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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 120


Chapter 120 ->Soul Sealing Technique

Ye Feng stood up, lowered his head and looked at the wound which was there on his right leg, but it had already dried up.

’’The firearms of NSA are really amazing, especially the bullets, not only their collision speed is too fast, but their destructive power is also remarkably enormous, to the extent where not even my Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace could succeed in escaping it ...... Fortunately, now I have Soul Search Technique, if any kind of situation crops up like before, then, this time, I won't give any opportunity to the opposite party to open fire again.’’

Ye Feng thought in his heart, simultaneously, he turned over his hand, and immediately his right hand began exuding the golden colour ray of light.

An Immortal Technique - Holy Cure Technique!

This technique was considered as a type of fundamental lmmortal Technique in the World of the Immortals, because literally, almost everyone used to have ten years of Cultivation there. The main function of this technique was a potent treatment of some skin related external injuries, moreover, it had also shown a terrifically good treatment result in restoration of damaged meridians.

Ye Feng was shot by the people of NSA on his right leg, which had terribly blown his leg and caused half a fist-sized blood hole. But now, he wanted to restore it, and that was not a big deal for him anymore.

By bringing the golden ray of light of his right hand close to his wound, he gradually pressed it on that blood hole. Instantaneously, the whole blasted place started recovering up super fast, even the naked eye could see how rapid its restoration was!

Not long after, his right leg, which had suffered a big injury, basically fully recovered, leaving behind only a blood dried huge hole on his trousers. Then after, again he pressed his right hand's golden ray of light on his chest and another thigh, and as expected, they also recovered soon with a terrific speed.

Gradually, that golden ray of light vanished.

’’It has consumed almost half of my Zhenqi, but again, I have already anticipated it.’’

Ye Feng nodded with satisfaction, and then immediately stretched his hand and took out the Black Jar of Souls. It was a black-coloured box of almost two fist-sized, and basically, it looked like a cinerary casket, with a bit of spooky aura around it.

The zombie creator old man used to conveniently use this device to summon corpses and make them fight. T,his Jar was his medium to fetter one's souls into it. The Corpses which were summoned out of it, once they encountered serious damages, they used to immediately turn into the blue smoke, without leaving any trace.

As for Ye Feng, he wouldn't use it ever, since he was totally disinclined to use this kind of strange device. However, before going to meet Lin people, he just wanted to ascertain few things with Cai Shaohong.

So, when he waved his hand, instantly a wisp of translucent dark gray, cold wind appeared and gently brushed away the Black Jar of Souls. This Immortal Technique was called Gathering Soul Technique!

Moreover, this technique was not considered as an ordinary technique even in the World of the Immortals, because it was not like anyone could learn it easily. Although he used to follow Su Feiying, but even before meeting her, he randomly learnt this technique on his own, through his experience.

Gathering Soul Technique was further divided into three parts, Summoning Soul Technique, Sealing Soul Technique and Releasing Soul Technique.

Summoning Soul Technique is precisely used to summon a soul within a range, which immediately turns into a translucent shape as soon as it is summoned. In addition, its translucent form is even clearly visible to the naked eye. In case a person has just died, and shortly after his death, his soul is summoned, then, in that case, his soul appears with his completely awaken consciousness.

Sealing Soul Technique is also used to summon a soul, however, it can only summon the already sealed soul. It doesn't matter whether it has been sealed a moment ago, or hundred years ago, what important is, after breaking its seal, its consciousness can still remain to a awaken state.

And as for Releasing Soul Technique, it is used to directly disperse the soul of an ordinary human, who has stayed in this human world. In other words, it grants salvation to the souls. Of course, it can only aim at ordinary souls.

Having this Immortal Technique meant to be able to collect all kind of information of any place, extremely fast, after all, which place doesn't have deceased people, and then their souls?

Once Ye Feng waved his hand, and a dark gray cold wind emerged and stroke the whole Black Jar of Souls, right after that, that jar began to vibrate fiercely, and was immediately followed by a translucent imaginary shadow of human figure, which flew out of it. Soon, one after another, several other souls also emerged out, however all of them were firmly fettered by Ye Feng's body.

Souls, which were summoned by Gathering Soul Technique, were generally unable to leave their summoner's body, beyond a certain range.

There were not several souls collected in this Black Jar, might be because in the modern city, seeing the dead people would not have been so common. Places like crematories, mortuaries, and so on, they had dead bodies, but again, these dead bodies were there from a long time ago, therefore, their souls had also already dispersed.

Cai Shaohong's soul was with him, with the same appearance which he had, right before his death. But at present, it had become as light as a feather and had taken a translucent form. Surprisingly, there was still a trace of an inconceivable and panic-stricken look on his face.

The soul of Zhao Yibei was also summoned out along with others, which still had that delicate appearance. But his soul seemed a little incomplete and badly damaged, furthermore, his face had also suffered a heavy loss. When he saw Ye Feng, he was surprised.

Then after, there were several other souls as well, like the soul of Heavenly Sword Palace's pretty and flirtatious woman, Hai Tang, Tornado Axe, God Fist Gate's fellow apprentices, Luo Li and Luo Lei, and so on. However, all of them were looking same like Zhao Yibei's soul, incomplete and badly damaged. Moreover, the soul of Zhu Bainiao somehow didn't appear.

Ye Feng just wanted to clearly understand everything.

’’It seems that gathering corpses to fight, in return damages their souls. And if this trend continues, and if they continue appearing over and over, then gradually this will affect their souls, making them disperse and then disappear ......’’

He couldn't see Zhu Bainiao, this made him feel somewhat a pity. Moreover, if his soul had been still available in that Black Jar, then Ye Feng wouldn't have needed to go to the East China Sea to obtain his hidden martial arts core technique or Crying Ghost Blade Technique. He could have made Scar begin to practice ahead of time.

Besides this, the soul of this man Zhu Bainiao could have been sealed up, so that if in the future, he got the opportunity to become a Soul Cultivator, then he could have become a big helping hand for Ye Feng.

Ye Feng glanced at the soul of Zhao Yibei, who was looking somewhat lost and incomplete, which left him with a feeling of uneasiness in his heart and ruined his mood, after all, Ye Feng owed him. And naturally, it was not the appropriate time to talk with him about the old days.

’’Yibei, don't be puzzled, at present, you are in a soul state, I will use Soul Sealing Technique on you first. Then just wait for Soul Core Technique to awaken you again, after that you will be able to exist in this world, in the shape of soul!’’

Ye Feng solemnly explained that.

Zhao Yibei was originally in a state of semi-consciousness, so when he heard Ye Feng saying 'Soul', he was taken aback, Soul? Soul Sealing Technique? He thought that could it be that somehow he arrived in a strange world, where people's consciousness was normally sealed away?

He still remembered that at a critical moment, he jumped in front of Ye Feng, and then he lost his consciousness, and until now, he was still muddleheaded. However, he really hadn't expected that actually he would be awakened one day, even more, he had never thought that why Ye Feng seemed to be a Daoist priest or something like that?

Certainly, Ye Feng also had no time to explain everything to him carefully. He just smiled happily, then waved his hand, and cast Soul Sealing Technique on the crippled soul of Zhao Yibei!

Sealing Soul Technique needed a medium to seal a soul, and obviously, Ye Feng wouldn't seal Zhao Yibei's soul again in the Black Jar of Souls. Actually, he stretched out his right hand, as he decided to use Ancient Dragon Sword Ring as the medium for this technique.

Since Zhao Yibei's soul had been summoned out frequently by that necromancer old man, therefore his soul had become somewhat damaged. Ye Feng had placed his hope in this idea that if he would seal him in his ring of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, then it might turn out somewhat advantageous for his soul.

A cold wind blew and gently caressed the light soul of Zhao Yibei, which was similar to a blue smoke, and instantly he was pulled in his ring and disappeared.

This scene was actually being seen by all other souls present there at the moment, who were looking at him strangely, including Cai Shaohong, Hai Tang, Luo Lei, Luo Li and Tornado Axe.

Ye Feng swept his eyes towards those people, and then stuck his eyes on Cai Shaohong: ’’Cai Shao? Sorry, I had to take your life at any cost, however, at present, I still hope that you will answer me a few questions honestly.’’

’’So it turns out like this, that you really wear a mask, I should have thought about this earlier.’’

Cai Shaohong lowered his face and noticed that his translucent soul was floating around Ye Feng, and was looking very gloomy.

’’Yes, but why?’’

Encountering several souls at present, who were under his absolute control, making Ye Feng feel that now, he really didn't mind revealing his identity in front of them. But this acknowledgement, how many people would be equally shocked seeing that at present, this young man, standing in front of them, wearing a mask, was called ’’Mo Jiuge’’?

Suddenly, all of them clenched their jaws, and the reason was quite clear. Why wouldn't they hate him, when they already knew that all of them, whether it was Hai Tang, Luo Li or Luo Lei, were killed by this masked man? As for Tornado Axe, of course, he still remembered that his close friend, Wolf Sword had been killed by Ye Feng's friend, the masked man, by a hidden weapon!


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