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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 456


Chapter 456

Chapter 456: Han vs Three-Eye White Ghost

Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

To ignite one's life energy was always the last resort of a warrior. But at the same time, this last hurrah would also completely take the precious life of the warrior.

Han had always been an optimistic person. He would not intentionally seek death but he was a true warrior. When it became necessary to ignite his life energy to resolve a crisis, he would not hesitate.

For him, it was unacceptable for him to be dead, but for the enemy to remain alive.

The bottom-line for him was to perish together with the enemy. He stubbornly thought that enemies must be killed. If he did not have the power to kill the enemy and would probably be killed, he must drag the enemy down too. Han would not accept any other outcome.

The golden substance within the bottle contained the fresh blood of Lone Abyss who belonged to the Golden Family. Since Lone Abyss had a human form but evolved from Soul Beasts, Han was unable to determine if he had drank beast blood or human blood.

But Han did not care. From his understanding of the universe, energy types counteracted each other.

Only dark energy could suppress dark energy. Thus, if Han wanted to kill Three-Eye White Ghost of the Golden Family, he needed the power of the Golden Family.

This was the fourth type of energy that Han had ingested - the red blood lineage possessed source Energy, the Dark blood lineage had dark energy, the intelligent plant esper had gentle plant energy and plus the golden blood lineage of Beasts.

One would not be able to find anyone with more complex energy system than Han, or someone crazier than Han.

The co-existence of the dark energy and source energy was understandable since both of the blood lineages came from humans. Plant energy was the gentlest form of energy so it could also co-exist within Han's body.

But the Golden lineage of Beasts was different. It was an energy type that conflicted with the two major human lineages. The energies would tangle within Han's body and attack each other. Logically, Han did not need to ignite his life energy, the incompatible energies within his body would be enough to kill him.

Relying on the last of his beliefs, Han rushed forward and threw away his blade. His fingers glided over the Lunar Mark and he took out his godly bow Flying Feather. But he did not plan to draw arrows with the bow. Rather, he wanted to borrow the toughness of the Flying Feather.

This was a power which had surpassed the limit - soul Power, source Energy, dark energy, plant energy, the Golden Family's energy and ignition of his life energy.

All of these energies were represented upon Han's body. The different kind of colors surrounded his body without reservations. Han used everything that he could.

The imposing presence on Han could not be described with words. After all, a warrior's life energy was ignited. It was Han's limit.

Faced with the astonishing Han, the Three-Eye White Ghost was unmoved. The Three-Eye White Ghost was as prideful was Black Egg. He did not believe that he would lose.


The third eye on Three-Eye White Ghost suddenly opened.

The genetically mutated eye was not redundant. Rather, it was the embodiment of ultimate power.

When the Three-Eye White Ghost opened his third eye, it was similar to Han releasing his Soul Power and igniting his life power. The only difference was that Three-Eye White Ghost would not die since he could control the additional powers the third eye bring him. Han on the other hand had to ignite his life power and he did not know the consequences.

The final battle between life energy and the third eye was about to start!

Black Egg and Yuan Yuan were both extremely nervous. Even the cold-blooded Black Egg felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

Sometimes you do not realize what you have lost until you lost it.


Black Egg roared.

Unfortunately, Han's will would not be changed by others. His speed became faster and faster and the light that emitted from his body became more dazzling.


When they were less than 10 meters apart, the third eye of the Three-Eye White Ghost finally launched its attack. A black light emitted explosively from his strange eye straight towards Han!

What kind of energy was it? How strong was it? What kind of damage would it cause?

These questions were no longer important.

The only important thing was, who could get the last laugh in this battle.


The light which Han and Three-Eye White Ghost emitted clashed and dissipated like stars had fallen. The light was so bright it covered the entire world.

When the light ceased, Yuan Yuan saw a golden substance bleeding out from the Three-Eye White Ghost's head and dripped onto the ground.

Han forcefully shoved the Flying Feather bow through the location of the third eye and straight into the head of Three-Eye White Ghost!

’’Master! You did it! You did it!’’ Yuan Yuan cried in excitement.

Alas, Han did not reply.


Han closed his eyes and fell. In this ultimate battle which caused destruction on both sides, Han successfully killed the Three-Eye White Ghost, but he himself had also fallen into abyss.

Right before he fell, he opened Lunar Mark and let out Black Egg who he had been protecting. Now, Black Egg was safe...


Black Egg jumped onto Han's body. He never thought that he would value a human so much. Logically, for someone like him who was destined to stand at the top of the world, he should not have too many feelings. That was the common trait among those that sit at the top of the world.

But reality had proven that logic was meant to be broken.

Even the prideful Black Egg had a heart which would flutter with his happiness and sorrows.

Emotions were something Black Egg could not resist. Humans became powerful because of their emotions. The songs which had been passed on for thousands of years, and literature which would never be destroyed were passed down because they were instilled with emotions.

Even though Black Egg still did not understand where his pain stemmed from, he did not want for Han to die. He would rather use his life to exchange for Han's life!

But no matter how hard Black Egg and Yuan Yuan shouted, or how much they shook Han, Han did not open his eyes. The sensitive Black Egg could detect that Han's life energy was rapidly dissipating. This caused him extreme pain. He could not accept living life without Han.

But it was all too late...

Black Egg started to look around like crazy. He smattered the head of Three-Eye White Ghost and dug out his brain.

Then he found the third eye of Three-Eye White Ghost which had been beaten away. The seemingly indestructible third eye had not been destroyed by Han. When Han had pierce the head of Three-Eye White Ghost, the third eye flew out during the collision.

Black Egg looked at Han who had his eyes tightly shut, and looked at the brain and third eye in his hand. Black Egg suddenly let out a roar and his body became to expand!

’’Master! Open your eyes. Look at Black Egg. He...he now looks so strange..’’ Yuan Yuan shook his head and said to Han.

Dragon transformation. Black Egg's real body was not his short chubby body. He real body was a black dragon.

His wings spanned three meters. Compared to the legendary dragons, Black Egg was still a small fellow. But what changed was not only his size. More importantly, his presence and eyes had also changed.

Dragon's Prestige.

It was the legendary prestige which the dragon race was born with. When a dragon appeared with its dragon prestige, even nature would change and all would bow before it.


Black Egg had the body of a small Black Dragon, but the eyes of a Golden Dragon. He was not an ordinary fellow. There were no species like him listed in the family tree of the dragons. Nothing could possess both the features of the evil Black Abyss dragon and the sacred Golden dragon.

He was like the association between the devil and angel. It was no wonder that the only one who had seen the real body of Black egg, Protector Banshee, had warned Han to never anger Black Egg.

White bone razor claws.

It was the characteristic trait of the mystic type Skeletal Dragon dragon. It was said that the body of a Skeletal Dragon was indestructible. Even if the body was destroyed, it would regrow after thousands of years. The characteristics of the Skeletal Dragon were also present within Black Egg.

Crimson red scales.

It was the trademark of the destruction type Crimson Dragons. As the renowned destroyers of the Dragon race, they could use their hell fire to instantly destroy a galaxy! The strange row of red scales on Black Egg's back was the symbol of the red dragons.

Evil type, Sacred type, Destruction type, Mystic type...

One could not imagine that the small Black Egg would have the traits of the four major Dragons!

Perhaps Black Egg's chubby appearance was deception to hide his unexplainable and secretive identity?

Black Egg lowered his head. His uncovered his fangs, faced the big energy mass which the Three-Eye White Ghost left behind and took in a heavy breath.


Energy, countless amount of energy flew into Black Egg's body like air and began to rapidly circulate.

The strange eye started to wither as did the energy-filled brain.

A bright light emitted out from Black Egg's body and activated the peerless powers of the ancient dragons.


The high and mighty Black Egg quickly started flying and threw himself next to Han. His golden eyes were no longer intimidating but only showed desperation.

He did not want Han to die like this. For that, he was willing to put down his pride as a dragon and gamble with all he had!

To be the strongest being in the universe?

The goal suddenly did not seem important. If Han died, even if he became the strongest being, no one would be there to share that joy with him. He would be like all the other prideful dragons who lived an eternal lonely life or died alone.

For the first time in his life, Black Egg bowed his prideful head and aimed his dragon horn towards the middle of Han's brows.

The energy was released. Without energy, Black Egg would also die, but he was willing to give the precious dragon energy to Han with no regrets.

This was a true example of conquest. Since ancient times, no one had conquered a dragon. Even the strongest Dragon Rider could only sign a contract with the Dragons. They could only use their unique methods to force the dragons to be their partners during battle, and that was all.

But Han, today he not only conquered Black Egg's body, but also his heart.

Dragon's energy. It was the pinnacle of all energies and even stronger than Soul Power. Now, it was transmitted into the body of Han - an ordinary human. The result was unpredictable because it was the first time in history that it had happened.

Now, the red source energy, dark energy, plant energy, Golden lineage of the Soul beasts, soul power and Dragon's energy...all these strange energies have gathered together!



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