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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 439


Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Lawless and Limitless! Soul Strength Breakthrough Again!

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Wai Late Dao and Pathless Origin both retreated to outside the practice room and watched Han's performance through the observation window.

They had taught Han everything they could, and the only thing Han needed right now was his luck and how perceptive he was to what he had learned.

Different from what people usually imagined, the higher level the martial arts, the less it required physical practice. It was more of an art of understanding and perceiving.

Warriors who learn higher level martial arts are masters after all. Take Han for example, it only took him a couple of hours to master the fundamentals but he had already spent three weeks trying to understand the power of Pathless and they still couldn't tell if he had succeeded yet.

As you can see, reaching an insight is actually much more difficult than mastering some techniques, there are some warriors that have perfected their physical techniques a long time ago, but used all their lives to actually understand the techniques. The gap between different people's ability to perceive differentiates them apart in terms of their skill level. This was a problem of perception and had nothing to do with hard work.

’’We don't have a lot of time, we hope that Han can fully understand the truth about Pathless. Even if he could just understand a small portion, it would benefit him greatly.’’ Wai Late Dao said.

Pathless Origin sighed and said, ’’I really hope Han could succeed in mastering Pathless. That way when I die I can show it off to my dead teacher. Even though I wasn't able to reach the realm he had hoped, the disciple I taught reached it!’’

Wai Late Dao smiled slightly and said, ’’Look, Han stopped thinking. Maybe he understands it now. It is great that Han likes to think, Han isn't like some other warriors who just practice physically. You wouldn't be able to find more than a couple of warriors that are hard boned and yet still very intelligent.’’

Boom boom boom~

Very quickly, Han put what he recently understood into practice.

He was no longer controlling himself and opened himself up from his emotions to technique.

Something unbelievable was taking place in the practice room, Han's body was like a ghost, moving boundlessly. His attacks were also ghostly, layer by layer, expanding everywhere.

Wai Late Dao and Pathless Origin were both stunned, they could clearly see the difference this time, it was almost like Han was leading himself down a crazy route.

What is Void?

It is a type of footwork, a limitless constraints-free footwork.

Now even Han's Path of Yao turned into an attack that was boundless when the two were combined, a chaotic scene appeared in the practice room.

Han was moving like he didn't have to follow any rules or laws, and his attacks didn't follow any rules or laws either.

It was like Han's attack from the past was a laser cannon, aimed forward with infinite power.

And now Han's attacks turned into a shotgun. The shots flew everywhere, like an avalanche, hitting the enemy from all directions.

’’Lawlessness! Lawlessness!’’ Wai Late Dao roared with excitement, ’’These attacks of Han really reached a level that cannot be reasoned with!’’

Pathless Origin clenched his fists and said loudly, ’’It's like Han doesn't intend on hitting the enemy to death, but rather smashing them to death!’’


Right when Pathless Origin and Wai Late Dao were getting all excited, Han suddenly stopped.

They both didn't understand what Han was going to do, they heard a ’’Pa’’ sound and Han opened the automatic medicine box on his left arm and swallowed three pills.

That was the Mad God that Night Walker had developed, a type of drug that could bring out the biggest potential of a warrior, but at the same time, it had the side effect of driving a warrior crazy.

Very quickly, Han began a new round.

Because he had taken the medicine, the strength of Han's attacks increased dramatically! The level of chaos also increased multiple folds!

Pathless Origin and Wai Late Dao were outside and they felt that the huge basecamp started shaking. They could see that this round of Han's practice of Pathless had reached an insane level.

As for inside the practice room, everything was messed up, no, everything was crumbling!

Due to the increase in chaos level, black lights were like a group of comets that were flying everywhere! Whenever it hit the triple-titanium alloy walls, it left a huge dent.

Not a lot of time passed and the walls of the practice room were filled with dents. It was like a planet that kept on being hit by comets.

What was even scarier was that the observation window Wai Late Dao and Pathless Origin was standing behind had a lot of cracks, it looked like it could break any second!

This was composite fiberglass, it was over a meter thick! It was as sturdy as the triple titanium alloy wall!

Pathless Origin and Wai Late Dao couldn't believe their eyes, seeing that Han could bring the chaos to an even crazier level!

They could no longer see any signs of Han in the practice room. The crazy whirlwinds formed by the huge amount of black light from Pathless was increasing in vibration frequency, the space station was shaking at over 10 thousand times every second.

’’So this is the power of Pathless!?’’ Pathless Origin gasped.

’’Quantity change created quality change! When Han reaches a certain lawless level, his attack power began to grow exponentially!’’


Suddenly, the black light in the practice room exploded!

The composite fiberglass shattered!

The triple titanium alloy walls collapsed!

The huge force flung Wai Late Dao and Pathless Origin out directly!

Han's attacks were no longer sharp, but rather extremely violent!

’’What happened!?’’

They jumped up like a fish and rushed into the practice room, they saw that this practice room was completely destroyed. The thick alloy wall looked extremely weird, it was like it was scratched by monsters, it pained them to see it.

The huge commotion scared a lot of people. They thought there was a war so they all rushed over.

Only Han didn't notice, he seemed to be still thinking. He was touching his chin and murmured to himself, ’’Oh, so it is like this, being free increases my violence level. The ultimate attack power is not the Path of Yao, but a mutation, the process is kind of like a gene mutation.’’

'Too bad it isn't violent enough, maybe if I add soul power, then it would be even more powerful...’’

’’Uhmm... should be like this, I need to find Jie to research this.’’

Han was absorbed in thinking, when he looked up, he saw a lot of people all with very surprised faces.

’’Mhm? When did you guys get here?’’ Han asked like he just realized something.


Han had fallen into an obsessive state, he felt the power of Pathless, but there were sacrifices to be made in order to master Pathless. It needed Han to invest all he had into it.

Forget everything and make himself even crazier! Eventually he will reach the realm of Pathless, obtaining power that did not need to follow any laws!


Is Pathless!

He returned to his room and took out his golden tome.


The soul power training dimension was activated, Han saw Jie. As a plant, Jie was very patient, he had lived in this space by himself for numerous years, but he never complained.

’’Why are you here?’’ Jie asked curiously.

Han said openly, ’’I am practicing a type of martial art, I need to strengthen my soul power, so I am here to seek your help.’’

Jie shook his head and said, ’’No no, your soul injuries haven't healed yet. People who have soul injuries need to rest and wait for their soul to repair. But, you went to another battle when your soul wasn't healed. This worsened your soul injuries.’’

’’I can't let you begin practicing your second level of soul power, that would hurt you.’’

Han said, ’’But I don't have time, in a week, there is an even harder challenge, if I don't improve my soul power, I might die.’’

Jie was surprised and said, ’’Why would it be like this? Are you always fighting and never resting?’’

Han thought about it for a moment and said, ’’Never actually, maybe I am unlucky, but there is always some sort of enemy trying to find and fight me.’’

Jie said stubbornly, ’’Regardless, I can't let you continue to practice. If it was someone else then maybe, but you are extremely stubborn and don't know how to take things step by step. You always want to do everything to the extreme before you stop.’’

Han slightly smiled and said, ’’You have to trust me, my soul injuries didn't heal yet, I won't do anything crazy this time.’’

’’Really?’’ Jie was suspicious.

Han nodded and said, ’’Of course it is true, I learned about medicine with Night Walker and understand genetic biology, so I understand that for a patient, staying still in bed isn't the best solution, the patient needs to practice step by step, and slowly recover that way.’’

’’Uhh ....’’ Jie hesitated.

What Han said was true. It was not good for people with soul injuries to completely not practice soul power. If they don't practice for a long period of time, they would degenerate over time.

So it was true that they should decrease how much they practice and heal bit by bit.

The key though was that Han's personality was too extreme. To be specific, Han was used to fighting to the last second.

When he fought, he would never back up, even when practicing. As long as he didn't die, he would continue to practice regardless of how much pain the practicing brought him.

There was no solution, Han was very hard-boned, the whole world knew that. He doesn't understand what step by step was. To him, life was about fighting till the end. That was how he had been living his life.

If Han wasn't like this, he probably wouldn't have lived till today.

People who know Han all knew how much he could take in, but unfortunately, Jie didn't. He thought about it and thought that Han was right and he couldn't let him completely stop practicing... It will be a while before his soul injuries completely heal, so if he didn't practice at all, degeneration would be extremely severe.

As well, Jie was a plant, the world's purest creature.

So Jie nodded and said, ’’Okay, I believe you, but you must remember, step by step is the right way, don't be stubborn and think you can fight off anything and endure everything.’’

’’Don't worry.’’ Han showed Jie an angelic smile.


Not a lot of time passed before Jie experienced a complete mental breakdown.

What step-by-step and taking it slow? Han was even crazier this time than the first time he was practicing soul power! More stubborn! And harder!

But this wasn't too surprising.

Han recently understood that Pathless was a type of power that was limitless and can break all rules! Just do whatever he wanted to do!

Under this kind of situation, how was it possible to hope that Han could stop himself!

Han unleashed his manly character and boundless cognition to the max!

Not only will he fight till the end and never go back, but he also unleashed the belief that there are no laws.

Now, Han was no longer just a hard bone, he became a crazy person!

The last time Han felt pain in his body and he was damaged in his brain region, he just toughened up and went on.

But this time, whenever Han felt pain, he became crazier and more desperate!

’’Let the storm come harder!!’’

He was like a roaring wild beast! Hysteria!

The matter had proved that the power of lawlessness was one that could conquer all!

Masters on the mental level will always fight to the death, they won't rest until they have died.

This was a world where only crazy people can create miracles!

If you can't create a miracle, then you are just not crazy enough!


Even gold rocks will crack open in the face of sincerity!

Han succeeded!

He used his boundless mental power to fight against all his pain, and he beat himself! And created an unimaginable miracle!

He passed the level in one try!

The second level of soul power!

Passed again!


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