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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 128


Cap 128 ->Factory explosion

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ye Feng had barely approached that covert place, but immediately sensed the presence of a person's silhouette hiding in the dense bushes. However, incisively, back to back, three flying sharp knives were fired towards his face, making him a little surprised. A surprise attack!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Promptly, his long golden sword brandished in his hand, by relying on his Soul Search Technique, instantly, very precisely, he hit those flying knives and nullified that sneak attack. After that, he raised his head, looked ahead, and saw that the person's shadow was setting out to escape.

The armed escort, Zhui Hun had been terrorising the whole world for so many years, furthermore, his primary cultivation skill was Hidden Weapon Technique. And as a trivial result of his practice, his agility had already reached a high degree of proficiency to the extent where even after displaying Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, Ye Feng turned out totally incompetent to catch up with him.

Instantaneously, that figure sprang a dozen meters towards the direction of the abandoned factory, just like a crafty fox in the night.

’’Does he want to run away?’’

Without further ado, Ye Feng once again abandoned Lin Shiqing and promptly released Dragon Claw Hand!

In a short while, his Zhenqi sprang out from his body and fled towards Zhui Hun's direction, like a virtual Dragon Claw. Soon, it grabbed his shoulders and waist firmly and started pulling him back.

However, unfortunately, the opposite part was already well prepared, after all, he must have seen Ye Feng's Dragon Claw Hand Technique a moment ago, when Ye Feng had tried to block those flying knives advancing towards Lin Detian

At this critical moment, suddenly that shadow's inner qi burst out, making his stature turn at once, and very smoothly, he slipped out of the clutch of Ye Feng's Dragon Claw Hand. Now, Ye Feng could feel that this person had definitely more than two decades Cultivation, might be even up to thirty years!

Zhui Hun had been moving across the country for last five years, and had also handled plenty of ruthless and pungent affairs. Moreover, he was listed as the most wanted criminal by the government, naturally, his Cultivation was beyond one's imagination.

If Ye Feng hadn't possessed ten years Cultivation at present, he would never have dared to pursue him rashly.

’’My Cultivation is still extremely low, or else I would have solely relied on Dragon Claw Hand Technique and would definitely have stopped him from running away ......’’

Seeing the opposite party still running away, Ye Feng didn't hesitate and again held Lin Shiqing as a hostage. While embracing her soft and delicate body in his arms, he hastily cast out Invisibility and Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace at the same time!

As for Lin Shiqing, since she was once again thrown by him, which made her heart already very annoyed, but she couldn't flare up at this moment. Her beautiful face turned red, as she thought that how shameless this masked man was, although he was pursuing that armed escort, but why did he still bend on having her as a hostage?

She also felt that in this chaotic situation, her whole body was constantly being taken advantage by this masked man over and over again. The thing not ended here, because of him, every now and then, the weeds were slapping on her smooth face and exposed thighs, making her strongly feel that tonight was really one of the worst nights ever since her birth.

As for Ye Feng, it had become a necessity for him to take her as a hostage, just to ensure his safety. Because he couldn't guarantee that whether it was Lin Detian or Thunder, ever since they had listened to Zhui Hun's words, they would trust him or not.

Also, the NSA soldiers, who were capable enough to deal with a martial artist, would definitely have some hidden means with them right now, therefore Ye Feng had to ensure his security by all means. He thought that using her as a hostage would demotivate them and would also prevent them from acting rashly.

Carrying Lin Shiqing in his arms, his stature vanished, and with a breakneck speed, he rushed behind him to chase him down. The more he got closer to the abandoned factory, the more he turned cautious, like not to touch any weeds or wildflowers, also not to produce any sound of the footsteps.

The dark shadow of Zhui Hun escaped all the way towards the door of the factory and hid behind the edge or the half-collapsed wall. But he was still cautious, since he had abundant of bubbling doubts going on in his heart right now.

Where did that masked man disappear?

Had he given up?

Sneakingly, he stuck his head out to see outside the factory. Under the dim light of the night sky, the towering dense weeds were billowing in the wind. However, neither he noticed any trace of a person's shadow, nor heard any suspicious sound.

But somehow, he always felt a chill in the air invading his whole body, making him still maintain the vigilance.

He had a huge trust on his instinct, and on that basis, he felt that he was still in danger!

’’Hmm, I am a proficient Cultivator with three decades Cultivation, but still am I afraid of him, a fledgeling little guy?’’

He felt a little funny, but the fact was, indeed the talent of the masked man, Mo Jiuge was extremely formidable and frightful, which was at a whole new level. He had already heard a lot of things about the masked man, like he was a young guy, but could still assign his inner qi away from his body spatially, and could also display the second layer of Dragon Claw Hand Technique very easily, like a genius.

Zhui Hun thought that in case he had to deal with this masked man face to face, then, in that case, his odds of success were emphatically not high. His area of expertise was literally assassinating people while being in the shadow, if he couldn't make a proper utilisation of his agility, then the situation would definitely turn out very unfavourable for him.

’’It appears that nobody is chasing me.’’

He waited for a moment, and when he saw that no movement took place outside, he felt a little relieved and thought: ’’Based on my skill, escaping from here won't be a problem for me. Since the assassination of Lin Detian has failed because of that guy, I can't stay here any longer........................’’

He stretched his hand towards that semi-collapsed walls and dug some mud for a while, shortly after he pulled a sophisticated remote control out. By holding it in his hand, he finally made up his mind that he had to escape from here as soon as possible.

But right at this moment, a faint voice suddenly resounded in his ear.

’’Do you really want to escape? But it's too late now.’’

Zhui Hun felt a surge of terrible pain on his thigh like something had been pierced there!


And the next moment, a blood-curdling screech echoed everywhere but again he turned gloomy, bowed his head, looked towards his wound, and remained surprised for a moment by seeing a golden sword, which attacked him from behind, had actually stabbed his thigh at one fell swoop, and had caused a deep wound there, making his blood rush out crazily

This sneak attack was certainly done by Ye Feng, he came all the way while being invisible and abruptly pierced his sword to cripple the agility of the opposite party.

At present, it had become absolutely impossible for Zhui Hun to flee from here. In the martial arts world, regardless of what kind of dodging agility one possessed, he still had to completely rely on his both legs. The current situation was, his one leg was injured, so how could he still run?

Ye Feng moved closer to him, and carefully observed him for a moment, dressed in skin-tight black clothes, Zhui Hun's stature appeared very thin, his face was covered with a black hood, like a bank robber, and his eyes were very gloomy, resembling a ferocious wolf.

’’This remote control, is it used to control these strange people?’’

All of a sudden, a sophisticated remote control, which was in Zhui Hun's hands, popped up in Ye Feng's eyes. It was a silvery metal thing, and just by looking at it, anyone could say that it was a high-tech product. But the point was, it seemed that it wasn't the same gadget which was there in Cai Shaohong's basement?

’’Wrong, this is the remote control of a bomb!’’

Was held under duress by Ye Feng in his bosom, Lin Shiqing looked at that thing and responded right away.


Ye Feng's face turned pale.

’’Indeed Miss Lin is very acumen, as she instantly figured this thing out.’’

Half-knelt on the ground, Zhui Hun continued saying in an eerie voice : ’’What a pity, since I have been caught by you, I don't want to protect my crappy and rotten life anymore.’’

His voice barely fell, and Ye Feng saw his hand moved and pressed a red button on the remote control.

’’Not good!’’

Immediately Ye Feng responded, and while putting his golden sword away, he quickly embraced Lin Shiqing, as he wanted to quickly leave this abandoned factory.

Unfortunately, the opposite party had not only planted bombs in the abandoned factory but had also buried several bombs in the weeds around the factory. As soon as Zhui Hun pressed a button, all the hundreds of bombs got activated at once.

Suddenly, with the loud bang, the flame soared to the heaven!

In this deathly stillness, outside Yanjing city, at such a desolate place, something happened which changed the whole scenario. In a twinkling of an eye, the entire abandoned factory along with its surrounding hundred meters of area, instantly turned into a sea of fire.

’’It's not good, Chief!’’

Thunder, who was leading everyone to go forward cautiously, saw a terrible surge of flame in front of him, not very far away from his members, and immediately his complexion changed.

While on the other side, Lin Detian's complexion also ashen.

The NSA soldiers, based on their search, had figured out that the masked man along with Lin Shiqing had rushed towards the factory. Who would have thought that just in a split second, the entire factory would explode?

Seeing the explosion of this scale, Lin Detian didn't dare to continue moving on.

Therein, the possibility of Lin Shiqing's survival had become almost zero now!


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