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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 431


Chapter 431: Soul-Steal! Trial of God!
Han was taken by surprise when Wai Late Dao cut off one of his own arms!

The injury was from the wrist of his left hand and golden blood immediately gushed out.

Wai Late Dao used his right arm to hold onto Lone Abyss’s neck tightly, and then he used his broken left arm to quickly draw something on Lone Abyss’s back.

Lone Abyss clearly knew just how powerful Wai Late Dao’s soul formation spell was, so he was trying to rip Wai Late Dao off of his back. But it seemed like Wai Late Dao was unaffected by the struggle. He was fully concentrated on what he was doing with his hand.


Lone Abyss slashed Wai Late Dao’s back open and Wai Late Dao made a sound but continued to draw rapidly.


Wai Late Dao was hit again, his golden blood flew everywhere, but he didn’t give up.

Clearly, Wai Late Dao was also a true man!

Han really wanted to go help Wai Late Dao, but he was injured severely, and nobody even knew whether Xiao Bao was still alive. The Eight-Claw Flying Nether who was rolling on the ground had trapped Xiao Bao within him.

Han clenched his teeth and decided that he was going to stay and help Xiao Bao instead.

Wai Late Dao was too far away from him after all, even if Han could rush to him, it might still be too late.

Even though this was a cold-blooded decision, but it was the only realistic choice!


Han got up and rushed towards the Eight-Claw Flying Nether that was going crazy.


At this time, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether suddenly kneeled down, wrapping its tentacles tightly around its head.



Xiao Bao was trapped in darkness.

As a rare triple-stage-evolved creature, the structure of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s head was complex. It was full of different nervous units, like a maze full of trees and ivies.

"I will KILL YOU! Kill you!"

Xiao Bao yelled out crazily, he was shaking from fear but he still tried to whip his blue tentacles around, trying to completely destroy Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s brain and kill this fearsome enemy that way.

In the dark, Xiao Bao seemed to have heard someone calling him. It was very weak, but it calmed him down.

"I will kill you! Kill you!" Xiao Bao didn’t dare to respond to this voice. He was too scared, he was cutting and slashing randomly with zero concern for anything else.

The voice kept on calling Xiao Bao, full of love and caring, but it was becoming weaker and weaker.

Suddenly, Xiao Bao felt a sharp pain in his arm, almost like it had been bitten by someone.

Then he saw a crystal creature. It was the crystal insect, the Armor-Destroying Flying Demon!

This monster, as well as the eight parasite heads, were all going wild, they all wanted to pull Xiao Bao close to their body and kill him.

Maybe it was within their body, the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon didn’t shoot out its powerful spikes to attack, but it acted like a beast, using his claws and teeth to try to capture Xiao Bao.

He held Xiao Bao’s arm with his teeth and kept on pulling and ripping him with his claws. Xiao Bao was really scared and was trying his hardest to leave.

At this moment, the voice that was calling Xiao Bao became louder and louder, almost as if it was influenced by another force.

In reality, that wasn’t a voice, it was mental communication through a common frequency. This would only happen when two creatures were at the same logical frequency. This often happens between twins or same bloodline. As for Black Egg and Han, they have mental resonance for some odd reasons.

What was happening to Xiao Bao was the first situation, the original body of Eight-Claw Flying Nether was not anyone else, it was his biological uncle, his father’s brother, they were extremely close biologically.

When Lone Abyss first made the Eight-Claw Flying Nether, he merged a couple of entities, but he wasn’t able to completely get rid of the mental capacity of the Xiao Bao’s uncle, so part of his mental power was preserved.

And that was why he was able to recognize Xiao Bao, calling his name kindly.

But now Xiao Bao was in grave danger and the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon wanted to kill him. This activated the mental capacity of Xiao Bao’s uncle, activating his desire to protect Xiao Bao.

The biological emotion was a relationship that could not be severed regardless of time, distance.

And the liquid nether, as a fate organism, had a lot of hardships in their lives. Xiao Bao was like that, Xiao Bao’s uncle - the 8th generation liquid nether king was like that as well.

As the strongest one of the 8th generation of liquid nether, he was brutally made into a monster, and what was even crueler was the fact that he had to watch Xiao Bao, the last one of the liquid nether race get killed within his body.

This was something that nobody could tolerate!!!

The anger of the 8th generation liquid nether king was ignited bit by bit. His determination to live became stronger and stronger. It was like an angry female lion who vowed to protect her children.


Suddenly, Xiao Bao found that he was free. The Armor-Breaking Flying Demon had been wired up by the complex nervous system. The 8th generation liquid nether king was sacrificing himself to tie up the enemy that was threatening Xiao Bao.


Xiao Bao fell, but then strings of nerves helped him up.

Xiao Bao relaxed a little and felt a particular kind of warmth that was like his father, but it was more majestic than his father.

Xiao Bao started listening to the voice in his head carefully.

"You must live on, our lives are too bitter." the voice said.

"Who are you? Father? "

"I am your uncle, your father’s older brother. My name is Li."

"Li? You are still alive? My father is Hong! My mother is Qin! They mentioned you before!"

"Alive… I am already dead, I just have some leftover memories from the past."

"Oh, I see, my father, my mother, they both died. The whole liquid nether race had all died except for me."

"That is our fate, it is too bad that we are fate organisms, tell me, are you scared?"

"No!" Xiao Bao said, "But of course, I am still kind of scared now, but Han said I will grow up! Not only in size, but one day I will learn to conquer my fears! I trust Han! He also said everyone controls their own lives, I believe that too!"


"It is that skinny person who is never afraid of death when he fights. He is a hero even though he isn’t that old."

"Oh, it is him… he is very strong, you are with him?"

"Mhmm, ever since father and mother died, he has been taking care of me."

"Oh! I remember now, he threw you away so you could stay away from the battleground earlier."

"Not only does Han protect me, he also taught me a lot of things! He is like my biological brother. Now he is in danger so I have to help him, I have to help him kill that monster!"

Xiao Bao immediately regretted what he said. The monster he spoke of was his biological uncle.

Fate organisms, this was the sad fate of the liquid nether race.

"Uncle Li, don’t be sad, I won’t kill you!" Xiao Bao added urgently.

"Kill me? I am already dead, the fact that I could see you and know that you are still alive makes me very happy, it was my only dream. Tell me, you really think you can change fate?"

"Yes! If Han says we can then we must be able to!" Xiao Bao said emotionally, "Han also said it won’t be easy, I must become stronger and have my own beliefs. I have decided, Han’s beliefs are that he must protect all his friends and family, my belief will be to change my fate! Change our race’s fate! Han also said, a person cannot give up his beliefs until he dies! If he gives it up, then it is no longer a belief! Beliefs are a mindset that won’t ever change, not even after death!"

Xiao Bao said a lot and Li’s voice stopped.

"You are luckier than me." Li said after a long while, "You have a good friend, but me, even until I died, I still didn’t know what my beliefs were."

"Close your eyes."

"Why?" Xiao Bao asked all confused.

"Let uncle use the last bit of my power to help you. If one day you are able to change your fate, don’t forget to go back to our land and go see where our people have died, and pay homage to our family."

"Now, let’s try to change our goddam fate together!"


After Li finished speaking, Xiao Bao felt a large force of energy rushing towards the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon.

That was Li’s energy, to save the last heir to his family, Li started to attack the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!

The first step, he needed to acquire full control of the body!

Xiao Bao was momentarily stunned, then he jumped into this smokeless war too. In order to gain the control of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether that was made up of three races and ten lives, they must destroy all the mental power that didn’t belong to him.

"Can’t lose! Can’t lose!" Xiao Bao urged himself mentally.


Xiao Bao met Li, and they were fighting for total control of the body.

What Han could see from the outside was just Eight-Claw Flying Nether kneeling on the ground, clutching his head with his arms and screaming loudly from the bottom of his heart.

"What is happening?" Han tried to attack Eight-Claw Flying Nether and he wasn’t defending himself or hiding, this made Han curious.

"This is a battle of the souls!" Jian Jia rushed over and said to Han.

"Battle of the souls?" Han asked not understanding.

"Yes, so many souls are fighting, the Eight-Claw Flying Nether was made up of multiple creatures, so none of them have total control of the body, and now they are all fighting for it." Jian Jia said.

"Who is fighting who?" Han asked.

"Xiao Bao and a soul that is very much like him. On the other side are Armor-Destroying Flying Demon and the undead race!" Jian Jia answered.

"Xiao Bao?! Then who will win? What happens when you win?" Han asked.

"It is hard to say. Soul battles are pretty hard, they must completely destroy the soul of the enemy. Right now, it looks like Xiao Bao’s side is pretty weak." Jian Jia said.

Han’s face fell and said, "What can I do?"

Jian Jia said apologetically, "Nothing, if we attack now it will be like we are attacking Xiao Bao. We must wait for this battle to be over. If Xiao Bao wins, then there are no problems, but if they lose…"

"What happens if they lose?" Han asked nervously.

"The soul would be completely destroyed, and there wouldn’t be a Xiao Bao in the world. Unless you have the power to help Xiao Bao, but that isn’t possible since your soul isn’t on the same frequency as his, so you can’t support him mentally." Jian Jia shrugged, "You are a human after all, and Xiao Bao…."

Han thought about it and then hit himself on the head, he took out two crystals from the Lunar Mark.

"Xiao Bao’s parents left these behind when they died. There is his parents’ soul power in this, I can feel it." Han asked Jian Jia excitedly, "Will this help?"

Jian Jia almost jumped up from the excitement, she said, "It is soul crystal! Helpful! This is super useful!"

"The leftover soul strength of Xiao Bao’s parents is definitely on the same frequency as Xiao Bao! Quick! Deliver the two crystals! Xiao Bao needs the power of his parents!"


Han jumped up and use both his hands to hit the head of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether.

His head hasn’t healed, there were a lot of cracks, so through those cracks, Han patted the soul crystals of Xiao Bao’s parents into the monster.


And at this moment, dramatic changes were happening!

In the distance, Wai Late Dao finally finished his drawing. He drew a mysterious and complex golden pattern on Lone Abyss’s back with his blood.

"Soul Formation: Six Trials!"

"Trial of Gods!" Wai Late Dao yelled with all his might.


The Sky God descended and golden lights showered the world!


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