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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 412


Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Silver Fox, the Verge of Getting Screwed

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’’My decision is final! Bring me the materials prepared for the insect system direction's evolution!’’ The black man commanded.

Soon, a hooded man brought some strange thing. It had the whiskers of a bug which seemed as strong as an elephant's tusks, and the eyes of a bug - the bloody red dragonfly eyes with thousands of hexagonal crystals. There were a few complete bugs, but their appearances were also strange, unlike any bugs one would normally see.

Silver Fox sniffed, his sense of smell was sensitive and there was a pungent smell on the bugs which made him uncomfortable. The hooded men also had a weird smell on them.

The black man chose 8 things out of the objects, then commanded his subordinate to put them in front of the tentacles of the black octopus.


The strong whiskers of the bug plunged into Lion Flying Eagle's head. It kept pushing down and pierced through Lion Flying Eagle's body and nailed him on the ground.

How ruthless!

Silver fox was stunned and knew that the most critical time has arrived. The black man was about to execute his evil plans.

The last bug was placed on the back of a man. The six legs of the bug pierced into the man's skin and the needle in its mouth pierced into the spine of the men. The bug was alive and sucking the bone marrow of the Lion Flying Eagle.

At the moment, all of eight bodies lying on the ground were infested with organs of bugs or entire bugs. The black man had a black object in his hand - it was a smooth bug egg. The translucent bug egg looked like a crystal ball.

’’You can retreat. This is the egg of the Armor-Destroying Flying Demon. It has tremendous power.’’ The black man said with a heavy voice.

The subordinates of the Black man, including Linda, all retreated. Only the black man and the octopus shaped organism remained in the large room.

The room was silent, Silver Fox could feel that the Black man's powers were rapidly rising. It was a completely different energy type compared to Han. Silver Fox was slightly afraid but filled with curiosity. He stared unblinkingly at the distance.

With the rise in power, an energy vortex appeared next to the Black man!

’’What is this energy?! It was different from his own energy type. Even my Master does not have this kind of strange energy!’’

’’Sima Hunfeng and Grandfather 9527 seemed to have this type of energy. But neither was as strong as his.’’

’’Oh yeah! Pluto also had this type of power! But also not as strong as him. I knew it. Master's friends are all so strong, but how could they be weaker than this guy?’’

’’Yeah! So what if he has two types of energy types? Even though Master does not have this type of energy, he has Source Energy and Dark Energy. Master also has Void End! The most powerful superpower! He is much so stronger than this guy!’’

Silver Fox liked to imagine all sorts of ideas. When he saw the black man releasing the second energy type, out of his reverence for Han, Silver Fox could not help but compare the Black Man to Han.

After speculation, Silver Fox found a bunch of reasons why Han was stronger than the Black Man. No matter if these reasons were real or fake, it still made Silver Fox happy. He thought that the black man was nothing compared to Master.


The atmosphere changed!

The body of the Black man began to swell, he had begun his transformation!


The bulging muscles and enlarged skeleton instantly ripped his cloak and revealed his body!

What a body! Long black hair had grown out of the black skin, his facial muscles were bulging which made his face appear rounder. Claws grew out of his nails and his teeth had become sharp tusks! One layer! Two layers! Three layers!

This fellow was a bear!

No, to be exact, he was the mix of man and bear!

He had no weapon, his long claws were like five joint sharp swords, that was his weapon!


The claw slashed through the chest and golden blood oozed out.

The bug egg was propelled into the air after it had been covered in blood.


The octopus that was staying still suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed the bug egg in one bite!



One could hear the sound of the bug hatching in the octopus's body. The stomach of the octopus began to bulge, it was as if an evil organism was consuming its organs.

Silver Fox was preoccupied watching the transformation of the octopus. When he looked at the black man, the black man was in a strange position. His hands were making a few gestures on his heart, and then an amazing power was released from there and entered the octopus' body.

’’This must be some kind of heart control method!’’ Silver Fox discovered in surprise. This man was a mental descent Esper!


The energy caused the ground to shake!

The octopus seemed to have received some kind of order and started to extract power from the eight men lying on the ground. It also extracted the power of the bugs embedded in their bodies!

It was an evil and complicated technique. It used a big organism of fate similar to Xiao Bao, nine evil bugs and the lives of 8 living beings that were clearly not human. It also required the power of the Black man who was a Soul Beast that possessed golden lineage.

’’This must be the Golden Family that 9527 was talking about! They are so scary!’’ Silver Fox thought in his head.

Someone who could bring together so many evil elements could not be good!

Suddenly, he turned around and looked at the bean sprout next to him.

’’I understand. You beg me to bring you and your companions away because you don't want to be part of this evil conversion. If I don't bring you away, your fate will be like those bugs.’’

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh~

Beansprout furiously nodded and rubbed against Silver Fox's face to please and thank him.

’’Oh. Thank goodness I brought you guys away.’’

Silver Fox whose heart was filled with pity suddenly felt that very lucky. He did not like bugs so it's okay, and he did not want to see these kind plants be reduced to darkness.

The crazy evolution continued. The octopus quickly finished extracting the eight man who became a pile of powder. All the materials used to evolve were in the stomach of the octopus where they integrated with the bug egg.

As for the Black man of the Golden Clan, he was still maintaining the same pose. He used his mind control technique to control the octopus who was undergoing evolution.

’’Maybe this is a genetic mutation? Master once said that genetic mutation is very strong. The Three-Eyed race used to be the same as humans but because of genetic mutation, they suddenly became stronger.’’

’’So genetic mutation could also be man-made.’’

Silver Fox observed and his thoughts raced.




At the peak of the evolution stage, the octopus who was used as a maternal body contorted on the ground. The Black man of the Golden Clan tried his best to control the octopus.

It was apparent that it was very difficult to control the octopus. After integrating with many evil objects, the character of the octopus had changed drastically and its power had multiplied.

After a few hours of difficulties, a new species was born.

It was a furry bug with eight soft arms. Its body was plated with a black shell but its arms were soft and agile.

It had the same pointed mouth as the bug, and its eyes were complex-structured. Its tentacles were like mammoth's tusks and its eyes were bloody red.

This monster was a mix between mammal and insect. Its size was enormous - Silver Fox estimated that it must be at least 500 meters long. It appeared as if his arms were retractable and its body was flexible.


The eight legged bug let out a breath which stunk like a rotten body.

At this moment, the Black man of the Golden Clan had stopped his actions and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

’’Master! Master!’’

The man almost fainted from energy overuse. His subordinate quickly came to support his weight.

’’I have finally succeeded.’’ The Black man proudly said with a cold smile, ’’The Undead Clan was a very small clan in the universe but they had an extremely special death descent power. After adding eight kinds of poisonous bugs, the egg of Insect King Armor-Destroying Flying Demon, the maternal organism, the eighth-generation liquid nether king... this new species is finally produced!’’

’’It's so strong! Just looking at it brings me fear.’’

’’Master is so powerful! As expected of someone of the Golden Family!’’

’’This time, we will win for sure!’’ His subordinates quickly kissed his ass and celebrated the successful genetic evolution.

’’Master, what should we name it?’’ Linda asked, eager to please.

The black man laughed loudly, ’’The main genetic component of this organism originated from the liquid nether and the Armor-Destroying Flying Demon's egg. Thus, I will name it the Eight-Claw Flying Nether!’’

’’Eight-Claw Flying Nether? What a great name!’’ The mass kissed their master's ass again.

Suddenly, Silver Fox felt the bean sprout next to him was slapping him urgently.

’’What's wrong little fellow? Are you hungry? But I have no snacks, I threw everything away. You saw it too.’’

The purple beansprout's slaps grew more urgent.

At this moment, Silver Fox smelt a pungent scent and quickly looked around.


A long thin object rushed out of the air pipe channel. It had a pair of red eyes and was staring intently at Silver Fox.

At that moment, a chilly air blew over, the attacker blared its snowy white teeth!

It's a snake!

A Soul Beast!

Silver Fox shivered and scampered away!

No one wanted to have a direct conflict with the Soul beasts. These Beasts could use the Soul Kill. They didn't have to destroy Silver Fox's physical body but could directly kill his soul!

Silver Fox could not care to be secretive during his escape. The people celebrating in the room could hear the sounds emitting from the air pipe.

The Black men raised his head and frowned brows.

Linda smiled slightly and said, ’’Congratulations Master, the warehouse thief has been caught. Allow me to catch him and present him to you.’’

Linda cleverly phrased the warehouse theft as a good event. Her actions displeased the rest. Linda had only been here for a few days but grew very close to the master. It would not take long before she would be higher ranked than them.

The Black man nodded and said, ’’Alright, I will entrust this mission to you.’’


Black light passed from Silver Fox's back!

Silver Fox was so nervous his tears were about to fall. He could not believe these soul beasts actually used soul kill!

As a low-level Soul beast, the Soul Kill of these snakes may not kill Silver Fox but would kill themselves.

Under these circumstances, the snake colony still used Soul Kill without hesitation. This proved that they wanted to catch Silver Fox at all costs! The smart Silver Fox obviously understood how dangerous the situation was.

To escape, Silver Fox desperately clawed a metal pipe and rushed into the territory of the Golden Family.

A foul scent?

It was all too late.

As the smartest squirrel in the universe, Silver Fox realized that he had fallen into the enemies' trap when he recognized that his scent was weird and could not go back to being hidden even he was invisible.

The air pipe was narrow and while the enemy was chasing Silver Fox, there were also all kinds of traps to disrupt the stealth mode of Silver Fox. Once Silver Fox was contaminated with the foul scent, no matter where he goes, he would still be discovered.

’’I cannot die here! I need to bring this important information to Master!’’

The force that supported Silver Fox was Han! If Han knew of Silver Fox's thoughts, he would be touched. This was the ultimate loyalty!

Since he was already exposed, it was disadvantageous for him to stay in the pipe. It was difficult to make use of his stealth and speed within the pipe. It would be over if his path was blocked.

Silver Fox decided to leave the pipe and enter the territory.


As a stealthy guerilla, Silver Fox was placed into a hopeless situation.

At first, there were only a few snakes behind him. But there were more and more Soul Beasts joining in, the bats camouflaged on the ceiling, the fox in the corner and the boars with a sensitive sense of smell.

The small heart of Silver Fox was pumping wildly. He dared not look back because he could hear the panting and teeth grinding sounds behind him.

’’What to do?!’’

’’What to do?!’’

’’Master, what should I do?!’’

He was surrounded by enemies with nowhere to go. The attack of any Soul Beast would be deadly to Silver Fox!

Even worse, Silver Fox had rushed into the Golden Clan territory out of loyalty and bravery towards Han.

Han, 9527, Sima Hunfeng... At the moment, no one knew what kind of difficult situation Silver Fox was facing, his life was in danger!


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