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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 129


Chapter 129 ->Capture the masked man alive!

All of a sudden, Ye Feng's heart skipped a beat and instantly he proliferated his Soul Search Technique, as he saw Zhui Hun's hand pressing the red button.

Soul Search Technique was not only used to observe the surrounding situation within a range, but also to examine the underground situation as well. But, in normal times, there was no need to do that, since it used to heavily consume his Zhenqi.

However now, Ye Feng would certainly not think much.

Because of the proliferation of Soul Search Technique, he immediately found out that several bombs were buried under the ground, around this place. Fortunately, he didn't sense any bomb under his feet. In such a short time, it was impossible to destroy all these bombs, his mind immediately started racing with a lightning speed, and the first thought which crossed his mind was the protection of Lin Shiqing. Therefore, he tightly squeezed her body in his arms, simultaneously waved his long golden sword a few times.

Shua! Shua!

A mere sword gashed opened the ground, which was immediately followed by a sudden eruption of his Zhenqi, causing a terrible airwave, which raised a big layer of mud land!

Without further delay, Ye Feng put away his long sword and pushed Lin Shiqing down directly on the ground, and then he also jumped onto her. Immediately after, a big layer of mud, which was brought about by him, fell down and deeply buried those two people together underground.

This time, Ye Feng had to ensure her safety at all cost, it wasn't because she was Miss Lin, the daughter of the great Clan, but because she was an innocent person. Therefore, Ye Feng would never allow himself to just watch her helplessly dying like this.


Since she was thrown on the ground and her body was pressed down by Ye Feng, she exhaled a sound out of pain, however, a thick layer of mud had already covered them up, therefore her voice completely got concealed.


The sound of a series of bombs detonation burst out, even if they were buried by the thick mud, but Ye Feng could still feel that the ambient temperature suddenly rose up.

’’Don't flail about.’’

In the meantime, Ye Feng also felt that Lin Shiqing was constantly struggling, therefore he hugged her more tightly, and pressed her heavily under his body.

There was a five-centimetre-thick layer of soil covering their body, but this couldn't 100 % ensure their safety. Might be, there would be some bombs buried around them, already there were altogether more than hundreds of bombs buried everywhere, and if they all exploded together, then not even a shield of five-centimetre-thick soil layer could block the collective power of the explosion.

The fire was already soaring to the sky, making the surrounding more prone to danger. Unfortunately, just in a moment, the layer of that soil was lifted up, making almost half of the back of Ye Feng bare and soon got exposed to the fire.


Out of the blue, one solid steel bar, which was actually sent flying by this explosion and was already burning red in this intense flame, suddenly flew straight towards the place where Ye Feng was.

If by any chance, this steel bar would stab Ye Feng's back, then definitely not even Lin Shiqing, who was pressed beneath him, would be able to escape this blow.


However, again at such a critical time, Ye Feng relied on his Soul Search Technique and instantly sensed this flying steel bar which was advancing towards him. Hence, without turning his head, he simply stretched his hand out to grab this burning steel bar and then threw it aside.

Immediately with a loud bang, it got crashed in the semi-collapsed wall, making it suddenly collapse to the ground, while all the broken bricks and tiles caused by that crash, actually rained on Ye Feng's body.

They were surrounded by a huge chaotic situation, but still Ye Feng was stubbornly lying on the ground pressing her under his body. However, at this moment, he suddenly felt a burning pain in his legs and back, but he couldn't do anything rightnow except endurance.

Fortunately, there was no buried bomb under their feet, or else they would have been dead by now.

As for that armed escort, his leg was already stabbed and badly injured by Ye Feng, but still, he tried to escape. He merely ran two steps, and suddenly got submerged in a sheet of flame, his whole body instantly caught fire, and he fell to the ground heavily. Soon, the fire turned him into a grilled armed escort.


Since Lin Shiqing's body was tightly pressed under Ye Feng's body, therefore she felt a little pain in her chest. Also, why wouldn't she feel this pain, a pair of her beautiful front was quite majestic, and at this time since they were being pressed firmly by Ye Feng, then how couldn't they be in pain?

She could clearly feel how desperately Ye Feng was trying to protect her, however, the present situation was......

’’Hey, your back has caught fire!’’

Lin Shiqing was struggling desperately, however, her efforts were of no use, since the strength of Ye Feng was incredibly huge, how easily he sliced that strange person in two halves, a few minutes ago!

’’Don't move.’’

Ye Feng said in a sinking voice, since she was bothering him a lot, and he clearly knew that her struggling wouldn't do any good for them. If they would jump out then definitely would be burnt to ashes. As for him, since he was an Immortal Cultivator, he had a certain immunity to the ordinary flame, although he would be burnt, but somehow he wouldn't be burnt to death.

On the one hand, the flames were rapidly spreading, while on the other hand, Lin Shiqing was in a very terrible condition, being heavily pressed by Ye Feng, making her more and more suffocated. And quite soon, sweat started oozing from her fair and smooth face.


However, Ye feng just looked into her eyes, while still maintaining complete silence, even though his back had caught fire and he had been in a severe pain, but he didn't panic.

But as for her, she simply couldn't dare to imagine that if it were not Ye Feng who had protected her like this, then in what kind of situation would she have been now? The same thing must have happened with that armed escort, Zhui Hun, he would have definitely burnt to crisp by now.

The pain and sufferings of being burnt alive, this mere thought had already shudder her heart from inside.Currently, in front of her, this masked man was not only desperately trying to block the flame approaching her, but had also caught fire and his back was burning badly. And here the stunning point was he still didn't let her suffer the slightest bit ......

’’Although I can't see his expression, but he would certainly be in a severe pain, wouldn't he?’’

At this moment, Lin Shiqing's beautiful pupils were already completely occupied by his white grimace face mask.

It just took a few minutes, and his entire back flared up and completely turned him into a Burning Man!

Bang! Bang!

But, at this moment, the sound of two ammunition explosion passed from the sky, immediately followed by a burst of rainwater, which was actually falling down from the sky. Now, they could feel even from the underground place, that after a few minutes the surrounding fire intensity had started gradually weakening, and finally, only little-scattered flames left.

As the member of the National Security Agency, they had to carry rainfall bomb at all times!

As one of the top fighting force of China, the equipment of the members of the NSA was absolutely top-grade. Under this kind of situation, they finally made use of their equipment, which really turned out very successful. The flame that Ye Feng had carried on the back from quite a long time, was finally extinguished by the pouring caused by the rainfall bomb.

Otherwise, if the fire had continued to go on like this, then it could be assumed that even Ye Feng would have been burnt badly, and barely survived.

’’Miss Lin!’’

Along with his team members, Thunder rushed towards that direction while shouting loudly. Meanwhile, the fire fighting guns were also being used by them to speedily extinguish the peripheral remaining flames.

Sooner, the NSA members found the corpse of Zhu Hun, who was burnt to ashes. However, this scene instantly made their hearts sank. If such a proficient martial artist Zhui Hun, who had 30 years Cultivation, failed to escape this explosion and was burnt to death, then was there any possibility that Lin Shiqing would still be alive?

Everyone was stunned and their hearts were also overshadowed!

’’How is it?’’

After the confirmation that there was no danger now, burning with impatience Lin Detian ran up to Thunder and immediately inquired.

’’The situation is far from good, since the explosion is very violent, and Miss Lin had been seen in this area, therefore the possibility that she would have luckily escaped, is extremely low.’’

Thunder said by keeping his voice down.

But the voice just fell, and one the members of NSA shouted out loudly : ’’Captain, Chief, over there, someone is on the hoof!’’

As soon as he said this sentence, instantly the eyes of everyone shifted towards the said direction, where they saw a big pile of bricks and roof tiles. However, immediately after, they again saw a masked figure crawled up, he was the masked man, Ye Feng.

The moment Lin Detian saw him, his blood rushed to his head and his fury suddenly tore his mind apart. If the masked man had shown up here, then didn't it mean Lin Shiqing was also brought here by him? Perhaps, this masked man was lucky enough, as he survived this terrible explosion, but Lin Shiqing ......

’’Catch him alive!’’

Without any hesitation, Lin Detian issued the order!

Puff! Puff!

Two unknown strange bullets were almost immediately shot out from the muzzles of the two NSA soldiers.

It seemed like since the masked man had just gone through a massive explosion, therefore he was unable to respond and was shot back to back twice, by two bullets, one on his shoulder and other on his chest. Originally, he wanted to stand up and escape, however, he failed, as he was jolted by those two shots, and soon his all strength was suddenly dropped down to the ground.

Capturing the masked man alive, succeeded!

Thunder waved his hand, leading the several members of the National Security Agency to rush towards the masked man.


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