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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 429


Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Crystal Insect - Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!

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GDN Chapter 429: Crystal Insect - Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!


What a rigorous shot from Han with his Flying Feather Bow.

In fact, this was the most aggressive shot by Han since he received this godly bow.

Under the double effect of poison and soul power, Han broke out with an energy far beyond his level and turned into a Super Warlord from an intermediate Warlord.

There was a special power on the Flying Feather Bow. The more energy the user carried, the stronger power it would release.

What Han released was no longer a simple stream of light, but an aurora dragon! It was like God's hammer!

With the power of a volcanic eruption, it hit right on the Eight-Claw Flying Nether's head. The Eight-Claw Flying Nether weighed millions of tons and was shot down directly from thousands of meters above.


The Eight-Claw Flying Nether dropped onto the floor. The chain reaction brought by the Flying Feather Bow surrounded his whole body like a high voltage electric shock. The bursting shock continued burning his skin and damaging his body.

Between the white flashes, Han saw that half of the Eight Claw Flying Nether's brain was shredded by the Flying Feather Bow. This was enough to show how powerful this attack from Han was!

’’I've told you, I'll kill whoever's in my way!’’ Han roared loudly.

In order to allow Han to reach the optimal distance to attack, Blue Star risked its life and raised Han into the air. However, it was slapped hard right after and it now hobbled back to Han with its crooked legs.

From a distance, Jian Jia left the battlefield with Silver Fox even though she didn't want to. Why would she care so much about what Han had said? He was such a cruel and aggressive man on the battlefield. Jian Jia still had no clue why she would obey him.


Silver Fox was waving his little claws and applauding for Han when he saw Han kill the Eight-Claw Flying Nether with one shot. He couldn't help his excitement.

This little guy was adoring Han behind his back from the distance as if he had completely forgotten that the reason Han could have such a perfect shot was because of him. Without the contribution of Silver Fox, Han wouldn't be able to pull the Flying Feather Bow to the fullest extent.

But it made sense, Silver Fox always adored Han no matter what happened. Han was the best regardless of what others said.

Jian Jia opened her mouth wide. This was such a brilliant shot!

With a noble origin, she had seen many warrior aces. She was pretty sure the attack Han had just made had elevated him to the Super Warlord's level.

Also, speaking of soul power, since when did Han learn how to use soul power?

It was commonly known that warriors would only learn after they hit their top level since soul power was extremely hard to learn and was more complicated than merely upgrading levels.

In addition, learning soul power was not a simple thing. You had to test your potential first, and then find a training place that could gather soul power. After completing these two requirements, you had to lock yourself and train for decades, sometimes even centuries. Warriors with a high potential could then obtain the first level of soul power.

But Han was only in his twenties and had only been fighting for several years. How could he already reach the level of soul power? His potential was phenomenal.

Jian Jia was shocked at first and then narrowed her eyes as she began to plan something mysterious only a girl could devise. Being born in a noble family background, Jian Jia could only date someone who was worthy of deserving her. This selection range was limited enough to drive Jian Jia to feelings of hopelessness.

Yet, Han who was right in front of her totally qualified as a worthy choice, and might be even overqualified!

Blue Star rushed back with his damaged legs. This little dorky guy always prioritized orders over himself. He would do whatever Han ordered and stay beside Han if he didn't receive commands.

Therefore, even if he was injured and had to limp, he still ran to Han unconditionally. This guy would go nowhere if Han weren't there.

’’Fool, you little fool.’’ Han kneeled down and checked Blue Star's wound carefully.

Han felt so touched and satisfied at that moment.

Silver Fox, Blue Star and the moody Black Egg, all of these buddies had been protecting and staying by Han's side all this time. Han had continued to feel moved by them again and again.

Han had learned Genetic Fusion Beast Technique, which promoted mammalian cell division, regeneration, and fusion with the organism's own energy.

Han was healing Blue Star with his Fusion Technique temporarily but further treatments had to be postponed until returning back to the base.

’’Hold it for a second, we are going to help Wai Late Dao!’’

Han jumped up on Blue Star's back and was ready to assist Wai Late Dao.

Rumbling sounds kept coming from the other side, Wai Late Dao and Lone Abyss were fighting hard and neither of them seemed willing to give in. From what it looked like based on the scene, Wai Late Dao might not be a match for Lone Abyss since Lone Abyss's armor was already strong enough to split apart many parts of the golden body that Wai Late Dao transformed into from his soul formation spell.

If Han joined now with his Flying Feather Bow's long range attacks and Wai Late Dao's Golden Body close quarters attacks, they might be able to kill Lone Abyss instantly.

Suddenly, when Han was about to help Wai Late Dao, he heard a weird sound come from behind. Silver Fox and Jian Jia were waving crazily and tried to tell Han to look behind from a distance. The loyal Silver Fox even tried to crawl back to Han despite being held back by Jian Jia.

Han looked back, startled.

Eight-Claw Flying Nether was slowly standing up. There was a crystal-like egg holding eight brains in his broken head, and one of the brains was Lion Flying Eagle's!

’’This monster hadn't died yet?’’ Han yelled out loud in his mind.

Flying Feather Bow, Launch!

Han pulled the Bow fully again. Although it would consume lots of energy from Han, it was the best way to kill this monster.

If Eight-Claw Flying Nether had such a tough vitality, then it had to be dealt with the strongest attack!


Han directed his bow to the crystal egg in the Eight-Claw Flying Nether's brain.


The Feather Arrow was released!

It was like a silver dragon dancing!

The Flying Feather Bow shot out with a tremendous force.

The powerful rays of light were like the eruption of sunspots. No one was able to open their eyes under the bright light!

All of the sudden, the crystal egg burst!

Two gigantic wings reached out from the egg and blocked the Flying Feather Bow like a shield.


Han's Flying Feather Bow failed to hit the Eight-Claw Flying Nether. Instead, it hit one of the crystal wings!

After a huge shake and burst, Han saw the crystal wing had shattered like glass, leaving transparent crystals all over the place.

The crystal wing actually blocked Han's Flying Feather Bow.

At the same time, the monster that had lived inside the crystal eggs finally appeared. It was a transparent worm like a cicada coming out from a cocoon. One of its wings was shattered because of the Flying Feather Bow, yet the other one was still intact.

What's more terrifying was that the crystal cicada's head had 8 other heads installed on it, and they were the fortunate survivors of the Undead Clan with Lion Flying Eagle at the front. It was them that gave Eight-Claw Flying Nether the power to control dead bodies.

’’Crystal Insect, Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!’’ Jian Jia saw this from the distance and her face turned pale.

It was not hard to tell this creature was extremely powerful based on Jian Jia's voice.

Indeed, what Han could see now was the actual body of the Eight-Claw Flying Nether. It was composed of the Eight Undead Clan's survivors, the fate organism called the eighth generation Liquid Nether King, and the Crystal Insect, Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!

Three entirely different species' fusion, evolution, and mutation had ultimately formed this unprecedented monster the Eight-Claw Flying Nether!

After all, it was a top combating creature created by Lone Abyss with huge effort. How would Han expect that such a gigantic monster would be this undefeatable?

Although the well-structured King of Liquid Nether had been severely injured by Han, he still had the power of the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon!

The Crystal Insect Armor-Breaking Flying Demon wasn't only powerful, it was also intelligent. At the critical moment, it sacrificed one of its wings to block Han's Flying Feather Bow.

Han looked at his right hand. Although the power of the Flying Feather Bow was strong, it consumed tremendous energy. Han's right hand kept shaking because of his consecutive strikes. It was hard to explain how painful he felt right now.

This monster was still alive, and had even evolved to the second form!

Han had gotten himself into a tough situation!


The first aid kit on Han's left hand opened again, and he swallowed three more of the poisonous Mad God pills!

This time, either you or I will die!

At this moment, Han completely ignored Night Walker's warning.

He would do anything to kill this monster!

Wai Late Dao and Han were fighting so intensely that no one noticed a little blue thing was approaching in the air flying shakily.

It was Xiao Bao. Before the battle started, Han had thrown him away hoping to protect him from the violent chaos.

The stronger one protected the weaker one. Han did nothing wrong, but he didn't know how bad Xiao Bao felt.

Once, twice, and now the third time, Xiao Bao had got Han and everybody into trouble! It made him feel like putting his heart in a blender.

Xiao Bao was a kind and obedient guy, which made him guiltier for that reason.

Xiao Bao hated himself, he blamed himself for not being strong and brave enough. He blamed himself for being the last fate organism.

If there had been no accidents, being the last fate organism should have meant leading a tragic life. Xiao Bao would experience many terrible things and eventually die alone.

However, Han told him to screw fate! One determines one's own fate!

Xiao Bao always listened to Han, but what was meant to happen would eventually happen. Tragedy kept happening and now had even gotten Han and people who cared about him into trouble!

Xiao Bao was crying, he tried his best to fly to Han.

’’Why am I so useless? Why?!’’

’’I hate myself! I hate myself!’’

’’If I always just end up getting Han into trouble, why don't I just die right now!’’

Fate was inevitable. Although Xiao Bao was still a kid, he was tortured deeply by his tragic fate.

He saw Han continue to fight rigorously. Facing the powerful monster, Han was fighting with all of his strength even though he still couldn't destroy the enemy. Yet, he was getting weaker and weaker in every battle.

Han had had his ninth Mad God. The side effect of the poison was torturing his neurons and gave him a headache. During the training of soul power, Han had already been injured. Now, he was forcing himself to fight even if it worsened his wound. The white aperture around him began to flicker.

To some extent, Han came to the Golden Tower with an injured body!

And he even fought with an injured body now!

This was Han, the tough-bone Han!

Who would choose to die over giving in?

Xiao Bao also saw the crooked Blue Star. His claws were all broken and there was a severe wound on his shell on the back. Yet, he was still protecting Han and rushed to the immortal Eight-Claw Flying Nether again and again!

Xiao Bao also saw Silver Fox, who was already out of breath, but he still opened his eyes wide and tried to crawl back to Han.

Jian Jia tried to protect Silver Fox, but Silver Fox who now had only Han in his mind bit Jian Jia on her hand.

Jian Jia then rushed out to the battlefield with her relatively mediocre fighting capability while holding Silver Fox.

Xiao Bao found everyone was so determined!

The more determined and undefeatable Han became on the battlefield, the more weak and timid Xiao Bao felt. He thought he didn't deserve to be protected like this by such a lovely group of people.


Xiao Bao let out a painful scream with tears!

’’You can't continue living like this, you have to be brave! You have to be brave!’’ Xiao Bao was telling himself in his mind.

He saw the Eight-Claw Flying Nether's split-open brain. His brain wasn't recovered after the appearance of the Armor-Breaking Flying Demon. Instead, it was still in a cracked state.

Xiao Bao gritted his teeth and flew out with his fastest speed!

’’Be brave or be dead!’’

Xiao Bao decided to fly into the Eight-Claw Flying Nether's brain directly and started to attack. He was going to bite this monster to death with his teeth!

If he didn't do that, he wouldn't deserve Han and many of those who had risked their lives to protect him!

This little kid rushed out with the greatest courage he had ever had before.

However, there was one thing he was unaware of. The actual body of this monster was the eighth King of Liquid Nether, which was his father's brother his uncle.


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