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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 447


Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Wolf Fang doing its thing again...

Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

Jin Dragon Gate suddenly took out a blood colored ring and slapped it on the Wall of Sorrow.


The Wall of Sorrow began shaking violently. The walls covered in ivies started vibrating violently. It was like ripples created from throwing a huge rock into water.


Within the blink of an eye, a thousand warriors from the Dragon Gate Flying Feather rushed through the wall.

Everyone couldn't believe it. The Wall of Sorrow was very sturdy, it couldn't even be penetrated with Han's Flying Feather arrows in combination with the Sky Fire. However, the Dragon Gate Flying Feather pirate group just crossed it! To the west side of the Dark Net!

9527 was completely lost. He came to the wall where Dragon Gate Flying Feather had disappeared and touched the wall carefully. He said to himself, ’’They went over, they actually went over! What exactly happened here!’’

’’Speed... yes, it is speed! Dragon Gate Flying Feather used to have nearly 2000 people. Now there are less than 1000. They must know that the time at which the space would be open is very short, so they were forced to decrease their numbers!’’

’’And that blood colored ring ... the contact with that blood colored ring created a rip in the space, letting Dragon Gate Flying Feather pass through. They must have studied that Wall of Sorrow for a very very long time!’’

’’Golden family? Did they use the same way as the Dragon Gate Flying Feather pirates as well?’’

As 9527 was talking, something suddenly started coming through the wall, it was like a child's foot.

9527 was shocked, he grabbed the foot and pulled it backwards. It was a child. He looked to be 7 to 8 years old and had a very square face, really square ears, eyes, and nose. He looked nothing like the people from the east side of the Dark Net, but more like he had a tiger head.

The kid was not talking nor crying, he just stared at 9527's face.

Without a question, this child came here from the west because a lot of the products from the Wall of Sorrow all had square faced people. It was like a special type of people from the west.

9527 was stunned, he held this weird-looking child in his arms. Everyone was kind of stunned. They were supposed to come here to pick up treasures, but now they picked up a child...

Looking at this child's clothing, it was like from the ancient times. A wool waistcoat, cotton trousers, and there was soft armor on the inside of his waistcoat. It was like it was made from some sort of silk. There was a black bracelet over his hand, and there were decoration necklaces on his neck as well.

Even though his clothing looked very ancient, but it was very high quality. The wool waistcoat was made fairly well. The level of craftmanship on this could be considered master level.

As for that bracelet and metal jewellery, nobody had ever seen anything like that before, and it should be rather valuable.

Without a doubt, this kid from the west was of a royal background. It was just that his personality was hard to understand, he looked at everybody dumbly, like he was not afraid at all.

Pathless Origin, Wuyun, Feng Taiji, they all looked and seemed like old monsters, but the child looked at them for a while, and then started laughing at these scary old men.

’’Could he be retarded?’’ Feng Taiji scratched his head and said.

Suddenly, 9527 seemed to have remembered something, he held the child and ran towards Han ad yelled, ’’Look quickly what Jin Dragon Gate left for you? Maybe it has something to do with the Wall of Sorrow.’’

Han shook his head lightly and didn't move, he said, ’’Wait, now is not the time.’’

9527 followed Han's gaze, and his whole body shook. He saw the first troop of the Big Fives have arrived at the Wall of Sorrow!

What was even worse was that it was the Mass Demon Corporation, that was led by Luo Shock Scale!

Three whole troops, 30000 people. It was easy for them to block Han's 400 something people. Luo Shock Scale smiled and walked from the troop, he said, ’’It definitely is beneficial to be speedy, it surprised me, I came here to kill Han, but I didn't imagine that my cousin would be here too.’’

’’Come, Luo Ying, come beside me, so the innocent won't get hurt.’’

Luo Ying's big eyes glared, she said like a fox, ’’Innocent? Don't lie to me. My father didn't even let my sister go, why would he let me go? If I go with you back home I will still be faced with death, I won't go back!’’

Luo Shock Scale laughed coldly and said, ’’Cousin, I didn't say if you came back with me you wouldn't die, you misunderstood me.’’

’’In reality, Han can die however we want him to just die, but you can't, you must suffer through 10 times his pain.’’

’’Nobody made you betray your father, your father said you must live, and then be killed in front of the whole corporation, so everyone will understand that regardless of who it is, as long as they betray your father, they must die. Even if it is his own daughter.’’

Luo Ying gasped, her pretty face was white. Even though she knew her father was ruthless, but he was actually ruthless to this level... this made Luo Ying sad and chilled to her heart.

She remembered herself and her dead sister. They never really actually had a father ever!

After Luo Shock Scale said this, the crowd was in an uproar!

Even though Luo Ying was weird, but she was just a child! Luo Shuihan wanted to kill her in front of everyone? Is this guy even human?

Everyone's hearts were made of flesh. Any normal person who heard this kind of tragedy would be extremely angry.

’’Let me kill him!’’ Howling Forest took a step forward and yelled. He had the rare super power of teleportation, he was confident that he could immediately kill him.

’’I will!’’

’’I've always thought this guy was annoying!’’

’’What are we waiting for!? Either he dies today, or I die!’’

’’Jesus, why are there people like this in the world, I will give it my all today just to take your life!’’

Luo Shock Scale was shocked. He couldn't help but back up a couple of steps. He didn't think that people around Han would have such a strong sense of justice. Looking at them right now, it seemed like they were about to rush over.

This group of crazy people, how many people did they even have? How can they say such crazy things.

’’Okay! Let's kill him!’’ Han yelled loudly with a stone face.

He was angry too. Regardless of where Luo Ying came from, since she came to his side, then she was a friend!

There was a type of people in the world that was said to have a mouth of a crow.

After merely a few sentences from Luo Shock Scale, he had made everyone angry. Even the kindest guy Thousand Hands was searching for something in his dimension ring. It was like he was about to sneak attack him.


The current situation was, if they didn't agree on one sentence, they would start fighting!

Luo Shock Scale wanted to continue to display his prestige and scare Han, but in the end, he didn't scare him and they were about to attack!

The warriors of the Mass Demon Corporation were scared too, what was this? They had so little people and they wanted to fight? Were they not afraid to die?

As the two sides were clash, Han suddenly opened his right hand!

’’Void End, open!’’

The Wolf Fang Corporation hadn't fought with human-like enemy groups in a long time. The enemies from before were mostly beasts, and because their bloodlines were different, regardless of how incredible Han's Void End was, it wouldn't be able to rid the ability of other races.

But the Mass Demon Corporation, was a group of humanoid species!

Han didn't really specialize in killing beasts, but killing people was his speciality!

As for the other people, they also had similar thoughts. The golden family was arrogant? Fine! But you dare to be arrogant too? If we don't kill you, who would we kill!?

Boom boom boom~

The moment the Wolf Fang attacked, it was like they were about to crush their enemy!

In the Big Five, only the All Gods knew how powerful Han and his team was. The Mass Demon and Luo Shock Scale didn't understand at all how scary it was for Han to open his Void End and lead his crew to kill the enemies.

Within moments, the Mass Demon Corporation fell into chaos, because they lost their super powers!

Unlimited darkness, infinite void!

Han's Void End was this incredible!

Once he started using his superpowers, everyone else would no longer have their super power!

Completely unreasonable!


As the warriors of the Mass Demon Corporation started taking out their weapons, and were ready to fight close range with Han...

Han became unreasonable again, he suddenly closed his Void End so all his team suddenly had super powers!

Boom boom boom~

A plethora of super powers came together and bombarded the enemy.

It also included Han's godly Flying Feather Bow!

After having Sky Fire, the Flying Feather Bow no longer took up a lot of Han's energy in order to have the powerful effect.

With the blink of an eye, a wave of enemies all died! Mourns and cries came from all directions!

The warriors of the Mass Demon Corporation reacted quickly. Once they saw that the Wolf Fang had used their super powers, they wanted to start using too.

But before their super powers could take into effect, Han again became unreasonable!

He opened Void End again, and got rid of all their super powers a second time!

This was bullying!

This was definitely bullying!

This kind of unreasonable attack tactics, even the Gods wouldn't be able to stand it!

Ever since Han came out, as long as he was the one who led the group to fight, the Wolf Fang had never lost.

The reason was simple. Han was super shameless, this kind of unreasonable tactics, how could he lose!?

Who could follow Han's tempo in the world?

Only ghosts would know when he would open his Void End, and when he would turn it off. Between Han and his crew, they always relied on hidden signals to exchange information.

Through observing Han's gestures, everyone would know that in a couple of seconds, Void End would close.

Once Void End closes, the crew could release the super powers that they've been preparing! And surprise the enemy!

400 people vs. 3000?

Less vs. more?

Is that not okay!?

The strongest part of the Wolf Fang tactic was that it was never the same. It could change in thousands of, even tens of thousands of ways!

One by one, between the closing and opening of Void End, at an incredible speed, before the enemy could get used to it, they conducted a mass massacre of the enemies!

When the enemy had gotten used to this tactic, then the mass massacre was basically done! Completely not giving the enemy a chance to fight back!


The warriors of the Mass Demon Corporation were like hay being harvested, they fell group by group.

Luo Shock Scale's face was white. Under the protection of his subordinates, he continued to move backwards.

He was originally in the front of the troop, but now he was at the back.

But how could Han let him go. Even if there were a lot of enemies between them, it was just more killing for Han! Not a big deal!

’’What is this situation?!’’

’’Old Demon Head Luo's people are losing?!’’

’’What losing, look closely, they are being crushed!’’

The other four troops behind Mass Demons also arrived at the scene, and they were immediately shocked by the cruelty of Han and his people.

Even though Luo Shock Scale was suspected for using the fact that he was Luo Shui Han's relative to gain power to his current position, but his subordinates were truly the elites from the Mass Demon Corporation, yet they were completely obliterated by Han and just a couple of his people? Nobody could believe their eyes.

’’What is this? This is Wolf Fang Corporation?’’

’’They had the cruelty like last time, but they weren't this powerful back then!’’

’’What the, they turned back into the enemy formation again! Wolf Fang directly penetrated through the defense line of the three troops of Mass Demon!’’

Before this, some of them had seen the combat effectiveness of the Wolf Fang Corporation in the Golden Tower. Sima Hunfeng led people into the tower to look for Han, and they met Bruce, Time Activator, and them.

Compared to before, there was only one difference, that was the difference between having Han and not having Han! It was the difference between having Void End and not having Void End!

’’It is over for Luo Shock Scale!’’ Dark North slightly frowned and said to Time Activator.


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