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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 441


Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Destination - Veins Vortex!

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Han came to Thousand Hands' studio in curiosity and saw his room was decorated with exquisite gadgets like a catapult that could be hidden under forearms and anti-gravity soles that helped soldiers increase speed etc.

Compared to other craftsmen, Thousand Hands was a bit different. He didn't like to build weapons, armours, but enjoyed inventing and creating delicate gadgets. Thousand Hands was especially keen on them.

In this world, craftsmen were quite superior because a lot of special metals couldn't be completed by mechanized production. Craftsmen all had a kind of special Source Energy, and during the casting process, Source Energy was embedded into each atom, fundamentally changing the structure and sequence of the metal.

This level of technology required years of cultivation, so most craftsmen in this world were some old guys who had lived for a long time. In contrast, craftsmen under Thousand Hands were relatively younger. If measured according to the standards of soldiers, the Source Energy rank of Thousand Hands was an intermediate warlord.

Of course, Source Energy of craftsmen and that of warriors was not the same thing. Casting stressed on Source Energy in fine and detailed, while warriors needed Source Energy to surge out of their body to empower their attacks.

Because of the explosion caused by Han, Thousand Hands' studio was thoroughly messed up. He eventually dug out a box from the ruins, opened it up and found a semi-circular metal stent inside.

Thousand Hands took a piece of Sky Fire and put it on the stent.


The Sky Fire was immediately sucked up by the stent.

Thousand Hands said, ’’This is the thing. I was pondering how to improve the effectiveness of Flying Feather when I saw you using it. Then I invented this stent. Its function was to absorb the bomb, and then stimulated through the energy of the Flying Feathers.’’

’’It's like adding an arrow holder to a Flying Feather Arrow, and you don't have to worry about the stent not being able to handle the massive energy because there's a miniature anti-energy device inside.’’

’’After the invention, I tested out and found that although it could withstand the strength of Flying Feather Arrows, it will reduce its speed. It's not much use but a pity to throw it away, so I didn't tell you.’’

’’But now that Qi Yi and Wu Yun have invented the mighty Sky Fire. I feel that the explosion is so powerful that even if the speed of Flying Feather Arrow will be slightly slower, it still has very practical value. After all, Flying Feathers consumes huge amounts of energy. If the stent and Sky Fire are installed, you can deal the greatest damage without spending too much energy.’’

Han was startled, threw up the stent and then caught it, muttering, ’’As you say, if adding the stent and Sky Fire, that arrow is no longer an arrow, but more like a rocket launcher?! And it has more power than a large-caliber howitzer!?’’

’’Pretty much. ’’Thousand Hands nodded and said.


Two days later, at the All Gods Palace.

Sa Hai came in a hurry, and reported to Jacquet, the god of Gods, ’’Lord, something happened. Our spy reported that Han completely fell out with his people. Han is coming to the Veins Vortex, but others don't want to die. Both sides had a big quarrel, and finally, everyone left the base except Han, and they all went into the veins channel.’’

’’What!?’’ Jacquet startled, forcefully patted on the armrest and asked loudly, ’’What about that guy?’’

Sa Hai bowed down and said, ’’Also left.’’

’’Why didn't you stop them!?’’

’’Things happened too fast. Our spy did not enter their base for the sake of safety and just put some micro-reconnaissance aircraft in. After the guy left, our spy retrieved the drone, only to realize that Wolf Fang had an internal conflict.’’

’’They followed him all the way to the veins channel, and saw the man entered into the channel. It was a dead end, presumably, he could not have come out alive.’’


Jacquet sighed and shook his head, ’’I know that man too well. He was like Lushui Qiulin. They were like my left and right arms. He won't die easily.’’

Sa Hai frowned and said, ’’But we also don't know exactly where the veins channel connects to. None of the drones we sent in came back. Even if it's the fleet, I'm afraid it won't be back. It's still possible that he can survive?’’

’’Forget it.’’ Jacquet said, ’’I have a feeling that he won't die easily. Now we have more important things. Do you think Han will come to Veins Vortex?’’

’’Sure he will.’’ Sa Hai muttered, ’’He fell out with everyone just for this, and it's clear to see how stubborn he is. I looked over his profile. His greatest weakness is his personal loyalty to his friends. He insisted to come to Veins Vortex, mainly not wanting to implicate Lushui Qiulin and Lushui Jianjia’’

’’Personal loyalty?’’ ’’Jacquet sneered,’’There are too many idiots like him. It wouldn't matter to have one less.’’

Sa Hai knew that Jacquet wanted him to kill Han.

But Sa Hai did not care about a nobody like Han. The only one that's in his way was Lushui Qiulin. This old guy was too high-ranking in the corporation. Even Jacquet was scared of him.

Finally catching Lushui Qiulin tripping, Sa Hai saw the chance to bring him down. With his insidious utilitarian character, he wouldn't miss this chance.

Having thought about it, Sa Hai said, ’’Lord, Han is just a small character. It's no big deal keeping him alive a bit longer. What worries me is our corporation's internal conflicts.’’

’’Lushui Qiulin?’’ Jacquet frowned, ’’Didn't I tell you, Lushui Qiulin is the oldest servant of the corporation. Even if he occasionally he has some outrageous moves, don't touch him.’’

Sa Hai once mentioned Lushui Qiulin to Jacquet, because he saw the growing gap between the two.

If there was no suspicion, Jacquet wouldn't have ordered Sa Hai to follow Lushui Qiulin, let alone sending out spies.

All signs indicated that Jacquet no longer trusted Lushui Qiulin as he used to, and this was the so-called sharing adversity but not fortune. Jacquet was a man like this, putting power above life and never allowing anyone to intervene. Lushui Qiulin was involved in the exact thing Jacquet was cautious about. He was too capable that he was arguably overtaking Jacquet.

Jacquet thought about killing Lushui Qiulin, but he thought over it for a long time. Without Lushui Qiulin, the corporation would be greatly affected. So, he had to suppress himself, forcing his follower Sa Hai not to touch Lushui Qiulin.

Sa Hai muttered,’’Not to kill Lushui Qiulin, but probe him.’’

’’Oh? What do you mean by this?’’ Jacquet asked.

Sa Hai said, ’’Very simple, let Han live and go to the Veins Vortex with Lushui Qiulin, and then order Lushui Qiulin to kill him. If he does, then everything's fine. Otherwise, that means he's disloyal.’’

Jacquet kept silent. He did want to know if Lushui Qiulin was still loyal to him like before, but did he really have to use this method?

If the command was handed over, someone as smart as Lushui Qiulin would definitely know that Jacquet was testing him, which perhaps might cause rebellion.

Seeing Jacquet being indecisive, Sa Hai said, ’’I heard a couple days ago that the Mass Demon sent people to bring you a gift but they were rejected by Lushui Qiulin on his own.’’

Jacquet startled, ’’Oh? Really? Why didn't he ask me?’’

Sa Hai said, ’’I just asked him. Lushui Qiulin said Mass Demon was the enemy, and we didn't need to work with them. Further, Luo Shuihan sent people here because of his little daughter Luo Ying. This is their family issue. We'd better not intervene.’’

’’I told him that he should still inform lord Jacquet and asked his opinions.’’

’’Lushui Qiulin scolded me, he said...’’

Jacquet asked, ’’What did he say?’’

Sa Hai said, ’’Lushui Qiulin said, it was your lord that gave him the right to act as he wished. Such things need not be informed, and he could decide himself.’’

Hearing this, Jacquet sneered, ’’Act as he wished. Seems that I've really been giving too much power to Lushui Qiulin.’’

’’In this case, just do as you said, let him kill Han. In addition, didn't Lushui Jianjia and Han have some tangled relationship? Bring her as well, so Han can be killed in front of Jianjia, so Lushui Qiulin can prove whether he is absolutely loyal.’’

’’Wise decision. ’’ Sa Hai was satisfied and kissed Jacquet's ass again.


Certainly, Han wouldn't fall out with his fellows. It was just acting. At this moment, 9527 and his brothers had landed the Veins Vortex in advance, ready to bring back what was originally theirs before the five corporations, and to strengthen their own power.

Han looked down at the loyal little ones that followed him. Blue Star was following him closely, Silver fox was all ready to fight, Black Egg lazily yawned, and Xiao Bao clenched his fists, eyes full of aspiration.

Han didn't intend to bring Xiao Bao, but Xiao Bao didn't accept that decision no matter what. After being caught again and again and Han kept saving him, Xiao Bao was angry. He did not want to become anyone's burden and wanted to prove that he can be just like Silver fox, Blue Star, Black Eggs and became a real warrior.

Han had no choice but to keep him around, making up his mind that he wouldn't let him risk anything. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldn't let him go out of Lunar Mark.

’’Alright, let's go,’’ Han muttered.


The Little guys all jumped into Han's Lunar Mark, which also contained Sky Fire, Demon Cane, Mad God, and the Flying Feather Bow. Who would've expected that Han had so many cards hidden in his ring?

More cards, more confidence!

Han stepped on the Dark Net Starship alone and headed towards the Veins Vortex.


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