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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 421


Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Masters Everywhere

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The Frigate Class Crossing Crow stopped in front of the golden wall. Compared to the Five Corporations' prominent fleets, Crossing Crow seemed shabby on its own.

When the cabin door opened, Han was met with thousands of strange looks.

Despite being enemies, the Five Corporations had interacted countless times and therefore knew each other.

Han was the only stranger there, and so everyone was curious about him.

’’You are the Golden Family's representative?’’ A pale, thin guy with a cold expression asked. He had a black birthmark between his brows.

Han knew that this person had to belong to either the Mass Demon Corporation or Nightmare Corporation because among the five, only those two belonged to the dark bloodline and the other three had red bloodlines, just like Han.

Not to mention that behind this person stood not only human warriors, but also an abundant amount of devilish, humanoid monsters.

Those monsters were the brilliant creations of dark bloodline groups. They liked to fuse humans and beasts to create monsters called Orcs.

It was said that warriors working under those two corporations had to improve themselves relentlessly. If they were deemed to have no more potential, they would be forcefully operated on, and become senseless slaves who did not know pain nor sorrow.

In order to improve their capabilities, the Five Corporations would do anything and everything.

In 9527's words, none of the five corporations were good. Only that the Mass Demon and Nightmare were unabashedly evil while the three others maintained an ostensibly good image while performing deals in the dark.

Han smiled slightly and said to the guy with the birthmark, ’’You're mistaken, I'm Han, I'm not a representative of the Golden Family.’’

’’You are Han!?’’

’’You're Han!?’’

Two people exclaimed at the same time. One was a young person with a birthmark and the other an elder.

The elderly man was not tall but he looked sharp and alert. His silver hair was meticulously tidy and he wore a set of white armor.

Han smiled, ’’Do you recognize me?’’

The young man said, ’’No, but I have heard of you;my name is Luo Shock Scale, I'm Luo Ying's cousin.’’

Meanwhile, the elder smirked and simply said, ’’My name is Lu Shui Qiu Lin.’’

Han was taken aback so this was Lu Shui Qiu Lin? Jian Jia's grandfather who was known as the Almighty in White!?

Han had heard that he was the only one in the All Gods Corporation who did not have an official title, simply because the God of Gods, Jacques, trusted him to be capable of solving everything. Gradually the entire Corporation reached the consensus that anything unsolvable could be solved by Lu Shui Qiu Lin.

It was obvious that his status and capabilities were not only legends.

Han greeted him solemnly, ’’A honor to meet you, sir.’’

As for Luo Shock Scale, Han did not acknowledge him for the simple reason that he did not know him.

Han saw Jian Jia as his brother. At least before she revealed her gender, he did treat Jian Jia as that, which is why he respected Lu Shui Qiu Lin greatly.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin nodded slightly, ’’Kabri has told me about you, you are just as he described.’’

Han replied humbly, ’’Thank you sir;how is Jian Jia? I did not have a chance to say goodbye.’’

Lu Shui Qiu Lin smiled, ’’How could anyone from the Lu Shui family not be fine? Don't you worry, Jian Jia has taken on an important position in the corporation. Going through a period of trials improved her attitude a lot, and she shall take on more prominent roles in the future she is good enough to be my successor.’’

Lu Shui Qiu Lin praised Jian Jia relentlessly. The reason was simple to let Han give up Jian Jia was living her awesome life, and Han was long forgotten.

Han, meanwhile, did not think much of it, just smiled and said, ’’As long as she is happy.’’

’’Do you really think that?’’ Lu Shui Qiu Lin frowned and asked.

’’Absolutely. As her friend, of course, I wish for her happiness.’’ Han replied genuinely.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin said, ’’You are the Corporation's enemy. What if Jian Jia had to kill you one day?’’

Han said nonchalantly, ’’We are still friends in private. Unless she does not see me as one anymore, or else I would still call her my friend anywhere, at any time.’’

Lu Shui Qiu Lin asked again, ’’What if she still had to kill you?’’

Han replied, at ease, ’’That is her choice;if there came a day that I had to die, dying in a friend's hand would not be too bad.’’

Not giving up, Lu Shui Qiu Lin asked, ’’Then what if one day, Jian Jia's life was at your disposal?’’

Han shrugged, ’’I do not have the habit of killing my friends. Not now, not ever.’’

Han did not notice that as he spoke, someone among Qiu Lin's warriors shook. Slightly, but uncontrollably, as if he was electrified.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin laughed, and said in his deep voice, ’’Anyway, I like how you speak so well despite your young age.’’

’’But I suggest you give up. No one could resist the Corporation's orders;if you were to die, you would in Jian Jia's hands, in other people's it doesn't matter.’’

’’Gladly,’’ Han replied.

Han was so absorbed in his conversation with Lu Shui Qiu Lin that he failed to notice Luo Shock Scale already appeared hostile towards him, not to mention that his mouth hung open as if he swallowed a dead rat.

Luo Shock Scale had heard that Han and his cousin Luo Ying had a thing, but little did he imagine even the granddaughter of the Almighty in White, Lu Shui Qiu Lin, did too!

If he hadn't been there to witness that conversation, he wouldn't have believed it.

Who was Lu Shui Qiu Lin?

He was one of the best in the All Gods Corporation! Despite being just as capable on the battlefields as Lu Shui Qiu Lin, Luo Shock Scale was not one of the founders like Qiu Lin was, and the conversation they just had made it clear that Han had a pretty good relationship with Jian Jia.


Luo Shock Scale looked at the plain Han and thought. He was so...ordinary, and Luo Shock Scale himself was so much better looking!

Lu Shui Han's two daughters had insurmountable beauty. It was only due to their father's bad temper that no one dared to approach them. In fact, the number of admirers for them in the Corporation was so great that they could possibly fill up a stadium, and one of them was Luo Shock Scale.

Compared to others, Luo Shock Scale had talent. Other than Luo Shui Han, he was the one who had the most talent, and he had hoped to get either Luo Ying or Luo Jin.

And now Luo Jin was dead, but Luo Shock Scale did not say much about it because Luo Jin had her eyes on Lu Yao anyway. If Lu Yao had not betrayed the Corporation, he would probably have become someone as highly respected as Lu Shui Qiu Lin.

As for Luo Ying, it doesn't matter for what reason she ended up with Han, it made Luo Shock Scale upset, very upset! That was why he had always disdained Han.

Han noticed that the three people next to Lu Shui Qiu Lin had a different vibe from the others. Thinking they must be important persons, Han extended his greetings, ’’And these three generals are...?’’

The three people had been paying attention to their conversation, and regardless of whether they cared about Han, they had to respect Lu Shui Qiu Lin.

So they introduced themselves one by one, Dark North from the Nightmare Corporation, Time Activator from the Godsend Corporation, and Bruce from the Holy Spirits Corporation.

In regard to skill level, they were as skilled as the Almighty in White. As for status, they were only slightly less powerful than him they were three of the most respected generals in their Corporations.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Luo Shock Scale's status was the lowest among the four. Although he was Luo Shui Han's nephew, he was not a founding member. If they really had to rank him he would be at the tenth, while the other four were top four or even top three in the corporation.

Since these super generals all looked up to Lu Shui Qiu Lin, Han had planned to stand aside after greeting them. After all, he had come to investigate, not to show off.

Abruptly, Luo Shock Scale snickered, ’’We are here as representatives of the Five Corporations, who are you? Who the heck do you think you are? Standing here with all of us?’’

Han glanced at him. He could tell, roughly, that Luo Shock Scale didn't like him very much, but he still got it wrong, because Luo Shock Scale not only disliked him he hated his guts! Why else would he try to embarrass him at this time and place?

At this moment, a voice called out from afar.

’’Han is also my guest, he came as a representative of the Wolf Fang Group, the acting manager of the Cursed Land.’’

Following the voice, they saw a group of masked people approaching. Their faces were covered, they looked like a group of monks.

Only their leader revealed his face. Han frowned, recognizing the man some time ago he had shot the man with the Flying Feather Bow, only that he survived.

’’Wolf Fang my ass!’’ Luo Shock Scale said, ’’They're just a bunch of losers who used to be under All Gods! Who are you anyway?’’

’’I represent the Golden Family! My name's Lone Abyss!’’ He stood taller, and said, ’’I could get you all to leave, just as easily as I invited you!’’

Luo Shock Scale bit his tongue. This was Lone Abyss!

He was right, the Golden Family was established far before the Five Corporations. Luo Shock Scale thought of this and stayed silent, fuming.

On the other hand, Han calmly remarked, ’’Does your wound still hurt from last time? Had I known you were part of the Golden Family I would've made a better shot.’’


Lu Shui Qiu Lin looked at Han, shocked Han shot Lone Abyss? When!?

Time Activator and Bruce were surprised too. After all, everyone sent their best representatives upon receiving the Golden Family's invitation. They all held a certain degree of respect and fear towards the family.

Han was new to the playground, but he had already fought against someone like Lone Abyss, even injuring him!? They all looked at Han with a new eye.

Lone Abyss sighed to himself. He was really the bane of his existence, this Han. Now that everyone knew someone from the Golden Family could be injured by an amateur, his presence became a lot weaker!

Judging from Han's intelligence, he must have said it on purpose.

Lone Abyss pretended not to have heard Han, taking great strides to the golden walls. Upon contact with his palm, the walls opened up to form a majestic entrance.

’’Please, everyone!’’ Lone Abyss motioned to the crowd.

Although no one knew what was beyond the entrance, nobody wanted to show that they feared the Golden Family and so they filed through it without question. Luo Shock Scale, in particular, was the first to go, not wanting to lose against Han again.

’’Sir, they have all entered the Golden Tower!’’ Shortly after, Lone Abyss heard his subordinate call out.

The corners of Lone Abyss's mouth curled up to form a smile.

This time, he was not going to play something under the table, but under broad daylight.


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