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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 410


Chapter 410

Chapter 410: Big Thief Silver Fox!

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The clever Silver Fox ventured to keep up with the two men in black capes.


After crossing the space rift, Silver Fox saw a black world and a giant space-fracturing door.

The space-fracturing door was made of gold and full of intricate and ancient motifs. It appeared semicircle as a whole and was set on the black earth.

There were countless ravines on the land. In the gully was burning magma. In the changing Rapids, the magma splashed out, displaying a golden color. Obviously, that was not the real magma, but the high-temperature liquid of melted golds.

This space was very hot, and the air was like a barbeque. If one broke an egg on the black rock, it will only take a dozen seconds before the egg was cooked. Normal people couldn't stay here at all.

Silver Fox looked at this space-fracturing door curiously. The Clever Silver Fox realized that it was a means of transportation more advanced than dark net spaceships. With this big thing, they could go in and out of the underground garden easily. If only 9527 could develop something like this.

Instead of complaining, the Silver Fox hid among the broken black rocks and observed those two strange men in capes.

They came to a small Space Travel Machine and muttered.

’’Tell Master just like this, don't say the wrong words. He's not in a good mood recently.’’

’’Don't worry, we will both say the same thing. Master is not unreasonable, he won't punish us.’’

’’Well, let's report to the Master.’’

The two got on this Space Travel Machine. The aircraft was very small, it was half the size of a Land Speeder, with only two seats in the front and back.

When the transparent shield closed, Silver Fox snuck on to the machine, holding onto its tail.


The Travel Machine took off towards a black mountain in the distance. Smoke let off from the center of the mountain, polluting the air and leaving it cloudy and foggy. One couldn't see the full picture of the mountain at all through all the black clouds.

In the center of the mountain, there were constructed landing platforms. Around fifty to sixty alike Space Travel Machines docked here. Additionally, there were some Soul Beasts guarding them.

Silver Fox found that he had seen some of these Soul Beasts. That was a battle earlier where Silver Fox met Linda following Han and got a Flying Feather Bow. Now they had arrived here, perhaps following Linda. Could it be that the female Soul Beast that cheated Master was hiding in this place?

Besides, there were some even more powerful Soul Beasts - the sturdy wild boar, with barbs stiffer than steel, and a tusk sticking out of the mouth.

Soul beasts were actually a type of beast and had as many species, just like normal beasts.

The only differences were wisdom and spiritual strength. Soul Beasts usually had higher IQ, and once their spiritual strength was released after compression, it would form a spiritual storm, also known as the Soul-Kill. This kind of spiritual storm had a wide range of influence. If the person hit by the storm was not mentally strong enough, he/she would be destroyed spiritually.

Of course, the Soul Beast's special skill couldn't be used casually. Most Soul Beasts would die after using the Soul-Kill, while the powerful one could use it twice in its lifetime, or even three times.

As for Black Egg this little freak, Silver Fox wasn't sure. He used Soul-kill several times already, but he was still energetic. However, the huge energy consumption caused him to find edible energy hungrily.

Black egg was too proud and had a very noble bloodline. For ordinary energy sources, he would rather starve to death than touch them.

Suddenly ~

A wild boar seemed to discover something, lowering his head, sniffing with his olfactory nose and approaching Silver Fox.

The Silver Fox just realized that this wild boar had a huge nose. From the biological perspective, the pig's sense of smell was even better than the best-purebred hounds. They were highly capable, but very few people could tame them.

These beasts were not decorations, they were used to prevent intruders!

Silver Fox was so frightened that he quickly approached the two men in black capes, without minding the safety distance.

’’Get out!’’ one of the guys kicked the Soul Beast boar nearby. It cried and shook its head, deciding to leave that suspicious odor alone.

That moment scared Silver Fox, letting his heart beat fast. Fortunately, Silver Fox's invisibility technique was a very special kind, combining light refraction and life integration.

Silver Fox's body was significantly transformed by his creator, so Silver Fox had almost no scent. He was said to be a perfect match with Pluto, precisely because they didn't have any source energy fluctuations or any smell. Hidden in the crowd, they would be like ordinary grass.

Silver Fox followed the two men in capes into the mountain. That was a long dark tunnel, blurred by light and shadow. There weren't any boars and he was temporarily safe.

In the front hall, Silver Fox saw more guys in black capes.

’’You're back? You guys don't look good. Did you finish the task handed over by Master?’’

’’Indeed, but that's none of our business. Someone grabbed it before us. Master was just a step late assigning us the tasks. Don't just talk about us, how did it go with you guys?’’

’’You bet, the Quantum Compass has been stolen. Master told us to put it into the warehouse, along with other collected treasures.’’

’’Aye, it seems that Master hasn't decided what to do next. He asked us to get so many treasures, but most of them are useless.’’

’’Leave this alone. Master commanded so, and we'll just execute it. After all, the evolution this time is really important. Master reserved such a large inventory, perhaps it's for the sake of safety.’’

’’It's a shame that our brothers have been involved, going around, stealing and robbing. All of them is under-the-table. When can we have a real battle with those human-like intelligent species?’’

’’Be patient, the opportunity is always there. We're back anyway. Let those beings be rampant for a few more days.’’

’’Well, let's go see the master. See you later.’’

’’See you around.’’

Listening to the conversation, Silver Fox thought to himself, ’’It seems that people in this base are grouped into two. The most important task for them now is to collect things they need for evolution.’’

’’Evolve? Who evolves? How? ’’

The question was a little difficult for Silver Fox. He shook his little head, and thought, ’’Forget it, at this point, I should think about what Master will do if he were here?’’

’’Well, Master will definitely say, whatever the enemy wants, that is what I want to destroy.’’ Silver Fox had an idea, and muttered in his mind, ’’Good, good. Master enjoys causing chaos the most. He doesn't even need to know the reason. As long as the enemy wants to do something, he won't let them succeed.’’

The clever Silver Fox turned around, no longer following the two who went to see their master, but running after another two that were going to stock treasures in the warehouse.

Going around in complex passages for a long time, they came to a metal sealed door. Outside the door stood an old man, with a goatee and eyes squinting slightly, as if not awake. His skin was black - a clear distinction from ordinary soldiers.

’’What is this thing?’’

’’The Quantum compass, from the Mass Demons. Master let me store it first. It may be useful in the future.’’

The black-skinned old man frowned, ’’Storing again? It seems like master is still uncertain. Just give it to me. ’’

Then, the old man took over a palm size big box, opened up and looked at it. He wrote down the name of the item on the register as well as the person who handed in.

Then he opened the sealed door and tested it with his own DNA.

Just when the old man walked in, the door wasn't closed. Silver Fox followed in quietly and hid in the corner. After putting the Quantum Compass on the shelves, that old man left.


Hearing the sound of the closing sealed door, Silver Fox finally let out a sigh in relief. He patted on his heart like humans with his little paws. He cheered up again and looked around the room.

The storeroom was filled with shelves. These guys in capes were busy plundering valuable stuff, not having a chance to sort them and putting them on the selves.

Although Silver Fox was only a gene beast, he had extraordinary wisdom and a sensitive instinct. Soon he found a thin soft armor, light as silk, and was a one-piece design. It was obviously worn inside the armor to offer extra protection.

’’Master should like this thing. His Sky King was broken.’’ Stroking his chin with paws, Silver Fox thought. So he quickly rolled up this set of ice silk underwear and put into the Dimension Ring around his neck.’’

’’Gee, it's a bit too much. What can I do?’’

Silver Fox felt a bit worried. He was originally a silver squirrel, and squirrels had the habit of storing food, so his Dimension Ring of 10 cubic meters was filled with various things. If not cleaned up, he can't steal more valuable things in this warehouse.

’’I had to give up some snacks. ’’

Thinking of this, Silver Fox took out a dozen pine nuts reluctantly, placing them in the original place of the ice silk underwear.

’’This is not bad. ’’

’’This, and this, all good.’’

’’Take it back to the Master, this too. Hmm, all right I will take that too.’’

Silver Fox scoured around the treasures in this storeroom. 10 cubic meters was not much, nor too little. With intuition, he picked up whatever he thought was valuable and strange.

At the same time, the original storage in Silver Fox's Dimension Ring also rapidly decreased. Pine nuts, cherries, pink strawberries, unknown wild fruits, and meat buns stolen from Han.

Han probably didn't know Silver Fox liked snacks that much. Judging from the types and the numbers of the snacks, the insignificant burglaries in the cafeteria was all done by this guy!

’’Hey? What a strange strain of bean sprout. ’’

Silver Fox suddenly found a bean sprout-like plant in a very small flower pot. Then he walked over to take a look.

This bean sprout was very strange. It was, surprisingly, purple, instead of cyan white or yellow and white. It appeared to be very thin, as if malnourished.

’’Why would a place that stores treasures keep a bean sprout?’’ Silver Fox thought, touching his little chin.

’’Master once said, abnormal things must have reasons. He must be right. I'll take it away.’’

Silver Fox decided, and then put the bean sprout to the Dimension Ring.

Suddenly, the purple sprout grew a few centimeters taller in a second, as if waving desperately to Silver Fox.

’’Well? You don't want to go with me? ’’Silver Fox wasn't surprised at this since he got the Book of Nature's Spirit, plants had become very friendly to him, greeting him too and showing him their blooming stamens.

The little bean sprout shook his head and stretched again, pointing to the top of the shelf next door, a golden amber.

’’That thing?’’

Silver Fox ran over, climbed up the shelf, took down the amber, and saw a seed sealed in the Amber.

’’I see, you're asking me to take this too.’’

The small bean sprouts quickly nodded. Clearly, this was the superior plant with the power of nature, wisdom, and spirituality, according to the Book of Nature's Spirit.

Silver Fox packed the amber and the sealed seed. Picking up the flower pot, the little bean sprout pointed elsewhere.

’’A piece of broken wood? You want me to take this too? ’’

’’Well, since you look lovely, I'll take this piece of wood. But if my Master gets angry when I give it to him, it's your fault. ’’

’’What? Golden pomegranate? Are you sure this thing is valuable? ’’

Little bean sprouts nodded desperately.

’’Aye, whatever you say. The ring still has some room.’’

’’I say, dude, this is my last meat bun, Master's favorite food, and I like it a lot too. You really want me to leave this baked meat bun, just to fit this string of white nettle?’’

Small bean sprout kept pointing around. Silver Fox was forced to put more and more things in the Dimension Ring, most of them were plants. Perhaps this little bean sprout had feelings with them, so Silver Fox just did what he was told.

Shoosh ~

Just when Silver Fox was hesitating, this little purple bean sprout suddenly jumped out of the pot.

This was really a magical little bean sprout. The whiskers in his roots were like tentacles of the octopus, catching Silver Fox, but was still able to move at a lower speed, like a clumsy snail.

’’You ask me to leave behind your flower pot so that I can carry more of your friends?’’ Silver Fox asked in astonishment.

Little bean sprouts nodded desperately.


Silver Fox sighed, this weak little bean sprout and Master were so alike. They're both desperate to protect their friends. Influenced by the little bean sprout, Silver Fox felt really bad to reject him again.

’’Forget it, I'll keep the pot. Though the meat bun was delicious, it wasn't that important. Do you have more companions to take away?’’

The Little bean sprout hesitated for a long time, finally pointing to the corner. There was a cactus, a black cactus half the height of a person.

Silver Fox knew why the small bean sprouts hesitated because the cactus was so tall that if Silver fox wanted to take it away, he must give up some gifts for Han.

Silver Fox thought about it and threw out the six-edged disc.

’’Forget it, Master has a Flying Feather Bow. This thing is of no use to him. Besides, I can incarnate into a dagger. And the boots, 9527 has quite a few high ranked boots at his place. I will throw this away too.’’

It was a tough choice. Silver Fox threw out the stuff he selected for Han one by one, just to be able to fit the plants in the room.

Little bean sprout was extremely touched and kept rubbing on Silver Fox's face affectionately, making him itch. He felt his choice was right. Metal, equipment were some dead things in the end. But these plants were lively beings. Although they could not speak, they are still lives.

The 10-cubic-meter Dimension Rings was stuffed with these plants. Silver Fox was forced to leave the pot, and let little bean sprout stick on his body, grasping his silver hairs.

’’Hold tight, wait for the old man to open the door again. We'll rush out.’’ Silver Fox told the little bean sprout.

’’What? You want me to get out from there? That looks like a vent.’’

’’Well, I'll listen to you and try.’’

So Silver Fox climbed to the roof swiftly, stretched out his paws, and cut a hole in the metal cover of the vent. He then climbed into the hole swiftly.

’’This way?’’



Taking the small bean sprout, Silver Fox began to gallop in the narrow and dark vent.


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