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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 465


Chapter 465: The divided Dragon Race

The Hell Fire Dragon was on Han’s side? This was extremely unexpected.

But what he didn’t even dare to imagine was that the Hell Fire Dragon was not the only one in the dragon race who was starting to hate their boring lifestyle.

Just as the Hell Fire Dragon was about to be surrounded, a blue Frost Dragon stood up and spat out air at absolute zero and froze those who were about to attack the Hell Fire Dragon into ice statues.

"I… am really done with you guys!" The Frost Dragon said.

"You!? Aren’t you a mute!?"

"You can talk?"

"Why are you on the side of the traitor?" The dragons all asked.

"I am not a mute!" The Frost Dragon said angrily, "I am just always thinking, I don’t want to open my mouth to talk, that is all."

"Thinking? The conclusion of thinking was you want to betray the Godly Dragon race?!"

"You are a traitor!"

The Frost Dragon laughed coldly and shook his head, "I’ve been thinking about why the dragon race must exist. Clearly, besides me, there were a lot of you that are just like me, but you each have a very cold and prideful look while you stand on the mountain that belongs to you. You raise your heads and look like statues."

"If this didn’t happen today, I would wonder if you guys were still alive!"

"Of course we are alive! It is just that we don’t care about talking, that would weaken our divine feelings!" A golden dragon said.

"Yes! If we don’t act cold and prideful, how do we prove that we are divine!?" A smaller electric dragon added.


The Frost Dragon laughed out loud. He glanced at the dragons with cold eyes and asked loudly, "So throughout the whole lives of the dragon race, our only purpose is to display that we are divine? That human isn’t divine but he lives a very real life!"

"Clearly the outside universe is in chaos and the insect race is raiding everywhere! But we are still inside the Dragon Valley displaying our pride, year after year, era after era, it is always like this."

"Even though we are from the same clan, but I feel that your dragon blood is colder than my blood as a Frost Dragon!"

"If the whole point of our lives is to live proudly alone, and not put the universe in our eyes, what would be the point of living!? Maybe we should’ve left with those four traitors back in the days!"

"Even though they died in your hands, but their lives are more exciting than yours!"

The group of dragons was shocked. They were shocked that in their divine group, there appeared another two traitors?

As the most royal dragon race, living in the Dragon Valley that none others could enter, displaying an air of pride, accepting the worship of every form of life, this kind of living style wasn’t enough?

A fun life?

What is that?

Just as they still didn’t quite understand why the Frost Dragon who never talked would betray them, a female dragon stood up and went to stand beside the ugly single-eyed Hell Fire Dragon, she used her neck and rubbed lightly on the Hell Fire Dragon’s heavily scarred neck.

This female dragon came from the giant water-elemental Blue dragon family. In a lot of the Blue dragon’s eyes, she was an angelic being, but this prettiest female dragon in the blue dragon family was displaying affection towards the Hell Fire Dragon who didn’t come from a legitimate background under broad daylight. The shock that this brought to the dragons was no less than a level 100 earthquake.

"Even you want to betray us!?" The Blue dragons all scolded at her.

"I don’t want to betray you all, I just want to be with him." The pretty blue dragon stared at the scarred Hell Fire Dragon and said, "In my eyes, he is the real dragon. Whoever looks down on him, he would fight them! I like this kind of dragon, he gives me security."

"But you are a Blue dragon! And him, he is the offspring of a Hell Dragon and Fire Dragon! You guys can’t be together!" The other dragons all yelled out.

"Why? I can’t spend time with a dragon that I like?"

"You can’t!"

"Definitely not!"

"Because you are the divine dragon race!"

"Then I won’t be the dragon race." The smart Blue dragon blinked and said, "Compared to a life of divinity and pain, I would rather be average but happy. If as a dragon, I can’t even like whoever I want to like, then what is the point?"

"And, nobody made the rule that we must be divine? No one said we can’t freely leave Dragon Valley. At the same time, nobody said a Blue dragon cannot love the offspring of a Hell Dragon and a Fire Dragon. This is our own decision, you guys can’t make it for us."

Blue dragon’s capricious words made the dragons speechless.

It was true. The dragons lived alone and proudly. It wasn’t because of some rules, naturally, there were no rules to begin with. It was just that the dragon race was restricting themselves.

The Hell Fire Dragon was initially very shocked. He couldn’t believe that someone would like him even though he was old and ugly. It was a pretty Blue dragon too! Water system blue dragon had a personality that was tender like water, but at night…

The Hell Fire Dragon raised his head. The inferiority that was on him for many years disappeared completely. He was like a proud warrior, even though he was full of scars and injuries, but because of his strong personality that never took any humiliation, he had won at the game of love!

Looking at the awkward expression on these blue dragons, they were younger and more handsome, but they lost to the Hell Fire Dragon. They lost to an old dragon that was lowly ranked in their eyes.

When a second female dragon, a third female dragon, stood beside the Hell Fire Dragon and started to fight for love, the group of dragons went wild again.

Apparently, it wasn’t just the Blue dragon that liked the Hell Fire Dragon secretly either. There was a skeletal dragon, a bright white dragon, they were all pretty, the bright white dragon who had never had a partner was praised as the representation of holiness by the dragon race.

But the fact that she never had a partner wasn’t because she was holy, it was because she was embarrassed to tell other people that the dragon she liked was the Hell Fire Dragon that was looked down upon by everyone else.

Now that the brave blue dragon spoke up, the white dragon felt like if she didn’t do anything she would lose out on her opportunity, she almost hated herself for not having the kind of courage as the blue dragon.

A contradiction that had been oppressed for numerous eras was finally exposed, dragon race were intelligent life forms after all, and the most prominent specialty of any intelligent life form was to think. Once any creature was capable of thought, differentiations were unavoidable.

The four traitors weren’t lonely. To be honest, in the dragon race, there were many that also didn’t understand the value that they added to life, but it was just that not every dragon had enough courage like those four traitors.

More and more of the dragon race started standing up. They questioned why the dragon race must always stay in the Dragon Valley? They questioned why the dragon race must be divine? And couldn’t they be like those other creatures that were lower in the hierarchy? They weren’t divine, but they were happier than the dragon race.

The power of setting an example was great, as the number of dragons who questioned their lives increased, those dragons who were initially afraid of speaking their minds also joined in on the discussion, making the scene more and more chaotic.

Without any planning, the unique balance in the dragon race was broken. The person who initiated this was undoubtedly Han, he conquered Black Egg, and that allowed the dragon race to see that humans are just as great as them, and Black Egg’s promise to protect Han, gave the dragon race more to think about.

"I didn’t come into this world to pretend I am divine! If you want to be divine then you guys can be divine yourselves! The outside universe is so big, I want to go see!"

A bad-tempered Skeletal Dragon spread his wings and flew out of Dragon Valley.

"I am going too!"

"I don’t want to stay in this stupid place anymore! Every day we just stay on our own mountains and pretend the whole world is worshiping us, disgusting!"

"I’m leaving this place, we must embrace freedom! I want to be with humans and beasts and plants, I can be with whoever, I want to have a huge group of friends! I don’t care whether they are divine or not!"

The dragon race members that sought freedom all flew away and left Dragon Valley.

Yet those who were conservative, and wanted to keep the divinity of the dragon race were extremely angry, and they blamed this all on Han and Black Egg.

"Where is that damn human?! I will kill him!"

"Yes, kill him! It is because of him that the dragon race that had been united for numerous eras fell apart!"

"Kill him! And kill the freedom that he speaks of!"

The group of dragons was roaring angrily, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find any signs of Han and Black Egg.

"They haven’t left Dragon Valley yet, I can still smell them!"

"Then go find them! Find where they are!"


The group of dragons roared angrily, and flew towards the sky, blocking the sky and sun.


Right when the dragon race was falling apart, Han felt an unexplainable pain. It was like there was a force ripping apart his soul.

Black Egg didn’t become more energetic because he had the blood contract with Han. On the contrary, he was weaker, he was huffing and puffing in Han’s arms.

At that time, while it was chaotic, a silver dragon held Black Egg and Han in his mouth and carefully left the group of dragons, she opened his wings and flew up.

Han was struggling, at this time, he heard the voice of the silver dragon.

"Don’t move, you are in danger! Black Egg isn’t a dragon, he used to be four dragons. Each of these dragons had their own souls, the dragon soul."

"Even though you are the offspring of the World Destroying Dragon Knights, but you still cannot accept four dragon souls at the same time, that would kill you!"

"The only way is to go find Old Ruins, he is the oldest dragon in our dragon race. No dragon knows how long he had been alive for, even though he didn’t have eyes and could no longer fly, he still is the wisest in the dragon race. Only he can save you now!"

From the voice, it was actually a female dragon, and she sounded young.

"Why did you save me?" Han asked curiously.

He finally understood where the pain that was ripping his soul apart was coming from, Black Egg had four dragon’s dragon soul on him, and the blood contract was also called a soul contract, Han didn’t have the ability to set a soul contract with so many dragon souls.

So Han’s soul was getting ripped apart, in front of the powerful dragon soul, his soul power was only level 3 and it was very vulnerable.

Even if the souls of the four traitor dragons were like Black Egg, and wanted to be accepted by Han, Han wouldn’t even have the ability to accept them all, it would break his soul.

"I like this small black dragon!" After a long period of silence, the young female silver dragon said courageously, "He is super handsome, he is the best dragon I’ve seen!"


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