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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 425


Chapter 425: The Edge of Chaos
"Oh no! This Blood Soul Black Hole directly sends us to level 8!!" Lone Abyss yelled nervously, "We must leave immediately."

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

The black hole seemed like it had infinite power, sucking everything from the third level into its stomach. The star beasts, darkness beasts, and soul beasts all danced frantically in the sky, and the sand dunes became plateaus as well.

The Eight Claw Flying Nether used his long arms to cling onto the ground, but the ground was soft sand. Even though Eight Claw Flying Nether had a lot of strength, since he couldn’t find something to hang onto, he was shaking under the gravity of the black hole too. Half his body was floating in the sky.

Evidently, Wai Late Dao had been planning for this. The special properties of the third level of the Golden Tower amplified the power of the black hole.

As for Lone Abyss and his subordinates, they clung onto the Eight Claw Flying Nether for their lives, trying their hardest to not get sucked in. But the black hole was powerful, the warriors who weren’t high level enough were sucked in immediately. A lot of roars came from the other side of the black hole. Evidently, they came from the two monsters. It would be a miracle if the warriors that were sucked to the other side were still alive.

Lone Abyss was after all an elite, he was able to cling onto the back of the Eight Claw Flying Nether. He wanted to activate his powers so he could get away from the gravity of this black hole.

Just when he was about to move, something surprising happened.

The coffin that was on the back of Eight Claw Flying Nether suddenly flew into the sky.

Eight Claw Flying Nether didn’t hold onto the coffin hard enough so it went loose, and now the coffin was just about getting swallowed by the black hole.

Lone Abyss was shocked, he jumped up and caught the coffin while risking his life.

It was like this black coffin was extremely important to him. He would rather enter the 8th level of the golden tower than lose this coffin.



His subordinates started calling out his name, but the gravitational pull of the black hole was huge, and within the blink of an eye, Lone Abyss disappeared into the black hole.


Eight Claw Flying Nether stopped resisting because Lone Abyss had already been sucked into the black hole. He must follow Lone Abyss. This was one of the rules behind his existence.


There was rocks and dust everywhere. The big Eight Claw Flying Nether was sucked into the black hole along with all the other subordinates.


In the black hole, came another sound of howling that would shatter the organs of an average person.


By the time the golden light sent Han into the third level, this whole space was on the edge of chaos.

He saw that Silver Fox was holding onto Blue Star and continued to call out to him to warn him of the danger. Blue Star used two of his claws to hold onto the golden platform, and extended his other claws to Jian Jia and Wai Late Dao. The group of people were shaking and floating in the strong wind.

Han used his hand to hold onto the step under his foot, his finger stabbed right into the metal, and Xiao Bao who was on his back clung onto him for his life.

There was only Black Egg who was flapping his wings in the violent wind. His golden eyes were lit up with excitement. It was as if a prey that intrigued him appeared. Regardless of how strong this wind was, Black Egg wouldn’t budge. It was evident that he was higher level than everyone else.

In the distance, the black hole kept on expanding, and it shocked Han. He yelled at Wai Late Dao, "What happened here?"

Wai Late Dao was the first one to enter the third level. Han thought maybe he had more information than them, but he did not even consider the fact that this was his work.

"Let me go." Wai Late Dao didn’t answer Han’s question and said to Blue Star.

His eyes were determined and empty, this made Han feel like he had completely changed.

Han had seen these eyes many times. On the battlefield when comrades are ready to die, or when warriors were ready to sacrifice themselves.

Han was surprised, he didn’t understand why Wai Late Dao would have eyes and voices like this, he seemed not scared at all, almost as if he had been waiting for everything to happen.

"If you let me go, you guys will live, this is my issue, irrelevant to you guys." Wai Late Dao said again.

But who was Blue Star?

He was the most loyal guard of Han!

The order Han gave him was to protect Jian Jia and Wai Late Dao, if Han doesn’t change his order, there was no way he would let go unless he dies too.

"You must give me an explanation! What happened here?" Han yelled at Wai Late Dao loudly.

Wai Late Dao turned around and glanced at Han, "Lone Abyss is my mortal enemy. I must kill him. But he is very strong so I need to use some tricks to kill him. I made the black hole, if you let me go into this black hole, the hole will close and you guys will be safe."

"Given your abilities, you can definitely get to the exit on the 7th level. The beasts that came after us was because of me as well. I used my blood to write the Soul Formation Spell, the beasts, of course, went crazy after smelling the blood in the air. To them, my blood can let them level up quickly."

Wai Late Dao made it sound simple, but Han had a tough time understanding everything in this complex situation.

The enemy of Lone Abyss? Soul Formation Spell? The group of rioting beasts?

"Let me go now, and take care of Howling Forest for me. He has half of the golden bloodline in his body." Wai Late Dao closed his eyes and said.

At the same time, he raised his right hand and aimed it at Blue Star’s claw. Clearly, if he didn’t let him go, he was about to attack.

"Let him go!" Han said clenching his teeth. Even though he wasn’t happy about this, he decided to respect Wai Late Dao’s decision. Regardless of what the conclusion will be, he chose it himself and this is his freedom.


Blue Star let Wai Late Dao go.

This old man flew up carelessly, with no hints of fear or anxiety on his face, he had been waiting for this for a long time.

"My name is Wai Late Dao, the heir to the Formation Spell Master branch of the golden family!" Wai Late Dao said while floating in the sky.

"Formation Spell Master?" Han was shocked, he didn’t really understand what a Formation Spell Master was. It sounded like an occupation, like a warrior, a medic, a poison master, or blacksmith.


Just as Han witnessed Wai Late Dao being sucked into the black hole, something else happened.

Han was paying all his attention to Wai Late Dao, but Xiao Bao who was behind him couldn’t hold on anymore and let go. He was also flying rapidly into the black hole!


Black Egg glared and started chasing after Xiao Bao!

This was the first time Black Egg had such a team spirit, chasing after Xiao Bao when he was in danger!

Han didn’t have time to consider whether Black Egg was a different person, his brain was spinning super fast.

"Let go!" Han yelled.

He let go, and the loyal Blue Star also let go, everyone flew towards the black hole.

Jian Jia was shocked, she yelled, "Are you crazy! We are going to get sucked in!"

Jian Jia didn’t understand, Black Egg was very powerful. He could definitely bring Xiao Bao back, why did Han suddenly let go?

Han’s response shocked Jian Jia.

"You can shut up!" Han yelled at her, "Wai Late Dao had said that once he enters the black hole, it would close. At the rate right now, even if Black Egg catches Xiao Bao, there wouldn’t be a chance that they could escape the black hole! I can’t leave them behind!"

Jian Jia was speechless. She could never think as fast as Han. When she saw danger, Han had already calculated what the consequences and ending would be like.

So Han’s only choice was to let go!

If they were to be sucked in by the black hole, they have to be together. He would never leave anyone behind.


Black Egg indeed caught the scared Xiao Bao.

But unfortunately, they were already inside the black hole. Black Egg wanted to pull Xiao Bao out, but he just realized when he started to try that it was extremely difficult.

Chasing up to Xiao Bao was with the current, but if he wanted to bring Xiao Bao out, it would be against the current, which was more difficult. Even for a soul monster on the same level as Black Egg, it was difficult.

At this moment, Wai Late Dao was already inside the black hole, according to the setting, the black hole was shrinking, ready to close.

But Black Egg had just caught Xiao Bao, there was no way they could escape before the black hole closes.

"F*ck!" Black Egg was stunned momentarily and thought to himself.

"I am a burden to everyone again! Why am I so stupid!" Xiao Bao blamed himself.

He even started to believe that he was really a fate organism. As the last generation of fate organisms, it was in the legends that he would start experiencing all sorts of hardship from when he was born. He was destined to go through numerous obstacles in life and lastly, die of non-life.

At this time, Black Egg’s golden eyes lit up, because he saw Han!

Han came after him?

Black Egg was suddenly kind of emotional. This fact shocked the little guy that was usually too arrogant. He kept on asking why. Why did Han come after him? Wasn’t it dangerous?

Why was it that he was feeling all these new things after seeing Han?

Was this him being moved?

Back in the days, when Ghost Claw and Demon Claw sacrificed themselves to save Black Egg, he had the same emotions. He wasn’t used to these emotions. A proud beast like him could not be like Blue Star or Silver Fox. Worshiping and obeying a human? That would be so embarrassing?!

But in reality, Han and his friends, again and again, influenced Black Egg who was born with a stone heart.

My God!

Black Egg wanted to die because his heart was moving again.

All higher beings in the world must be indestructible, extremely hard and could not be influenced by any emotional pulls.

Only a strong will and a stone heart could belong to the king that was himself!

But Han and his friends, Black Egg just couldn’t take it.

"I am not even related to you, why are you so nice to me?" Black Egg asked inside his heart.

"Don’t worry! I am coming!"

Han rushed into the black hole right before it closed. He held Black Egg with one arm and Xiao Bao in the other, like a father protecting his kids.

On the other side, Blue Star still looked dumb, while Silver Fox nodded at Black Egg and Xiao Bao. Even though he couldn’t talk, but he was trying to convey the same message as Han.

Xiao Bao was so sad that he wanted to cry, again and again, he had always been a burden to Han. He felt extremely sorry for Han and his friends.

Black Egg turned his head around, not letting Han notice that instant of vulnerability he felt inside his heart. Standing at the top of the food chain, he could not show any signs of weakness. This was the natural state of Black Egg, so he was scared, scared that Han would figure out what he was really feeling.


The black hole suddenly closed about half a millisecond after Han had entered into the black hole.

So close!

Han let out a sigh of relief. If he reacted any slower, then that would’ve left Xiao Bao and Black Egg alone in the eighth level of the golden tower. There was no way Han would abandon his friends like that.

Soon, Han landed on the ground. It was snowing, Wai Late Dao was not that far from them, he was looking at Han weirdly, without moving.

On the other side of Han was Lone Abyss and his subordinates, as well as the giant beast that went through three evolutions, the Eight Claw Flying Nether.

They were mortal enemies just now, but now, Lone Abyss didn’t even bother looking at Han. He kept his mind on the highest alert, bent his knees slightly so he could use force whenever he wants. He was even too scared to even breath loudly.

It was weird, Lone Abyss and Wai Late Dao seemed like they were both waiting for something. The silence suffocated them.


The ground that was covered in snow started shaking, like a huge train coming from the distant.

"It is coming! Be careful!" Wai Late Dao turned his head and said to Han.

Han, Wai Late Dao, golden family, and the weird monsters in the tower.

A big fight was about to take place!


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