required to do proper preparation beforehand.’’

’’And if the critical moment really arrives, I will make the people of Taiji Palace also make their move.’’

Nearby Lin Hongchuan said that at a moderate pace.

’’All right Old Lin.’’

Tang Xuefeng stared at him as he said : ’’Your human sentiment, no need to actually say that you will make Taiji Palace get into action, your Lin Clan has merely a cooperative relationship with them ......’’

’’Still, no matter what, we ought to always attempt.’’

Lin Hongchuan smiled while shaking his head, and continued : ’’That boy Ye Feng, whom I have also seen as my granddaughter's husband and whom I have a liking to, if I still can't help him, then whom I will be able to help in my lifetime?’’

The detail conversation continued among these three old men all night. Besides talking about their old days, their whole discussion was pinpointing Ye Feng and the matter related to him. The key question was, the time when Ye Feng being a martial artist got exposed, then undoubtedly Tang Xuefeng would go out to protect him, during that time what should be done with Tang Qingling?

This question was the most baffling one for these old people, after a long discussion, they finally figured out a way ......


Yanjing, Qingfeng Park.

When the first wisp of morning light knocked the window and peeped in, Su Menghan comfortably moved her body, raised her hand and touched the bed, but suddenly felt empty.

’’Ye Feng?’’

All of a sudden, she partly sat up, and looked around panic-stricken, where did Ye Feng vanish?

’’What happened?’’

A familiar voice immediately rang, it was actually Ye Feng.

She then noticed that he had been in the bedroom all along, but since he had woken up first, so he started reading those four wire-binding books.

He turned around, and the next moment, the snow white and smooth shoulder of the young girl caught his eyes, making him unable to bear but recall the last night, when they were inside the quilt completely wrapped, along with the delicate touch of this young girl's fragrant body ............

On seeing his eyes stuck on her body, her cheeks reddened at once, and she hastily retracted the bedding : ’’Don't look this side, or better you go out first, and let me wear my clothes, ok?’’

’’What, you are being bashful?’’

He chuckled and put away those four books, went up to the side and gently pinched her tender cheeks, afterwards left the room.

This made her blush right up to her ears, but when she saw his rear view while he was leaving the room, a touch of sweetness emerged in her mind rightaway. From now on, this man was the one whom she would depend upon throughout her life ......

He stepped out of the bedroom, shook his head so as to shrug this sweet and gentle scenery off his mind.

After his three steps down the stairs, he again continued browsing through the book- Ghost Shadow Soul Step. With the help of this rare book, he could actually comprehend how to break through the second layer of Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace up to some extent!

Ghost Shadow Soul Step, if coordinated with Asura Tactics' agility technique, it could certainly make people instantaneously erupt with an extremely quick speed, but it couldn't be sustained longer.

This reminded him of the World of the Immortals, once when Su Feiying had displayed Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace's second layer, during then, in that fast running process, she could similarly instantly broke out with a lightning fast speed. However then, unfortunately, Ye Feng didn't get enough time to comprehended this second layer.

’’This meridian operation line, so long as both sides are integrated ......’’

Ye Feng rolled through the pages of Ghost Shadow Soul Step's book and quickly patted his head, as if the divine miraculous light flashed through his mind.

Without wasting any further precious second, he started the revolution of his Dantian rightaway, soon making his Zhenqi stream down into his legs and fill his several remote acupuncture points up. And the next moment, a terrific eruption!


Just in an instant, he ran all the way out of the villa's front door, leaving behind a row of blurred afterimages! This instantaneous eruption of his speed had surprisingly hit hundred meters in just two seconds rightaway, which was twice faster than the speed of his usual Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace!

’’Such frightening eruption, although it can last only for a few seconds, but still it can be a huge lifesaver at the crucial moment.’’

All of a sudden, his mood piqued up, and the reason of this sudden mood delectation was the mere thought that how easily he comprehended the second layer of Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace. Besides this, the higher the level of his Cultivation, the longer the duration of his eruption speed. As long as he had the lightning fast speed, he would have enough capital on any occasion, since the onset and retreat would have the leeway.

Presently, his eruption speed was already way faster than that perverted man, Li Hua and the armed escort, Zhui Hun. Moreover, in the martial arts world, already classified as the first class martial artist, that Mt. Tianzhu's old man, Huang Peirong could be equally matched with Ye Feng's current speed.

Possessing such a great Immortal Technique - Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace already, there was really no essentiality to practice Ghost Shadow Soul Step. However this skill if coordinated with Asura Tactics, then it seemed to show better results.

At this moment, he finally thought to return to the bedroom so as to continue studying the another three books.

This Asura Tactics was the primary martial arts technique, in which inner qi used to involve extreme blood, accompanied with enormous overbearing. However after passing through the transformation process made by Ye Feng, it's violent bloody part was extracted, but it doubled the overbearing part, which became fairly suitable for Scar to practice Cultivation.

Furthermore, if 'Thousand Miles Chasing Soul Blade Technique' was combined with Ghost Shadow Soul Step, then it could have a miraculous effect as well.

Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave, this was a bit less alluring. In case it wasn't within the realm of assigning away inner qi from the body, then this skill was undoubtedly a complete waste. However, if it fell within the realm where Zhenqi could be assigned away from the body, then as the title page actually hinted ’’a roar can shake the yellow spring,’’ seemingly was quite domineering.

(Lastvoice : ’’Yellow springs’’, in Chinese culture, this term often refers to the underworld, a place where spirits of the dead live.)

Ye Feng decided to learn this 'Asura Suppressing Soul Sound Wave', perhaps it would turn out very useful during any critical moment. However, as for the knife technique, he was not even the least bit interested in grasping it.

These four rare books would be handed over to Scar for peremptory action and he would have to immediately find the time to give it a go, after all this was treated as the beginning to create his own force.

Ye Feng was occupied in his own intense thought process, exactly then, suddenly the sound of telephone bell rang in the villa.

At first, Ye Feng didn't care, but upstairs, soon Su Menghan picked up the phone: ’’Hello?’’

’’Hello, may I ask to call Ye Feng on the phone?’’

A somewhat unexpected female voice passed through, on the other side, Ye Feng, using Soul Search technique, also heard the voice of the other side and immediately recognized her, actually, it turned out to be - Long Wan'er!

Doomed, actually letting Su Menghan receive the phone call of Long Wan'er ..........



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