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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 126


Chapter 126 ->The golden sword!

Before coming to this place, Lin Shiqing hadn't thought that she would bump into such a strange scenario.

Originally she thought that this abandoned factory would be just an ordinary hiding place, where the masked man would have hidden Xiao Qi after abducting her. And he did so, just to threaten Lin Clan and talk about his conditions at this place. However now when she looked back, she felt that she was really completely mistaken.

The whole body of this strange fellow was covered with hair, he was looking very scrawny, with deep eye sockets, but still his strength was surprisingly huge, even his eyes were emitting the terrifying green light. What actually was this thing?

Could it be that indeed this abandoned factory had some hidden secrets about Cai Shaohong and Pei Keang Group, just like how Ye Feng had pointed out earlier?

She couldn't help but make a quick conjecture, however, the present situation didn't allow her to think much.

It was really frightening to see how that long-haired strange fellow overturned such a heavy truck like a toy. And now, just within a fraction of second, he appeared in front of Lin Shiqing, almost very close to her body, that now she could even smell an odour of his mouth, which was extremely disgusting and almost made her puke.

Before she could get the time to get up and run, she was suddenly caught by him. Her slender white thighs were already grabbed by that strange person.


He roared loudly, simultaneously he made an effort with his hands and lifted her whole body up, thenafter he quickly placed her in front of him, as a shield.

This guy actually knew how to hold her as a hostage!

’’Don't shoot!’’

Immediately Thunder ran over, his facial expression also immediately changed!

A hairy freak, who was already disabled, still had the power to smash the head of one of his team members into bits, like smashing watermelons. Although he was instantly killed by other members, but the death of his team member couldn't be reversed, he couldn't be brought back to life again.

At present, the situation was very risky, Lin Shiqing was already grabbed in a tight grip of one of the hairy freaks, and was being used as a hostage!


Seeing the chaos caused by the sudden appearance of these strange fellows, Lin Detian was long thrown into a flustered state, but the moment his eyes fell on his daughter, he couldn't bear it and his heart suddenly somewhat tightened.

As soon as these strange things came in front of his sight, he already understood the present situation and also guessed a number of possibilities. Not only that, he also secretly blamed himself for this carelessness. In case, something bad happened to Lin Shiqing here in front of his eyes, he would never forgive himself for this, and would always rebuke himself throughout his life.

At this moment, the heart of almost everyone present on the scene jumped to their throat. In this bafflement, they didn't afford even blinking their eyes, they were just constantly, very fixedly staring at Lin Shiqing and that long-haired strange person.

’’Hmm ......’’

They saw how Lin Shiqing was strangled by that hairy weirdo and was lifted up in the midair. Because of that, she was feeling suffocated and was continuously struggling to release herself. However, all of her efforts went into vain. This strange fellow, who had the capability to overturn a truck, how could he be compared to a mere college-going girl?

’’Everyone retreat.’’

An eerie voice with a touch of haziness reverberated in all directions like a voice of ghosts and demons in general : ’’Otherwise, I will let you see a good play, TSK~! Such a soft skin and tender flesh young girl she is, my treasures would definitely love this toy very much, however, I don't know she can withstand it or not......’’

’’Who are you?’’

Lin Detian heard the sound, and very calmly asked that.

Very proficiently, he tried to establish a peaceful interaction with the opposite party, since he was already afraid that in the absence of proper exchange of words between the bilateral parties, his daughter would have to ultimately suffer a lot.

’’You don't need to control anything, just do as I say!’’

That gloomy voice burst out again, but this time, he shouted very loudly, immediately followed by a boorish move by that long-haired weirdo, he raised his hand to tear Lin Shiqing's clothes apart from her body.

’’Everyone draw back!’’

The complexion of Thunder paled down , he didn't wait for Lin Detian to react and immediately passed the ordered.

As a result, all the members of the National Security Agency present on the scene immediately complied with his order and retreated.

’’TSK, also withdraw the troops who were assigned outside this place, in the outer ring, otherwise, my special play might begin immediately, and as for your knowledge, I always keep my promise ......’’

The hazy sound still continued passing on.

The big hand of that hairy freak actually didn't stop a bit, it was already just one centimetre away from the chest of Lin Shiqing, and it seemed that any moment her clothes would be ripped off.

The heart of each and everyone present on the scene, including Lin Detian, literally stopped beating, if anything happened to Lin Shiqing, then the consequences would be simply unimaginable!

What did he want to do? Could it be that in this kind of place, he wanted to defile her?

Extremely hateful!


As when Lin Detian was about to order Lin Xiuwu, making him leave the place along with his group, exactly then, suddenly a golden light flashed right behind the head of that hairy weirdo.


In a blink of an eye, the swift and fierce sword light cleft the hairy strange person from top to bottom into two parts. That golden light was incomparably bright, which dazzled the eyes of everyone.

This strange thing, who had the capability to overturn a truck, was so easily cleft into two halves merely by a sword!


After getting hit by the sword, that freak loosened his hands and softly dropped Lin Shiqing. Although she fell, but in the hands of another figure, in the midair.

A split second was more than enough to change the table, however, the reaction speed of the people was not as fast as the occurrence of the incident. They quickly looked towards that direction with a rapt attention and saw a man, with a white grimace face mask, was standing in front of them, holding a golden sword in his hand.

The Masked man!

Surprisingly, this kind of dangerous situation took place, but still, they didn't move!

However, this incident jolted the brain of both Lin Detian as well as Thunder, and they remained stunned for a while. They felt that the action they took beforehand was simply absurd.

The masked man was certainly Ye Feng.

Just when the truck was being overturned by that hairy freak, during that period, Ye Feng quickly held Su Menghan, and cast out Invisibility and Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace at the same time. After that, very quietly, along with her, he rushed to the distant place, where they couldn't be found by anyone.

Thereafter, in order to hide Su Menghan properly, he cast Camouflage Technique on her, to ensure that no other person could find any trace of her. Furthermore, he also exhorted her not to come out from this place at any cost.

Afterwards, by putting on a mask, he ran out and suddenly the scene appeared before his eyes, where Lin Shiqing was caught by that strange freak.

Quietly, he arrived behind the long-haired person, and started condensing Zhenqi in his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring. As a result, immediately the golden sword light flashed and sliced that weirdo into two halves.

After reaching ten years Cultivation, the colour of his Zhenqi sword actually turned into golden!

’’Are you all right?’’

Ye Feng looked at her, as he asked that in a sinking voice. He actually noticed that she had already suffocated long enough to pass out. However, fortunately, she still had retained a trace of consciousness, which let her know that she was saved by the masked man.

Her condition was so miserable, it wasn't just because that freak really made a huge effort to choke her neck badly, but also his smell was really intolerably disgusting. Luckily, Lin Shiqing could sustain it till now, and didn't lose her consciousness.

’’Thanks for ......’’

Lin Shiqing said that somewhat weakly.

’’We have the common enemy.’’

In a low voice, Ye Feng said that. One hundred meters of the range were already under the radar of his Soul Search Technique, but still, he didn't find any suspicious traces. That loud ghastly man's voice, which had appeared just a moment ago, was actually transmitted from very far away.

Was he one of the accomplices of Cai Shaohong?

Now Ye Feng could almost affirm that this abandoned factory was Cai Shaohong's secret place, where he used to hide his army of strange fellows. Moreover, he also believed that his other accomplices were also present here, at this moment.

’’This person is our friend.’’

Lin Detian throat somewhat dried up, seeing the masked man holding his daughter in his arms, he didn't dare to be negligent, and at once made a loud voice : ’’Excuse me, may I ask ......’’

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, Ye Feng suddenly reacted, since he sensed something strange appeared in the scope of his Soul Search Technique. Soon a figure flashed under the dim light of night, immediately followed by three sharp flying knives. These hidden weapons were thrown directly towards Lin Detian.

’’Are they targeting Lin Clan? Also, the hidden weapon was played pretty well.’’

Ye Feng sneered, instantly he loosened his grip and let Lin Shiqing fell to the ground. Thenafter, he promptly made a stance, it was Dragon Claw Hand Technique! In a flash, his Zhenqi sprang out spatially from his body, and by coordinating Soul Search Technique, he easily captured the trajectory of those three sharp flying knives.

Shua. Shua. Shua.

With his one hand, he pulled all the three hidden weapons and totally nullified this sneak attack in a tweak. If Ye Wentian would have seen him doing so, he must have exclaimed aloud and would have branded him as a genius, since he was able to apply a second layer of Dragon Claw Hand in this way!


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