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Gate Of Revelation - Chapter 634


Chapter 634

GOR Chapter 634 A Lamp

A few kilometres away from the edge of the little town was a giant cactus. A man and woman lurked cautiously behind it.

The man's eyes were protruding out in a peculiar manner. It had extended up to tens of centimetres out from his face while being wrapped by a layer of skin. Appearance wise, it looked like a periscope. Using his eyes, the man cautiously observed the little town.

’’You are still just looking? How long do you plan on observing them? Hurry up and attack!’’ The woman beside him snapped impatiently in a hushed tone.

She sported a short and neat haircut while the tight protective suit she wore revealed her wonderful body curves. However, there was a deep scar running along her face. The scar ran from the left side of her forehead down to the right side of her chin, turning her originally beautiful face into a fierce looking face, one that gave off an intense image of violence.

’’No, wait first.’’ The man stretched out his hand to wave her off. ’’I want to determine the layout of this little town and their number.’’

’’Number? Are you kidding me?’’ The woman snorted and said, ’’They are just a bunch of Awakened ones who no longer have their abilities and memories. No matter how many of them there are, they are nothing more than ants before us!’’

’’You think it is easy to kill off an entire group of ants without letting a single one escape?’’ The man continued observing the little town. His fingers kept moving as he calculated. Without turning around, he said, ’’This town has an open space and a lot of buildings. From what I can observe so far, there should be at least 100 people here. Can you guarantee that you won't miss a single one?’’

’’Then, what should we do?’’ the woman replied coldly.

’’The Awakened ones in this town are living peacefully. It is likely that they have yet to realize that we are going around clearing instance dungeons.’’ The man considered for a moment before slowly saying, ’’I will stay here to keep watch. You go back and try to get reinforcements. At least... ... we need at least 10 people to ensure a complete clean-up.’’

’’Are you ordering me?’’ There was a slight look of displeasure on the woman's face.

’’The members of the Coalition are equals. How would I have the audacity to order you around?’’ The man smiled. ’’However... ... cleaning up properly will not harm anyone. If the one bugging out the Recycle Bin is among them and just so happens to run away... ... surely, you do not wish for that to happen?’’

The woman considered the man's words for a moment before giving a harrumph. Without saying anything else, light flashed out from the bracelet on her right hand. A skateboard appeared before her.

’’Storage equipment... ...’’ The man released a soft sigh. ’’To be able to pick up something like this. It is really handy to have.’’

’’Your luck is just not good. Who can you blame?’’ The woman revealed a faint smile, which could not hide the feeling of pride within her. Jumping on the skateboard, she bent both her legs slightly. Next, the skateboard glowed, immediately rising up into the sky as it flew far away.


’’Senior Hammer, the Coalition's headquarters... ... how much longer will it take to reach it?’’

Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea were seated on the back seats in the rear. Two pairs of handcuffs firmly cuffed both Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea's hands. The handcuffs gleamed with a black lustre.

Terry, who sat on the opposite row of seats, held onto a Gauss rifle he retrieved from the weapons cabinet and eyed both Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea warily.

’’The night is still young, what are you so anxious about?’’ Hammer replied with a snort. ’’Do you know how big World's End is? Oh...?’’

A dot of light suddenly blinked into existence within the radar screen before Hammer.

’’Hey! We've got someone here. Terry, who is in charge of this instance dungeon?’’ Hammer shouted to the back.

Terry looked down through the aircraft's porthole and saw a lush hill under them. Shaking his head, he said, ’’I am not sure myself, Mr Hammer.’’

’’In that case... ... let's go down and have a look.’’ Hammer revealed an arrogant expression as he smiled. He had just acquired himself a Devourer fighter aircraft and was in a very good mood. Thus, he felt like showing off.

Following the dot shown on the radar, Hammer adjusted their flight trajectory to move toward the position indicated by the dot.

The Devourer fighter aircraft slowly landed on an open space in the middle of a stretch of trees. After checking the position of the dot on the radar, Hammer jumped down from the hatch.

’’Hey! Who is responsible for this area! Come on out! Senior Hammer is here!’’ Hammer knitted his his brows and checked his surroundings. However, no one came out.

’’Mr Hammer... ...’’ Terry peeked out from the hatch and hesitated for a moment before turning to look at Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea, who remained seated inside. The two of them had not chosen to follow them.

’’What are you doing? Hurry up and get down!’’ Hammer shouted out with a confident tone as he waved Terry over.

’’No, Mr Hammer. I mean... ...’’ A troubled expression appeared on Terry's face. ’’What if the one that the radar detected is not someone from the Coalition... ...’’

’’Isn't that even better?’’

Hammer interrupted Terry and laughed out loudly. ’’What does it matter if they are a bunch of weak Awakened ones or the traitor? What are you so afraid of? Get down! Bring them along!’’

’’Yes...’’ Terry gritted his teeth and waved toward the aircraft cabin. ’’Everyone, get down!’’

Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea exchanged glances and nodded gently. Next, they followed Terry down the aircraft.

’’You two, it is just a matter of time before you need to perform clean-up work. Although we have yet to reach the Palace and you have yet to be proven innocent, you can still follow us to learn a little.’’ Hammer laughed. ’’Stay behind us!’’

After saying that, Hammer once again enveloped his body with the organic layer of hard armour that he displayed in their earlier encounter. He casually brandished his bone blades a few times, creating a path through the trees around them. Next, he strode toward the position of the dot.

With Terry escorting them, there was nothing else that Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea could do but to follow behind Hammer.

After walking through a distance of several hundred metres, Chen Xiaolian saw two figures seated under a large tree.

One of them was a woman, a well-dressed woman. She sported a long ponytail, which looked like a waterfall. Despite her beautiful facial features, there was not the tiniest bit of feminine atmosphere from her. Instead, she gave off an air of incomparable extraordinariness.

Sitting beside her was a little boy who looked to be only slightly over 10 years old. He was holding a piece of cake in his hand and he slowly munched it, taking small bites each time. A piece of white cloth had been laid out before him. Laid out over the white cloth were several sausages, a saucer of butter, jam, and several bottles of drinks.

It was apparent that the woman had long since heard since heard the sounds from the ruckus made by Hammer. However, she did not even bother to lift her eyes up. Instead, she leaned against the tree trunk and looked at the little boy, who continued to eat, a slightly dazed look on her face. The little boy, though, raised up his head to cast a curious look at the peculiar looking Hammer.

Looking at their surroundings and behaviour, the two of them looked like a mother and child out for an outing.

’’Ahem, ahem...

’’Ahem, ahem!

’’Hey, look at this senior!’’

After clearing his throat twice, Hammer finally lost patience. He unleashed a punch at a tree beside him.

He did not put much force behind the punch. However, the tree, which would require two people to wrap their hands around, was cracked open and collapsed.

The little boy had been looking curiously at Hammer with his pair of black pupils. When Hammer suddenly punched the tree, he became shocked, gulping down the piece of cake in his mouth. As a result, he began coughing loudly.

’’Toto!’’ The woman furrowed her brows. With a flash, she appeared beside the little boy. She had done so almost without notice. Then, she lightly patted the little boy's back.

The little boy coughed out loudly a few times, tears coming out from his eyes. After that, he gradually relaxed. ’’Aunt Yun, I am fine now.’’

The moment he saw those two figures, Chen Xiaolian had deduced who they might be. After hearing those words, he could safely determine that he was right.

These two people were the ones that Lu Leiya had encountered back then.

Hammer had both hands crossed before his chest. The organic armour had enveloped his body and even his eyes were covered by a layer of white crystal, hiding his expression from view.

The young woman known as Aunt Yun waited until the little boy had stopped coughing before slowly raising up her head. Her eyes swept through all four figures standing before her. When she was looking at Chen Xiaolian and Bluesea, her eyes briefly regarded the handcuffs on their wrists. Finally, she turned to look at Hammer. ’’You scared Toto.’’

’’Did I scare you too?’’ Hammer released a lengthy laugh. ’’Judging by your looks, you must be an Irregularity too, right? You haven't joined the Coalition?’’

’’I will give you an opportunity, apologize to Toto,’’ said Aunt Yun with an icy tone as she regarded Hammer's face.

’’Aunt Yun... ...’’ The little boy, Toto, reached out with his hand with his hand to tug the corners of Aunt Yun's clothes. However, Aunt Yun simply reached out to pat Toto's head reassuringly.

’’You want me to apologize? To this little kid? What if... ... I refuse?’’

Hammer reacted like he had just heard a humorous joke, bursting into laughter.

’’You can try.’’ Aunt Yun stood up, the same look of indifference on her face.

’’I forgot to introduce myself.’’ Hammer extended a thumb and used it to point toward his chest. ’’I am Hammer.’’

’’Mm.’’ Aunt Yun nodded her head without showing any change in her expression. ’’I have indeed heard of that name. You can be considered a veteran.’’

’’Wait!’’ Terry suddenly rushed out from behind Hammer and gently prodded Hammer. ’’Mr Hammer, this woman... ...’’

Hammer turned around and cast a cold look at Terry. ’’Shut up, Terry.’’

’’Fine, fine, in face of little kids, I have always been... ... very gentle.’’ Hammer turned around and smiled at Aunt Yun. ’’Since you insist on me apologizing, then I will just...’’

The moment those words left Hammer's mouth, his whole body pounced forward and the bone blades protruding from his fists shot out in an intersecting move toward Aunt Yun.

’’Have to kill you!’’

Hammer's face was completely covered by the organic armour and his expression was hidden from view. Even so, intense ferocity could be heard from his voice.


Terry had been feeling somewhat dreadful. However, when Hammer shouted out, he quickly pulled out a short metal stick. Flicking the stick, he transformed it into a spear. Next, he charged forward.

Facing the two incoming bone blades and the spear, Aunt Yun maintained a look of nonchalance. She raised her right hand and extended a finger out, moving it slightly through the air before her.

Ripples appeared along the places her finger had traced through and they shot forward.

Before the two bone blades could reach Aunt Yun's body, it struck the ripples and a sharp resonating sound erupted as a result. Surprisingly, the bone blades were no longer able to move forward.

After tracing her finger through the air, Aunt Yun did not immediately counter attack. Instead, she turned around to look at Toto and said, ’’Toto, hide well.’’


The little boy named Toto appeared no stranger to such a scene. He nodded obediently. However, he did not move a single step away.

Except, something had appeared on top of his head.

When Chen Xiaolian saw what had appeared on top of Toto's head, Chen Xiaolian's heart abruptly palpitated furiously.

That is...

A lamp!

A lit lamp!



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