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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 137


Chapter 137 ->Astonishing Tactics

Scar listened to Ye Feng's words and immediately nodded his head with a straight face, as he said: ’’Elder brother Ye, you rest assured, I will certainly keep a proper check before picking someone up, and the unqualified person will be rejected at once!’’

This way, Ye Feng finally bestowed his trust on him. Giving him one martial arts technique to practice, in addition, making his trusted friends also to practice together with him, apparently, he wanted to train them with the intention to induce his own strength. Furthermore, interestingly Scar already knew that they were going to be the first group of people, who would become Ye Feng's earliest power!

At the same time, Scar used to very much admire him. In the evening, Ye Feng just ran out for a while and suddenly had gotten his hands on one Core Technique of martial arts, which was too formidable!

’’Hmm, regarding the second matter.’’

After saying that, Ye Feng considered for a moment, then said : ’’Actually, I have found the soul of Yibei, but temporarily can't let you meet him. So later on, once I get hold of Soul practising technique, I will then awaken him. Although he doesn't have the body, but his consciousness still exists, therefore when the time comes, he can also fight together with us! ’’

Soul Cultivation Technique, which had been considered as a very precious technique in the World of the Immortals. But currently, the point was, Ye Feng didn't know how long he had to wait to finally grab this technique. Though, it was certain that he would do everything possible to grab it as soon as possible.

’’What, soul? Practice?’’

Scar heard that and suddenly froze to the spot.

Could he also practice Soul Cultivation Technique? There was no mistake! If Ye Feng could get hold of Asura Tactics, let them practice martial arts, made him feel very flamboyant, then how could it be strange if now he could also practice the Soul Cultivation Technique?

’’Because Yibei had always been an ordinary person during his lifetime, and had never practised the foundation, therefore, he has also the ability to practice the Core Technique of Soul Cultivation.’’

Ye Feng shook his head: ’’As for the details, you don't need to know about it temporarily, besides, must not disclose this matter to anyone.’’

In the case of an Immortal Cultivator, if he died, but he had known the Core Technique of Soul Cultivation during his lifetime, but still he wouldn't be able to practice this. So now how could Ye Feng make a martial arts practitioner practice this technique? Ye Feng didn't know the answer yet, because he hadn't practised so far......


However, his complexion sank, although he usually had a very ferocious look, but at present, he was appearing matchlessly firm. This kind of secret matter, it might be assumed that if it were not for Zhao Yibei's relationship with him, Ye Feng probably wouldn't have told him anything, right?

He would naturally keep it a secret!

Now that Scar had recognised Ye Feng as his elder brother, so now he would always follow his words, without any objection!

Seeing him nodding, Ye Feng continued : ’’Go back to start your selection, must first ensure absolute loyalty, then only tell them anything about the matter of the martial arts. Now I will go back first.’’

’’Elder brother Ye, take care of yourself.’’

Scar respectful said.

Ye Feng smiled and patted his shoulder: ’’There is no need to treat me as an outsider, we are all brothers.’’

After finished saying, he entered the room to take the Black Jar of Souls and then immediately departed.

Scar stood at the doorway and from behind he looked at Ye Feng entering Qingfeng Park, at this moment, his eyes were shining with extreme excitement.

The martial arts, could he also start practising it finally?


After getting back to the villa, Ye Feng proliferated his Soul Search Technique and found Su Menghan currently taking a bath, which instantly made his heart all fiery. Although with this technique he could see her bathing, but not as good as seeing her directly. It was just an imagination, but was still enough to make a person's heart bubble up with a burning passion.

Interestingly, at the time of his rebirth to this world, Su Menghan was the first person he had seen, and that also when she was bathing. Currently, he just casually associated her that captivating and exquisite figure for a moment, and immediately that thought made his nose bleed almost spurt out.

Since he was into that sort of relationship with Long Wan'er in the Changbai Mountain, he felt that he was getting easily excited in this aspect, which was absolutely not a good phenomenon.

All alert, Ye Feng secretly entered the villa while shaking his head to kick this stupid though out of his mind. Almost after taking thirty-two steps upstairs, he found the book of Asura Tactics, along with the other three books, which had been carefully hidden by Su Menghan.

Su Menghan was not stupid, such an important thing, obviously she couldn't just casually throw them in the hall. Even though she hid those four rare books into the closet of the bedroom, but still it didn't take long to Ye Feng to find those books, by using his Soul Search Technique, he discovered them without any difficulty.

As he entered the bedroom, he felt the sweet fragrance of this young girl immediately greeted his nostril. However, by completely ignoring it, he sat down on the sofa, holding those four books in his hands, finally all relaxed.

Finally, he got the time to relax, once the effect of those special bullets completely disappeared, then he could cast Holy Cure Technique to heal the burn injury on his back. Afterwards, he would take a bath and then would finally hit the bed.

A series of incident happened this whole evening, had made him physically and mentally totally exhausted. However, the thought of his injury, he couldn't bear but remember that time when he was on top of Lin Shiqing's body, heavily pressing her below, the feeling of her that full and soft chest ......

’’Keke, I must think something else, or let's study this Asura Tactics first.’’

He shook his head, as he tried to cast off the beautiful figure of Lin Shiqing from his mind.

Randomly, he just flipped through the pages and soon found that the foundation of this Asura Tactic was inappropriate. Asura Tactics was called Asura, it might be because this technique reeked of blood, while the other three rare books, it was estimated that they were also necessary for supporting martial arts repertories.

Precisely speaking, just because of its bloody overbearing characteristics, Ye Feng felt that it had a flaw.

As these thoughts rolled through his memories, he suddenly remembered that he had already seen several modifications in some of the Immortal Techniques. The moment he remembered this fact, quickly he took a pen and a notebook, and wrote down his revised Asura Tactics.

The modified Asura Tactics would be perfect for Scar! Originally practising this Asura Tactics to a certain extent would likely to very much affect the person's intelligence, but after the modifications, it wouldn't have such a problem.

If Ye Wentian would see the current action of Ye Feng, he would certainly be astonished once again to the extent where his jaw would also automatically drop.

F*k, the Core Technique of martial arts could be easily modified as per one wish, couldn't it?

This technique, did it need to go against the heaven's will?

Too astonishing!

However, this kind of thing was completely a trifling matter for him. Whether it was primary martial arts Technique, or Immortal Techniques, in both areas, he just needed to pour a single glance and that was enough for him to easily see a doorway, which used to encourage him to bring the appropriate desired modifications.

However, when it came to intermediate Core Technique or even the high-ranking Core Technique, he would feel completely helpless, since he had never bumped into any intermediate or advanced-level Core Technique ......

When Ye Feng had completely rewritten the whole Asura Tactics, just after that Su Menghan happened to finish her bath and blow-dried her long hair. By now, she didn't have any idea that Ye Feng had already returned to the villa. Therefore, as soon as she opened the bedroom's door and her eyes fell on Ye Feng there, she was taken aback, and a bit scared she said : ’’You're back?’’


Ye Feng put aside the pen, looked back, and what he actually saw was she was standing there in front of him, wrapped in a pink nightgown as if she was going to take rest. Since she had worn a very thin cotton cloth, therefore, his eyes unintentionally got trapped into her almost visible snow white and fuller chest, which was appearing very conspicuous, extremely attractive and quite alluring at the moment.

However, when Su Menghan noticed him looking at her strangely, instantly her complexion turned red, she quickly ran and got into the bed, and concealed her slender white body under a quilt, only leaving her pure and lovely face out.

’’What are you doing?’’

She saw that just now Ye Feng probably was writing something, so she couldn't help but ask him straight.

’’Modifying the foundation of Asura Tactics.’’

Without thinking much, he thoughtlessly replied.

’’Eh? Modifying the martial arts technique?’’

Su Menghan heard that and felt a bit strange, but did Ye Feng really have this sort of flagitious ability? If he made a mistake during its modification, then the people who would be practising this modified technique, wouldn't they be possessed by the devil or something like this?

Ye Feng put away the book and decided to give this thing to Scar tomorrow.

’’I'll go to take a shower, by the time I come back to you, till then you take a nap.’’

Ye Feng threw a smile towards the wrapped in the blanket Su Menghan, and then turned around to leave the bedroom.

This sentence made Su Menghan's cheeks turn bright red, as if they were 'painted' with red colour.

After a while, why would he come back to look for her again?

What was he planning to do?


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