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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 124


Chapter 124 ->Lin Rentian's job

The operation was jointly led by Thunder and Lin Xiuwu. The plan was, on one hand, with a bunch of people, Thunder would rush towards Military District Hospital for proper investigation of the scene. While on the other hand, Lin Xiuwu would lead the fourth Guards Regiment, by keeping them on standby, moreover, their target location to assemble wouldn't be very far away.

Confronting such a terrible masked man was not something anyone could handle, even the fourth elite guard regiment could only act as a scout, while the real fighting thing would be literally done by the NSA members, directly under the leadership of Thunder.

The sophisticated and precise firearms equipment along with the superior personal qualities, were the specialities and assets of the National Security Agency, and the so-called the mediator of the martial arts world.

’’Let's go and have a look together.’’

Ye Feng pulled Su Menghan close to him, since, at this crucial moment, he must stick to her side, in order to ensure her safety. He was just waiting for this matter to end soon, thenafter, they would return to their villa, where he would give her a Lingshi and make her begin the absorption process, to promote her Cultivation, so as to help her build even a little self-defence capability, to face a dangerous situation, like the current one confidently.

While at this moment, the other Lin people were mostly scattered, leaving behind only Lin Detian, Lin Rentian and Thunder's NSA squad, who were about to go to the hospital first.

Altogether thirty people, fully armed, were present on the scene, who were able to bring out their best fighting strength, directly under the command of Thunder. While the rest of the people must stay in the Villa's campus, all alert. One must know that his small team had more than forty people altogether.

Ye Feng and Su Menghan together boarded on a green coloured military truck, and sat next to Lin Rentian, which made Lin Rentian stare at them somewhat maliciously, through his eyeglasses.

At this moment, his son was lying in a hospital, but this pair of young lovers was actually talking and smiling merrily, so, how could he be in a good mood?

Ye Feng also glanced at him, while thinking that Lin Xiuwen must be a se* maniac person, he had listened to Cai Shaohong's slanderous talk, how could he appear so late in Xiao QI's room, and then turned into a retard?

However, Ye Feng's mind was at peace now, because, this matter had nothing to do with him.

Su Menghan also sat beside him, and tightly held his arm. She never had thought her life would become such mighty waves, but still believed that it would certainly calm down before her college entrance exam.

However, suddenly she thought of something and her mind changed, the moment Ye Feng taught her Immortal Cultivation, since then her life was destined to be no longer ordinary. Such a thing happened today, perhaps it was just a trifle thing, like a trailer ......

Soon, two green coloured military trucks, carrying more than twenty people, pulled out all the way roaring towards Yanjing's Military District Hospital.

The medical system of Yanjing city was incredibly excellent in the whole country, especially the military hospitals. Only because of the powerful influence of Lin Clan, Lin Xiuwen was admitted here normally, and as for Xiao Qi, just because she had a good relationship with Lin Shiqing, she also got admitted here.

But how unfortunate these two people were, one became a retard, and other was kidnapped. What more surprising, a people could be kidnapped from this military district hospital! It proved that the masked man was indeed extremely talented !

The vehicle barely stopped, and immediately an anxious-looking face of Lin Shiqing popped up. Actually, she was waiting for them outside, at the entrance of the hospital.

Still holding the arm of Ye Feng, Su Menghan got down, however, seeing Lin Shiqing standing there, she couldn't help but pinch him secretly. She thought that Ye Feng couldn't disappear today along with Lin Shiqing like the previous time, because, didn't so many mind-baffling things have happened here today? However, at present, Lin Shiqing was looking so attractive, which forced Su Menghan to feel extremely jealous of her.

Ye Feng had been pinched by Su Menghan, but he didn't have any alternative. The only thing he could do right now was to wait helplessly, until he finally got a free time to make things clear to her, including the matter related to Immortal Cultivation. He also had to tell her about the masked man's identity, Cai Shaohong's issue and so on, although they were not so important matters.

Clad in a shirt and short skirt, Lin Shiqing was looking so exquisite and alluring, her beautiful, fuller and plump bosom, which was shaking rhythmically at the moment, was making Ye Feng unable to bear but throw several glances towards it.

’’Little Ye, how did you come ......’’

Lin Shiqing ran up to him and stood still beside him. While gently teasing her hair a bit, she noticed that Ye Feng was looking a little strange.

’’Because I am related to that masked man, therefore, I was brought.’’

While putting out his hands, Ye Feng said : ’’Oh, by the way, that person who kidnapped Xiao Qi, what kind of mask had he worn? Something like this?’’

He asked that, while taking the white grimace face mask out.

This question was supposed to be asked by Lin Detian, therefore, he didn't interrupt into their conversation. He just looked at his daughter, as if waiting for a reply.

’’It was not so, he has a black human skeleton face mask.’’

Lin Shiqing shook her head and explained a bit.

Ye Feng heard that, and instantly realized who this man was, originally!

At present, the Skeleton masked man was the only person who knew the ins and outs of Cai Shaohong to a great extent. He must have already guessed that Xiao Qi might be in danger, therefore, he came here early to take Xiao Qi away beforehand, and left a note.

Now Ye Feng was quite certain that the address written on the note, must be something big. That suburb abandoned factory must have some hidden secrets of Cai Shaohong. So long as they would go over there and examine the scene to ferret out something, the truth would definitely come into light!

’’The Skeleton masked man knows nothing about the martial arts, therefore, he can't kidnap anyone like this, from the military hospital, which uses to be under such a tight supervision, then he must have used some smart means. Indeed he is a talented person.’’

Ye Feng couldn't help but think so.

While, at this time, on the other side, Lin Shiqing was busy inquiring something from her father Lin Detian. And when she came to know that not even Cai Shahong's corpse could be saved, she slightly frowned.

’’If this being the case, then wouldn't it be very troublesome? The influence of Pei Keang Group in the international arena is not so small, besides, it also has plenty of seats in the United States Senate and House of Representatives ......’’

She said with a clear voice, although her tone had a touch of little concern, but it was enough to make her father, Lin Detian listen to her somewhat strangely. At such a critical moment, how could his own daughter be so calm, and on top of that, still could calmly think about the relations between the two countries? The death of Cai Shaohong, didn't it hit her hard, and grow a feeling of sorrow in her heart?

Lin Detian immediately glanced at Ye Feng, and thought that if he would let his father, Old man Lin know that Ye Feng had a connection with that martial artist, who was responsible for this miserable condition of Lin Xiuwen, then what would have, whether his father would still insist on the engagement of these two people or not?

Who didn't know, Lin Xiuwen was the most beloved and favourite grandson of his father, Old man Lin! But Ye Feng was also a grandson of someone else afterall, so could he be compared?

’’Or, we should go directly to the abandoned factory.’’

Ye Feng raised a suggestion : ’’As long as we find out some evidence to prove Cai Shahong's secret operation in this country China, Pei Keang Group will absolutely not dare to turn over its face from our country.’’

Whether it was gene experiment, or the use of new drugs, weren't they internationally explicitly banned? Pei Keang Group could never dare to come forward, by putting these affairs on the table!

’’Secret operation?’’

Both Lin Detian and Lin Shiqing gawked together, they really didn't know that Cai Shaohong had set his foot in China with a secret operation.

Seeing their reaction, Ye Feng could only sigh with sorrow that Cai Shaohong had also been in disguise all along. He always had entirely dependent on his subordinates to handle matters as per his instructions, and had never appeared himself, making Lin Clan never doubt on him, not even the slightest bit.

’’Chief, I also have some doubts about this thing.’’

Nearby standing Thunder, with a serious looking face, said dignifiedly: ’’In the basement of Cai Shaohong's villa, we indeed noticed many suspicious things there. So instead, how about if we better go directly to the abandoned factory?’’

Actually, the unspoken implication was, they didn't need to stay at the hospital anymore. Only Lin Xiuwen would be left in the hospital, as he didn't need anyone to watch him attentively.

’’It's not a good idea, my son must have someone to protect him!’’

Lin Rentian immediately stood up, wearing a square-shaped eyeglasses, his face appeared so dangerous, as if fuming with anger.

’’This thing can be handled by the police.’’

Lin Detain took the decision instantly, then waved his hand, making the men of Thunder, along with Ye Feng, Su Menghan, Lin Shiqing and the remaining Lin people depart together!

Protection of a retard, did it really need the NSA's elite soldiers?

Although Lin Xiuwen was the member of Lin Clan, but usually Lin Detian never liked his rampant and lecherous nature. If he were his own son, then he would have already beaten him so much, until his bottom burst open.

Lin Rentian didn't keep up with them, instead, he bitterly stamped his foot, while looking at those two military trucks quickly departing, which in return triggered his anger even more than before.

At this time, suddenly a thought hit his mind. He correctly remembered that a while back, didn't someone mention about the case, saying that a few years ago, someone killed an old woman? Ah, this criminal case of that private prosecution, wasn't it filed by Su Menghan's people, against a pair of Xie Clan's siblings?

Lin Rentian's face suddenly brightened up just by recalling this case, he would never let anything good happen to Su Menghan and in her favour.

There was no mistake about Lin Rentian's job status, he was the President of Yanjing's first People's Court, and the committee member of the Judicial Commission!


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