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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 ->The hapless thief

Now, Ye Feng really wanted to know what those precious things were there in the villa?

And there was only one answer, Ye Clan's Core martial arts techniques and the rare books.

Perhaps because Su Menghan was extremely tired, she quickly fell asleep into Ye Feng's arms. While on the other hand, at this moment, Ye Feng sensed someone and quietly got up, put on his night clothes, cast Invisibility and silently left the bedroom.

That stealthy thief was also dressed in the night clothes and it seemed that he often used to climb up along the water pipe like today. At this time, he suddenly turned towards the second floor's balcony very softly, without making any sound. Besides, his stature was also very covert.

However, unfortunately, he bumped into Ye Feng, who possessed Soul Search Technique. Hence, no matter what covert technique he would use, could never escape from Ye Feng's exploration radar.

Invisible Ye Feng, under the spell of his technique 'Invisibilty', went next to that fellow, and by taking advantage of the faint moonlight, he found this thief had a black hood on his head, had a very slim stature and appeared fairly professional. After looking around cautiously, when that thief didn't notice any danger, he finally went into an action.

Moreover, this guy's agility was also amazing, just in a flash he arrived in front of the bathroom of the second floor, where he observed the surrounding for a moment, and then all of a sudden drew a string of tools out from his waist, so as to break into it.

’’The only thing hidden in this bathroom is Ye Clan's Core technique, so as expected the target of this guy is indeed the rare books of Ye Clan?’’

Ye Feng thought this in his heart and prepared himself to act any moment.

With his ten years of Cultivation, coping with a martial artist who also possessed a decade of Cultivation, had always been fairly effortless, let alone this stealth attack of a thief. However, actually Ye Feng didn't want to kill him so quickly, at least he should ask few questions like his motto behind his sudden visit.

Or should he tie him up, and wait for Ye Wentian to come and deal with him?

The plan was pretty good.

Just when that thief was trying to do everything possible to break in, right then Ye Feng threw his foot at his side!


Ye Feng's foot severely kicked him in his knees, immediately his kicked leg got broken and he partly knelt on the ground.


Panic-stricken, he looked around helplessly and suddenly his incisive male voice resounded!

His infiltration was already so covert, then how could someone found him? And on top of that, that person also arrived at his side to sneak attack him. Actually, his mind had already ceased working, could it be that Ye Wentian had returned? That was totally impossible! That old man, Ye Wentian, he wasn't in Yanjing presently, was he?

That thief while enduring the pain, tilted his head to look and actually saw a masked man wearing a shirt, looking at him very gloomily.

What the f*k, who this fellow was, wasn't it said that only a senior high school student lived in this villa?

The thief didn't want to think about that yet, promptly he took a tool out and threw it towards Ye Feng's face, at the same time, relying on his another leg, he jumped towards the balcony and after taking 2 to 3 steps, he finally jumped out of the balcony, since he wanted to escape at once!

But unfortunately, Ye Feng's movement was quicker than him, he fended off that tool very conveniently and in an instant arrived at the side of the balcony, where he saw that the thief had already jumped down the balcony, and was about to fall to the ground.

Without further delay, Ye Feng immediately formed a stance and cast out Dragon Claw Hand Technique!

Since he had a decade of Cultivation now, therefore casting this technique wasn't a difficult matter for him anymore. Immediately, his Zhenqi sprang out of his body spatially and took the form of two Dragon Claw Hands. Using those hands, he grabbed the thief in the air, which was immediately followed by a sudden outbreak of his power, and the next moment, he pulled that thief up and flew him back to the balcony. This way he performed a marvellous sight of flying trapeze!


With a huge force, his whole body fell down in the balcony and badly knocked against the ground. But things didn't end here, all at once that thief's mind blew away.

’’The second layer of Dragon Claw Hand Technique!’’

At this moment, the thief was in an inexplicable terror. Since as the matter stood right here in front of him, it was apparent that the old man, Ye Wentian wasn't the only person who had the talent to reach the next level, right?

’’Pretty good, so scared of it? Give me the honest confession, who you are and who has sent you here. Then only, I can consider to let you off.’’

Leaning against the balcony, Ye Feng carefully said.

’’I am a nobody, just wanted to earn some extra income ......’’

He promptly replied.

’’Rubbish, to earn extra money, why would you come here like this?’’

Ye Feng glared at him, immediately flung his both hands and displayed Dragon Claw Hand Technique. Immediately, his Zhenqi went out in the air, in the form of those hands and grabbed the thief once again and threw him down the building! After letting his body freely fall for more than ten meters, he pulled him up once again, like a flying trapeze!


The thief had been grasped again and was again thrown heavily in the balcony. As a result, he spat a mouthful of foam. This feeling of suddenly throwing down and then pulling up could absolutely make people enjoy the ultimate pleasure!

’’Yes, I saw the list of human arena, actually they have issued the task to obtain Dragon Claw Hand Technique of Ye Clan from this villa, besides Enchanted Volume Technique and Mysterious Mother Sword Technique rare books were also there ......’’

His enunciation wasn't clear.

’’What is this list of the human arena?’’

Ye Feng asked.

’’The human arena often issues the task, and any martial artist can take up the job and as soon as he completes the task, he gets rewarded for that ......’’

The thief, putting on a distressed look, said that.

’’The things of Ye Clan, how could you also dare to think of a plan, are you tired of living?’’

Ye Feng viciously asked.

’’It is said that every year today, Ye Wentian leaves the city Yanjing ......’’

The thief had already submitted to his fate and consequently had confessed everything.

He just wanted to earn some wealth, as for him, it was not at all worthwhile to lose his life for this reason!

The moment Ye Feng heard his words, his bubbles of happiness burst into his heart. What! Ye Wentian was not in Yanjing? This was a good news ah! Now that the old man was not in the city, then could it still prevent him from going to the East China Sea?

He thought that while carrying that thief in his hands and throwing him into a utility room. Although he wanted to tie him up with a rope, but when he spread his Soul Search Technique, he found that there was no rope available anywhere in this villa, however, it had two iron chains.

’’The iron chain is better, hey.’’

Ye Feng got the chains and firmly tied him in that utility room. Thereafter, he turned around and left that room. Now, by taking his mask off, he continued to return to the bedroom, so that he could again hug that attractive girl, Su Menghan before falling asleep.

If he hadn't had that se*ual intercourse with Su Menghan just a moment ago, then by now, he would have already rushed to the East China Sea to take advantage of Ye Wentian's absence.

What a pity, just for her sake, he couldn't leave here at this moment!

However, he just broke somebody else's body to prevent him from running away, did this make sense?

The poor thief, he was currently iron chained in the utility room, had gotten his one leg broken, although he wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. In this world, was there any other more unfortunate thief than him? At least he hadn't seen such a miserable fellow so far!


While on the other side, at present, Ye Wentian together with Lin Hongchuan, had come to Quyang County at the same night, which was in the south-west area of Yanjing city.

Within the scope of China, apart from those top ten big caves, there were also another thirty-six small caves, as well as seventy-two dwelling places, many of which were some martial arts schools now. Besides, those thirty-six small caves were totally mysterious and were located nearby Quyang County.

Zizen Sword Faction, which was hidden in this mysterious cave near Mt. Hengshan, had now become a well-known martial arts school in today's human arena.

But presently, Ye Wentian, as well as Lin Hongchuan, together arrived at Quyang County, just to meet with an another old man.

A teahouse, quiet, beautiful and secluded, where Ye Wentian, crossing his hands behind his back, was standing on the second floor's window and was constantly looking into the distant sky in this dark night, who knew what was going on in his mind currently. Next to him, another old man was also there, with white beard and hair, round face, his stature was all short and stout and had a high temple. Although he was shorter than Ye Wentian in terms of height, but when it came to his imposing manner, Ye Wentian didn't even stand any chance against him!

Lin Hongchuan was all carefree and enjoying the tea which was served by the restaurant owner to calm one's mind.

’’Old Tang, want to drink the tea that your daughter makes, but again it is not that easy.’’

Lin Hongchuan sighed with emotion as he said: ’’According to me, you all just move to Yanjing and forget about it.’’

’’Keke, this matter doesn't need to be raised again.’’

The short and stout old man, with round face, coughed : ’’In those days, I and Qingling really indebted to Zizhen Sword Faction for taking care of us. However now, I am lending a hand to run this teahouse, life is also quite good and peaceful here. Anyways, Old Ye, just a moment ago you said that you have an important matter to inform us, so what is it? ’’

By taking his eyes back from the distant sky, Ye Wentian glanced towards Old Tang and Lin Hongchuan, and solemnly said : ’’Ye Feng practices martial arts.’’

These five words barely fell and all of a sudden changed the colour of Old Tang and Lin Hongchuan's face at the same.

Ye Feng could practice martial arts?

Finished, wasn't it like courting death?


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