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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 458


Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Dragon Gate Flying Feather Clan, Aced!

Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

When Han saw 9527, he discovered there was a little child with a square face and forehead following him.

Han was dazed, he had almost forgotten. When they went to the Wall of Sorrow, 9527 had picked up a child from the other side across the Wall of Sorrow. The kid looked different from everybody. He had a square head, square nose, square mouth, square ears, and looked strong and cute.

9527 was playing with the kid. He was trying to make him speak but the child only stared at him and refused to open his lips. He did not react to the earnest instructions of 9527.

’’He might be stupid.’’ 9527 shrugged and said to Han, ’’I have sent the blueprint you asked me to deliver to Long Chuan. No one noticed me. But is it really okay to handover the Death Star to the robots?’’

’’After all, our understanding of robots is very limited. We cannot even replicate their logic chips or understand how artificial intelligence works. If your robot army betrays us, that would be devastating.’’

Han lightly said, ’’I have absolute trust in my robotic friends, just like I have absolute trust in you guys.’’

9527 did not say a word after hearing his words.

His thoughts were normal. Humans tended to fear things that they do not understand. No matter it's on the front or reverse side of the universe, the status of robots was awkward. Very few people could fully trust their metal friends like Han does.

Right then, Han saw Yuan Yuan. He got a new leg. Even though 9527 tried his best, but the difference between the new and old leg was still visible.


Yuan Yuan cheered, and was lifted off the ground by Han. Han examined carefully and gently said, ’’It's better if you follow 9527 in the future. Don't take chances with me anymore. If something happens to you, I will be very sad.’’

’’Ok!’’ Yuan Yuan obediently replied.

When he saw the close relationship between Yuan Yuan and Han, 9527 thought that he might be too paranoid. If robots all had the personality of Yuan Yuan, there was nothing to be feared. 9527 did not believe that Yuan Yuan would ever betray Han.

The two sat next to each other and 9527 said, ’’Long Chuan will start building the Death Star immediately. It's just that the thing is too big. It cannot enter even the Dark Net. Even if you have the support of robots, and could build the Death Star, what would you use it for? There are not many enemies left on the regular side of the universe.’’

’’I don't know.’’ Han shook his head and said, ’’I don't know what we would use it for but I know that the Golden Family was unable to build one due to manpower and resources limitations. Thus, I wish for us to make one.’’

’’As for what we would use it for after it is built, let us consider that in the future. The Golden Family is the enemy. I want to destroy what they wanted to do. And I want is to do what they failed to do.’’

9527 was speechless. This was not the first time he was faced with Han's strange logic. In any case, he did not want the enemy to be happy. He liked to go against his enemies and he did not need any reasons for that.

’’Do you think Pluto has things on his mind?’’ Han suddenly asked.

’’Why do you say so?’’ 9527 frowned and asked, ’’Did Pluto talk to you again?’’

Han nodded and said, ’’Yes, he discovered that I am almost recovered and urged me to enter the Western Dark Net as soon as possible. It is not the first time he has mentioned Dragon Valley.’’

’’According to him, if I don't conquer a top-level dragon soon, the situation will become dangerous.’’

9527 thought and said, ’’Did he speak of Black Egg?’’

’’He did.’’ Han said, ’’Pluto said that Black Egg would not betray me even if we do not sign a life and death contract. Thus, he wished that I could use the power of the Dragon Spirit Grass to sign a dragon which is even stronger than Black Egg. That way, I could get two dragons. Black Egg would not leave me and I would also obtain a stronger mount.’’

9527 said, ’’That makes sense. Pluto is right. The aid of two dragons would be better than one. So why are you so worried?’’

Han said, ’’I am worried about Pluto. He seemed very anxious and worried. I have a feeling he is not worried about our circumstances, but worried about people we don't know.’’

9527 lightly sighed, ’’Truthfully, our circumstances are not good either. According to the newest information, Jacquet and Luo Shui Han have combined forces and sworn to destroy us. With our present power, it is impossible for us to fight these two strong forces of the Eastern Region.’’

’’I found you for this matter as well. Even if Pluto did not urge you, we should leave. We cannot stay for too long in the East Region.’’

Han hesitated for a second and nodded slightly, ’’If the brothers are alright with it, I am okay too.’’

Han overestimated the crazy bunch within the base. Everyone was surprisingly optimistic when they heard that they were moving to the West region.

A while back, they witnessed first-hand how the number one pirate group, Dragon's Gate Flying Feather, entered the West Region. They were all envious and did not want to lose to the fellows of the Golden Gate.

Furthermore, the Wall of Sorrow brought a lot of interesting loot to everyone. They wished to enter the West Region like the fellows from the Golden Gate and obtain more things.

They were less worried about being found by Luo Shui Han and Jacquet. The more important reason was their curiosity for the West Region.

Then go!

Anyhow, Wolf Fang was not an organization. The so-called Wolf Fang organization also did not have a leader. For such a matter, the group just needed to discuss and if there were no oppositions, it would pass through.

Thus, on a normal day, everyone packed their bags and prepared to head towards the West Region.

From their relaxed manner, it was as if this was not an important force migration but a vacation. They joked as they walked, sang songs and envisioned the fights and acts they would do in the West Region. Han started to question who were the true pirates, Dragon's Gate Flying Feather or Wolf Fang.


The group separated into two and boarded two Dark Net starships. They merrily passed the Veins Tunnel and reached the Wall of Sorrow.

Then they started to gamble and bet as to what was behind the wall. Everyone seemed unaware that they were migrating forces, they acted like a bunch of high school kids on a school trip.

Han was helpless as well. They were a temperamental bunch and everyone had a strong personality. When you bring together such a group, of course everything would be muddled.

When he obtained the Blood Time Ring, Han had received the instructions to find the Golden Family in the West Region. He started to plan the logistics to cross the Wall of Sorrow.

The most important thing was speed!

The Blood Time Ring could shake the Wall of Sorrow, but only for a short time. The Dragon Gate Flying Feather originally had 2000 members but only 1000 crossed the walls. This was the conclusion Han and the others came to. If there were too many people, some of the people at the back would not be able to make it.

Han and the others did not have this problem. The Wolf Fang team was small, only about five hundred people in size. Furthermore, there was a speed specialist, Xiao Lin, within the group.

Han said seriously to Xiao Lin, ’’You are responsible for closing the rear. Use your teleportation powers and push the brothers at the back. Drag them into by the collar if you must.’’

’’Rest assured. Leave it to me!’’ Xiao Lin vouched.

Of course, there were quite a few fellows who were really fast such as Ke Lake, Black Egg, Pluto. Their speed was almost as fast as light

The people who were slower stood at the front and those who were faster lined at the back. The group merrily lined up and grew more serious as the timer counted down.

’’Four! Three! Two! One! Go!’’

Han led the way and ran towards the Wall of Sorrow, the others following closely behind him.

Han lifted his right arm and punched the Blood Time Ring towards the blood-covered wall.

It was exactly the same as when Dragon Gate Flying Feather passed through the Wall. The wall which separated the two dimensions was pierced. Han felt that his body suddenly had no weight. It was as if his fist had not hit the wall but the air.


The entire process was shockingly simple. But very soon, Han felt that his body was chilly as if he was surrounded by seawater.

When he opened his eyes and looked closely. He saw that he was under the sea. The green seaweed swayed with the waves, the sea ground was filled with white sand and many bodies lied there. The bodies were stiff and most of them were covered with armor and held a weapon.

There were two types of bodies. One were the square head square nose humans who looked like the little boy 9527 recently took in.

The other kind were big bugs. The bugs were black, red and brown. They looked strange and savage.

A battle had happened not too long ago. Some humans died holding on to the bugs, their swords were still in the abdomen of the bugs.

There were many small fish at the bottom of the sea who were feeding on the bodies of the bugs and humans. When they saw that Han and the others had suddenly appeared, the fish colony was frightened and quickly swam away.


Han swam with all his might. He finally reached the surface of the water and saw that the sea was covered with blood!

The surrounding reefs had more bodies of bugs and humans. It was the same for the beach and cliff in the distant. There were many crows chewing on the dead bodies.

He looked towards the sky. There were stars and the night sky was dazzling. It was as if they were not in the Dark Net but had returned to the front of the universe.

Everything was very strange. It made Han curious, where had he arrived at?

These fallen warriors dressed like ancient men. They did not wear a high technology fiber storage belt, but instead, they wore ropes made of the tendons of animals.

They did not wear high technology gravity adjusting battle boots but rather, they wore normal leather boots. Boots with no technology content at all.

’’Look! Those are the people of Dragon Gate Flying Feather!’’

Han yelled and everyone quickly turned to look. There was a body of a warrior on the reef. His hand still contained the teeth of a bug. His chest had been ruptured simultaneously by weapons and bug teeth. One could clearly see the badge of the Dragon Gate Flying Feather on his arm.

’’How tragic. Looks like this is a battlefield, and the people of the Dragon Gate Flying Feather ran onto someone else's battlefield and were hunted down by both sides.’’

’’Look! Those are also the people of the Dragon's Gate Flying Feather!’’

’’Over there too!’’

’’Damn! Did the entire Dragon's Gate Flying Feather get decimated? These bugs and square faced people must be quite strong if they could kill them!’’


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