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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 135


Chapter 135 ->The Sword tip falls from the heaven!

This was just excellent, if Ye Feng couldn't find Su Menghan, then naturally it was impossible for him to go back alone.

’’If I'll keep on running like this all over the place, I might get caught by the NSA or military people, mightn't I? To say it like this, I must put on some clothes rightnow to go back ......’’

He contemplated for a moment, using the identity of the masked man to appear again, would be clearly inappropriate. Therefore, the only option left with him was to take off his mask and resume Ye Feng's identity once again.

’’Women ah, they are really very troublesome.’’

Ye Feng wondered, but no matter what, he couldn't abandon her.

He picked up a jacket which was thrown in the magic array, as he wanted to drape it over his body and go back where Lin Detian was, so that he could arouse his interest and make him launch his troops to find her. However, he just had run a few steps and suddenly sensed a strange appearance popped up on the radar of his Soul Search Technique.

Actually, around hundred meters away, he felt the presence of Su Menghan in some underground place! She actually hadn't run far, but the question was, why in the world was she in such an underground place?

Without wasting his time in further thinking, he immediately threw his jacket down and burst into a quick run like the wind. With every step, he got closer to that place, simultaneously the picture of the current situation of that underground place also got clearer to him.

This place was actually a basement again. Ye Feng's Soul Search Technique swept around the whole area, even inside the basement and soon found something, which forced him to admit that something was there, which was indeed a pleasant surprise for him!

In addition to Su Menghan, the basement not only had a guy with a broken arm, but several password-locked iron boxes were also placed in its corners. Weren't these boxes the same which he had seen in the basement of Cai Shaohong's villa?

As for that broken arm guy's identity, of course, he was that perverted man of Heavenly Sword Palace, Li Hua. Previously, he had fifteen years Cultivation and had been a very challenging and strong opponent for Ye Feng. However now, wasn't it obvious enough to say that Ye Feng would certainly look down on him?

It didn't matter that currently Ye Feng's Cultivation had been in a suppressed state, he still had Soul Search Technique as his trump card. Just by relying on it, he could never come out weaker than that broken arm man, Li Hua!

’’No wonder how that guy Zhui Hun from before knew my relationship with long Wan'er. So, it turns out like this, this guy has been hiding here, definitely, there will be a motto behind it.’’

Although Ye Feng was engaged in this own thought process, but at the same time, he swept his Soul Search Technique once again and soon noticed that Su Menghan was absolutely fine there. This mere thought that nothing had happened to her, finally calmed down his heart. Obviously, if he had come to this place a bit late, then this wouldn't have been the case.

However, shortly after, he again sensed that there were also the corpses of two other women in that basement, evidently they had just died, but before dying, they really had been trampled upon badly. Ye Feng didn't want to think about this, as he already had an idea that this was certainly done by that perverted man, Li Hua.

’’This place, come to think of it, doesn't it look like it has been prepared by that armed escort, Zhui Hun as a hiding place for Li Hua? Fortunately, I have the Soul Search Technique under command now, or else meeting with him again ......’’

Ye Feng coldly snorted, he simply couldn't dare to imagine the consequences that might have happened since Su Menghan was now in his clutch.

However now, the things were crystal clear.

So far, Li Hua hadn't made his move on Su Menghan, and he wouldn't have this opportunity always!


On the other side, in the basement, Li Hua was busy playing with his connected arm, which had been joined to his body not long ago, but how couldn't he feel uncomfortable? It was entirely not as good as before, that sort of flexibility and an unobstructed feeling was still missing.

’’Little bastard Mo Jiuge, don't get caught by me, otherwise, you will be certainly shredded into one hundred and eight pieces, to vent my hatred hidden in my heart!’’

Li Hua bitterly bah and spat out his saliva.

Suddenly he thought of his severed arm, after that incident when his arm was chopped off, he soon bumped into Zhui Hun, who gave financial aid to him. However, he was badly struggling through his extreme hatred, which took the form of a determined intention, to slaughter that guy who left him with one of his arms chopped off.

Because of his notoriety in the martial arts world, a warrant had been issued by the secular world to arrest him as the most wanted criminal. Therefore, obviously he wouldn't dare to appear in the hospital, all he could do was to look for some good and reliable old friends, who could help him.

The series of explosions which took place just a moment ago, although Li Hua would have certainly sensed it even from such a distance, but he wouldn't have thought that Zhui Hun would have already died in this explosion.

’’Bah, it seems that Zhui Hun's plan also paved its way towards failure. Crap, also I don't have any idea why did he sell his life for helping others, isn't he like a dog in the end? Even if he ran away from this country, and received financial aid by Cai Clan, still he didn't need to be so obedient like the dog ......’’

These muffled thoughts were running in his mind, making him very puzzled. This guy Zhui Hun, why did he use to take orders from Cai Clan of Pei Keang Group. After all, no matter how it could be said, but they were all foreign devils.

Each martial artist always had some of their own perseverance.

Li Hua, although he was submerged in all kinds of evil deeds and also had a very perverted behaviour, but still he was very patriotic. But for Zhui Hun, nothing mattered to him, he just knew one thing, and that was the graciousness of the dripping water, which acted as a gushing spring for him!

When he had been listed as the wanted criminal in China, he fled from this country to overseas, however, if it were not for Cai Shaohong's and his Clan who had given financial and other aids to him at times, he would have been already grasped and given death penalty by the people of China. Because of this, for the lifetime, he dedicated his life in the service of Cai Clan.

This kind of insistence, Li Hua naturally couldn't understand.

Li Hua rested for a moment, then raised his head and looked towards a young beautiful girl, whom he had just accidentally caught. His gloomy and eerie face suddenly revealed a lascivious look, making his facial expression gradually appear more perverted.

Although, he had already played with those two dead women yesterday, but those two, how could they have such a captivating and pretty aura like this young girl had?

’’Beauty, what's your name?’’

Li Hua opened his mouth and asked indecently.


Su Menghan didn't want to think about him, so she looked away. Currently, her hands and feet were fastened with a rope, therefore she had no way to escape, which was making her extremely anxious.

If she had known earlier and listened to Ye Feng, then wouldn't it have been good if she had stayed in that magic array all along? However now, the situation had changed, the terrifying flame of that explosion led her to come out of that hidden place, and unfortunately as soon as she stepped out, was caught by this guy, and was brought on the verge of death.

Looking at those two female corpses sprawled in the corner, Su Menghan could only guess that if nobody arrived here soon to save her, then her fate would be exactly like those two female corpses.

However, this closed basement had more than two meters of depth from the ground, and there were steel plates clamped in the middle of it. The things not ended here, the worst part was, it had a very subtle entrance, blocked by the clumps of weeds.

In this kind of gloomy place, would someone really come to rescue her?

Li Hua looked at her flustered appearance and his heart blossomed with great enjoyment.

Actually, Zhui Hun made him guard those iron boxes here, since he usually got bored soon, so his only pleasure was to go out and grab a woman to have fun with her. Obviously, he didn't dare to go too far, or else in case he left the place and was accidentally caught by the investigating NSA people, then that would definitely be the dead end for him.

Obviously, he was very confident that his technique was full proof, to the extent where not even those idiots NSA people could succeed in finding his trail.

Regarding Li Hua, what he liked the most was to see the nervousness and fear of a woman, but certainly, this was not the end, his most favourite thing was to see the tears of a woman, coupled with her blood!

He stood up, and tightly gripped two long swords in his each hand. Afterwards, he slowly advanced towards tied Su Menghan, as his corners of the mouth curled up and formed a hideous smile.


He raised his intact hand and waved his sword, and while gazing at her with nearly crazy vision, he gradually licked the blade's edge, and then suddenly, he moved his sword towards her face, to strike and hurt her.

Under the pale yellow light of the basement, Su Menghan's beautiful pupil showed the reflection of his long sword. All she could do was clenching her teeth, while thinking that just like how Ye Feng had taught her, if she could use Star Tomb Tactics with her full strength, then she might succeed in shaking these fetters off. However, right at this time.


From above those two, a burst of the sound suddenly transmitted, followed by a golden long sword tip directly descended from the heaven!


Li Hua hadn't yet responded and all of a sudden, his raised arm instantly started spouting fresh blood and immediately his long sword with a loud sound, also fell to the ground.

This pathetic child, not long ago, his one of the arms had been chopped off, which hadn't been even fixed yet properly, and again he got his another arm severed.

’’Cultivation is suppressed, but I am still able to congeal the golden sword out, it seems that the suppressing meridian firearms have really no effect on me.’’

A leisurely voice resounded, immediately followed by a figure descended right in front of Su Menghan, wearing a white face mask. By directly piercing through the steel layer, which was above those two people, that figure jumped down. Obviously, he was none other than Ye Feng, who pierced the ceiling and caused a large hole, from where the beautiful night sky could be clearly seen.

’’It's you!’’

The moment Li Hua's eyes fell on Ye Feng's face mask, his facial expression took a 360-degree turn at once, coupled with the severe pain caused by striking his arm down. Immediately, he clenched his teeth with overflowing hatred while looking at him!


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