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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 122


Chapter 122 ->I am the masked man.

Ye Feng came all the way to the Changping District rapidly, where he made some inquiries to know the location of Lin Clan's residence.

Finally, he arrived outside the campus of Lin's Villa, and then by activating his Soul Search Technique, he swept around thoroughly, and soon found that many soldiers of the NSA were hiding here and there, around the villa, carrying fully-loaded rifles and heavily armed. Apparently, because of today's incident, the entire Lin's residence was under tight protection.

Having Soul Search Technique under command was making everything extremely convenient for him now. The situation within a radius of hundred meters of the range was now crystal clear to him, as he could easily sense that the surroundings had several people, guns and even dogs. Besides, it would take just a fraction of second for him, to check them out thoroughly with the help of this technique!

Immediately, by activating his Immortal Technique - Invisibility, he entered the villa's campus, where he strolled around for a while, and quite soon arrived at that area, where there was a hotel-styled building, which was situated almost in the middle of the campus.

Again by putting his Soul Technique into action, he explored the entire building in an instant, and sensed that currently, Su Menghan was in a room, on the third floor, of this hotel-styled building. In addition, there were two fully-armed NSA members standing at the room's door, guarding it. The whole scene was making it appear like a putting her under house arrest situation.

After a moment of careful observation, he concluded that the altitude of the floor of this hotel-styled building was extremely high. The third floor had already thirty meters of height, which was making it impossible even for Ye Feng to jump up directly to the third floor. Even if he jumped up, but still he couldn't succeed in intruding into and taking her away.

One must know that at present, he had taken the identity of Ye Feng, hence he couldn't expose his Cultivation at any cost!

As for putting on the mask to save others, it could only be said that he really liked to do that a lot. But in this tightly guarded place, he came over relying on the identity of Ye Feng, even more, he also had to ensure his safety. In case, he changed into the identity of the masked man, then wouldn't he be shot on the spot, by NSA's soldiers?

Therefore, before he arrived in front of the door of a hotel-styled building, he released his Invisibility. Thenafter, he kicked open the front door, and walked in!

’’Where is Su Menghan?’’

Ye Feng opened his mouth and shouted out loud. Although he shouted this sentence, but actually he didn't want any answer, it was just like he wanted to gain the upper hand by showing his strength in front of them.

As for the current situation in that assembly hall, he already knew about it clearly by using his Soul Search Technique earlier. He already had sensed that there were more than a dozen people inside, and most of them were Lin, besides Thunder, the Captain of the National Security Agency was also there.

As he stormed into the hall, all roaring, almost everyone stood up together.

’’Thunder, put him under control!’’

Lin Detian was the first one to respond. Fuming with anger, he pounded his hand on the table, and then immediately rose up, pointed his fingers at Ye Feng and said that.

’’Come on, I'm not here to fight, then what's the use of controlling me? Can't we better discuss the things related with the masked man?’’

Ye Feng waved his hand.

As his words came out, it really changed the facial expression of everyone. At present, in Lin Clan, who wasn't interested to know who exactly the masked man was?

’’Who exactly is this man, whom from the martial arts circle is his master, which martial arts school does he belong to?’’

Lin Rentian, the father of Lin Xiuwen, was certainly the first person who was most concerned about this issue. Still, by holding a calm face, he fired those questions in a stern voice, his gentle and refined bespectacled face had some distortions at this moment.

Very obviously, his son had turned into a retard, this thing had really hit him hard.

’’He is a friend of mine, as for the rest of the things, I'm sorry, but I really don't know anything.’’

Ye Feng said that in an unusual manner, like a hoodlum, meanwhile, after walking thirty-two steps straight, he at last arrived forward next to the conference table, and sat down.

’’Since you don't have the sincerity, then it seemed like we don't have anything to talk about right now.’’

All of a sudden, the facial expression of Lin Rentian turned even more unsightly, basically, his intellectual form had completely vanished at this moment, and he was looking like a bison of a doting parent.

’’No, no, in fact, I mean to say that your target for retaliation, don't you think you have made a mistake choosing it?’’

Ye Feng cleverly changed the thread of discussion, and asked that in a very calm and composed manner.

’’Hmm, there is authentic evidence of this matter, then how might I make a mistake?’’

Lin Rentian coldly snorted, as he pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose.

’’Quite good.’’

From aside, Lin Detian also continued : ’’Before his death, Cai Shaohong had given me a call, and said that not only Lin Xiuwen was injured by the masked male, but Xiao Qi was also abducted by him. Later on, in his own villa, he was killed by someone, and I am 100 % sure that it was the same person, that masked man. Furthermore, after that, the masked man also set off fire, and destroyed his corpse, along with all evidence ...... ’’

’’And the motive?’’

Ye Feng calmly asked one.

’’His motive is temporarily not clear, however, on the basis of our preliminary investigation, I can say that he did this for something in Cai Shaohong's villa.’’

This time, Thunder couldn't help but stood up and said that from the fair standpoint.

’’Like I said before, he attacked Xiao Qi as well as Lin Xiuwen, but for what?’’

Ye Feng shook his head and continued asking questions, back to back.

’’This is exactly the place where I have some doubts.’’

Without waiting for others to jump in, Thunder grab the opportunity and replied first, then he looked towards Lin Detian and Lin Rentian, and in a low voice, said: ’’Just heard the news, in the apartment community, where Xiao Qi lives, there, a corpse of an old man was found, and it seems that he should be from the martial arts world, and had about twenty years Cultivation ...... ’’

At present, there were many key figures, who held an enormous power in this country, were present on the scene, and they all had a sort of good understanding of the martial arts world, to a certain extent.

Depending on the limited information, presently, no one could figure out that afterall, at that time, what exactly had happened there. As of now, there were basically two most crucial characters who could solve this case in a tweak, and they were Xiao Qi and that masked man. Unfortunately, one was unconscious and lying in the hospital, while the second one was missing.

’’This matter doesn't need too much speculation for the time being.’’

Lin Detian knocked the table, and in a sinking voice, said: ’’Although after the death of Cai Shaohong, Thunder was sent to make a thorough search throughout the villa for evidence, but the masked man appeared again, and not only he killed three elites of NSA, but also destroyed all the evidence.’’

’’It's hilarious.’’

Ye Feng smiled : ’’Ok let's assume, even if my friend was responsible for the destruction of evidence, and on top of that, the destruction of the evidence inside the Cai Shaohong's villa. But why don't you think, what things would be there in his villa which had been destroyed by him?’’

Thunder looked at him as he said: ’’Indeed, there were a lot of things in the basement, which was very suspicious ......’’


While pushing his glasses up, Lin Rentian stood up and pointed at Ye Feng: ’’Don't try to change the subject, currently, both Xiuwen and Xiao Qi are lying in the hospital, Pei Keang Group's Cai Shaohong and three elites of NSA have already been killed by the masked man. It is the fact that he is the only one to be blamed for, therefore, he must be restrained according to the law. ’’

Then he looked all around, and continued: ’’Does everybody think so? That masked man, not only he destroyed our country's friendly relations with Pei Keang Group, but also posed the threat to the national security, he must be definitely regarded as the provocation to those military people!’’

Those military people, Lin Rentian used to looked down upon them very much, because they were also the mediators of the martial arts world.

However, compared to Lin Rentian, other Lin people were still relatively rational, or it might be because, they had lost nothing in this incident. Hence, it was easy for them to stay calm, moreover, they also didn't want to involve in such a troublesome matter.

’’Ah, this thing, it still needs a careful discussion in detail.’’

’’Yes, a lot of things which haven't been investigated thoroughly, or just wait for Xiao Clan's girl to wake up and to explain everything correctly.’’

This kind of matter, was generally handled by Lin Detian, the head of the Clan, as well as the head of NSA, who was held responsible for maintaining national security, as well as handling the contradictions between the secular world and the martial arts world, and blending them efficiently.

However, Lin Detian was different.

’’Ye Feng, still just tell us the whereabouts of the masked man, you are the grandson of Old man Ye, I, your uncle, won't embarrass you.’’

Putting on a dignified look on his face, Lin Detian made his way through persuasion.

However at this moment, Ye Feng chuckled, as he pulled out a white grimace face mask from his bosom, and suddenly put it on his face: ’’I am that masked man, do you believe it?’’

This act surprised everyone present on the scene, terrifically!

Even the Lin people, who had been originally calm all along, had their eyes wide open at this moment. What, was it a joke, was Ye Feng really the masked man?

’’You just look at your reaction, cracking a joke in such a critical situation, as for what?’’

Ye Feng smiled, took off the mask, and then swayed it a couple of time: ’’It's just like whosoever wears the mask, is my friend, right? With your brain, only a mask, can represent the identity of a person? Anyone who wants to become the masked man, can buy a mask from the roadside stalls at ten Yuan per piece. ’’


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