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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 454


Chapter 454

Chapter 454: A Hopeless Situation for Black Egg!

Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

The only way was for Black Egg to stop his attack, and they must use other physical methods of attack to harass the Three-Eye White Ghost.

With that thought, Han pulled out his Flying Feather Bow.

The Three-Eye White Ghost clearly absorbed Black Egg's soul kill, so hopefully the explosive energy brought by Sky Fire and Flying Feather could really hurt him.

’’Black Egg! Get out of my way!’’ Han screamed.

Unfortunately, Black Egg ignored Han as he was hysterically enraged. Black Egg's pride and arrogance as a descendant of the Dragon's bloodline was too overwhelming even for himself, he believed that there was no one in the world that he couldn't handle. The Three-Eye White Ghost was far inferior than Black Egg in his own perception, yet Black Egg was furious that he could not kill him.

He continued to lash out furiously at the Three-Eye White Ghost, but the cunning Three-Eye White Ghost only defended. It appeared that Black Egg knocked down the Three-Eye White Ghost over and over again, but he would always recover and get back on his feet, each time stronger because he slowly absorbed Black Egg's energy along the beating.

This was a horrible situation, Black Egg's energy was limited. Black Egg was very picky so he only used the purest form and highest level of energy instead of normal energy.

Therefore, Black Egg's energy reserve was not what others had imagined. After the Three-Eye White Ghost absorbed a portion of Black Egg's energy, his attacks were not as sharp as early on.

Of course Black Egg knew what the problem was, but he was too arrogant and believed that as long as he kept on ferociously attacking the Three-Eye White Ghost, it'll eventually die from the wounds.

Black Egg didn't need to go far to find a role model, Han goes about battle the same way. His battle theory was to never stop attacking until the very last moment, until either he or the enemy was dead.

Shame that Black Egg only knew of Han's theory but was not aware of the intellectual difference between them.

Han did not charge into every battle like a clueless teenager. Rather most of the time, Han relied on his wit and strategy.

Like today, clearly the Three-Eye White Ghost was deceitful and Black Egg was not aware of the scenario and fell in its trap.

Aside from all the hard bones, Han had a classic memo that Black Egg forgot to memorize.

Han once said, ’’I must destroy whatever the enemy crave the most!’’

Transfer his own energy to the enemy? Han would never do such foolish things! He would never let his enemy be satisfied.

Han was sweating. He had the Flying Feather bow in his hand but he couldn't find an opportunity to release the arrow because Black Egg and the Three-Eye White Ghost were too close together.

Pros fought with amazing speed!

The Three-Eye White Ghost already became a white shadow entangled with Black Egg's black blur.

If Han released the arrow at this moment, he would hit both of them!

’’Get out of my way!’’

Han was really worried and let out a sharp scream. His hand holding the bow trembled, there had never been a battle before that caused this much tension. Whether or not to attack both Black Egg and the Three-Eye White Ghost had really caused a headache for Han.

Han and Black Egg's relationship was exposed to the bone at these moments.

Black Egg was not Silver Fox nor Blue Star. He would never obey Han's orders as is, he was full of pride and arrogance. If it was Silver Fox instead of Black Egg in this battle, it would never get to this point because Silver Fox would have always obeyed Han's orders.

The key was that Black Egg assumed he was stronger than Han and it would be shameful to follow Han's commands. However, he lacked Han's wit and decision making ability, thus he fell deeper and deeper in the trap his enemy dug, and Han could not do a thing about it.


Black Egg twisted around whilst midair and let out another soul kill!

’’You moron!’’

Han really wanted to run up and slap Black Egg in the face! It was a complete bullshit move! Black Egg was clearly disadvantaged and more stupidity would be coped with disastrous consequences!

Han had no time to vacillate further as this was an opportunity!

Han let out the Flying Feather arrow while Black Egg released his soul kill.

White light spearheaded the exquisite alloy bracket, and on top of the bracket was the super explosive weapon, sky fire!


Han gambled!

If the Three-Eye White Ghost could not absorb Sky Fire's explosiveness, then Han could use the range attack to slowly wear him down.

However, if the Three-Eye White Ghost was not scared of Sky Fire then he would be gifted with two different energies. Black Egg's soul kill and Han's Sky Fire would speed up his evolution!

Boom boom

Soul Kill intertwined with Sky Fire and caused a huge explosion that lit up the sky.

Quickly the flames were absorbed fully by Three-Eye White Ghost, and he no longer looked like a 7-8 year old kid, but rather a stronger, taller teenager.

’’Shit!’’ Han cursed heavily.

This type of power absorbing ability was powerful and the worst part was that Han's dark extinct field would not have an effect on tripled-eyed white ghost as his demon golden bloodline was different from human. There was no way to strip his abilities!


The clearly weakened Black Egg roared angrily.

Soul kill consumed extreme amount of energy. Regular Soul Beast would die right away after casting it once because the energy consumption was lethal.

Black Egg was higher leveled so he could use multiple soul kill before being exhausted to death. Then again how many soul kills could Black Egg really use?

Three? Four? Five times?

As a member of energy Dragon descendant, would a Black Egg without energy still able to fight?

’’Screw it, I'm all in!’’ Han roared and charged towards the Three-Eye White Ghost.

Explosions and soul kills could not kill the triple-eyed ghost. The only thing left for Han to do was to physically fight him.

Han put away the Flying Feather Bow and took out a three-pointed double edge knife. It was a top weapon gifted by 9527, it was called Sky Rift Tower.

Even though Sky Rift Tower could not compare to Flying Feather, but it was still the best top weapon that 9527 could offer from his collection.

Black Egg did not wait for Han to attack again, this time even more crazy than before. The arrogant Black Egg still could not believe that he was losing. It was impossible! The Proud dragon descendant never accept failure!

The reality was that Black Egg was strong, so was the Three-Eye White Ghost! The Three-Eye White Ghost was the only warrior from the Golden Bloodline to possess the ability to absorb energy, even though he had done countless evil deeds. The Golden Bloodline elders were still unwilling to execute him due to his unique yet powerful gift!

Soul kill, third attempt!

Soul kill, fourth attempt!

Finally, the arrogant Black Egg was nearing collapse after the fourth soul kill, but the Three-Eye White Ghost's energy has peaking to historic level.

’’It is time...’’

The Three-Eye White Ghost suddenly dropped his arms from defensive stance and gave a malevolent smile.


His right hand expanded violently and white bones penetrated his skin to become a pair of boney knife. He charged towards Black Egg with both arms crossed in a X form!

Black Egg's expression at this moment was extremely complex. Angry, unwilling, hopeless...

He had lost. As a proud Dragon descendant, he was unwilling to admit defeat, but he had no other choice but to accept the tragedy of the outcome. He was not the strongest in the world after all.

Black Egg shut his eyes in despair as the bone breaking knife reached his face.


A shadow came out the side and crashed into Three-Eye White Ghost vehemently.

It was Han!

He used his Sky Rift Tower to block the Three-Eye White Ghost's Bone Breaking Blade, then used a clever yet unusual maneuver to shoulder tackle Three-Eye White Ghost like a football player!

Again with the bone spur...

Black Egg saw Han bleeding from his shoulder. The Three-Eye White Ghost's bones were commanded freely. The moment Han hit him and his bone spurred underneath his skin. Even though Han used his classic unusual maneuver to send the Three-Eye White Ghost flying, he was still wounded. All this was because Han attempted to save Black Egg from Three-Eye White Ghost.

Black Egg was stunned, he had to rely on Han to save him in his final moment? It tortured his proud soul even more, he attempted to fly again but was hugged by Han.

Black Egg could not describe his feelings. The lanky Han appeared tall and big. He felt warm tucked inside Han's arms. The way Han guarded Black Egg caused unrest in his proud yet fragile heart.

’’As long as I live then no one can touch you.’’ Han said slightly.


Han swallowed every drug inside the automatic drug dispenser.

That's a full ONE HUNDRED!!!

When Night prepared these narcotics for him, he did not plan for Han to ingest it all at once!

This was Han's 'battle to the end regardless of the consequences'train of thought!

An onetime indigestion of such huge amount narcotics? Would Han die of poison?

It was not something Han could worry about right now, his only goal was to kill the Three-Eye White Ghost! Han did not care if Three-Eye White Ghost died and Han lived or if they both died together. He must display his strongest most and most powerful combat form!

As his left hand shoved all the narcotics in, Han flipped all of his mutated plant Demonic Vines seeds high up in the air with his right hand!

The seeds fell on the battlefield and quickly began to grow and expand. It quickly became a jungle, a jungle that swung around huge deadly appendages!

Black Egg was still shocked and before he could react he was recalled back into Han's Lunar Mark, it was to protect Black Egg. Black Egg and Han had a strong mental connection so he could still feel Han's vision and hear Han's voice.

Craziest as he has ever been, Han charged forward!

Top technique Pathless?

Of course not, the biggest difference between Han and Black Egg was wit and strategy! Han would never use a strategy that strengthened the enemy while weakening himself.

He couldn't use Flying Feather, couldn't use Pathless, and Void End was useless toward Three-Eye White Ghost.

Therefore, Han was left with only one strategy, which was to physically fight the Three-Eye White Ghost! To kill him with the most violent and primal attacks!

White lights surrounded Han's body, it was his soul power!

His injured soul was not fully healed but Han still activated it forcefully.

Torrent-like force!

Han relentlessly attacked with this rainbow-like momentum before the narcotics caused Han to lose consciousness.

No unreasonable Void Domain, and no overrated techniques. Just a warrior with a heart that never admitted defeat!




Han's blades kept on hitting Three-Eye White Ghost, and the mutated Demonic Vine plants successfully diverted the enemy's attention.

Han gave everything he had in the very beginning. Success or not was in this moment!

Either you die! Or I die!

There was not another option!


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