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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 427


Chapter 427

Chapter 427: Black Skull Coffin, Open!

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The two parties started attacking at almost the same time.

To Lone Abyss and his men, the only option left for them was to fight to their death. They had already seen the power of Black Egg. Not even the strong Duo Fierce of Ice Realm was his opponent.

Lone Abyss didn't have a choice but to kill Han and his team as quickly as possible and leave this dangerous place.

He had never even imagined that his so-called flawless trap could fail so quickly. He hated Black Egg, hated Wai Late Dao, and hated Han. It was because of these people that he now had no other choice but to fight.

Roar roar~

The situation wasn't exactly advantageous to Han because Lone Abyss had tens of subordinates as well as a group of zombie beasts.

Even though these beasts were dead, their bodies were still being controlled by Eight Claw Flying Nether. In terms of number or fighting power, Lone Abyss had an advantage. That was probably why he believed that he could kill Han in a short time and escape the Golden Tower.

Han knew very clearly that Black Egg wouldn't return anytime soon, Black Egg had probably used up most of his energy during the battle. So even if Black Egg successfully killed Fierce Duo of the Ice Realm, he would need to finish absorbing their energy before he could return to the battleground again.

This process took at least a couple of minutes, maybe even over 10 minutes. It was dependent on to what degree he killed the enemy and to what degree he was sucking in the energy.

From Han's experience, whenever Black Egg needed to refill his energy, he would hide from sight, and the rate at which he replenishes his energy was not fast.

So during that period of time, Han must fight off Lone Abyss.

Warriors plus zombie beasts, Lone Abyss had over 100 characters on his side, and they were all elites!

But Han only had Blue Star, Silver Fox, Jian Jia, and Wai Late Dao. As to Xiao Bao, Han didn't even consider him to add any value to this battle. When the battle had begun, Han had thrown him very far away.

’’Don't come back!’’ Han yelled to Xiao Bao, even though he sounded mean but he was just trying to protect him.


Flying Feather Bow appeared in Han's hand. He took a step forward and prepared to shoot at Lone Abyss!

’’I will take care of him!’’ Wai Late Dao yelled loudly, his eyes were both red. Clearly, he wanted to settle whatever he had with Lone Abyss from before.


Wai Late Dao pulled out a string of diamond shaped paper from his sleeves.

’’Soul Formation! Trial of Heaven!’’


The diamond shaped white paper suddenly burst out flying!

When they left Wai Late Dao's hands, the white paper suddenly transformed into monsters that flashed golden lights, some looked like snakes, some looked like tigers, and some looked like cranes. There was a huge variety!


Wai Late Dao used the monsters he summoned from the Soul Formation to fight against the group of beasts Lone Abyss controlled.


Han was surprised to learn that Wai Late Dao merely used a group of golden light beasts that were made from paper to block all the zombie beasts from Lone Abyss.

And what surprised Han even more was that Wai Late Dao's Soul Formation Spell - Trial of Heaven was similar to the Path of Heaven in his Paths of Void! Very similar!

Trial of Heaven and the Path of Heaven were both very peculiar about its atmosphere. When Han was using Path of Heaven, thunder would fill the sky and directly shoot down. The ground would crack and the sky would look as if it was exploding! And when Wai Late Dao used the Trial of Heaven, golden lights came out from everywhere, and it was like tens of thousands of horses were running across the ground.

Before Han had time to figure out what the Soul Formation Spell Trial of Heaven was exactly, Wai Late Dao used the second technique.

’’Soul Formation Spell! Trial of Earth!’’

Wai Late Dao again pulled a row of folded paper from his sleeve, the paper went underground with amazing speed.

The next second, numerous golden light beasts came up from underground! Directly ripping apart the zombie beasts in their way, biting them to death!

’’So similar! This is so similar!’’ Han was surprised.

Not only was his Trial of Heaven similar to Han's Path of Heaven, but his Trial of Earth was similar to Han's Path of Earth too?

What was going on?

Maybe the Six Path of Void has some sort of history with this Soul Formation Spell?

Han didn't quite grasp the problem at hand yet, but right now, this wasn't the most important thing. The key here was that Wai Late Dao was able to take care of the zombie beast army all by himself, not losing his cool at all!

Who called him a clown?

He was very strong!!

Stronger than anyone could've imagined.

’’I know who you are!’’ Lone Abyss's eyes suddenly lit up, he pointed to Wai Late Dao and said, ’’ You are from the Formation Spell Master branch Wai Late's family!’’

’’Yes! And you are from the family of the King Kong Black Abyss, and I am from the family of the Wai Late. If we meet, there can only be one end.’’

’’I know!’’ Lone Abyss patted the black skull coffin beside him and said coldly, ’’If the Black Abyss family sees the Wai Late family, either you die, or I die!’’

’’Unfortunately, I won't die. Open your eyes and watch carefully!’’

’’You think if you send me to the 8th level of the golden tower I would be scared?’’

’’You are wrong, the only reason I didn't want to come to the 8th level too early was that I didn't want to kill the monster on the 9th level too soon. I need to use him to my advantage.’’

’’But from the events today, looks like I need to settle this ahead of schedule.’’

’’Don't forget, this is the 8th level of the golden tower! Numerous warriors from the golden family have died here, and the Eight Claw Flying Nether had absorbed the energy of the 8 masters from the corpse race! Once I revive all the warriors who have died here, what can you do to me? ’’

’’Oh yeah, forgot to tell you.’’

’’While we were talking, Eight Claw Flying Nether had revived them already. Look around you, they are all elite warriors from the Golden Family! This will be a group attack, you guys will all die!’’



Lone Abyss started laughing loudly once he finished talking.

Han immediately looked around him, he saw that numerous skeletons were getting up from the cracked ground, these were all warriors who had died here!

Inside the bones of these skeletons, gold lights were slipping out, displaying that they were all from the golden family, a race that was famous for its talents and intelligence.

Wai Late Dao clenched his teeth and couldn't talk.

It wasn't just a couple of skeletons, it was tens of thousands of them!

Even if those skeletons were just low leveled warlords, but it was still a troop of tens of thousands of them.

The situation just became more difficult.

Lone Abyss used his raspy voice and said proudly, ’’Your Soul Formation Spell were written using your golden blood, even if you use up all your blood you probably wouldn't be able to create such a strong troop!’’

Godom ~

Wai Late Dao's heart sunk, and his face was ash white.

Cough Cough~

At this time, Han suddenly coughed and took out a sealed box. He shook it a bit and they heard sounds of sand.

’’So, you are bullying us because we have less people?’’ Han asked tilting his head.

Lone Abyss laughed, ’’Yes, I am going to bully you guys in numbers, what can you do about it?’’


Lone Abyss started laughing arrogantly after.


Quickly, Han tossed up the storage box up and pulled on his flying feather bow!

Maybe because Han's power with the bow was too amazing, Lone Abyss who had been shot once by him before shuddered slightly.

At this time, the arrow was released, Han didn't use a lot of power but just shot out a ray of weak white light, and he wasn't even aiming at Lone Abyss but rather into the sky.


The arrow shot through the box, and the strengthened fiber box immediately exploded, and a lot of black beans fell to the ground.


The black beans continued to fall to the ground, Lone Abyss caught some with his hands and observed it, the beans were not very big, they looked like the seed of some sort of tree.

’’Seeds? Are you joking?’’ Lone Abyss was confused so he said half angrily and half laughingly. When Han pulled on his bow, he thought he was going to use some secret weapon.

When Lone Abyss stopped talking, odd things happened!

These black seeds jumped up. It surprised Lone Abyss so much that he tried to pull away his hand, throwing the seeds on the ground.

Within seconds, over tens of thousands of giant tree vines started growing! One by one they all waved around their branches like claws, like a group of black tree demons.

This was the Master of Plants's, Feng Taiji's, third generation of modified plants, Demonic Vine!

These Demonic Vine fell from the sky and covered a wide range of area, surrounding Lone Abyss in the middle while blocking the revived skeletons from the outside, creating a quarantine.

’’Kill them!’’ Han waved one of his arms and said.

How dare Lone Abyss try to compare himself to Han with numbers, Han was famous for his greatness in numbers.

Not only did he have a group of loyal comrades, but he also had modified plants, genetic beasts, and drugs! The three cards continued to protect him every time!


These Demonic Vine whipped their strong branches at Lone Abyss and his team, and the Demonic Vine on the outside was fighting against the skeleton army of Lone Abyss.

Han used one move to make Lone Abyss's tactics obsolete.

Comparing himself with Han about who has more people? This was the result!


Silver Fox, Blue Star, Jian Jia, Han, and Wai Late Dao rushed up to the enemy at the same time.



The warriors Lone Abyss brought were no challenge to Han and his friends. Surrounding them, the Demonic Vine made up jungles! Wai Late Dao released golden light beasts, and every one of them was just as loyal as Blue Star.

The situation had been reversed, now Han was using numbers to bully his enemy.

Lone Abyss's subordinates could not avoid the attacks of these things again and again.



With the blink of an eye, people's heads were falling onto the ground, and those zombie beasts were no exception. The less than 200 zombie beasts weren't even enough for the Demonic Vines to kill. The Demonic Vines used their strong branches to capture these zombie beasts, and then apply force to crush them like bugs!


With the blink of an eye, it was only Lone Abyss and the Eight Claw Flying Nether who were alive.

’’King Kong Guardian! Open!’’

Finally, Lone Abyss opened his black skull coffin.

He stood on the head of the Eight Claw Flying Nether, and used his arms to open the lid of the coffin.


Black light covered the whole entire area.

Almost as if the icy ground was dyed black!

Han noticed that it was difficult for him to move forward, it was almost as if a strong force was pushing him further and further away. The Demonic Vines that were close to Lone Abyss were pulled up from the root! The scene was chaotic!

Jian Jia who was the lowest leveled one couldn't help but hold onto Blue Star or she wouldn't be able to stand up.

’’What a strong force!’’ Han was shocked and screamed surprisingly.

What he was worried about the most had finally happened. From the very beginning, Lone Abyss had been carrying this huge coffin, and from what he could tell now, this was probably his strongest power.

’’The Sleeping King Kong just woke up! Do not act rashly, follow me!’’ Wai Late Dao's face changed and yelled at Han.

’’Soul Formation Spell! Trial of Man!’’


For the third time, Wai Late Dao pulled out a row of white paper from his right sleeve. These paper were no longer diamond shaped, but was folded into the shapes of human organs, there were heads, chests, legs, and arms.


The folded white paper radiated bright golden lights, they weren't aimed at Lone Abyss, but they flew towards Wai Late Dao!

Head Enhancement!


The head shaped paper went into Wai Late Dao's head, and his head immediately was magnified over 50x, his head now had a diameter of 10 meters.


’’Leg enhancement!’’

’’Feet enhancement!’’

’’Arm enhancement!’’

The papers seemed to have infinite power. Wherever they attached themselves to on Wai Late Dao's body, that part would be magnified, releasing bright golden light.

Within seconds, Wai Late Dao was as tall as 120 meters. His whole body was radiating gold light, like a golden buddha!

’’So similar, why is it so similar!’’

Han was shocked, he noticed that Wai Late Dao's Trial of Heaven, Earth, Man were really similar to his Path of Heaven, Earth, and Man!

The Atmosphere, even the method of powering up, were all at least 70-80% the same.

And Han also noticed that after Wai Late Dao used Trial of Man, his right sleeve was finally empty....


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