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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 423


Chapter 423

Chapter 423: The End of Luck

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After Han left the Big Five corporations, he turned to a narrow road.

There was no way he could turn around. The entrance to the golden tower used a spatial leap technology. He currently had no way of knowing where the entrance was and how far he was from it.

And according to the information given to him by Lone Abyss, the entrance was like a one-way street. Even if Han found it, it wouldn't even necessarily mean that he could leave.

If leaving the golden tower was easy, Lone Abyss definitely wouldn't have said that he was going to trap everyone here. Since he said that, it proves that he had great confidences in the architectural structure of the tower.

The only method was to go up to the seventh floor and open the exit.

But until now, Han still didn't figure out how to go up the tower. He had been walking around but he was still on the first floor.

He started to hear more and odder noises around him. Han knew that there were numerous beasts here, their main target should be people from the Big Five but that didn't mean they wouldn't attack Han. The defense and offense system in the golden tower wouldn't discriminate certain people, even if Lone Abyss was here, he would get attacked too. If he wanted to leave, he needed to go to the seventh floor as well.

Han wiped his finger on the Lunar Mark, releasing his sidekicks.

Silver Fox was in charge of scouting, Blue Star acted like a bodyguard, Black Egg was like a guerilla, while Xiao Bao was wrapped on Han's back. Even though he was scared he still tried to stay brave.


Silver Fox disappeared immediately and it wasn't long before he appeared again in front of Han and waved his hand, indicating that it was safe.

After about 20 minutes, Han was shocked.

Silver Fox was like magic. He had led Han to advance without coming into contact with a single enemy.

Even a God level scout might not even have performed as well as Silver Fox.

What Han didn't know was that Silver Fox was not just one person anymore.

Silver Fox had the spiritual plant as company, little bean sprout. There were plants growing within the golden tower as well, and under the little bean sprout's influence, all the plants became Han's friends too.

Little bean sprout followed Silver Fox obediently. As long as Silver Fox moved his tail to the front, then he could see him.

’’You are saying, we can go on either the road on the right or the left?’’ Silver Fox touched his chin and asked.


Little bean sprout nodded non-stop.

’’We should pick the route that was closest to Lone Abyss. He must know how to leave this stupid place, we have to follow him.’’ Silver Fox thought about it and said.

What a smart little guy, almost on par with humans. Silver Fox was currently constructing an exit plan, and the core of the plan was to follow Lone Abyss, and go wherever he went.


Little bean sprout pointed to the right, indicating that that route was closer to Lone Abyss.

After getting that accurate information, Silver Fox waved at Han again. If only he could communicate with Han mentally like Black Egg, that would be so much more convenient.

Silver Fox was never jealous of Black Egg for anything else. The only thing was that they had a mental connection. Unfortunately, because Black Egg was too arrogant, that mental connection wasn't really even useful. His pride made him extremely unlike Silver Fox. He didn't like to listen to Han about anything.

Due to the unique skillset Silver Fox had, Han was having a lot of success navigating through the golden tower.

But quickly, Han felt like something was wrong, he felt someone was following him and Black Egg wouldn't stop checking behind his back either. He squinted his golden eyes now and then.

’’Someone behind us?’’ Han asked.

Black Egg nodded without saying anything else.

’’Okay, then let's wait for him.’’ Han paused and said.

Of course, a dark shadow approached quickly. Even though he was exposed, he didn't really hide and he came right for Han.

’’Aiya, I am late again!’’ This guy said to Han.


Han was speechless. It was Howling Forest's teacher, the one who talked big all day, Wai Late Dao.

’’Why are you here?’’ Han asked.

Wai Late Dao patted his chest and said, ’’The brains of the Big Five plus you and Lone Abyss from the golden family all gathered here, how could I miss such an important party?’’

’’Lone Abyss invited you too?’’ Han asked.

’’No, maybe he forgot. Oh well, that is okay, I will forgive him!’’ Wai Late Dao said.

Han frowned, what did he mean Lone Abyss forgot. He probably didn't even know who Wai Late Dao was.

Wai Late Dao said without a second thought, ’’I am here now, so you are safe. Don't worry, as long as I am here, I can take you out of the Golden Tower. If Lone Abyss targets you, I will take care of him!’’

Han thought to himself, 'You? Can you take care of them? Lu Shui Qiu Lin probably wouldn't even say something like that. But given that you were Howling Forest's teacher, I will just listen and nod.'


Wai Late Dao threw a little person on the ground and pointed to him, ’’The Big Five aren't good people! They hired the most vicious assassin to follow you and get rid of you! Luckily, I am here so I caught him, or you would've been killed.’’

Han was shocked, he looked at the person on the ground who was tied up tightly, his face was covered only showing two eyes. He stared at Han with eyes of sadness and not anger.

’’The All Gods Corporation sent an assassin?’’ Han saw the symbol on the guy's armor and pulled the energy ball from his mouth.

’’Lu Shui Qiu Lin wants to kill me?’’ Han asked curiously.

Nobody predicted that this person would start to cry, after sobbing for a while, the person called out Han's name.

’’What the, you are Jian Jia?!’’ Han was shocked by this familiar voice.


Jian Jia nodded.

Han released Jian Jia without a second word, he was blaming Wai Late Dao in his mind. The most vicious assassin? Clearly, Jian Jia was looking for me and you just decided to capture her and tied her up.

Even though Han was thinking this, he couldn't say anything to Wai Late Dao. He was Howling Forest's teacher after all. He doesn't benefit from embarrassing him, and Wai Late Dao probably meant well anyway. He just didn't know what Jian Jia looked like so how would he know if she was a good person.

Han wiped away Jian Jia's tears, ’’Don't cry, you are safe now.’’

’’Who said I am crying???’’ Even though Jian Jia missed Han a lot but she was still stubborn.

’’But your tears...’’

’’The wind blew into my eyes!!’’

’’There's no wind here...’’

’’If I say there is, then there is!’’

Immediately, Han felt a pang of regret. This Jian Jia character had been spoiled by her grandfather and father, she was completely unreasonable.

’’Why did you come here?’’ Han asked her.

’’Naturally I followed my grandfather here. You wouldn't think that I am here to find you would you???’’ Jian Jia said a little unconfidently.

Han said seriously, ’’If you followed your grandfather here then you should continue to follow him, this place is really dangerous.’’

’’You!!’’ Jian Jia was so angry that she couldn't find another word. She came here to find Han out of the goodness of her heart, yet Han didn't say anything to her.

At the time, Silver Fox noticed that Han wasn't following him anymore so he turned around and came back.

When he saw Wai Late Dao was there, Silver Fox waved excitedly. Han thought Silver Fox was waving at him so he didn't think too much about it.

’’Continue to scout, we need to follow Lone Abyss so we can get out as soon as possible,’’ Han told Silver Fox.


Silver Fox nodded and continued on his mission. Then from far away came the sound of an intense fight, and the roars of many beasts.

Han looked up and said, ’’It is probably the crowd of beasts attacking your grandfather. Don't go there now, just follow me. I hope your grandfather will be okay.’’

Jian Jia said without a second thought, ’’My grandfather will be fine, just take care of yourself first.’’

’’That would be best, let's go.’’ Han waved his hand and led everyone to follow the way Silver Fox led.

Without meaning to, Han had formed a small team as well, it was just that the quality of the team was slightly questionable.

Other than Blue Star and Silver Fox who could be trusted, Black Egg was too arrogant, Xiao Bao was too scared, Wai Late Dao bragged too much, and Jian Jia was a girl that acted like a princess.

Han shook his head, Xiao Bao, Wai Late Dao, and Jian Jia were too weak. They all needed to be protected. And Black Egg, well, he was Black Egg.

’’You guys follow behind me, Blue Star will be behind all of us,’’ Han said to Jian Jia and Wai Late Dao.

Then he patted Blue Star on the head. This kind of dumb but loyal metal guard ran to the end of this team and took on the role of a guard.

’’You are worried that I will be a burden to you?’’ Jian Jia was being a child and asked angrily.

’’No, I just don't want you to get hurt,’’ Han said with a smile.

Han said this honestly and caringly. Jian Jia was shocked, she was suddenly super attracted to Han.

Wai Late Dao was kind of annoyed too. He started talking about how powerful he was and he will make Lone Abyss kneel down and beg him for mercy. But of course, Han didn't take anything he said seriously.


Silver Fox was super-fast, it was almost like he didn't need time to think to avoid the places where beasts were concentrated.

At several instances, small groups of beasts would run into Han, but once Black Egg stared at them with his golden eyes, those people immediately ran away.

Han observed and realized that the beasts on the first level of the tower were just normal star beasts. Han had killed a lot of these even before he became a warlord. Maybe it is because the first level of the tower was low leveled and that was why they were all scared of Black Egg.

But quickly Han found another problem. A lot more beasts to starting to run into him more frequently.

Even though Black Egg was fierce enough that when beasts saw him they would run away.

But that was not to say that all of them ran away.

According to Han's predictions regarding the golden tower, there should be a set of logic rules in place. Whoever was the strongest in the golden tower, the beasts would attack them first.

He wasn't sure why but the beasts in the tower now thought that Han presented a significant threat to them, and that was why Han was starting to attract more and more beasts. And seeing Silver Fox's current state, it seems like it became harder to navigate as well.

This was definitely not a good sign, this was the first level after all. These lower leveled beasts were scared of Black Egg who had the highest-level bloodline, but when they went to the second floor, third floor, or even higher, what was going to happen?

Those higher leveled beasts would definitely not run away from a glare from Black Egg, they would still attack Han and his crew.

Han started to trace back to when the number of beasts suddenly increased. It was after he met up with Jian Jia and Wai Late Dao, maybe it was because of them? That's why Han's squad became an important target for these beasts?

’’No way.’’

Han shook his head, he denied this possibility. He knew Jian Jia really well. She could fight but she was nowhere near his abilities.

And as for Wai Late Dao, that was even more impossible. He was not famous for his powers, he was famous for his thick skinned nature and his habit of talking big.

’’Ah, they ran away again?? What the heck, I am itching to kill them, but these monsters don't even attack, this is terrible!’’ Wai Late Dao swore behind Han. He definitely did not have the mannerisms of a master. This reaffirmed Han's belief that he was not the reason that attracted more and more beasts.

’’It was probably Silver Fox and Black Egg. They are pretty powerful, or it might be because I learned about soul power.’’ Han thought about it and decided to attribute this to himself.

Silver Fox was able to take Han to find the entrance to the second level. It was a golden platform, and there were a lot of circular steps on the platform. It was perhaps some sort of touch activated spatial transportation system.


Silver Fox used one of his paws to touch his head. He thought he was very lucky because more and more beasts were following them. From the platform, he saw a lot of dark shadows approaching them.


Black Egg howled, scaring the beasts into backing up a dozen of meters. But very quickly, they seemed to be attracted by some sort of mysterious force and continued to approach them.

One, two, three.

Han looked around him, within a short period of time, there were tens of thousands of beasts approaching him, what was attracting them?

’’Let's leave!’’ Han said in a low voice.

Jian Jia nodded continuously, at this moment she lost all interest in joking. She was an excellent warrior, so she could sense that something was wrong.

’’You guys go first, I will send a signal to your grandfather!’’ Han said without a second thought.

’’Then I will go first!’’

The king of bragging who said he would kill Lone Abyss was the first one to jump onto the golden steps.


A ray of golden light shone on his body, and he disappeared into thin air in the next second.



And then Jian Jia, Silver Fox, Blue Star were all transferred away by the golden light. There were only Han and Xiao Bao who was on his back left, and Black Egg who never listened to Han's commands.

Han looked down and backed onto the golden stairs, at this moment, the beasts all came rushing towards him like water in a hurricane.

And then the golden light activated, Han left a smoke signal. By the time he was in, the beasts were within 100 meters of him and they all looked furious.

’’This is so odd, are these guys on crack?’’ Han ground his teeth and asked confusingly.

He knew very clearly that even though he depended on Silver Fox's skills to pass the first level of the golden tower without a single scratch, but his good luck was probably coming to an end...


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