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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 446


Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Goodbye, Dragon Gate Flying Feather

Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

The Dragon Gate Flying Feather was the strongest pirate troop on the east side of the dark net. There was no one else that came close to them.

They followed no rules in the zones controlled by the Big Five. The Dragon Gate Flying Feather's existence was like a myth.

Back in the days, the only reason 9527 was able to roam around the zone controlled by the All Gods Corporation was that he used to be the chief structural officer of the corporation, and he controlled too many secrets of the All Gods Corporation.

But the Dragon Gate Flying Feather was able to gain its freedom relying on its own power!

It was almost impossible to imagine, this small pirate troop that was made up of less than 2000 people, the targets of their raids were the Big Five.

Jin Dragon Gate! Liang Flying Feather! These two leaders' names were like thunders in people's ears, not only were they in the top ten rankings of the east side of the dark network, they also each had a top-notch godly weapon.

Jin Dragon Gate's Dragon Gate Armor was known as it wouldn't let a single ray of light through, this was referring to the protection abilities of the armor, that not even light would be able to pass through.

While Liang Flying Feather and Flying Feather Bow were known to be able to shoot through the sky! Anything could be shot through with them!

Today for whatever reason, Liang Flying Feather died without an explanation, and his Flying Feather Bow by coincidence was now in Han's hands, letting Han improve his combat effectiveness a huge step forward.

But Jin Dragon Gate was still there, and the reputation of the Dragon Gate Flying Feather pirate group still exist!

In the recent couple of years, Dragon Gate Flying Feather had decreased their activity on the east side of the dark network. Everyone thought that they were gearing up for something big, and the protection that the Big Five had against Dragon Gate Flying Feather was never decreased either.

Up until today, when people from the Dragon Gate Flying Feather showed up at the Wall of Sorrow, 9527 suddenly realized that this might be the big mission that they've been preparing for over the years.

’’You are from Dragon Gate Flying Feather!?’’ 9527 asked loudly.

’’Yes, I am the scout Pan Xing from Dragon Gate Flying Feather!’’ The person covered in blood said proudly.

’’Why are you here? Where is Jin Dragon Gate? Where are the rest of the people from Dragon Gate Flying Feather?’’ 9527 asked again.

At this moment, a wave of loud laughter sounded from behind Pan Xing.

’’What are you saying. You can come to the Wall of Sorrow, the Big Five can come, why can't we come?!’’

Jin Dragon Gate!

9527 was suddenly shocked. He saw a huge group of people coming from the distance. The person leading the group was the legendary pirate, Jin Dragon Gate!

Different from the 9527 who was fat and short, Jin Dragon Gate was a very handsome old man. He was skinny, his eyes were deep, his golden hair was in a bun that bounced lightly when he walked, carrying an air of elegance.

Of course, more people paid attention to the Dragon Gate Armor he was wearing.

The black armor stuck to his body. There were two flying dragons on his chest, head-to-head, creating the double dragon door.

In this world, there were great differences between products of quality, and of non-quality.

If you compared an excellent quality cloth with a poor quality jacket, the better quality one would make people more comfortable just by looking at it.

As the best armor in the east region of the dark network, Dragon Gate Armor naturally had a shocking effect, even to people who didn't understand it. They could still feel the extraordinary aura that this duo-dragon set of armor had.

It is pretty funny if you think about it, the Big Five were the strongest on the east side of the dark net, but the strongest armor and the strongest bow all belonged to this pirate troop. At least they used to.

Jin Dragon Gate glanced at Pan Xing and said, ’’You okay?’’

’’Don't worry! This is nothing. I still want to fight that blue-blooded person another 300 rounds!’’ Pan Xing yelled loudly.

Jin Dragon Gate nodded and said, ’’That's right! You are from the Dragon Gate Flying Feather after all!’’

This time, Boya who was on the other side was mad. He had been howling nonstop, saying that he will fight to the death with Pan Xing.

Who was Boya?

The most hot-blooded young adult in the Wolf Fang Corporation. He was always yelling now and then! And then when they were rushing towards the enemy, he would always be in the very front, and whenever he talked he would have a lot of energy as well.

Pan Xing who was on the other side clearly had a lot of energy too, they were arguing and they were about to fight again, but then they were both pulled back by their teams.

Jin Dragon Gate grinned and said to 9527, ’’I know who you are, you are the chief structural officer at the All Gods Corporation, but whoever touches my people from Dragon Gate Flying Feather, must all die!’’

Right when Jin Dragon Gate finished talking, he heard a mournful roar!

’’Me, Sima Hunfeng! I wanted to say exactly what you wanted to say! Team, kill them all!’’ Sima Hunfeng roared out of surprise.

Who was Sima Hunfeng?

The strongest man in the Milky Way system.

He was extremely talented beyond anyone's imagination. Recently he broke the super warlord level. At this stage, it would be difficult to find more than a couple of people who are on his level from the Big Five.

Jin Dragon Gate was stunned momentarily, he started observing Sima Hunfeng and the people behind him, he suddenly discovered that these people were extremely strong!

Not only are they not weak in power, but their morale was not weak either!

Regardless if it was the people with Han, or the legendary pirates Dragon Gate Flying Feather, they were both classic battle troops that were extremely strong, they would fight till they died and not leave.

9527 discovered that Dragon Gate Flying Feather had way fewer people than before, it was said that this pirate troop had nearly 2000 top notch warriors, but today there were at most 1000 people. Could it be that something happened over the recent years that he wasn't aware of? Causing the population to decrease significantly.

With the blink of an eye, both sides were ready to pull their weapons out, they were almost about to fight.

9527 was worried sick, one side was that the Wall of Sorrow was increasing the speed at which it was throwing out treasures, the other side was that they were getting closer and closer to when the Big Five would arrive. If they really started fighting, they would get surrounded by the Big Five like a dumpling!

Both him and Dragon Gate Flying Feather will suffer!

This was not worth it! 9527 wanted to yell, but he knew that this group of people wouldn't listen to him.

Troops that are truly strong would all have the personality of a troop, and the personality of Wolf Fang was to never accept defeat, and never go back.

Whoever they are faced with, go back? No way!


Finally, a battle started without any surprises, both the Wolf Fang and Dragon Gate Flying Feather were too alpha after all. No one would admit defeat.

Warriors from both sides rushed towards each other.

At this moment, right before the battle was about to go full blown, a white light arrow was shot towards them from the side.

Not only Wai Late Dao and Sima Hunfeng were momentarily shocked, but the people from Dragon Gate Flying Feather were also surprised, because this was clearly the Flying Feather Bow, which should belong to their leader Liang Flying Feather.

Boom boom boom~

Even though the Flying Feather was still the same Godly Flying Feather Bow, its force had completely changed.

The Flying Feather arrow that carried Sky Fire hit the Wall of Sorrow, making a violent explosion, it scared the crowd into backing up.

After the explosion ended, the Wall of Sorrow was still the same and wasn't destroyed, while Han had already appeared beside his brothers.

’’Han! You b*stard didn't die!’’

’’You came so fast, hehe, and even brought a girl with you?’’

Han's brothers gestured at him, but when people from Dragon Gate Flying Feather saw the Flying Feather Bow in Han's hand, they all lost all color from their face and were collectively in rage.

Jin Dragon Gate laughed coldly and stopped his people from rushing up, he asked in a deep voice, ’’Who are you? Why is my brother's Flying Feather Bow in your hands?’’

9527 whispered to Han and said, ’’He is Jin Dragon Gate, this group of people is the Dragon Gate Flying Feather!’’

Han paused slightly, he knew of the existence of Dragon Gate Flying Feather before, but this was the first time seeing the group of legendary pirates from the east.

Grinning, Han used the simplest language and explained how he got the Flying Feather, including that evil female soul beast, Linda.

Han said, ’’Linda told me before, Liang Flying Feather was killed by you, Jin Dragon Gate, and said you were a notorious character. But then Yue Linda scammed me later, so I no longer believe what she said.

Jin Dragon Gate squinted his eyes. He glared and light exploded from his eyes and kept his eyes on Han.

All his subordinates were yelling, because they didn't believe that Liang Flying Feather would die like this, and used his Flying Feather Bow to repress Yue Linda, this story sounded too bizarre to them.

Sima Hunfeng and the rest surrounded Han, They were never afraid of fights, and now that Han was here, they were even less worried because Han had an unbelievable super power, Void End. Under Han's lead, they had never lost a battle before!

9527 was worried, because of the sudden appearance of the Dragon Gate Flying Feather, the original plan had to be changed, they had wasted too much time, the Big Five could arrive at any time so the situation was very dangerous.


They heard a long sigh from Jin Dragon Gate, his sharp look became duller.


They saw him suddenly let loose his golden long hair, cut it off with one swift move, and held it in his hands.

’’I had a bet with Flying Feather. If he died first, I would cut my hair, if I died first, he would get rid of his gambling addiction, this time, I lost to him.’’ Jin Dragon Gate said with infinite emotions.


A handful of golden hair was raised into the air with his hand, and he released it letting the wind carry them wherever they wanted to go.

’’Boss! Don't believe him, the second Boss wouldn't die this easily!’’

’’It must be that this stupid guy killed our other boss and stole the Flying Feather Bow!’’

’’Revenge! We must avenge his death!’’

Jin Dragon Gate shook his head and said sadly, ’’Don't be stupid, just with his abilities, he can kill Flying Feather?’’

Everyone was shocked and grew quiet, they didn't believe that Han had the ability to kill Liang Flying Feather, because in their hearts, he was a god level being.

’’Is Linda still alive? ’’Jin Dragon Gate suddenly asked.

Han frowned and said, ’’A while ago, there was a messed up battle in the Golden Tower where I saw her again, I am unsure of whether she died because it was too chaotic then, I think there is a 90% chance that she already died, from what you are saying, you know her too?’’

’’Such doomed love.’’ Jin Dragon Gate sighed and said, ’’Flying Feather and Yue Linda were a really good couple, but their identities... Sigh, different path but same ending. Now they are both dead, I guess they put an end to this ill-fated relationship.’’

Not only was Han kind of shocked, people from Dragon Gate Flying Feather were stunned too. Yue Linda was a female soul beast, Liang Flying Feather was a hero to the world, they had a relationship? This seemed...

Jin Dragon Gate glanced at this confused subordinates and said in a low voice, ’’I will explain to you guys later, we don't have much time, get ready.’’


Dragon Gate Flying Feather reorganized again, everyone around Han became nervous too, they weren't sure whether they wanted to fight or not.

Jin Dragon Gate stood at the forefront of the crew, his finger wiped on his dimension ring and threw a leather bag at Han and said, ’’Liang Flying Feather is the best brother I've ever had in my whole life, since you can pick up his Flying Feather Bow, it means it is destiny, so that means you and I are destined to meet too. I am giving you a small gift, maybe you can use it one day. ’’

’’That is all, we are going to leave!’’


Han caught the leather bag that was the size of his hand, he was confused so he said loudly, ’’Aren't you guys pirates? If you don't steal something before you leave that wouldn't be your style.’’


Jin Dragon Gate laughed maniacally, ’’We won't raid here, we are going to raid somewhere even better!’’

Everyone from Dragon Gate Flying Feather was laughing loudly, it was apparent that they were very excited.


Under Jin Dragon Gate's order, they rushed towards the Wall of Sorrow!

As the distance closed, Jin Dragon Gate suddenly took out a blood red ring from his sleeve and slapped it on the Wall of Sorrow.



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