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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 132


Chapter 132 ->Irrefutable evidence

An ordinary yellow Santana rental car, carrying Xiao Qi, pulled up and moved speedily while getting all jolted along the craggy and rugged weeds, and rapidly approached towards those people.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng also proliferated his Soul Search Technique, and in an instant discovered that the driver of this rental car was actually the skeleton masked man from before, which all of a sudden made his heart calm down, it really was him. Now that he came over along with Xiao Qi, so now it could be considered as the right time had arrived to reveal the truth.

Zi Zi!

Soon Santana stopped not far away from them, and as soon as the vehicle's door opened, Xiao Qi leapt and frisked about to get off the car and ran over joyously, in the meantime, when she noticed that Lin Shiqing as well as Ye Feng, both were also present right now, she finally took a breath of relief.

’’Shiqing, you are all right, fortunately.’’

Quickly, Xiao Qi ran up to her and while patting her chest, said.

’’Xiao Qi, I still worry you a lot, right?’’

Lin Shiqing moved forward to meet her, however, there was a touch of deep concern hanging on her face: ’’How about you, didn't you have any accident?’’

’’No, everything is all right, luckily ......’’

Xiao Qi happily nodded her head, simultaneously;a lively smile bloomed on her face. However, at this moment, she poured her glance towards nearby standing Ye Feng, who was actually being under the clutch of the NSA members, which turned her a bit indignant : ’’Why have you guys caught him? He is my saviour, if it were not for him, then Cai Shaohong's scheme would already have made its way to the success! ’’

’’Cai Shaohong's scheme? Quickly tell us more about it in detail.’’

Although, Lin Shiqing was startled by her words, but still, she asked that hastily.

’’All materials are over here.’’

Xiao Qi spoke, as she opened her side bag, and drew out a stack of materials. Thereafter, while gazing at Ye Feng, she said in a ringing chuckle : ’’Relax, everything will be all right, there are lots of evidence with me, they will not embarrass you now.’’

However, for Ye Feng, these words sounded like she was trying to comfort a child, making him ultimately unable to bear and his corners of the mouth curled upwards, as he thought that this girl was also very adorable.

’’Where does this evidence come from?’’

Lin Shiqing received the material, and together with Lin Detian and Thunder, she also followed those materials closely for a while, and with the passing seconds, her facial expression also gradually changed.

These data, they were much more than only a piece of paper, it also had hard disk, USB, and so on. Merely a glimpse of these materials was enough to notice that Cai Shaohong's name was mentioned all over them, besides that, Pei Keang Group, their evil plans, and several related schemes, which they had planned to implement in this country, were also there in those materials!

Anyone could notice that this evidence couldn't be gathered in just one day.

’’Shiqing, you don't know that Xiao Zhao, Zhao Mingze. A year ago, his whole family was slaughtered by Cai Shaohong's people!’’

As Xiao Qi said that, the colour of dislike took birth on her lovable young face: ’’Therefore, this year he changed his surname intentionally to get close to Cai Shaohong, so that he could take his revenge ......’’

Actually, it turned out to be him!

The moment Ye Feng heard that, suddenly the thoughts of the daytime banged in his mind, when he had decided to track Cai Shaohong down together with that effeminate guy. That guy, who had been actually lurking around Cai Shaohong for last one year, was one of the members of Southern Heavenly Gate!

However, this effeminate guy and the skeleton masked man, both were the polar opposite, simply speaking, this guy didn't resemble the skeleton masked at all! Not only the skeleton masked's tolerance ability was splendid, but his thoughts were also exquisite, he had the ability to hold everything in his hands. Most importantly, he knew very perfectly how to seize the opportunity;this talent had made him capable enough to cooperate with Ye Feng successfully while dealing with Cai Shaohong.

’’What is the true identity of Xiao Zhao? A year ago when his whole family was killed, only then ......’’

Lin Shiqing asked that as she raised her head and looked towards her father, Lin Detian.

However, at this time, Lin Detian and Thunder, both of them simultaneously looked at each other, as if they saw the hidden meaning, the eyes of the opposite party was reflecting : ’’Regarding the extermination case of Southern Heavenly Gate, so surprisingly the true culprit turns out to be Cai Shaohong, who had pulled strings of Zhui Hun to get this job done!’’

’’There are plenty of video materials on this hard disk, containing the video recordings of Cai Shaohong's various mysterious actions ......’’

Xiao Qi continued explaining that there were these video data, which were entirely related to Cai Shaohong's evil plans, and they would certainly serve as an irrefutable proof!

On the one hand, she kept on explaining things one by one, while on the other hand, she was constantly casting her grateful eyes toward Ye Feng, with this feeling that if he were not there to protect her, her life would have been destroyed by Cai Shaohong. Even now, although she would have been on the hoof, but it would have become a big problem ....

The graciousness of saving someone's life, this was something which was hard to dismiss from one's mind! Especially to a young girl, who was right onset of puberty, even more than that, for her it was like she had run into the hero, and her tender heart had already framed a picture of admiration for him.

While on the other side, just by looking at the expressions Xiao Qi's eyes were emitting, Lin Shiqing rightaway noticed that something was strange with her. This girl, could it be that she had started getting attracted towards him?

By this time, she had no clue about the situation Xiao Qi had bumped into, at first she was attacked by Lin Xiuwen in her own house, while the next day, she was carried away to the basement of Cai Shaohong's villa, where she confronted with five hairy monsters crisis. One must know that she had been living in the relatively secure area of Yanjing city, in short, she had never seen how people even fight. Now, abruptly she went through this kind of heart-chilling situation, her psychological barrier had collapsed ages ago.

However, during these critical moments, it was Ye Feng, who appeared before her twice wearing a mask, and rescued her from such a dangerous situation, wouldn't it obviously let her have this kind of strange thoughts?

Naturally, Ye Feng didn't notice it at all, because rightnow, his 100 % attention was towards maximum utilisation of even the last bit of his strength to efficiently operate an Immortal Technique ’’Star Tomb Tactics’’ to the fullest. Soon by taking advantage of this time, he really succeeded in promoting his shackled Cultivation to five years!

Now the time had knocked the door to go for an action.

He didn't want to go through the tortures and sufferings the NSA might cause to him soon, also Su Menghan would have been still waiting for him.

’’Just do so rightaway!’’

Finally, he made up his mind, immediately his Zhenqi started seething in his whole body, and then got accumulated in his both legs.

Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace!

Under his foot, the huge force suddenly gushed out, making him shrug off the fetters of two National Security Agency members in a flash. Immediately his stature flashed, and leaving behind only a blur afterimage in-situ, he quickly disappeared in the dim light of night!

However, right before leaving the place, he gazed at the skeleton masked man sitting in the yellow Santana car. Coincidentally, the opposite party simultaneously looked at him and made a gesture of thumbs-up. Afterwards, he stepped on the accelerator, moved the steering wheel, and instantaneously started the car, and then unexpectedly turned the car towards the place where Lin Shiqing and other people were!

’’Be careful!’’

This instant turn of events, forced the complexion of the people presents on the field, to take a sudden change.

They hadn't thought at all that not even the four bullets could be capable enough to press down his Cultivation for the time being, surprisingly, he was still able to use his inner qi and display a martial arts skill to escape! They certainly didn't have noticed by now that what Ye Feng used to practice was not inner qi, rather it was Zhenqi.

They were already too late to react and think about doing something, and suddenly right at this moment, the skeleton masked man, driving a yellow Santana car, quickly hit to come over!

Hurriedly, a bit anxiously, the people started dispersing to avoid any accident which might happen, who knew that the yellow rental car would arrive in front of them, just to take a rapid turn, and by placing the car buttock towards them, it pulled away all the way super fast.

’’Stop him!’’

Thunder immediately passed the order, and at the same time, nearby standing NSA soldiers raised their sophisticated firearms in their hands, all set to fire at him.

’’Hey Hey, don't act recklessly!’’

On seeing this, Xiao Qi stood up at once , blocked their way, while her eyes fixedly stared at them: ’’They didn't do anything wrong, so, on what ground do you want to catch them?’’

As soon as she jumped before them and blocked their path, all NSA soldiers looked at each other in blank dismay, while mutually thinking that f*k, what the crap was this matter?

’’Xiao Qi, you ......’’

Lin Shiqing said that and suddenly her gorgeous black eyebrows wrinkled up tightly, as she looked towards Xiao Qi, apparently, she had realised something about this girl by now, could it be that she had reached an agreement with Xiao Zhao ahead of time?

Obviously, by now, she had known that the skeleton masked male of the yellow Santana rental car was Xiao Zhao, Zhao Mingze. And right now, he clearly did this purposely to shield ’’Mo jiuge’’, and quite obviously, also helped him in escaping. Furthermore, Xiao Qi also stood up to stir up more troubles and prevent the NSA person from pursuing them.

Naturally, at present everyone knew that Zhao Mingze was not Zhao Mingze, but he was the survivor of Southern Heavenly Gate extermination incident ......

To sum it up, presently these two masked men as well as Xiao Qi, these three people stood in the same battle line!

Due to the strange behavior of Xiao Qi, Lin Shiqing entered the deep thinking phase while looking into the eyes of Xiao Qi, and suddenly a strange thought flashed in her mind, consequently she stood up hastily and blocked the movement of National Security people: ’’Come on Dad, let it pass, don't pursue them.’’

However her words were little unexpected for her father, Lin Detian, as a result, immediately he frowned, since he couldn't understand his own daughter's standpoint: ’’Why are you acting impetuously today?’’


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